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The pecking order of society… <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

very well gonna show you instead of the
brain of how the government’s sort of
really work it’s it’s a it’s a system
where one would assume that dumb the
President of the United States holds
sort of the highest rank because he’s
got the big sultry or whatever but
that’s not quite so this ranks higher
than him that he must done obey so to
speak and if he doesn’t obey those ranks
well then he could destroy the whole the
whole system we’re trying to explain
will show you give it give you a
schematic or a diagram of just where
these ranks or how this rank works and
where run where you as a man or as a
Christian or as a pagan sits in this
rank and but just before we do that the
English explanation of this word here is
to simply says I’m a system in which
members of an organization or society
are ranked according to relative
statutes or Authority now there’s two
things happening in their relative
statutes or authority and each meridiem
or each trust has its own version of
laws and statutes and authority but the
trust itself may be answerable to trusts
above it
and that’s the other thing where some
government workers and some police
officers and what-have-you even some
lawyers I’m not quite understanding this
the way the system really works this is
a quick rundown of just how the
authority kind of works and um first of
all we have
this God is the is the god of existence
is this God is the one that created all
the things that we can see the world and
and that God is the one that dumb we
don’t really understand we’ll never
really comprehend how this whole thing
exists or is made and we don’t really
have any ability to question that either
because even in trust law as the
hierarchy goes down this type of system
the lower ranking officers are
subordinate to the higher ranking
officers so we’ll just see this now even
in the Bible’s has never put God to the
test because of the type of system that
we were dealing with it’s a trust law
system the next thing is man
God man now you know in um Adam and Eve
and in Genesis God created man and
breathe the life into men after he made
him from the earth and this is basically
stayed the stating that man has a
birthright to the subject matter he’s a
part of this world because this God
created the world and also created man
in it that is our true God but I’m gonna
sort of show you how we’ve lost her
losing this God so you gotta be careful
the next thing that happened was in the
Garden of Eden God granted dominion
which is the highest of authority to man
what man did what what happened in this
luggage branding the absolute authority
the legal title to man that granted the
equitable title with God so man was
holding the legal title to God God was
the director and and this is still
evident because some when this God
decides to have a volcano or create a
massive earthquake or create a massive
storm there’s not much that man can do
about it there
that’s the fury of God they scarred no
matter what you do hate him or love him
whatever happens you can’t question them
and you can’t do much about it either
because his fury is off the greatest and
sometimes those storms and that remind
us of the respect that we have or that
we should be having for this God up here
what happened is God granted the the
really good times to me and so that
means men looks after this planet
he is duty-bound to look after it but
what he has done or what’s been offered
to Maine is this thing here which is
called the Vatican and what that means
is the IET I
Vatican which means that I can which
means holder I can and that’s the
third-ranked down there this is the
beast of burden and he’s offered this up
to man and what he said is you give me
the legal title and I will give you the
equitable title and I will then serve
all the debts settle all the debts of
the meridiem of the Garden of Eden which
is the earth so then he controls the
young he looks up he’s the debtor
becomes a debtor of men but man created
this God didn’t create it man
so the God of the Vatican his man that’s
that means plan Adam means man
now why would someone want to pay the
debts of Maine and that’s because this
people here it knows how to confer the
debts of men back on demand
now the next hierarchy down is
the day so the Vatican creates a dinner
for the Vatican men created the data to
pay the debts of man as the Vatican the
Vatican created their Babylon
which means baby for long time that’s
for bad rollies baby and long blonde LOL
in in Latin it’s just child and run ello
in means for a long time and that’s
probably what the surnames
and they
the infant surname an infant so that
when you um when you’re born you’re
birthed into this state of Babylon here
which is really also
which is really really or the Roman
Empire that’s it’s the debtor of of Rome
and what Babylon does then it needs to
create a debtor this is the Vatican and
this is really Rome Babylon is Babel you
know the old Babylonian texts and
everything it’s it’s in the Bible it’s
babylons been I’m recognized it’s it
exists and it exists today the United
States the Pentagon that’s Babylon I’ll
even show you why the Babylonian texts
as well and what Babylon has done is it
created a creditor and a data critter
and a data and this is what they talk
about in the Garden of Eden the Tree of
Life and the tree of knowledge
Tree of Life Tree of Knowledge creditor
ghetto and these two things were
accounts so Babylon had to create to
create a young with remedy inside this
empty to get man to pay his own debts
stuff is to turn man into either the the
debtor of the of Babylon
so that Babylon could be the debtor of
the Vatican so then the Vatican could be
the data of man so that man is the
debtor of God but what this thing here
is trying to do is get rid of man
because this is the serpent that you
serpent lease herbs in and if he can get
rid of man that all of the debts that
are paid to Babylon and then to the
Vatican if men isn’t there then he gets
to keep the loot keep the Gulf keep all
of the deaths of man Vatican the very
symbol is also that I can’t holler I can
and holler is is like a valley which is
the banks of a river yes it is the first
the bank that is the bank error
yes that’s that that is the the director
of the flow of current the currency in
life to a charge when charges are are
forced against us now these the trick
down here to create that the creditor
and the debtor these two accounts are
called the Christian Christian and the
pagan Christian and Pagan account
so how does it get you to make how does
it get you to to hold the pagan account
which really means
the pay again account patent pay again
so why this is paying again is because
man’s already paid it’s already his
debts are paid by the Vatican the
Vatican are going to get men to pay the
debts again for the second time so now
we have God then man men created the
Vatican first data the Vatican created
babble on and babble on created two
accounts the Christian account and the
pagan account the creditor the debtor
life and knowledge el and Kylie kill our
life and kill
now there’s two warnings when God said
to man it’s at whatever you do you never
eat from the tree of knowledge don’t eat
otherwise you will surely die that was
the warning now in the New Testament
Christ came along and he said that in my
name only my name which is the name of
an account shall you be saved my name
only so now we have these two accounts
which is the creditor the data the Tree
of Life the tree of knowledge life death
deaf life we have they’re called
accounts so this account is the account
of the creditor this is the account of
the debtor now how do we get men to hold
the accounts of the debtor and this is
probably one of the biggest um the
biggest tricks with whether the birth
certificates and everything come into
I’ll now will will name the account and
we’ll just show you what’s going on this
is the name this is the
name and surname have you notice that’s
on your birthstone and then when you
look at your births to forget let’s talk
about John Paul Smith John
when you look at your birth certificate
you’re going to see this and it will say
name and surname that’s what you will
assume but there’s no surname on that
document on the under certificate of
birth but there is a name John Paul as
your Christian name or given name and
then it says surname and then that’s
where the Smith will be the surname
that’s made you sort of a shin
that’s your surname and then when
someone asks you that like a police
officer or someone from the state from
the Babylonian state which is the at the
moment it is probably the United States
Securities and Exchange Commission that
owns all of the nations of the world as
well as Canada and as well as
Commonwealth of Australia and as well as
the United States babbling babbling
Owens these things and that doctor in
modern days is more than likely the US
Federal Reserve which is a bank and the
and the United States Securities and
Exchange Commission so if you go into
Canada or a comma Australia or any of
the corporations the Commonwealth Bank
of Australia Microsoft if you if you
look at these companies a Kentucky Fried
Chicken McDonald’s they are all
registered to the United States
Securities and Exchange Commission they
all stem from the one the one world
government Babylon
now when you look at your name John Paul
Smith if you’re illiterate and you don’t
know what’s going on and you haven’t
been taught how to read the signs at
school and just remember what what that
Christ said said in my name only shall
you be saved and then the other thing he
stressed was you must learn to read the
sign because there’s two things
happening in this English in sign that
is called Babel idea or it’s actually
called a Latin or ancient Latin symbolic
text this is a descriptive text it’s
completely and utterly different but if
you if you’re an illiterate illiterate
player batteries will now call you this
is what you will assume this name to be
so when a police officer comes to you
and says what’s your name and your date
of birth you’ll say oh you sir my name
is John Paul Smith and yet the name
written on the birth certificate says
John Paul so straight away someone’s
made an error someone’s made a mistake
if your luvin exclaiming John Paul Smith
to be your full name when John Paul is
your full name on the birth certificate
then that police officer has been
trained to as soon as you give a full
name which includes your surname which
is incorporated with your real name
it’s an incorporation and a presumption
he will take um he will take authority
over you straight away and what it is
under a form of a water law salvage
rights because you’re not John Paul you
can’t be John Paul Smith and John Paul
Smith in law and in fact and in reality
John Paul Smith does not exist only John
Paul in fact exists John Paul in reality
and in fact John Paul Smith in reality
in fact does not exist so that enters
them into the world of fictions so
rather than you being a man you will be
come down here a
Oh shoo me a human which is the color of
Maine now when you look at the UM the
dictionaries again a human human is a
it’s a monster and then when you go into
monster the word monster
is a is a fiction and monster is a
fiction John Paul Smith is a monster
because he is a fiction
also a
human and the other thing that which is
very strange about this is the minute
you incorporate any two items together
any two things together that are
incorporated in relation to the Vatican
or the water or it it becomes a person
and a person is a
a cop oration corpse speaking which
which means dead-set through your own
ignorance what you are studying here
is that you are
the surname
who is dead now now unfortunately to do
this you did that you planned your name
to be the incorporated night because
John Paul and Smith don’t exist they
exist as two separate entities but they
don’t exist as one name so you’re the
one that did that the other one through
your own ignorance and your own
inability to assume that you were right
yet Christ comes along and said no no
you can learn how to read the sign he
didn’t tell you what the sign he just
said you learn how to read the sign
well if you know how to read the sign
you’ll know straight away that part no
that’s fine that’s not my name that’s no
part of it sign is sin sign
is sin that’s what it means
um even the words s is the snake eye is
one is you I and M s Phi G which is a
government and n is mountain and water
which is the which is the Babylonian
which it’s not Babylonian it’s it’s the
two sides
it’s the the name and the surname it is
the creditor and the debtor n is M is
the mountain and water is the sea this
is the mountain which is landed this is
the sea but the end when written is the
two the two combined so in the symbolism
when it looks to symbol this is the
snake which is safe
you’ve become dead through your own
false presumption that you thought that
your name John Paul with the all
uppercase symbolic Smith was one name
and the minute you incorporated and you
assume that this is what you became
human a fiction a person or corporation
dead and of course a monster and
monsters have to be controlled under the
statute law so you’ve been under the
control of statute law which is not free
will which is under what Satan wanted
here under the control of s Satan and
Satan or did not give man the free right
to make a choice God gave man the free
right to make a choice to enter into the
data or the creditor but how you make
that choice is by learning what Christ
said by by studying the Bible and
working at how the almani of trusts are
being in relation to 126 of Genesis
where our God granted Dominion God
granted Dominion to man over the land
the air the sea and the thing that
creepeth now if you put so name
into the Latin dictionary surname means
the thing that creepeth up from below so
what’s happened is man has been given
dominion over the surname which is the
person just as human which is the
fiction which is the dead Corporation
but if you hold any sort of document
from the government such as a driver
license bank card or our bank account or
even or even hold on the legal title to
your home if you hold any one of those
things you’re dead
you’re in the tree of knowledge
you’re a debtor
you hold the legal title to it and you
have lost your equity because in trust
law he who holds legal title cannot
touch the equity without licence and
this goes right back to the Garden of
Eden because when when Adam ate from the
fruit of the tree of knowledge which is
the tree of the dead up when he applied
for the credit card the minute he did
that he was thrown out of the first
and the only way he could get back into
the Garden of Eden his um was under
now remember that that dumb that maximum
he who holds legal title cannot hold the
equity without license and the license
to hold the equity is granted from
Babylon which is the Vatican which is
the bank so when you sit down here when
you’re dead then you need a license to
do anything at all and that’s what’s
happening to you you want to go fish
under anything of drive a car you order
because anything you do in Eden well
while you’re the data you must have a
license now I remember what Christ said
over here I said in my name you shall be
saved so what happens is this name here
John Paul is the credit
the critic and because cross said in my
name you shall be saved means that you
still are living you are not dead you
are not a section you are not human you
are not a person you are not the
corporation you are a Christian there it
is there you are not a pagan I simply a
true Christian the Christians that go
into the church that you see on every
Sunday they are not Christians they are
pagans they believe that their Christian
and that’s what this thing is doing
it’s the usurper he’s the trickster he’s
Satan is always the the Lucifer the the
illusionist where he presents himself as
God because persons the only God of a
person which is the only God of a debtor
is Babylon which is the Vatican the
Vatican created these things here the
Vatican created the UM the incorporation
when two names or two things are joined
together that’s it when your Christ you
only have one nine you don’t hold any
any legal title Heath anything when you
learn how to how to operate this account
as Christian account over here
you will start to realize that you can
have anything you want ask and you shall
receive and that’s how it really does
work now the account name just to finish
off this is where the trick the real
trick has been in here the Christian
account or the credit account is
I’m full
and the debtor account is the surname
the surname is not just the Smith
because Paul John Paul and the Smith
belonged to us that’s our name and this
is our heritage so the both names belong
to us so the state can’t make a claim
over the family name or the heritage or
the other Christian or the given name we
cannot make a claim but what it makes a
claim of up over is incorporation so
soon as these two names are assumed as
one that is the property of the Vatican
that is the state the state of affairs
of that governing system
this is the Christian account written in
proper English and
that is the data account
pagon account that is so if you hold
this name here in proper English
you become the debtor so when you walk
into a court and say I’m walking into
this court I am a free I’m a living
breathing man well yes you might very
well be that but the magistrate who’s
the young the administrator which is
Babylon in the administration well it’s
here that’s what this thing is
is I on the bill
the administrator which is the
magistrate the man will walk in I am the
living breathing man you’re on your
honor and he will say yeah once that’s
the whole Drive license yes what’s your
name my name is Donna Paul Smith
well the magistrate is obligated to set
up a a Salvage trust salvation for this
because this person they are here this
man has been lost at sea doesn’t know
who he is he doesn’t know his own name
and there’s another maxim is if you know
not the name of the thing the thing
itself is surely lost so if you’re
walking with the court say I’m the man
but my name is John Paul Smith and ahold
of driver license that’s for our
magistrate he said sir no you know what
can I do about this okay so sets up a
trusts and then gives him a little bit
of um justice that seemed to be done to
make him feel a bit better but still
whacks him anyway and what’s him as a
debtor and then once he’s got the debt
he can’t get he can’t get out of it
you’ve got a paint because debtors pay
but the bills and if you’re one of these
the fall on data that’s agreed to be um
John Paul Smith because you read John
Porter No
Smith in sign language and you were
super together
that’s not his problem you are seeing
that you didn’t do your luck your
homework you didn’t learn how to read
the sign you didn’t learn your grandma
you learnt nothing you you remained as a
player but a dumb idiot Asst is someone
that’s you just remain dumb so the the
magistrate peach has got to administer
you the Vatican he’s got to administer
these he’s got to administer all of dude
so what he does is that he throws you on
the vatican ship at sea in the Holy See
and you’d lose all your rights then to
land law you you lose your you’re
standing as man and as adamant and only
because God said what have you do you’re
not eat from the tree or the do do not
eat the fruit ba usufruct of the data
account don’t do that otherwise you will
surely die they see thee
yes there the system works I know it’s a
young it’s got nothing to do with law
it’s all got to do with God and Christ
because they’re the ones that taught you
they’re the ones that well the Bible
sits in the court for that reason if
anyone says have done it’s not spiritual
it’s it course it’s spiritual because
when you walk into those law courts of
those courts they’re not courts it
tribunals the chambers and a chamber is
a tomb they did that’s where the
magistrates wearing that black robe is
mourning the dead and you’re walking in
there and you are dead poor fellows
little dead and very really does any one
of these ones come into that court now
the other slighted advice it’s not
really advice but it’s when you know
where you stand and you are over here
and you do hold the driver licences and
you hold the young the bank loans and
you are a good little dinner and you’re
paying all the bills of the state and
which is very admirable of you for being
that and I think sometimes the state
will thank you if you’re a hard worker
you will get a good life inside the
state but when it comes into on a charge
when you’ve um been charged with any
form of a charge account and you are the
debtor and you hold the driver license
to prove that you’re a dinner because
the name of the driver license is
written in the all uppercase language
which is called the ledger language of
the Dead Ledger’s that that are on
tombstones or it’s also called an
engraved image which is another thing
that God said do not worship worship the
engraved images which are the engraved
in just sit on top of the tombstones
which is the ledges that’s the stuff
that comes the mail but in a court if
you are a debtor and you know that
you’re a debtor then no matter if you’re
guilty no matter if you’re not guilty if
you’ve been charged
my absolute advice to you is to plead
still state the case but make the guilty
plea because in the United States some
legal code the enemy of the United
States which is the enemy of Babylon in
enemy of the administrator is the
belligerent officer and the belligerent
officer is the one that pleads not
guilty because if you walk in was in or
Court you’re walking into the court
saying well yes I am the debtor and I’m
not going to pay your debt that’s what
you’re saying the other thing what it
does in in a legal sense the magistrates
love it when you plead not guilty
because the minute you plead not guilty
you violate the military codes which is
the law of the sea that the Holy See and
you put yourself into a state of
conflict and once you’re in a state of
conflict in military law the
administrator has right to administer
the conflict so you’re handing over all
of the power over you to the state
because you have become the enemy of the
if you’re not guilty you can only plead
guilty and say sorry because when you
have operated when you’ve walked into
this and you’ve chosen to be the debtor
of the state you have no rights in don’t
even try and don’t try and get them
especially the idiot people that walk in
and say I am the living man you gonna
drive license oh yeah lost completely
dumb or stupid the other thing is do you
need to come back to living Maine one of
the biggest things is that the
difference between coming back to being
a living Maine you don’t have to be a
living Maine you don’t have to come back
to walking into that trust because this
is outside the system once you simply
hold the creditor account Christ becomes
you’re trusting Christ is your trustee
and that
that’s all evident on the second
certificate of birth because on the
second certificate of birth it states in
black and white that the full name John
Paul Smith is in the custody of the
Registrar General of the certificate of
birth which is the state so expect
stated on that and signed they’ve even
told you that they owned this and the
minute you hold agile then you become
the trustee of the Registrar General but
if you don’t hold this name and is
simply hold this name here then you
become the director of the Registrar
General you don’t have to come back to
living man because Christ has given you
a remedy within the world of the Dead
which is the dead corporation’s which is
from from Christ on down to 2017 beasts
ice ad from that time we live in the
world of the dead in the chambers of the
of the water law but inside that system
the Christian trust is the remedy within
the world of the dead the minute you
walk into a church above every Church
you will see that sign
and that side means
that’s why I found on top of tombstones
as well
it means dead so when you walk into a
church you know that dark that is the
house of the dead if you are this over
here a true Christian then you don’t
walk into those places because that is
for the quasi Christian to put there
people that that think they’re
Christians but done but they’re not even
other churches yours you’ll see that if
they ever use this type of roaring the
all uppercase text then if they’re using
any form of symbolic text on the signs
or any form of sign language it’s
another dead giveaway that dark
in this wall up Coast Tech’s they’re
telling you that that is sign that is
sin that is the House of the Dead the
cross even though people walk and go I’m
going to church and I’m doing whatever
it is all you’ve got to do is just read
the signs go into the dictionary so
black that the legal dictionaries and
the the Webster’s dictionary start
having a look at these signs and it’s I
told you in black and white everything
but the whole thing of the the world of
the Dead that belongs to the
administrator which is Babylon which is
the Vatican if you’re down here then you
are subject to that if you’re over here
then you are still got the ability of
living man yet you hold the account that
directs the Vatican that’s why the
Vatican probably doesn’t really like
real Christians it creates its own quasi
Christians in all of its Church because
it knows it keeps them or keeps the
masses under control but when you work
it out usually criminals don’t work this
out the people that do work it out are
usually the people and um they do love
God and hold this God here as the true
God as they should and when you do that
then you are subject to the laws of the
Bible like the aim of the statutes that
make up the Ten Commandments and also
Christ which is if you love your your
neighbor in a spirit of brotherhood
and no war would it ever happen but
people that are with this God know
automatically know that they are subject
to the to the real laws of the Bible and
and they wouldn’t do anything against
their own brother or their own neighbor
that they couldn’t that they wouldn’t
like to happen to them so the people
that do work it out and that don’t need
to be controlled by the state don’t need
to be controlled by the state because
they are the true psalm people that da
that would have worked this out
so hope that some explains the hierarchy
and the principle of how our governing
system works today in this modern day
society its ancient and that’s never
gonna change
it takes back thousands and thousands of

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