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I’m not finding anything this is just
what if it were true and the things are
speak about
it is a thing sort of would have come
understand or it’s the it’s the
assumption or the presumption of all of
the sort of research that I’ve done in
relation to the grammatical standing of
documents in relation to what is English
English text and in relation to what the
debased Latin text that they’re using on
court documents banking contracts bank
notes etc which is no part of the
English language that we can find at all
and in fact well in the fact that we can
find and according to the Chicago Manual
of style z’ the all uppercase text is
what I’ve been harping on about the all
uppercase text is no part of the English
it’s found in foreign languages so the
whole guts of what I’m trying to say is
that if you have a document that has two
languages on the document then there’s
no correspondence between the two
languages and if the document makes no
sense if you separate the two languages
then the document itself is really
saying nothing at all
people say the documents are fraud no
it’s not a fraud there’s no document as
a floor as a fraud because the document
is what it is the fraud is in what
someone does with the fraud such as
passing it off as something that it is
but today I’m just going to enlighten
you or give you a scenario of what the
hidden side of the all uppercase text
which is called debase Latin which I
call debase LAN it’s now on ISM in the
Black’s Law Dictionary as dawdlin which
is the all uppercase Latin style of text
constructed under the grammatical rules
of English which can’t be so they’re in
the Black’s Law Dictionary they’ve given
it a name which is called dog latin and
and you know that surah that kana that
that took mil a long time because in all
my quest of finding out what the all
uppercase text was because magistrates
would shut would close down that court
case and wipe it wipe it off the record
before they will answer the question
what styles manual did you use to
construct the document that you’re
passing off as a charge what styles
money or did you use and what is the all
uppercase text I cannot find it in the
Oxford menu of styles however it does
appear in the Chicago Manual of style in
foreign languages as a sign language
sign to sign a document sign language
which is starting to make sense
in the the Steiner schools that some
people are aware of it’s a different
type of teaching they’ve conformed more
to the to the government schooling
system these days in Australia simply
probably to get funding to to get the
government to fund their their school so
their curriculum has had to follow more
closely to the standard of the state at
the so called state in order to get the
money but what I did notice and I think
they may still be doing this is the way
they get the children because they tend
to have the first a lot of the first few
years of schooling deals very little in
English and writing it all deals in
symbolism art and developing the skills
of art and music which is probably which
is not a bad thing at all and then when
they’re ready they bring them more into
the the academic side of things it’s
just a different sort of a training that
school is a German based school to go
remember that that the that the other
thing I’ve found is that in the 12
around the 12:30 our courteous is the
one that that created the new corpus
juris a modern version of the corpus
juris that we are under today it’s the
it is the modern legal system created in
the Hohenstaufen reign by a courteous
which was a jurist and he basically
perfected the Justinian corpus juris
into a modern-day standard by using
surnames to offer people the ability to
act to remain in common law or to come
over into the administrative maritime
law system
and most people today believe they have
a surname and they’ve come across there
and sort of unwittingly I say their
being so lemon but but it’s just some
people do fine as the administrators and
other people are raped and plundered the
countries are often in my opinion raped
and plundered by it because most of the
people have been deceived into acting as
the administrator while under the belief
that they are the UM they are that the
national of their government or the
national of their land and they are
living on the lands that they feel that
their own but when you become a resident
or a citizen of a foreign administrator
you are legally a resident which is
someone that lives on land that they do
not own or will they become the
traditional owners which means the word
tradition means one who has sold or
given away their lands and of course in
Australians case and the original
Australians that were here prior to the
the white settlement if they call
themselves traditional well then they
have jumped from the land up onto their
ships in dry dock their foreign
corporate ships where they may be
getting some sort of a benefit out of it
and that’s why they’ve done it well they
may need it or just to survive
what if when looking at the all
uppercase text so when you see a word
written in all uppercase text which is
the sort of language that is used by um
the legal ease system what if it was
what they call it a horrid lithic text
they actually call this all uppercase
letters Egyptian Horowitz it’s horrific
text it’s a it’s an illustrative text
it’s not descriptive these this is
descriptive text here whereas this
written in all uppercase is sign or
pictures or shapes and that’s where the
shape-shifting comes into if you if
you’ve have a account-holder of four or
five different accounts you can
shape-shift from each account to each
account because the wording on the
document that you thought we’ll were
words who actually signs shapes pictures
illustrative text even though it may
have read Commonwealth of Australia and
you thought you’re a part of comment of
Australia in reality of it or legally if
it’s written in all uppercase texts like
it is registered on the United States
Securities Exchange Commission as a
company or organization
it’s written in or uppercase text which
is a picture a shape an illustration a
copyrightable symbol symbolism engraved
images the things that we’ll want to
stay away from what by God God means
master that’s the UM the my god the
synonym to God is master but what I’ve
come to realize is that even from the
Steiner school when they were teaching
children the alphabet to get them in the
memory they the ones that stuck out
really a lot was things like C which is
the shape of Cove car
the words that relate to calm or Cove or
credit on which peaceful which is a
peaceful place is the shape of what it
is I think there’s another word with
water here we go down here the W is the
shape of water so W is water because
it’s a plant water and also M for
mountain because our the mountains so
they were teaching children to look at
the letter and relate it to actual
symbol horribly or something which when
you think of water you can remember the
water shape it’s easy because it’s just
like water and same with the mountains
and from this I started to look at is
there a system in the alphabet in the
all uppercase text that is hidden when
they like the word sign si GN which I’ll
probably get into later just as to see
or to show some of the hidden meanings
when you construct a word in all
uppercase text which is a hieroglyphic
the letters and the meaning of each
letter paints quite a big picture
big symbol of what that word may mean
we’ll just see the word and think well
go to the English dictionary and have a
look what the word means sign or
whatever it is but when you look at the
hieroglyphic meaning which is hidden
takes it no one has really taught anyone
about then some of these words may
in more detail what you’re looking at
gonna run through a what if I stood for
administration I and you can see the a
it’s the triangle car across the top
like the one dollar bill on the United
States with the I inside the top little
little half which means the hierarchy of
the pyramid system scheme are the ones
that know the reality and all the ones
underneath the eye are the ones that are
being administrated I now what I’m also
doing is if you keep this in mind as
you’re going through then we can use
this code of things to work out some of
the meanings to work out the meanings of
some of the words that they’re actually
using them and it’s quite surprising be
Babylon it’s got the two the two domes
and set up in in lay down flat which is
some debtor and creditor that’s what
Babylon is all about it’s the Bible that
securing the court is the manual of
Babylon so if you know the Bible you’ll
know how Babylon works and and when you
read the manual you know the manual of
your car you your boat when your engine
you you go through the manual you will
understand the do’s and don’ts of
dealing with that automobile or that
motorbike or that boat or the engine
whatever you’re dealing with anything
but as long as you read the manual and
you will also notice that the manual
says if you void if you if you don’t go
by the manual you will void warranty
and this is something that I’ve always
said about the English language if
you’re going to use a language in a
court document and you don’t follow the
manual that’s why I ask the magistrates
or what manual did you use so that I
if you voided the warranty because if
you’ve used a language and you’re
voiding the warranty then all your
warrants that you’ve assumed the
warrants are worth nothing it’s wiped
the charge out from the very beginning
does the charge exists did you construct
the charge in according to the rules and
regulations of the warranty or of the
manual of that language and a lot of the
times no they did not
which voids the warrant rewards warranty
for its a charge it’s gone
see you later it’s a little bit deeper
than that because you’ve gotta know who
you are first but when you start to
understand this you might start to
recognize why the Christian name and the
state name or why the Christian name is
so important be a Braun
see 4.com credit ah a Cove where the
calm water is in me so it’s a symbol of
calm the creditor of a trust the D is
the one dime one of the Babylon domes
debtor and creditor in Babylon beads got
two domes but D Dominion has got the one
dome the debtor e equity this is really
strange because you’ve got one stroke
you’ve got three marks which is a trust
is data creditor and administrator it’s
a bit like Noah’s Ark I R K which is the
roof over livestock it’s strange that
another really strange thing about
Noah’s Ark is that there were three
decks on Noah’s Ark the debtor the
creditor and the administrator same with
the animals he bought the data unclean
and he bought the creditor which was
clean clean animals and unclean is an
unclean animals in the dictionaries
means corrupt so when you think about
debtor and creditor think about the
Christian name John Henry as the
creditor and then john henry doe so when
the police ask you for your name you’d
say John Henry doe well that’s the
corruption of the creditor name because
your name is only John Henry that’s the
Christian name that you’re given to you
by Christ then you turned around and
said no my name’s John Henry day which
is the incorporation of the of the
family name and the Christian name the
minute you’ve incorporated you’ve
created a corporation incorporation
which is under the rules of the Vatican
which is under the rules of the debtors
which is the corruption so they
administer the last people that are
corrupt that don’t know their own name
so equity is very important so there’s
three strikes in an in a symbolic EU or
up case V but F has two strikes and
that’s very important because F is for
fraud F is or the two strikes is like
having a trust system where there are
data creditor and administrator but one
of one of them is missing but if you
take one element out of the daylight
creditor and administrator system then
the trust is no longer a trust it’s just
an agreement between two parties
but if you have an office of data an
office of creditor and an office of
administration and then take one of the
parties outside of the office then the
actual the actual trust exists in a form
or a dead form of an office form an
official form but the people one of the
people one of the UM the subject manners
has been removed which creates a trust
but in fraud because it’s a trust of the
office of data creditor and
administrator only housing the
administrator who is a magistrate and
the data the creditor is only issues an
obscure choice of going from creditor or
deaded debit credit creditor or debtor
and in that that is what if fraud in ads
for fraud feigned fake all of the fake
words all of that the the words
that the words that are are not right
start with
even like mouths been franked wonder why
because even a mile it’s got written
postage paid but because the postage is
paid has been written in the debased
language has it been paid it’s only or
is the debased language where it says on
mail postage paid because it’s written
in debased latin is it telling you that
the postage has not been paid see if you
know if you know your grammar then you
can see that everything is in full
disclosure even though you read it wrong
if you knew your grammar you would read
it correctly G which is like a C with a
small T in it like this
which is the governance just governance
color um governance of the calm water
governance g4 governing which is really
the team’s is the Treasury in with the
sea with the calm the tea in the sea
Treasury with the calm the governance so
proper governance is gay all other G
words are like that H hierarchy and when
you think about even the H if you think
of the old Egyptian some of their
systems they’ve got the two the two
pillars they walk into up into the the
buildings as the two pillars on each
side which is too hierarchical Chester
the strength holding up the system and
that’s why it’s shaped like an H and I
me one won’t you
i J that’s a strange one
The Joker chains the Joker the jack or
the Joker words and a J is made up of a
T which is a Treasury and at the bottom
is a little loop which is a U which is
the underworld
so the Joker is a Treasury that is with
the underworld or with the Joker the
Treasury with the underworld which is a
joke that’s why it’s the Joker the cave
it’s funny because it’s like a cross cut
in half with a line down that the middle
K is kill and killed on the cross and
it’s it’s strange because we’ll go to
over to to the cross
we’ll get to that and I’ll explain
what’s going on there l Lucifer
illusion it’s the
it’s this
it’s the deception it’s about the
deceiving of that’s what Lucifer does
he’s the one that deceives and tricks
makes things not look like it should M
of course Mountain and M would be the
dealing with the mountains and valleys
so the mountains direct the valleys
wherever the the mountains are the
valleys where the water flows were the
current currency you know the UM the
flow of energy flows in the valleys
which are the banks and the direction of
the valleys is really where the
mountains are because water can only
flow through the valleys so we’ve got
mountain look and on just to look at
Vatican Valley you see that the Vatican
is the World Bank it controls the flow
of water the Holy See that’s why the V
probably see when a lot of people in war
victory but what it was really meaning
or what may be is the Vatican has one V
he controls he underworld he controls
the banks the banking system the
Rothschild banking system if that’s who
is serving as the
as Emperor’s of Rome today Ave the rock
are they the head of Babylon
n is neutral which is mountain like that
and Valley joined together neutral the
neutral nothing no you know all the the
n-words has got to do it with this which
is mountain and valley the mountain and
valley o is the office which is a circle
as well when I draw those these things
these things here
I use that as the office the office of
administration the office of creditor
and the office of data but of course
like I say in the fraud if we are in the
data and we are not with the creditor
not very good with my left hand not with
the creditor if we are just here then
the office of creditor is empty but this
trust that is being administrated by
this vatican here the trust itself in
the world of the dead is still in
existence it’s still operating even
though we’re not there and that’s where
the fraud comes into it P that’s
plebeian and it’s strange because 400 BC
they had a system which was the lis ball
the god of the the wine God of labour a
Roman god of label and they operated a
trust law governing system which was
decided the same today which is really
odd because I had the young this was
called the patrician and this was called
the plebeian the creditor was the
patrician the debtor was the plebeian
and li ball who was the who is the terms
and conditions of of the trust that was
the the you could say
the Constitution the administration is
the Constitution what it’s the written
contract and of course the administrator
who is the magistrates who are really
the captains they are on top of this
administration ship system and they make
sure that everyone follows the rules of
that ship and of course the lis ball
code the god of label that had a system
of rules and regulations and one was the
creditor and one was the debtor trician
and the plebeian and it’s strange today
that they’ve got the UM the plebeian
they have the plebiscites and if you
vote in a plebiscite then what you’re
saying is when you walk into the polling
booth and you class yourself as the data
or the plebeian or the one that’s has
the power to vote inside the system you
are the plebeian the pleb the dead on on
the system you are not the patrician
that was around 400 BC and it’s currents
way into the governing system of today
which as I said goes to show these
systems are not new these go back a long
time sometimes if you to in order to
know the future you have to understand
the past because what’s happening in the
past if you go back far enough then then
you can um get the timeline and you can
see what’s going to happen into the
future and you can counteract this
future as well
well just by knowing what’s going to
happen the office the P the plebeian the
Q is is strange because I mean the
minute you questions something this
office that are sealed and when you get
into an office it’s sealed but the
minute you question it it’s a line which
is a break on the office so when you
walk into the the courts and everything
like that like I did I walked in quite
happily because some because when the
police try and put you in the court if
you don’t turn up they’ll come round and
punch the crap out of you and that’s
what they did to me then they
threatening because they’re terrorists
the the police that operate these
systems if the system is a fraud it’s a
right if it’s not a fraud then we are
willing to do this but when we’re being
forced into a fraud by way of terrorism
and threats of which is extortion we’re
no state police or Queensland place or
or any formal I mean any form of state
police comes around and threatens you if
you don’t act as the debtor and then
threaten you well then that even that is
a violation of the system I think it’s
article one of the unit Roy Treaty of
Rome that it even says that this system
the Rome of the unit-wide Rome Statute
is voluntary it must be voluntary but if
you don’t know what’s going on you love
volunteered unwittingly and then when
you’re in the system as a dinner and
then the police come round and bash the
crap out he will take your lens take
your car door these things to you you’ll
say but I have rights
well no you don’t have rights the thing
is you just didn’t know how you lost
your rights because this is a secret
system as you can start to see things
not adding up or if you don’t know the
codes then you know you’ve got to know
the code you got to know what’s going on
you got to work it out you’ve got to see
how they’re doing this and to be honest
I I think it’s time to to expose it
because in my case I went to them to
explain that you guys are in trouble
you’re doing something terribly wrong
but um but I got threatened and my
family was threatened I was throwing him
in the watch house many times us I was
so called charged and that’ll do another
segment on about what happened in that
court case because there were no charges
there were no charges because even when
I asked the magistrate said can you read
out the charges he knew done well he was
not going to read the judge there
because he knew on you that they were
debased which means criminal and
corrupted and if he had a spoken– then
he would have been a part of he would
have been dethroned immediately from
that so what they did with me is they
wiped out all the charges and basically
dumped the charges back on to the debtor
they tried to make me think I was they
tried to they assumed I was a debtor but
I had the paperwork and the evidence
that I was the creditor and they
couldn’t pin the debt
unto me because I wasn’t in the house of
the debtors arse in the house of the
creditors which is a political stand and
a political stand is in all the
Constitution’s cannot be interfered with
see that so all the charges the
magistrate had to mitigate all the
charges to nothing and any charge that
was left had to fall back on to the
place and the administrator which is the
magistrate so that’s question but a
in the office and soon as you break the
office you expose the office to the F
which is the fraud
compared to our our is rhyme rhyme owns
the Vatican owns it home to Rome home is
really just that that to become the
creditor of the system the Vatican
operates that this is the system of the
dead that Christ warned us in and when
he was around a couple thousand years
ago it’s in the Bible that the New
Testament is really the new covenant the
new covenant the new contract the old
contracts that up here the new contract
is the New Testament which is a new
contract and what Christ did in this
Testim in this contract this Testament
is warned us of course we’ve always got
the choice but he warned us that there
are two standings and if you eat from
the tree of knowledge then you will
surely die if you find your name written
in all uppercase for you holding any
information that you’re you’re holding a
name that you think is a name such as a
driver license or passport or legal
title of anything and you see a name
there in upper case and which is that
contains your surname we are the
so-called last name
written in indie bass latin all upcase
text then you’ve agreed to enter into
the world of the dead you are dead even
over here in the creditor the name of
this is the Christian name written in
the dead language or upper case so this
is also dead as well the Christian is
dead but what they say in this side the
creditors side is that it already has a
debtor so you are left out as the
director Amon which is like Christ said
if you eat from the tree of knowledge
you will die but the Tree of Life gives
you life or gives you the ability to
direct the trust in a daily estate you
still have a dead name your Christian
name in all uppercase is dead but that
name has a trustee which is the
Registrar General and he is the one that
holds and he represents the Vatican he
represents Rome so if you understand the
system Rome and the Vatican is in one
way there to protect and uphold the
people it serves the people
so Ryan is not good or bad Rome has to
it’s a bit like Christ in that when he
was around he went in there and bashed
the ship abashed the the bankers and
with the big stick because Christ had
two jobs was to keep the debtors the
bankers in line but also to serve the
living the Vatican who claims to be the
UM The Vicar of Christ which is the
standing of Christ then he has to
operate the same system he he becomes
the basher of the banks and any of the
subdivisions of the banks so if you hold
a bank account then you are an account
holder of the bank which is a trustee so
you step out of line and you will be
bashed so the only way to get out of
that is you can’t have bank accounts
it’s gonna be awkward isn’t it but I
don’t have bank accounts and you get
used to it you can survive its life just
happen kid and you don’t need a lot of
that stuff I can tell you that
yes the snake we’ve got Rome which is
the copyright owner of this system Rome
also owns these symbols that’s Rome that
belongs to Rome s is the snake and just
do like a snake snake you’ll probably
know this like he’s in the Garden of
Eden he’s the one that came down and did
all the the conning with Adam and even
the snake he got Eve to eat that the
Apple which has really offered Eve the
credit card
meave took it and then Adam won that’s
just personal stuff but that’s what the
snake is the snake in the garden
it’s the one that they’re the ones that
will trick you they’re the ones you’ve
got to watch for they’re the ones that
will be the ones you car sales car
salesman is a snake you that’s they’re
not all snakes and a lot of people well
what I did the right thing by him but in
general that’s what the snake is the one
that comes in and sells you the lemon
sells you a fraud over here and the
Vatican is sort of done that sold your
throat the tea is the Treasury the trust
I can tell you know like a ledger
ardella and credit are people working in
administration will sort of understand
that symbol you the underworld which is
the world of the Dead which is below the
surface the under the ledger when that
you get a mail the mail is called a
ledger the the articles you get in the
our two-to-one ratio which is the same
ratio as the ledger
that’s honored sits on a grave the
two-to-one ratio and the text you’ll see
if you go down down to a graveyard and
look at look at the graves you’ll see
the all uppercase dog Latin dead ledger
text and when you get things in the mail
the addresses or your names whatever it
is parables etc they will be constructed
in the Dead Ledger text which is the
same text that sits on tombstones and
ledges at the graveyard so when you
break the seals of those letters you’re
you’re tapping into the world of the
dead the underworld you’re breaking the
seal of a coffin because they’re sealed
and that’s um that’s a conduct that’s
what the word conduct so this is the
underworld it operates under a different
language under a different system
and that’s why documents have two
languages of the common-law languages of
English which operates in life or living
then you have the all uppercase symbolic
text which symbols symbolism do you not
to worship idols and an idol is a symbol
so when you claim your name what you
thought was a name written in or
uppercase text you claim not a word
you’ve claimed a symbol which is
symbolism it’s it’s it’s deceptive
I don’t you’re worshipping idols and
again you’ll warned him here stay away
from idols the V obviously is the
Vatican it’s the World Bank and if you
are not on the mountains on the land law
which is the common law of land is
mountains and obviously water the W down
here is the water law so if you’re not
standing as the creditor then you have
no power to direct the Vatican with the
mountain you’re not standing on the
mountain anymore you’re in the water
that’s flowing as currency through the
valleys so while the Vatican can’t find
you as the mountain it can control the
flow of currency it becomes the director
of the bank
the director of your Treasury which is
the energy that what you do and your
ownership to the land your mineral and
energy wealth if you are over in the
debtor side and not in the creditor side
you are not on the land law of the
mountain which is land you are not the
on the mountains to direct the flow of
the water through the valleys through
the valley of death fear no evil that
stuff and this is what it’s talking
about this is deepened and incredible
this scam really is so that’s what the
Vatican does it becomes the
administrator rpm while you’re over here
you can tell the Vatican how to control
or where to flow the current because the
water on the lands is yours you own the
land so therefore you are the director
of the currencies that flow through the
lands you are on the mountains
if you’re not there you are the water
and the Vallot to vatican that it
becomes the director it becomes the
mountain and it knows that that’s why it
takes that job because it knows how to
convert you from the creditor into the
debtor it knows how to do that it’s got
the ability to trick and deceive you and
you’ll never know what’s going on and as
you can see it’s quite complex of course
we go down to the water which is
maritime law this is common law the
Magna Carta and I think just after Magna
Carta in 12 12 15 in 12:30 15 years
after Magna Carta occur seus perfected
the corpus juris which is the really the
the law of the Dead the law of the sea
there is no footprint in water so water
flows through hands are really hard to
keep on holding on to or as Lane you can
put a footprint down and there’s your
mark on land you have no marking water
but it flows all the time and the clever
people that operate within the maritime
which is commerce and merchant maritime
merchant merchant that banking the
bankers and they then like the
Rothschild banking system it’s almost
taken over the whole world which is or
just through trickery and deceit could
you imagine one day the world waking up
and saying your money is actually just
fraud it is actually only plastic or
paper it doesn’t represent anything
because it has a grammatical glitch and
as a maximum goes a fraud negates or
phytates a contract so if there’s a
fraud on the money
and that money’s worth nothing it’s a
promissory note you’re gonna know you’re
gonna remember that promise to pay it’s
not payment when you whatever you buy
with their money it’s not it’s never
been paid for so it never really belongs
to you that’s why when you’re on the
side of the road you say that’s my car
you can’t take that no you did all the
work for it you were a slave but you
didn’t get paid and you didn’t pay for
that car because you paid it with a note
that belongs to the Vatican the Vatican
bankers and because the note says that
it’s a promissory note and not the real
payment it’s not been paid in full pay
it’s like the part of the mail you know
paid in for whatever it is it’s not
because it’s been you’ve been handed a
trick you couldn’t read the document so
it’s it’s not paid and that’s why the
police then take your property or can I
take your home and it’s wrong because
you did the work for it but you agreed
to be a servant these servants servants
are slaves slaves have no rights and
slaves can’t own property and to be a
slave to be a debtor over here
you you then become a resident as I said
before and a resident resides on land he
doesn’t own so even if you say I’m a
resident oh my gay whoa
give us your land buddy guess you just
lost it because you told me you’re a
resident see what I mean words words
science that’s what it is X you will
notice that on a banking contract they
put it cross say here sign on the cross
and the cross is the point where you
went from the creditor to the debtor
the minute you signed on the cross
that’s the place where you died Christ
died on the cross so these are these are
the symbolic warnings that has happened
now that what really freaks a bank out
is if you say to the bank somebody
already signed it for me because it a
cross is also the signature of an
illiterate cross is a signature so when
they sign that they’ve already signed it
they’ll be scrambling if she said what
you’ve already signed it
you’re the one tomorrow before the dead
they’ll be scrambling to get that thing
through the shredder because they know
it’s obviously it’s obvious isn’t it and
sure even if even if you look in this
big book here the UM the Webster’s have
look at the the meaning of the the cross
and it just crossed it’s means um death
that’s them the point of death it’s also
this the signature this crossed the
Christian cross these are is a symbol of
death and this cross is also across
similar death but it’s also the UM the
signature of an illiterate someone on
the cross why is interesting because
it’s like it’s it’s a threeway but it’s
like an inverted one do this
it’s youth the symbol of youth
it’s the beginning and it’s I guess it’s
it’s really God man and the data it’s
it’s an upside down version and yeah
look another very interesting thing for
the young prefer the Israeli you’ll see
this symbol here
which is really this
all Testament New Testament and when you
merge those together then you get this
symbol here which is some
which is the two trusts the Old
Testament your covenant the New
Testament and that’s what youth is it’s
the beginning
so we’re born into existence I guess or
born is life and then and then we are
sacrificed into the world of the Dead
it’s sort of the the Christian were
sacrificed there but we are we are
looked after in that system until we
turn to the age of majority until we
turn 21 and then that’s the point after
the age of majority you will become an
adult or an adulterer
so that or you go from the data back
into the creditor as the director of
your estate you are really very very
rich but as a creditor but as a debtor
you’re bankrupt because you are nothing
as a debtor your are nothing so
the the youth the why is the symbol of
youth young all those sort of words that
start with y Z is just Zion and Zion
really is the way back and it’s funny
with that that with the letters ed
because if you if you are trying to nut
the system out and you want to go back
to men or go back into the to the
creditor world a magistrate
well it’s god man vatican creditor and
debtor so the path of
to degrade the path in the helm is like
that were there and to get back to God
up here and man here the Vatican name
and the creditor just sort of Christ in
the dinner the the way back to God is
this way
you’ve got to go back the same path and
this is only my opinion you’ve got to go
back to the same path and that’s why
you’ll notice the Zed you see that
is iron to find your way back to God
say it’s one of the it was the last
symbol that I had trouble working out
what what is this
and it’s funny too because when you do
turn it up on its side it becomes
neutral and mountain and Valley so which
is the tree trusts so it’s it’s you know
it’s got some meaning there now s I G M
and then yes I now when you use this
code and you can use this with quite a
lot of a lot of words it just lets do
office for a start equity that’s an e if
that was written as
so would we’ll use this code and we’ll
see what this reads the equity that is
with Christ equity is the is the as your
ownership to the mineral and energy
wealth it’s your birthright
it’s what equity so the equity that is
with and I’m going backwards because
hieroglyphs are usually read from the
right to left or bottom right up to the
left so when you when you construct the
word in hieroglyphic all uppercase text
and then for an interesting site just go
through use all of these meanings to see
what happens with it going from the left
and would mean the equity that is with
Christ is with the one that is with the
fraud that is what the fraud that is
with the office so
if the office is telling you that the
office relates to a fraud equity of
crisis with the one that is there’s two
frauds here and they said so what’s
happening is in the government’s the
governing system that we’re under at the
moment we can only be in the data or the
creditor so these this office these two
here are a fraud
there is no debtor and creditor there’s
only the office of creditor the office
of debtor but we can only be one so
that’s a fraud so even the very word see
this with full the slowly starts to come
in sign is very interesting too because
sign is that the neutral which is the
the the debtor and the creditor see note
sorry creditor and the debtor which is
the mountain in the sea is with the
governance of the one who is with the
snake sign sign language it’s it’s the
trick that tricks us into falling into
this system we think with thought of the
sign writing or the sign language was
proper English to deal with some common
law but it’s not and when you take out
the G which is the the debtor and the
creditor is under the governance of the
one who is with sign let’s take the Jia
and it’s just the data and creditor is
with the one who’s with sign this is
what the governance assign is the
governance of sin sin is just simply sin
even the word snake the equity that is
with the death
with the kill the equity that has been
killed is that the administration of
both debtor and creditor with the snake
with Satan Satan snake a lot of these
words in the chota Rome that is with the
equity that is a kill so at the office
of the Joker
Lucifer that is with Lucifer well that’s
really dead isn’t it is it the one that
is with the kill but this happens with
goat that’s you know even the word goat
in um in the Black’s Law Dictionary
goat in the English dictionary is a goat
it’s the real it’s the real thing then
but but in the in the Black’s Law
Dictionary the goat is the sewer which
is strange isn’t it the goat is the
sewer the underworld the trust of
treasury that is at the administration
of the office of governance it’s it’s
the office of the underworld or its
experts is with its its with its with
governance its with an office which is
this office of governance and the
underworld or the sewer which is also
what goat means is is sewer well just
will write that too
Rome that’s what the equity is with the
water which is maritime law which with
the water you see the sewer rhyme that’s
with the equity with the water that is
with the equity under the snake
it’s another reason why I’ve always been
when I was studying or finding this out
I had realized that the Kennedy kill
could have only have been done from the
sewer from the storm water drain and I’d
worked this out long before that it was
always the grassy knoll or the
building’s wall or the whatever it was
but the kill shot came from the sewer
I mean there’s a very good documentary
with an amazing amount of research on
that now that they’ve actually confirmed
the cook their sewer shot they’ve even
got its name but I think it’s called um
911 to JFK or JFK to 911 a rich man’s
trick it’s quite a long documentary but
I recommend you watching because it
actually starts to point out the results
of this system and what it does and how
it gets around killing people without
even being charged it’s because when
you’re a debtor you are the property of
the administrator you’re the property of
the police and when they kill you
they’re not liable for it because you
agreed to hold that account that belong
to them so you are their property and
when you become the property of the
administrator of the property of the
Vatican the property of Satan if you
agreed to be his property then he can do
what he likes for these property because
when he kills his property and you’re
attached to him he will die with it
and that’s why it’s very important
what’s what Christ kept on saying you
know it’s if you eat from the tree of
the data the use of front you will be
caught up you’re dead you’re already
dead the military is the same when you
enter into the military someone gets
killed you get killed in the military
you just died in action there’s no
probably pay your families their measly
thousand dollars but because you’ve
already agreed to enter into it when you
become you hold a driver license or
anything like that the minute you become
a mr. or mrs. or miss they are military
accounts you are in the military
so that and they was try and call you
mr. something or missus whatever because
they while you are in the military you
are dead
you’re deemed dead and you are deemed
the property of the state the thing is
that that state that’s running
Australian and Queensland is er is not
the state of Australia it is a foreign
banking state as many of you is starting
to work this out and it’s a it’s not our
property it’s but if we become the
account holders of that state of that
estate the minute you become a legal
title holder it gives them the right to
your equity your ownership of this
because once you’ve been lost then
they’ll take your equity and they’ll
administer it for you but what they
really want you is dead they want you
out of the picture so it’s a trust this
is a fraud trust that’s been done by
this Vatican down here and when you look
at it in this light you’ve got to start
asking yourself
is a dangerous you know was Christ
Christ’s warnings were very real about
this same in Adam and Eve story the
garden I mean you eat from the tree of
knowledge and you will surely die you’re
dead and the dead world that Christ is
created after this the second Testament
is remedy within that dead world but to
get to that remedy you would probably
have to
you’ve got a surah workout what they’ve
done and what they’re doing of course
when I did all this people still record
I’m crazy and you know in certain ways I
probably odd I believe the moms so crazy
that I couldn’t stop I had to find the
bottom of this in one way I’m I’m
incredibly glad that I know what I know
but if I had have known what was going
to go through I would never have had the
guts to do what I did what I had to face
the the the brutality of the system the
brutality of the Vatican police the Uni
droid Tom’s goon squad that comes down
and bashes you the losing of the cars
you know the threats that you go through
it’s unbelief terrorism to the max and
they even called me a terrorist they’re
advertised me as a terrorist on the news
when I went to them and said you’ve got
a problem the real terrorists and the
real sovereign so-called sovereign
citizens are the police because the
police are citizens administering
sovereignty it’s them and they’re the
ones that are murdering more people than
anyone they are administering this
system of fraud this is a fraud there’s
their operating the system by threat and
terror and extortion
and in especially in Queensland I mean
in all states but in Queensland it is
getting really bad but those people that
are involved in it these politicians and
all that they are so hell-bent on the
profit that they make they can’t let it
go but people like the Rothschild system
I mean and the Rockefeller Foundation’s
and all that they base their wealth on
their promissory notes and that
promissory note basically is a fraud
but the only thing that makes those
promissory notes real is that your
belief that it exists and your belief
that it exists comes from this
information being suppressed to you when
you start to see this information you
realize you don’t have to buy anything
because you are
you you are the god
the creditor owns the Dominion that’s
the birthright and they must take that
birthright from you in order to
to administer your stuff for their
benefit and get rid of you
it’s pretty wild
that’s a rundown of the alphabet in all
uppercase and the meanings of those
Egyptian hieroglyphs in a holistic sense

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