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Australian police are nothing more than foreign private mercenaries… A private military… This may apply to all police subject to the UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION and its subdivision companies deriving from the US FEDERAL RESERVE banking system. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

it’s Benson 88 video from from Rowan
Lorien who’s been now it’s been getting
back into the research side of things
again and it deals with the the the
standing of state and federal police in
Australia and how they stand today I’ve
also come across this research when I
was trying to find the young the
Queensland Police Service and we
discovered that it was a non
organisation which leaves each and every
Queensland police officer fending
basically for themselves or as a as a
private foreign mercenary group that
we’re not sure who they really serve
because if the Queensland Police Service
is registered as a non organisation on
dun and bradstreet then it makes us some
that there’s basically no one to sue if
if something goes wrong or if that
caused some form of damage this is what
Rowan is starting to find out with New
South Wales police so I’m gonna leave
you with our with Ron it’s it’s good to
see rollin again
and he’s back into into the young into
the researching he never really stopped
but da because of this research that
we’re doing both Rowan and I have far
felt the full force of a corrupt
government or a corrupt entity passing
themselves off to be the commodes of
Australia or the Queen the Queen’s later
that the state or federal police of
Australia and of course we’ve Army we’ve
witnessed and witnessed the brutal side
of the of their organisation and Ron
really did witness it when he spent six
months in prison he had they they had 18
shifts within that six months to contend
with I think we know why because I think
that as they tried to access the city
key or the sister key by trust because
they couldn’t establish
that Iran accepted the false name with
the surname with the incorporated name
it placed the prison in a position where
they needed the consent to access the
trust and if they didn’t have the
consent to access the trust well then
they can’t plunder Roland’s estate in
order in order to keep him in prison and
then charging whatever they charge to
give you a crappy room in a prison nets
and ship food
I’m Athens also is confronted with the
magistrate Holmes that has put him in
that that magistrate it’s already been
investigated for its high amount of our
imprisonments and also when Ron was in
prison he met people that were very wary
or did sell him drugs so he made me a
compromised magistrate and that might be
what’s causing him to create such a high
imprisonment rate for the Queen’s layer
for a further New South Wales Police
Department called the New South Wales
police entity whatever it is
so he’s Ron it’s it’s good to see him
back and I hope to see more videos of
Ron’s incredible research
everybody’s welcome back sorry about the
hiatus so you all knew what happened
just it’s not going to stop me by the
way and I keep going with this some
things I want to talk to you about guys
New South Wales police are part of
either a private military or the US
military which in itself may be private
the operation of the laws of Australia
are very easy to work out that the New
South Wales Police are a private
military and I want to explain it to you
with reference so that you can flip it
up and check it out yourselves
so uncle nine of the Corporations Act
2001 as it were nice enough to tell me
that any company any entity that’s
registered overseas is considered by a
succour by the law of Australia a
foreign company there are other ways to
do it but that’s a nice simple way and
that’s what Australia’s adopted so the
New South Wales Police are a body
corporate which is normally used to run
a set of units that was the decision was
WorkCover New South Wales inspector Kiel
TV Cranham Road New South Wales New
South Wales police I don’t know the date
of that one but that was it was held
that New South Wales Police are a body
corporate now there’s an interesting
maximum al has a couple of interesting
Maxim’s similar similar and dissimilar
things or not to be joined so the second
one is actually in the Bible which is 2
Corinthians 6:14 it’s also in Black’s
Law so it’s a fairly heavy duty one so
how does a body corporate get
jurisdiction with you considering the
law says it can’t in a man could
contract with a man I come corporation
corporation that’s why they need you to
hold the all capitals that wrong has
done research on I’ve worked out what
that is now we had our well it’s it’s
gone through sort of a bit of an
evolution so I started out with founder
Glosser then we found American well we
found American Sign Language at the same
time then we worked out ok so it’s
looking like dog laughing it’s not quite
dog Latin and it’s not quite an American
American Sign Language would be
hyphenated it’s got if it’s hyphenated
the dog Latin decent hyphenated but the
words will be in Latin so technically
not dog Latin I can tell you what it is
right down to the letter now it’s a word
mark a word mark is a trademark made out
of text there’s a thing called a letter
mark which is a letter used as a
trademark and word mark is a number of
letters just google it it’s really easy
to find and with the New South Wales
police they’ve got to get you to hold
this is why they guys serve you with the
paperwork I had from the New South Wales
Police from Newtown screw the paper look
at my head the other day to try and get
me to hold the all capitals because it’s
a picture it’s not a word it’s not
anything and a book on our reference is
this one doesn’t send that online up to
$1200 u.s. and I read it and I know why
this is incredible this tells you
exactly what’s going on why they’re
doing what they’re doing so they are
abusing a few things they’re abusing
legal fictions they’re abusing the
doctrine of presumptions and they’re
abusing language and proper nouns are
names back to them being so private
soldier so article 9 says anyone
anything squared services is fun very
simple we now the Commonwealth of
Australia is registered overseas eight
oh five one five seven a new south wales
police have an ABN they’re registered to
the Commonwealth as a subsidiary of that
so therefore if the Commonwealth is fun
to come off of Australia in all capital
letters not the constitutional one we’re
not using the Constitution one that’s a
separate entity I brought that up with a
high court and they are refusing to even
give me a reason why they’re not going
to hear the matter just point glad in
fact I didn’t understand paperwork off
they talk about more bad grandma then
they have to put a self stamp on it in
the middle of it was on missing so
injustice Virginia bill signed it but
she didn’t sign anything because he
can’t read it because it’s not there and
then sent me a letter going well this is
what it does say I said well no it’s not
on that it has to be on there this is
law so I think we freaked the high court
out a little bit
nothing much ever will get guys is
irregular military so you’ve got your
regular military the irregular military
uses either irregular tactics or
irregular some operations part of the
irregular military if you go to
Wikipedia is a paramilitary isn’t a part
of the regular military so a
paramilitary is the police
now this police we can trace the
registration directly to the
Commonwealth which we can trace directly
to the US Federal Reserve it’s not hard
so our police are a paramilitary which
means they’re an irregular military an
article 9 of the Corporations Act 2001
to the farm so they’re yeah farm so the
tactics this is interesting guys and it
you regular military use irregular
tactics something that’s not standard
military operations you know they don’t
just go and shoot people so what these
people are doing there’s actually not
police they’re soldiers they’re American
soldiers I’ll be in the Australian
nationality they’ve given that up
they’ve become agents of the US but US
military by the US Federal Reserve so
it’s quite possibly a private military
and what they do is that they commit a
couple of war crimes if you want to have
a look at the Rome Statute
or have a look at the Red Cross they’ve
got a good war crimes website they dress
as New South Wales police so they’re
deceptive in a uniform so basically
they’ve come they’ve been employed by
America to wear uniforms to make them
look like they’re Australian police even
though the US soldiers carrying out work
for the US and this is why they’re using
the word marks because the word marks
the copyright of the US Federal Reserve
they they create them through the birth
certificates because New South Wales the
bursar marriages is an international
expend organisation rated company so it
can issue international documents which
it does which is your birth certificate
and you can have a look at problems like
this incredible video on the birth
certificates and how they work but
basically that’s how that’s how it’s
done I get you don’t you throw up so the
police by the action of the article 9 of
the Corporations Act and there’s also
another one I want you to have a look at
which is supply and state communities
act 1985 which is Commonwealth Act Part
1 heading preliminary part 3
interpretations subsection 1 so that
talk about just or just have a look in
the interpretations military property
under that so that so Part A a ship of
war a government yacht of a trial vessel
police or customs vessel a hospital ship
a defense for supply ship on a Dylan
vessel being a ship or vessel at the
relevant times is operated by a foreign
state it’s a birth certificate but you
in turn citizenship US private military
citizen to ship you know you become the
soldier Part B and the military property
means not being civil vessel that is
been used in connection with military
activities under the control of military
authority of Defense Agency for military
or defense purposes are there you guys
apart they could be anything and there’s
also one or two or ket which is separate
so you guys might have seen this on your
relation to a fives foreign state means
a natural person other than an
Australian citizen or a body corporate
or corporation so other than a body
corporate or corporation so that has
been established by under the law of
Australia which there isn’t any law ever
so guys were using the u.s. is I’ll get
to that an agent or a instrumentality of
a foreign state and it’s not a
department organized the executive
government of the foreign state so part
I I guess under that says that the
police because they’re registered to a
foreign corporation there that’s it
they’re fine they’re not Australian and
also the judiciary so all the courts so
New South Wales the local the district
and the Supreme the there’s when you
walk in that guy sitting there is not a
judge or a justice or a magistrate he’s
a soldier he is dressing and pretending
to be a magistrate judge or justice as
part of the irregular military
operations and that is treason
right there I said that court and that
that transcript I didn’t get given that
when I try to appeal at all and get
out they young no they just you know
they do what they want so there are
military guys they’re the police US
soldiers the partaking in military
operations so the war crimes sick so
they’re wearing they’re not wearing us
uniforms that don’t have u.s. flags on
them they’re wearing basically what you
would call a New South Wales uniform
which is deceptive because of who they
are who they work for
they’ve given up their nationality to
get US citizenship and over done the
other war crime they’re using
hollow-point ammunition because they’re
a paramilitary operation that says
directly that they’re part of their
military the irregular military still
commit war crimes and using hollow-point
war crime slavery because they’re
forcing you to do it you try and say no
to those who come with your head
apparently if you don’t turn that
thought because it’s not your name and
it’s not your trademark they’ll drag you
in it was very simple so that was what I
wanted to talk to you about yes the word
mark guys have a look at that that is I
think that’s that’s the most accurate
thing that I can find of the all capital
text and what it is it’s definitely not
I hope told you before that I didn’t
prove my I didn’t prove it so there’s no
facts I mean you know feels like a fact
to me so that patter doesn’t mean
anything and the Privacy Act 1988
doesn’t mean anything and the France
that music 1905 Commonwealth doesn’t
mean anything so I think they’re just
freaking out because they’re really
losing the fight on this one I can’t get
hyper hero of anybody in when I do it’s
always an answer to another a different
big pick tition fictions I am I want to
read you something out of this book but
guys that’s what though why would they
use a legal fiction in this way I can
just find that so well so am i right
so the legal fiction book says why would
you do this is because it gives you an
authority to take over the legislative
branch of the government without having
to do it the Australian Constitution
requires a referendum to change it so
you know in a decision called silver
Hill in 1999 which is based on section
41 Australian Constitution they said
that the queen of Australia is the one
you can if you’re sworn to the Queen of
England you’re you can’t sit in
Parliament so but they’re showing
Constitution said that’s the only Queen
to see notice according to the United
Kingdom and Ireland so the queen of
Australia is a different office to the
Queen United Kingdom and Ireland and
High Court have decided that it’s the
queen of Australia regardless of the
fact that the Constitution does not say
that twice it says
the opposite the queen of United Kingdom
however getting around this guy’s is
instead of having a referendum where
everybody agreed they got everybody into
an individual contract if you drive as
ice it’s a birth certificate although
stuff that you’re know about and
basically what the High Court has done
is as acted not as the High Court it’s
acted as the quasi-military deceptively
named High Court in all capitals with a
very similar word mark to the SD name in
the Constitution which is the High Court
of Australia at two different high
courts one proper now one or capitals
they see all capitals American one’s
making these decisions and that’s how
and it’s called legislating from the
bench and it’s illegal they can’t do it
so the only way that this could be legal
is if you have consent now with legal
fictions the only way a legal fiction
once again this book guys 1200 bucks
online or find a copy I’ve got that one
three hundred dollars Australian tells
you that a legal fiction can only exist
and there’s also some Maxim’s on it can
only exist if you consent so you’ve got
to start looking at how you consent it
did you take the documents did you apply
for them if you call yourself by your
word mark which is a species of
trademark the Privacy Act is interesting
I’ll take you to that it says that okay
so the Privacy Act 1988 part two
interpretations Division one general
definitions number six interpretations
brackets number one in this act unless
the contrary intention appears
identifier to go down to identify once
you’ve found that so part bring up
prozac 1988 go-to interpretations in
part two as a heading into Division one
general definitions go down to identify
identify of an individual means a number
letter or symbol or a combination of any
of those or all of those things
used to identify or to verify the
identity of an individual that does not
include his way is the ticker lowercase
a in brackets the individuals name
so the law is telling you that you can
have a combination of letters that is
identifying information that is not a
name and it could be the exact same
letters of your name how do they change
it with the case and put it in the or
capitals so then it becomes well let’s
think about it what so that what’s
artwork that we use to identify things
it’s a trademark isn’t and a subspecies
of trademark is a word mark it is a
picture it’s not a word a word has
meaning this says that the only way that
you can put meaning to a legal fiction
is by the author so you have to ask
whoever wrote those documents out what
does that mean
yeah and they’ll say you you and what
capacity you as a representative of
corporation you as a military ship you
as you know a soldier unless the other
war crime you commit is that we then
become involved in a war against
Australia and forced conscription and
the list just goes on with the war
crimes they’re committing I’ll put this
to the ICC I’m still waiting for a
response if anybody’s interested and you
know I get killed or something in the
meantime the file number is OTP – Co –
three seven one forward slash one eight
the legal fiction guys doesn’t exist
they’re a lock wouldn’t work without
them there they’re being called the
fraud of law a legal fiction becomes a
lie when it’s not disclosed and I know
it’s a few people commenting on stuff
how can we call this disclosure and when
we haven’t been told and I would agree
with that that they they’re gonna stick
to their guns and go well it’s here
we’ve disclosed everything it’s not our
fault that you don’t know the law or
have a read your own name and they
probably have a point there but in
saying that if you ask them they can’t
lie because then the legal fiction
becomes a lie and that becomes false
documents fraud uttering all those
so this is why we can’t now can get any
answers and a lot of researchers and
your right to your mpg right to
everybody no answering that will fob you
off or whatever trying created a new
legal fiction right back to and the
other thing they’re using is
presumptions and to get rid of a
presumption you put it in a fact
there we go you’ve seen the other styles
mean you’ll see Australian government
won the Oxford this one their facts
that’s how we do it guys custom law can
become fact this system found in 73 so
the custom of writing a name for a prior
to that was with a cup proper noun with
initial capital letters not the four
caps or the or caps I should say four
caps is one capital letter for each word
all caps is completely capitalized so
guys that’s it there’s a good cartoon
stars may not arm the other thing the
birth certificate has the new months I
have the boxes on them if you have a
look at roms are ducting they have the
boxes as such those boxes are cartoon
comic book boxes but that’s that’s a
comic book styles when you if you want
to have a look into it have a look at
the illustrative text by Sarah Witte and
it tells you about the text being
illustrative text so it’s a picture of a
letter it’s not a letter as part of a
word that’s the difference and even the
Strand legislation says so in the
Privacy Act 9 you know it had to be
somewhere they had to have this system
in because if it wasn’t that just be
committing treason outright at least
this way then I commit treason up and or
slavery or fraud or any of those crimes
up until use use dot consenting and you
are consenting so as soon as you
willfully pull your consent because
legal fictions are equity equity as a
contract contracts require free and and
consent and this is where I’ve got them
because I’ve not consented to the
force me into it it’s like you’re
walking down the street and someone
grabs you and says right now your work
from McDonald’s and if you don’t make
hamburgers right we’re going to lock you
up by the way we’re not paying you
that’s exactly what’s happening and it’s
all done through the US Federal Reserve
as part of a mixed war not so it’s a
private war because I don’t think the US
military is a public military attorney
it’s a private one I don’t even know
whether we’re part of that particular
military arm it does look like we are
but we could just be a separate heart
the police could be in a separate army
on their own I don’t know the exact way
that they’re British to these things
they such a private war it’s also a
mixed water mixed war is war off of an
army against an individual or one so if
you’re feeling a bit outnumbered in a
bit overwhelmed yeah that’s exactly why
because you know you’ve got a whole army
against you and in this week’s war we
haven’t declared war but that doesn’t
matter cause you in a state of what law
is suspended in the state of war one
thing that’s not suspended in this state
of war considering where you go through
the u.s. is that lever code either
before since they can’t do anything to
us if we don’t do anything to them they
can’t do anything and that’s why I’m in
the ICC we’ll see what the International
Criminal Court says about them over
who knows but I just wanted to get you
up to speed
I don’t think there’s anything else and
yeah have a look kind of separate entity
and the finest that’s immunities act I
was read all this stuff yourself don’t
take my word for it and have a look at
the regular military that’s all this at
the new South last place us if nothing
else they’re definitely US Federal
Reserve soldiers are using hollow-point
ammunition we’re in uniform so they
shouldn’t be wearing okay guys I’ll
leave you at that and we’ll get this
video up hopefully we’ll get somewhere
with us it does seem to be getting some
traction around the world
by the way I looked at the Bilderberg
website and people way much but one of
their topics for discussion and was the
post truth world and I think it might be
this that people started to work out
that they’ve been conned with word marks
into our military and being forced to
fight against their own own country
everyone who’s trying the place is an
absolute traitor having some shot
according to the operation of the laws
of the Commonwealth it’s my opinion let
me know what you think guys if you do
want to agree with me put some comments
up but please just make sure everything
is reference so I can go off and have a
read I never claimed that you’re right
I’m just putting out information and
referencing it as best I can so you guys
didn’t have a lot and half they’ll talk
to you soon

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