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#princeharry #meghanmarkle #canada <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

so family yeah yeah yeah it’s the first
time checking out the broadcast let me
know what city you’re coming in from
what city what state if you’re outside
of the US let me know what country
you’re representing this is the way we
do it family
you let me know the information I just
requested and then I will give a few
shoutouts and then I’ll go in on this
topic on this very explosive topic I
think some people are kind of excited
about this very I don’t know why people
would be excited about this news but you
know some people some people were not
impressed from drum Street DC with this
whole royal marriage so to speak and
they said I didn’t think it would last
was not over but they have relinquished
their titles their royal titles so let’s
see how it goes let me just I need to
make a couple more moves right here and
then I will we can start working
okay I see who was that surviving 58
Massachusetts in the house ID if you
want to skip the line family jump in the
super check all my members make sure you
use your your emojis your Willie deep
expression emojis I see you I see your
mics I can see what’s happening with
your mics but I want to see those
expressions emotions I haven’t seen
anybody using it yet you know what what
I should do
you better check it right quick to make
sure that you guys are even able to use
it let’s see what I need to do here okay
yeah I’m gonna change let me give me a
give me a few seconds right here yeah
I’m like I’m gonna check this thing and
make sure that you guys have access to
the emojis let’s see what would it be
here here and here
go over the memberships community yeah
okay now channel memberships here we go
I’m in let’s look at these emoji
settings okay here we go
as you get more well it says that you
guys have access to it creating me
yet is armed
I found his own the emojis are on so
it’s up to you guys to use it it’s on
all right society of truth what it did
what’s up Dallas Dallas Texas in the
building Boulevard D Memphis Tennessee
Quinn Merson Murchison what up Quinn
Micky rail September the C ok fam so you
got the news
Harry Megan Marco have they’re stepping
down from the senior or royal titles
I’ll read what uh what I saw here in the
news it says that uh Buckingham Palace
just released a statement saying
discussions with the Duke and Duchess of
Sussex Sussex are at an early stage we
understand their desire to take a
different approach but these are the
complicated issues that will take time
to work through this is huge family this
is huge for the royal family this this
is a big deal to them
so because they’re doing something
that’s pretty much unheard of in the
royal family they’re throwing in the
towel when it comes to performing their
senior royal duties and are now are
determined to be financially independent
and sources of sand if they are moving
to Canada they that’ll move to Canada
they leave in a while your family for
Canada what’s going on in Canada man and
make them skip
they didn’t want to go to Canada I get
close to the US but not quite I don’t
know I think it’s a lot of racism going
on in Canada too it’s hard to like it’s
hard to avoid that that racism and these
and these these type of all places where
you have a lot of European influence
they just I mean is it’s the racism
thing is just pervasive it’s just a big
deal for and it’s like it’s almost like
certain people they can’t survive
without racism it’s like who was that
saying that somebody who said without
your racism you’re nothing
I think that was Maya Angelou said that
like yeah Maya Angelou said that she
said who are you
was that Maya Angelou Maya
Toni Morrison I think that was Toni
Morrison said yeah I’m almost certain
that was Toni Morrison said what are you
without your racism nothing for some
people that answer is nothing that’s why
they have that does that made so much
sense to me when she said it like that
it’s like they feel totally unimportant
without racism so they weigh racism
breath wave the flag of racism like it’s
some type of badge of honor not I’m not
really understanding you know how how
wicked they look or how wicked they are
how indecent and inhuman
they look or the way that they act but
they don’t care because a working this
racism thing about the complexion
so about my complexion absolutely
there must be something man to know that
the only way that you can feel in court
is to try to put others down that has to
be some type of sick existence it’s the
only way you can feel an important is to
put others down and you have to live
that story over and over and over every
day of your life to feel some form of
validity Oh May that is a cold-blooded
life to live to hold on to something
that you didn’t even earn I just see if
somebody worked for to build up a
company of build a I don’t know a damn
tree house and you say I’m proud of it I
did that with my own hands
I’m proud of it you can add something
you can be proud of but to be proud of
like you know what God anyway let me get
back on track
so Harry and Megan announced the big
change saying that after many months of
reflection and internal discussion we’ve
chosen to make the transition this year
and starting to carve out a progressive
new role within this institution we
intend to step back as senior members of
the royal family and work to become
financially independent while continuing
to fully support Her Majesty the Queen
so they’re saying that they’re gonna
support the Queen they’re gonna continue
to talk to the Queen and you call a call
and all that stuff and they don’t kick
it and I guess they’ll visit the palace
and all that good stuff but they’re not
gonna be obligated to carry out any
royal duties y’all know the reason why
all this is going on is because Meghan
Markel is black right those folks over
there on the other side of the water
they hate her they hate her guts and
making this move is probably the best
thing for her else she might get taken
out like Princess Diana got taken out if
you think they hated Princess Diana just
imagine how do you feel about Megan
morkul who me
what that racism some shit what me
SR you got what’s really funny to me as
the ones who say they believe in God and
talk that Christianity top oh man that’s
the funniest they are the funniest the
waters trying to act like they’re
upstanding citizens like they got a
class and you know dignity in you know
they’re trying to add up buddies flights
like straight trash straight boo boo see
I know see they can’t fool me because I
know I’ve been to the mountaintop I’m
being in the gutter and everywhere
between so it don’t impress me so
they’re gonna raise their baby in Canada
because they feel like that is the best
place for them to be maeín from what I
understand used to have an apartment and
in Canada when she was working on some
type of uh I believe a TV show or film
or something like that so she has some
experience as a resident of Canada she I
believe lived in Toronto so that’s what
they are
the farmer is he still a prince it would
he still be Prince Harry somebody some
of y’all wrong people on the other side
of pond turn me in on this I know I got
some people in the UK be checking out
the channel chiming yeah let me know
what’s going on which I’ll think about
this man what are the people saying
about this Union who is it Trejo is that
trailer truck truck or I think that’s
trial trial trial that’s it
presidential candidate prosecutor Amy
with his Co Bakr got Kyle taking a
campaign contribution such a park fire
yeah I ain’t surprised I’m not surprised
at all prosecutors who need to be
prosecuted wouldn’t it it would be a
beautiful thing once they start like
prosecuting prosecutors who falsify
evidence they never do that yeah yeah
well you ever notice that and
prosecutors falsify evidence all the
time they lie all the time they suppress
evidence all the time they they take
bogus confessions that they know are
bogus as long as they can and they try
to make them fit this happens all the
they never get prosecuted
Steve Swanson says that the Royals have
disowned Harry now have me there we go
you okay I see you Steve Steve is using
that emoji y’all see check out my emoji
man I’m proud of that emotion yes I had
a hand in creating it so my emojis if
you’re a member of the channel then I
have these emojis with different
expressions so you know angry sad the
wild kind of expression the heated you
know so like I think I got like five or
six different expressions I’m gonna add
more to but I thought that was a really
cool thing to do and so yeah I want I
didn’t want to just get any like generic
like I didn’t want to do anything
generic get those generic emojis and and
all of that stuff just like my with my
with my levels for the the perks and the
the time that you’ve been a member you
know I wanted to do something unique so
idea to Mike thing those I did to custom
Mike thing for that and then I added the
emojis for you know just for some extra
entertainment I thought that was really
so Steve Swanson it’s the first one I
see to use the expression emoji for
Willy for the Willie D live channel
super cool Dale I see you using same one
that’s to hold up that’s the hold up
expression hold up yeah bill walk in the
building I see you daily will walk in
the building
which I’ll think about this Megan Marco
Prince Harry thing I’m serious man I
think that that moved to Canada may have
saved her life cuz I could see them
trying to knock her off y’all think if
y’all think they got some evil people in
America man ya ain’t got no idea y’all
keep in mind
America was taught by the Brits think
about that that’s where they come from
the Americans that came over you
colonizers they came over here they came
from over there first and then they sent
their worst all of the thieves lied the
crooks the murderers they sent them over
here that’s why it ain’t had no problem
putting the race of people in slavery
and doing some of the BOD not diabolical
things that they did because they had no
conscious I mean this is doing all kind
of stuff I mean the stuff that they be
it to people like the human beings like
you know you wouldn’t do to an animal
and I mean they’d be a little all right
let me get out funny cuz uh that throw
that’s gonna throw me off that’s gonna
throw me way off right there stuff that
they did man and the stuff that they’re
still doing you know
Jim Helden says disowned and dishearten
of disinherited no I think I don’t think
he’s still give that’s gonna get us
inheritance I want how take that raw
your inheritance go toe because one of
the that money just get past data I
don’t think they get broke off like that
and the royal family yeah check that out
oh I’ll protects us what up
she’s my end up like Princess Diana
remember she was with the Egyptian man
at the time of a debt taking him from
Laredo Texas
Adri Adri Texas checking in what uh yeah
Canada is part of the UK true true
Rashida what’s up Rashida
she don’t Patrol
what’s up melon ask you captain in the
house my bro Tiffany and was that
Tiffany Tichenor memphis sable winters
San Francisco California
we’re a Big D sub Panama BP King King
rose Ross as king Ross reduce for she’ll
keep it up for shell who is that
Jonathan McNeil Rio Rancho Brenda Lee
Jones what’s up Dallas baby
family make sure if y’all see when you
see those that join button on your
laptop your desktop I believe it’s on
your iPad to click that button and
become a member of the channel you know
click on that for details so you can see
what you get in exchange if you don’t
see the join button you can click that
link in your description and just look
around and you like what you see join
the movement
I see Jacqueline amor would uh so they
are slaves ain’t changing nut and I said
he got kicked died
Wayne Jim you’re talking about they
didn’t get kicked out you need to change
the thumbnail ain’t changing nothing
Danny got kicked out otherwise they
wouldn’t have got they wouldn’t in left
ok you is to me it’s like a it’s like a
police officer resigning did he resign
or did he get fired but we know he
either either way they was gonna get rid
of him right that’s who the hell
denounces they’re royalty
nobody does they’re you know it had to
be something heavy man don’t think it’s
just oh we oh I worked my whole life I
was born in the royalty and
this woman it’s married a prince and she
get to live the life that women all over
the world want to live as a princess you
know cater to all day people walking
around holding your dress up doing all
your makeup people brushing your teeth
and bathing in and and doing your doing
your work out for you you gotta lift the
what woman don’t want that life nobody
just give something like that up man
don’t believe this stuff don’t believe
these headlines don’t think these people
just walked away from royalty don’t
don’t do that man don’t think that way
you gotta go deeper that’s the setup
they just want to go live in Canada out
of all places just go live in Canada
that raised their child when they could
live in the palace and have
surrounded by security and people after
every beckon come and get out of here
they would kick that that’s the spin
this whole thing about stepping down
that’s the speed that’s the speed now
they probably go over to Canada and go
through a few things and get quality
divorce and he’ll be right back over in
and the UK and a couple of years or so
man this is game man you gotta think
deeper than that
Harry go get over there man trust me
they still gonna be treated like royalty
trust me they still you think that he’s
just gonna be over there with no
protection in Canada come on man anybody
can just walk up on the Prince get out
of here that ain’t happening
wherever they live at they’re gonna live
in the best community it’s definitely
gonna be majorly secured and gated
they’ll have Secret Service telling them
everywhere they go
trust me you’re not just gonna be able
to just walk up on a prince like that
that ain’t gonna happen
even Meagan Marco there’s a celebrity
now like she’s real being and you got
people that want to be around and take
pictures with her and stuff and just
falling all over that woman am I gonna
be able to just go out and just live a
regular life ever that’s not gonna
happen though that those people with
their wire to stuff they on a whole
different level you see how they treat
the family members of presidents here in
the United States that warranty thing
they’re on a whole different level with
that stuff so now I’m not changing the
thumbnail Harry and may get kicked off
the royal throng moving to Canada that’s
my headline and I’m sticking with it
ain’t changing it for nothing
and the people was all over Megan Marko
man he got out of that because they fear
for her life I’m telling you I’m telling
you when Megan Marko got interviewed by
that recorder and he asked a very simple
question that she said she had never
been asked he said are you okay and she
almost broke down and her she got teary
I said nobody’s ever asked me it was i
okay and by her saying that that
response the way she reacted told you
that that woman was over there catching
Hale it was not what she thought it was
going to be to all these people over
here on this side of one especially
certain kind of women watch now get
married to the prince
I saw women celebrate like they would
get married they celebrate like they was
the princess dude that day it was really
excited for what’s that about yeah it’s
about a dropper comment tell me what
that was about right quick I would like
to hit a women drop a comment to women
tell me what it was about be honest I
think I have a good idea about what it’s
about but I want to see what you think
no my own Greg no say nice Your Mama’s
boyfriend now I don’t drink that said
ass no more bro I don’t do that you know
I’m a tea that’s the strongest look I
ever had in my life and I’d beer
drinking but I would I wouldn’t I
wouldn’t endorse something that I don’t
like like I didn’t like it I I drank it
because I was endorsing and I wouldn’t
use a product that I wouldn’t I wasn’t I
wouldn’t endorse but I wouldn’t even
endorse a product like that or any
product that I just don’t like but you
know I ain’t no from when a stroking up
six figure checks like that you know
it’s easy to take the check first before
you even try to product you know I mean
like now it before I end or something
especially any type of food or drink
I’d have to taste it after sampling I
never trying out you know but any type
of product I gotta try it out and I
gotta I gotta like it I got a sincerely
liked it before I would endorse it but
yeah st. us that’s in the past
you know indeed would it had to do for
the moment that was a very very strong
drink the family that is maybe Markel
and her prints are no more in regards to
loyalty they have stepped off the throne
keep out of the palace
and they’re going to Canada wonder what
they’re going to Canada what wonder
what’s in Canada what’s the setup like
out there they got something going on
out there in any event it’s their life I
guess at the end of the day like my
momma used to say if they like it I love
it no more talk

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