Harvey Weinstein Charged With Rape in Los Angeles as N.Y. Trial Starts


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Tyler Perry writes all shows by himself (00:40)
Harvey Weinstein charged with new crimes (01:33)
Da Baby breaks silence about being in jail (02:54)
Teyana Taylor new reality show on BET (03:40)
Surviving R. Kelly part two sexual assault hotlines impact (04:28)
Vanessa Hudgens on nude photos leaked in 2007 (05:34)

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#HarveyWeinstein <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

Hey morning everybody is de jmv Angela
Yee Shalom Endicott white boys got all
buttery when Drake was playing it’s not
just a thing between beige men when you
hear one
beige buttery voice and your voice have
to get beige and buttery – are you
flirting let me just well I am NOT
I mean you tell my babes buttery voice
the Christmas gift for you – no wait oh
wait wait uh next aisle and give it to
you I know what it is – no but you don’t
know one sticking my finger here that he
does not have a writers room at all he
actually writes all of his shows by
himself he shared a video of Dan
dropping occludes bond for Tyler Perry
Jesus Christ what is the last time his
family has seen him because I saw the
video of all those crypts that I blame
you wrote all of these yourself when do
you have time to do anything he must
really just bang it out my god all right
now Harvey Weinstein is being charged
with new sex crimes so there’s four
charges forcible rape forcible oral
copulation sexual penetration by use of
force and sexual battery by restraints
the DA has investigated allegations by
eight different women there’s four women
in LA for in Beverly Hills one woman is
an Italian actress she says that Harvey
Weinstein’s sexually assaulted her in
2013 at mrs. C and they said that he’s
gonna post bail for these new charges he
already has his bail bondsman the
celebrity bail bondsman ready to go he’s
denying all of these allegations and he
goes on trial in New York for his sexual
assault case as well so it looks like
they time those things to happen at the
same time
and if he is convicted he faces up to 28
years in prison they did ask for his
bail to be set at five million dollars
that’s why I didn’t understand last year
when people saw him settle that set of
the civil part of that and they were
talking like he was getting off like I
knew the criminal trial starts tomorrow
right it started yesterday yesterday
yeah he’s probably going to prison yeah
let’s hope so he deserves to so there’s
no reason he should get off but yes he
did have to pay and you know what I
don’t like when people act like if
there’s a civil suit that means that you
just wanted money that’s not true all
right just sometimes people do a civil
suit also because there’s a lot of
things they had to pay for financially a
lot of mental strain not being able to
work in all of that so that’s why
all right the baby has broken his
silence he was released from the jail in
Miami he said to whom it may concern
please stop talking to me about that we
cast 48 hours I spent in jail and that
failed attempt to break my spirits
interrupts the path I’m taking to my
god-given success don’t allow yourself
to be misled by Genki promoters and lazy
ass grown men itching for the
opportunity to file a lawsuit that they
won’t win I remain composed and focus
knowing allegations made without honesty
and integrity will never be honored by
the Most High
he also said please be reminded that
suck-ass situations like these are
unworthy of your time or attention no
sir a drop on a close bumper that’s
cerebral as Carolina nigger you think
he’s slow huh and man not about to blow
this opportunity baby know exactly what
he doing all right now Teyana Taylor
congratulations she has a new reality
show and that’s gonna be coming to be et
remember she had the vh1 series before
so now she has got a new show and
according to the Jasmine brain who did
this exclusively they said that show is
set to air in jail uh well actually I
don’t know when it’s gonna come out this
year but it’s on um BT so what is it
about the light what’s it about it’s a
reality show so I’m sure it’s about her
her daughter Oh what it was dead already
though yeah going on she’s in New York I
guess the nail salon I’m sure a baby I’m
sure I would like to see Tiana document
uh music her working on our new album or
only because I never feel like Tiana’s
albums get the proper rollouts the music
is always there but she never gets the
proper rollout regardless of who she
signed to where this crowd was it’s
Kanye Def Jam she never gets the proper
role up
all right in surviving our Kelly Park
Zoo one benefit that happened from that
series there was a 40 percent spike in
cost to sexual assault hotlines so
because of that and they actually did a
whole they did a whole collaboration
with rain which is the national sexual
assault hotline and they said that
because of that that was that forty
percent increase so that docu-series
aired from January 2nd to the 4th on
lifetime there were interviews with new
accusers legal experts we played some of
it for you guys yesterday you saw our
Kelly’s brothers on there you saw a
woman who was his former assistant that
was actually supportive of him a lot of
different people were actually on this
new surviving our Kelly series that
survivor night Kelly – definitely didn’t
have the impact that the first one had
not as far as ratings are as far as
conversation because I had nobody
talking about it no they were I was
watching it and I was on social media
looking at what everybody was saying
while it was on I mean the people I
thought talking about it clearly we’re
getting paid by lifetime to talk about
it a lot of them because I soccer talk I
could tell by the way just the instagram
pulled some stuff for structured they
were trying to drive traffic to the show
but he never didn’t have the impact of
the first one all right now Vanessa
Hudgens has spoken out about her
traumatizing nude photo leaked that
happened back in 2007 and she was one of
the first celebrities to ever have nude
images leaked and you know they broke
into her phone and they managed to get
her picture she said it was a really
traumatizing thing for me it’s really
effed up that people feel like they are
entitled enough to share something that
personal with the world she said it made
her completely lose all grip of her own
privacy and she said it’s really sad it
feels like that shouldn’t be the case
but unfortunately if enough people are
interested they’re going to do
everything they can to get to know as
much about you as they can which is
flattering I guess but then people take
it too far and end up divulging things
that should be personal and she said
there’s a disconnect when you see your
favorite actress on the screen and you
see them now on your TV in your homes
and you can watch them whenever you want
this almost she said I don’t want to say
a lack of respect because that sounds
negative but it just makes you feel like
you know them even though you don’t so
did any of y’all watch the Andre Rison
left I’d doc on lifetime I did not I
heard that was great Brendon I was on
yeah I saw a lot of people talking about
that it was all like that hopeful
hopefully in love and then you know they
do enough faith one and
like a series of fav says she’s mad
about that right for she thought it was
gonna be like a more documentary style
and instead it’s more salacious it just
feels weird when like year I’m talking
about like left I slept with Suge Knight
and I’m like why don’t when somebody’s
not here to defend himself what about
stuff like that it’s like why are people
having that conversation cuz people want
to know and how can you prove it so that
was like a oh I didn’t I never heard
that before
that was a good documentary all right
well I’m Angela Yee and that is your
room a report

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