Happy New Year 2020


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New Year is the time or day at which a new calendar year begins and the calendar’s year count increments by one. Many cultures celebrate the event in some manner and the 1st day of January is often marked as a national holiday. In the Gregorian calendar, the most widely used calendar system today, New Year occurs on January 1 (New Year’s Day). This was also the first day of the year in the original Julian calendar and of the Roman calendar (after 153 BC).

Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Year

Summer Walker (born April 11, 1996) is an American singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. She is signed to LoveRenaissance and Interscope Records. Her commercial mixtape Last Day of Summer was released on October 19, 2018. Her debut studio album, Over It was released on October 4, 2019.

Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Summer_Walker

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pow Paul’s hope okay good evening happy
new year yeah yeah yeah the gun shows
back oh I’ve been in the gym working out
okay um Tuesday evening I’ve got the
glow cuz I got that not today and I
bleached my teeth last night huh
Stalin on these niggas okay it’s a New
Year’s Eve I’m excited I’m not sure how
long I’m gonna be here tonight but you
know that’s that’s and so do what we do
for a little while and see where it goes
all right I got notes I have some Ciroc
limited edition white grape
I don’t like holding stuff up on the
screen but you know I’m working with
that I have two Bud Lights I’m gonna get
nice and toasty some people will call in
I’m not gonna say names just yet but I
just want to ramble you know on this New
Year’s Eve
oh and I pulled out one of my favorites
I smoked these a couple times a year let
me see if you know what this is Wow huh
for those of you cigar smokers if not
google that hmm I’m su note that’s a if
you know what that’s about okay all
right that’s what I’m smoking tonight
feeling really good and excited good
evening in the live chat my troll babies
how are you how are you
and let me say thank you to Darius who
sent me an email folks as we sit here
right now Mariah Carey’s Twitter page
has been hot somebody typed nigger on
her Twitter page and IgG ER and I
printed it out so you can see it look at
that and somebody going hard in the
paint and someone else so uh said Merry
Christmas you dumbass niggas Wow look at
all the the retweets the likes this is
one I like mmm can still hold this pussy
yo Happy New Year Happy New Year
is that this right here we’ll come back
to that and some other things I want to
talk about let me just crack this a rock
hold on a second guys so I can give it
to dumb shit early I have a couple of
them you know just uh light Awards you
know I we used to do these strong
buckwild ghetto awards going back to
1995 when I published a magazine around
the way connections and from time to
time I like to give out awards on the
show I have a few words tonight it
smells nice and I also want to
acknowledge some people and on the
screen you should see are you qualified
to get money in 2020 and I thought that
would be a better focus as opposed to
saying oh who took the biggest out in
2019 all that you know year end you know
just the regular shit and the reason why
I want to focus on are you qualified to
get money in 2020 is because there’s a
lot of people who do not really take
advantage and see social media and you
know YouTube for what it is some people
say oh I’m just doing this for fun
and that’s cool but there are other
groups and cultures that are here
getting paid off of social media and
then I’m a little tickled to see now
people that are you know now all of a
sudden they’re talking about watch out
the algorithm yada yada yada a year ago
and I was saying hey take it easy
algorithm people saying are you’re
paranoid you scared now they get it now
so the question are you qualified to get
money in 2020 that’s a legitimate
question Terry King I see you via cash
at tide I got you 702 pal good evening I
got you as well and the phone calls I’ll
get you guys shortly let me just put
something on the table here also earlier
and I need ladies tonight I got a
question for you is singer summer Walker
is she depressed
is she a genius
if she depressing I like some of her
music as much as I can she’s a young
female born in 1996 from Atlanta GA
right here and she’s been getting
criticized a lot for what people
perceive to be an attitude now myself a
man of a certain age 55 years of age
I’ve worked in record companies for a
decade long before I got into the radio
business and I worked and promoted and
traveled with MC Lyte Debbie Gibson
Alanis Morissette sweet sensation and
I’ve seen the labels cater to and help
young singers manifest I’ll just use
that word manifest is she being treated
is she a genius and she could be doing
the same thing that white rock and
rollers have done for decades you know
just attitudes complain about the sound
cut the show short because if it ain’t
right then it doesn’t it doesn’t help
them express their creativity so if
that’s my question early before we start
sipping and acting crazy uh summer
Walker is she depressed or is she a
genius for some reason and I don’t know
the reason she is connecting to young
black females across the nation she
performed up in New York City a couple
of months back and I saw the the video
on YouTube and and the females were
singing her lyrics work forward okay
also let me get to the bullshit whoa
wait a minute wait a minute
Minister Nouri Mohammed from the Nation
of Islam let me go right to my troll
babies in the live chat guys did you see
Minister Nouri Mohammed up on Vlad TV
today oh is that a Power Move for my
homie Vlad Vlad’s a friend flattened
ITEX on a regular is that a boss move or
is the Nation of Islam out of here or
are they now on their hands
knees I never got to the bottom of why
they are affiliated with the Church of
Scientology you know L ron Hubbard’s old
hustle Dianetics I read that book back
in 80s I never got to the bottom of just
why Minister Farrakhan has aligned the
Nation of Islam with a Church of
Scientology but Minister Nouri Mohammed
born in 1974 I would never use doubt to
me to interview him a couple years gonna
have his I got busy doing something I
forget exactly what but I like him I
like him but he’s on vlad TV
now again vladus my homie so I’m not
gonna disrespect Vlad call him a culture
vulture yadda yadda yadda but Vlad’s a
Jew let’s keep it real let’s keep it
real why would the the one of the most
prominent speakers in the Nation of
Islam now be on Vlad TV calm phone line
to open cash tap super chat hang on a
I got a little candy too cuz I’m I’m
trying to get liddie tonight okay I do
want to UM make reference to uh Meghan
the stallion whoa recently on NPR’s tiny
desk series I immediately thought of
Millie Jackson from once upon a time I
know that’s going very far back but I
like Magnus Talia and I think that
because of her demeanor her personality
because she’s likable like I think she
is I’m accepting of her music if she the
greatest rapper no I don’t give a shit
who writes her bars I don’t care but she
executes well and again if you’re up to
speed on NPR’s tiny desk series she was
there with a band couple of weeks back
and she ripped it down alright okay
phone lines are open I’m gonna talk
about some other things tonight the
biggest hater of 2019 Angela Ryan common
have called it quits again is the pussy
trash let’s go there is this is the
mouth not worth the pussy or the coochie
let me slow down and Bostic money will
be calling you shortly because I do need
some assistance with regard
– this summer Walker topic okay all
right let’s get to it okay I have a
super chat left over from the other
night someone claiming to be Snoop
Dogg’s publicist trying to get at me
okay that’s what’s up area code for one
for good evening happy new years how are
you Foreman for female voice early imma
let it my cigarette as always no idea
like he’s even that’s arrived I gotta
get with him you know did you google
cigar did you google the cigar I’m
smoking baby I did not actually that’s
like one of my resolutions I’m trying to
stop smoking I know it’s hard to stop
smoking but well I’m that kind of stunt
but these motherfuckers here cost more
than $50 you know appears so I’m just
lettin niggas know what it is you know
regular ship okay what’s going on yeah
yeah no no man business so like yeah you
you you you earn that you earned it
Summa Walker is a jeans like she knows
exactly what the fuck she’s doing and I
love seeing it I love seeing like that
that that feminine manipulation at a
like used with that spiritual you know
I’m saying
Colby because it’s like back in the day
they used to burn women for being
witches but now like we fucking uh we
win power down for being like spiritual
women like so she’s using that kovat
like I’m so innocent and I don’t like
touching people but no like she she’s
really into that and like I love that
she’s using that to carve it and she’s a
yeah hang on a second Brandi how
you you’re in your late 20s that forget
yeah I’ll be 28 March you smoking
smoking that dank tonight were you doing
right now
always yeah I need to stop no no turn up
turn up even more I’m not a player hater
I want you to be the best you you feel
me but listen okay so summer Walker I
like some of her music I try to
understand it as much as I can I don’t
have any daughters so you know I’m
listening and I’m hearing her like you
know check-in niggas you know talking to
niggas and her concerts I’m not gonna
say that I’m really feeling them but
then again I’m I would never call a
younger person’s art trash she stands
still sometimes she sits down she talks
you know she she sings she could be in
that same zone as rock and rollers from
the past where they stand still because
they want you to hear what they’re
saying as opposed to jumping around with
a thousand motherfuckers on stage like
Janet Jackson right it’s like yeah in
the image that like rings in my mind
when you say like with the rock and
rollers when they would just would like
string the guitar and like hold it hold
a hand up and just let the crowd go out
with their with their hand like just
held up to the crowd and just let the
crowd go wild they just stand still like
a statue
you know hour after that stirring the
guitar so my question is she depressed
is she depressing if she won’t be right
on time or is she you know ahead of her
her time what say you I think she is
yeah not not because I don’t want to
speak like malice of her but I think she
is taking advantage of our time if
anything she’s taking advantage of our
time and she’s using it well she’s not
doing anything to tarnish her self if
anything like she’s gonna like you know
say if you’re a gambling man if you got
the the biggest pot and you phone and
leave and take a lot of money like oh
you got the biggest hand unless people
don’t look at you like all you’re not a
real gambler you know what I’m saying
like okay now hang on a second Brandi
before I let you go I just want to say
this you know being a man of a certain
age there are certain things by we have
historical facts and references I have
to bring to the table I’m not gonna dump
on her because I saw a white woman by
the name of Grace Slick from Jefferson
Airplane they then manifested into
Jefferson Starship and she was high as
shit on the stage once upon a time and
she said to the audience you’re all a
bunch of fucking losers and that was her
exit so so so you know we may be you
know not necessarily or I might not be
connecting to summer Walker but I’m
gonna give her a chance give it a last
word baby come on yeah I can’t wait to
see the new content for a 20/20 man keep
doing what you do thank you baby I’ll
talk to you soon she just said I love
you that’s what I’m talking about she
sends me some nice pictures via
Instagram DM and let me just take a
minute again before you know we get to
doing the most and I want to do the most
tonight folks please get the fuck up out
my IG DMS unless you know you you tryin
to holla and get butt-naked
you know females you know whole lot of
weird shit goes on on Instagram and I’m
just I’m not with that whole you know
responding and talking to niggas I have
an email address I handle business via
email the hater one nine six four at
yahoo.com right also hang on a second oh
and the cigars tasting really good right
now oh that’s nice
the dragon have you googled that yet
Minister Nouri Mohammed again he’s on
vlad TV is the Nation of Islam you know
down for the count I want to be as
respectful as I can but you know Twitter
got a her Minister Farrakhan to fuck up
out of it they never got him and Alex
Jones to fuck up out of there where is
the Nation of Islam’s Facebook network
or their YouTube network and what would
dr. Khalid Mohammed think if he saw
Minister Nouri Mohammed on flat tv.com
Lord Jesus somebody talk black to me
just bring an area code uh hold on a
second I hit the wrong button hold on
okay I’m doing too much slow down story
201 good evening 201 how you feel good
evening happy New Year to you and your
family doing one after you started doing
your family as well blessings hey who’s
this D hey how are you man what’s up
cigars a thousand dollars he’s easy
nigga shit that’s a 320 that way oh it’s
not a thousand ten thousand dollars he’s
not done knows okay no they do have one
this was like well listen I treat myself
I spoiled myself and I I don’t buy
bitches nothing and I’ll leave them
broke busted and disgusted let’s go
there tonight man what’s going you to
know I’m about to go look for my son
happy in New Year’s trying to find him
now so he disappears I think it was a
girl hmm
how old is he buddy guy like attitude
problem something else I gotta make sure
he’s all right before he gets into a
fight how old is it you soon 23 Wow why
you why are you trying to find him why
don’t you just leave him the fuck alone
he’s a grown-ass man now no emotional
about his mom this time of year so okay
I gotta go find them okay what can I
give you some advice that my Puerto
Rican uncle gave me years ago back in
the early 80s you mind yeah yeah
respectfully maybe you should just tell
your son the life you saved will be your
it’s really his life he’s in his
twenties now it’s you know is not you
been sold on that you heard what you
said it and I said yep okay exactly
possible for yourself okay so I got a
question on the screen are you qualified
to get money in 2020 am I um I have some
of its – I do little Instagram pages you
can get paid more for those nice so
right now I’m trying to expand on that
so I can do my own websites and things
like that now I’m in school for
trainings okay
certification and we’re trying to expand
our empire out of the four countries
were working in now okay
so you actually make money off of
Instagram you said yeah I do I post are
those pages that are up there like
twelve of them
nice nice nice easy money well hey
listen I’m here to get the bag that’s on
here for um I appreciate the call man
enjoy your New Year’s and be safe okay
well there’s no God – thank you sir I
appreciate that yeah woo okay okay can I
go to my notes and can i ramble before I
bring other folks in Megan these
stallion Oh let me just say again her
makeup looked great she was doing the
damn thing tongue out what’s that song
hot girl summer all that shit sounded
lovely with the band and I think that
was the first time she actually
performed with a band if you guys give a
shit make sure you check a NPR’s tiny
desk series with Megan the stallion
I’m gonna mention the top five people
that have helped me in 2019 just give me
some time
want to put some respect on their names
biggest hater of 2019 why do I have
Queens flips name here okay I want to
talk about Queens flip at some point an
Angela Ryan common what happened seven
three two good evening boss hogg in a
building hey hey hey star is that
bullshit Ronnie boss check Ronnie on the
check-in hey happy New Year to you
what’s going on with you I am doing
pretty good in yourself how are you I’m
feeling charged I got that old nigga
napping today some you know I’m excited
yeah when I talked to you earlier you
were snacking on some candies I got him
right here hey so um do you make new
year’s resolutions do you want to talk
about who took the biggest L in 2019 or
I know you’re getting money I don’t
wanna put your business out there but
though what do you want to start what do
you want to talk about really
I can we go back to summer Walker please
I know you were talking to brandy about
her I love love love summer Walker I
listened to her album at least like
every other day now as big of a fan as I
am of her music I would never go see her
live hmm okay yeah because the energy is
not there that you know the stage
presence isn’t there and I’m just not
gonna pay to go watch somebody sit in a
chair and text or hold their mic to the
crowd and ask them to sing an entire
verse I’m not doing that but I love her
music y’all sing this fucking song
I got an eyelash that’s fucked up hey
you go sing this fucking song okay okay
now when we spoke earlier I said you
know this I’m as much as I can you
appreciate her music she’s connecting to
young black females does her audience go
beyond the black audience what do you
think what do you know I think it does
to a certain extent but not as far as
like gender more like a specific
community I think that they gravitate
towards her I’m talking about the
alphabet community but I think she’s a
really dope artist her music is you know
it’s very soulful it’s very heartfelt I
like it it’s it doesn’t sound like I
would say probably the closest would be
like maybe in re Linux right now but
she’s giving me the vibe that I like
like she gives me like like a less
polished Keyshia Cole maybe I would say
okay okay
and I watched her on Jimmy Fallon show a
couple of weeks ago when she performed
with that song something would play out
or play and I’m talking about it’s her
new single playing games playing games
and she was standing still and the band
is smoking the band is smoking but she
was standing still and there was not not
a lot of flash and flair and then when
Jimmy Fallon came over she just did this
a little half-ass smile like that he’s a
fucking idiot
yeah yeah and you know there’s a lot of
talk a lot of people questioned because
she says that she has severe anxiety and
a lot of people question it and they say
things like you know well you’re a
former stripper how can you have social
anxiety you know and I do think that she
does have social anxiety but I don’t
know if she’s like sort of playing it up
a little bit
I watched her tiny death performance
which I thought was great just because I
I loved her music and you know she’s
sitting she’s sitting there holding a
stuffed animal for the for the
performance and you know there
like her support you’re all a bunch of
fucking losers that could be what she’s
thinking you know I’m singing some deep
shit here most of you don’t understand
and you’re fucking losers now hang on a
second because um again I’ve seen some
of the biggest rock stars just like you
know walk out in the middle of a fucking
concert halfway through hey I don’t feel
well good night just move it I’m talking
about Axl Rose Guns and Roses you know
just straight bullshit and people have
spent like you know crazy money to see
them perform so I’m not dumping on her
but is the music that good I guess
that’s what I want to ask you music that
good that people should tolerate her
bullshit I think it is I would say that
it is it’s it’s that good and like I
said I listened to her album at least
every other day if I don’t hear it you
know once in a day and it is that good
because like the the meet and greets
that she does with her performances you
know these people spend a lot of money
to meet her in tradition at a
meet-and-greet you know you hug you get
a picture or whatever and you know the
Internet is pretty much been destroying
her people who are gone to these meet
and greets have said she won’t let you
get within two feet of her she’s stiff
she’s not very warm she gives you ten
seconds do not touch her do not come too
close and you know if I sounds like Jill
Scott back in the days when I when I
first met that bitch Jill Scott didn’t
want to be touch Jill Scott I
interviewed interview her back in 2001
she said don’t touching me I’m just here
for the interview
don’t touch you bitch well she claims
that she she claims that she’s
protecting her energy and you know
Brandi sordid talked about you know that
the witchery stuff and the spells and
the candles and addition to that so you
know I’m not really into all of that but
I love the music I don’t care about
anything else I don’t you know I’m not
I’m not tuned into her like that I just
want some more music gotcha okay okay
you want to hang out
Ronny and you know just chopped up with
me tonight for a while sure okay stay
right there
hmm whoa all right feeling uh feelin
groovy got that napping folks I’m liable
to say any fucking thing tonight I want
to try and you know just keep it you
know keep it saying for right now but I
feel myself going in that that that warm
place hey hey there’s enough good
evening he sends in a super chet happy
New Year to the hate machine keep it
poppin in 2020 thank you sir
we love hip-hop Network on the check and
hey good evening guys I saw you guys up
on Instagram doing the damn thing all
right let me see what they say here hold
on a second I am a supporter no I am
super qualified to get this paper in
2020 just like every year star made a
bag off YouTube like and IG today okay
hashtag we love hip-hop stars the go
thank you okay is that me sipping the
Ciroc like why can’t I read that a
little crazy okay okay thank you thank
snoops publicist says my boss wants to
know if you suck that dick or died
trying yet
question mark hurry up old nigga hashtag
r.i.p bronx Pacino yeah we got to put it
respect on Bronx Pacino’s name folks in
2019 yes we do
that was the homie from the Bronx BX and
he was living in Florida he passed away
for those who don’t know a day one with
my internet show live and direct star in
the morning when we started that back up
in the Scranton PA and other shows as
well and radio Hawkins good evening sir
sends in a super jet happy New Year to
the hater and bullshit Ronnie radio
Hawkins from Louisville Kentucky thank
you sir okay hey Ronnie also I’m gonna
come back to you did you get the Mariah
Carey tweets I want to ask you
those shortly right yeah I had okay stay
right there yo the tweets are crazy 702
pal gleaming sir he said salute star and
happy new years oh gee much respect
thank you sir
you appreciate it what is there some
type of crazy fucking email hey Darius
thank you again thank you hey Daniel
with the smoke how were you Dana there’s
a lot going on behind the scenes with
Atos and FB a we may have to talk
tonight Dana with the smoke hey Terry
how you she says yay star is on Thank
You Terry thank you for your support as
she also says I celebrate tomorrow not
tonight happy star is on thank you so
much yeah I’m gonna try and hang out as
long as I can today I’m not sure if I’m
gonna make it to 12 midnight
I may have a smash out session we’ll
talk about that later
hey how came the dream 86’s tour did you
see the train kidnapping attempt up in
the Bronx yes I did
Ronnie you saw that video up in the BX
the alleged kidnapping you only on the
train and then there was a beatdown of
sorts but they did not kill this man
he’s alive and then I saw another video
with him I guess in the police station
and he was singing or rapping about a
young girl who’s really fucking creepy
did you see all that parts of it no I
saw the entire thing and he was pretty
much preying on her he kept trying to
like wake her up and then he saw that
she wasn’t really responding and the
person that she was with was completely
asleep and so he just tried to carry her
off the train like he literally scooped
her up into his arms and carried her off
the train yeah and who was the guy that
finally woke up and he had no shoes on
he’s standing there in his socks you
know she’s oblivious and she’s saying yo
this nigga try tried to grab him he says
what what who was that nigga Oh moving
and let me just say to anyone who
doesn’t know anything about the New York
City subway system to be in your socks
on the the subway in New York is like
being in an AIDS clinic barefoot with
scabs on your feet
disgusting let’s go okay
nothing so um after he carried the girl
off and you know she was basically
trying to fight and they started causing
a scene she goes and she’s screaming at
the guy to wake up and he couldn’t even
really help her because like like you
said he’s in his sock smoking that ding
was like sort of dazed out huh
come on go ahead I don’t know if he was
high I don’t know if he was still you
know waking up but he did nothing he
just stood there and he’s like you know
yelling who did it who did it and
they’re like the guy right there the guy
was literally sitting right there maybe
three feet away and he did nothing yeah
now how old was the the female that that
he snatched he did snatch her and go out
and sit down on the fucking a the
fucking seat in the goddamn a subway
station how was she I’m not sure how old
she was
I don’t even think that she wasn’t adult
I think she may have been in her teens
maybe 17 you know 16 17 she might be an
adult but she looked like a teenager or
a young woman he was very you know he’s
a lot bigger than her I would say at
least like 6-3 6-4 so this was a big guy
you know and if it weren’t for the
onlookers screaming at him as she was
also screaming he would have got away
with it
did anyone release the statement with
regards to this man tried to kidnap me
or is it has this just picked up
traction you know the people beat him
down I saw people spitting on him what’s
really going on here yeah that’s the
only update that I saw I don’t see where
anyone contacted the police I mean they
could have beat the guy up right then
and there
the scene but so this was later on that
you know he’s in a different outfit and
he’s outside and like you said they they
did spit on him and beat him up but you
know if he was able to walk away they
didn’t do enough in my opinion
okay hang on a second money I’ll come
right back to you George Zimmer George
Zimmerman is walking around you know
untouched but niggas are moving on other
niggas you know up in the BX like this
you know like it’s nothing
every occurred for – for good evening
happy new years for – for you there
hello for – for yes no maybe moving
slopes go to area code three one three
oh good evening three one three happy
new years to you and your family workers
yes sir Happy New Year star hey how are
you man please ride on a chair cane okay
I’m good with you hey we’re gonna give
money in Detroit you don’t get money
period yes we are qualified but okay
they’re probably black people we too
worried about when we get some imma kill
them with this man
wait I get killed with this white people
don’t think like that yeah they just put
on regularly shirt to it up but anyway
well I’m gonna leave you with this they
say a disorganized genius has no chance
against the average person with the
daily routine okay you have to help you
stay with me you have my attention let’s
go okay so you know if you constantly
focusing on what you need to do there’s
no way you’re not gonna get to bunch of
money out here not to have any money
you know like they say the earth too big
you know what I’m saying you work for
his kid you get what I’m sayin I get
money on his earth it’s too big you
worthless kid that’s real okay it’s
money everywhere but again like I said a
disorganized genius has no chance
against the average person with the
daily routine so you don’t have to hit a
home run you keep hitting grounders at
equal up to a home run
okay now you’re spitting some really
nice you know analogies and things like
that but now can you tell us exactly how
you’re qualified to get money in 2020
you personally well you know I pretty
much I’m in a you know I’m in a victory
industry you know what I mean I stay
focused to man but you know what I
didn’t know to start you know I’m
channeling for life man but you not have
more money and I never had man since
I’ll bet single man and got rid all the
wretches I’m sorry did you say a wife I
missed that part
say again know the ratchets I said the
wretches I have more money than I ever
had yeah wife yeah what yeah okay I’m
just saying but you’re looking for a
wife I’m getting me to get a mister I
mean I would say looking if I find her I
got her but you know you know she got
the beat she got to be mentally stable
man she got to be cerebral you know she
can’t be one-dimensional but anyway my
whole point to that is you know you got
to have somebody around you that’s just
like that you get what I’m saying okay
you got to have somebody around you
that’s just like you or you gonna fall
off guarantee okay you gonna fall off if
y’all eating out everyday and all you
got is white cartons in your garbage can
you go fall off okay Ronnie any
questions for the caller do we just let
this man say his piece on New Year’s Eve
can you give some advice to the people
who aren’t qualified to get money do you
do well everybody is qualified to give
money see people judge they what it is
is people beat themselves down and judge
they worked on what they got you get
what I’m saying and you used to have
people how to talk to millionaires
before they talk to the bums I talk to
mom’s no matter what it is so you get
that equally so whoever you are if you
working at McDonald’s or wherever you
are if you put a check with a check with
a check you gonna come up I have to
respectfully disagree sir some people
have to push the mop some people have to
drive the bus and there’s nothing wrong
nothing wrong with that but in terms of
getting the bodies now qualified to do
that let’s not play that game well well
I would say that but you got to keep
searching you can’t stay at that one job
you got to go you can’t just stay at
that one job you spinning your wheels
and all your money going on lunch an
uber it’s time to go you’re gonna get
older you get what I’m saying that’s not
fair you for you to barely be able to
pay your bills and you helping this
company’s company grow you get what I’m
saying you don’t have no health benefits
get out
now you’re born and raised in Detroit
you said you don’t have a job you’re
born and raised in Detroit I’m sorry say
that again you’re born and raised in joy
already raised in Detroit
yeah but what I raised in Detroit how’s
that water machine that Moses West put
out there to help the people in need of
water clean water I mean I heard of that
but not too much as far as in regard to
the people Swit right folks I’m trying
to go easy tonight folks and Atmospheric
what is it the atmospheric pressure what
is that machine well out in Flint
Michigan atmospheric water generation
machines this man Moses West a black man
invented these machines in Detroit how
can you live in that fucking shithole
and not know the name of the black man
that made it possible to give clean
water to Flint Michigan give me a second
all right
folks happy new years this is the hater
thong but we can’t call to hate a thumb
because the YouTube algorithm is not
fucking with that word hate or hater up
in the title let’s play an area code
area code uh six one seven give me how
are you six one seven Happy New Year’s
it was one on star how are you sir hey
what it would have start what’s going on
yes sir Happy New Year Happy New Year’s
Eve to you man yo yo assuming are you
qualified to give money in 2020 yeah you
listen path with these people how many
people got to wait till 2025 before they
can be qualified to get some money okay
now whatever money you’re talking about
any money
who took the biggest Alan 2019 me if you
want to go there we can but I mean I’m
trying to at least have a conversation
about you know moving forward fuck all
that oh shit in 2019 you know but
getting money real money
cuz about money yes well of course yeah
absolutely it doesn’t mean it doesn’t
mean everybody’s qualified as a matter
of fact some people shouldn’t be trying
to get money in 2020 to try to say in
okay you’re on to me but I mean I’m
trying the floor that’s what kind of
conversation you what trying to have you
understand because it’s a very broad
conversation I’m just taking my time
tonight I’m sipping them enjoy I’m
smoking a fine sigo I’m taking my time
all right go ahead
I hear you I hear you oh you’ll start to
get out so long how you like in Atlanta
I’m just here for business it’s the
exact same place as it was when I first
started coming down here in the late 80s
it’s the same place there’s more people
here but Atlanta is Atlanta you have to
move real different down here are you in
yeah then I was I just left the ladder
came to Houston but to go to Cali put
okay now follow you I told you for my
mom old man every okay to do that I call
you all the time thank you yeah yeah you
said are you born and raised in Atlanta
that’s curious are you born a racing
Lana no they come from New York okay how
long did you live here uh born and
raised in New York the latter three
years I looking left for you when that
count Grant County okay yeah yeah yeah I
mean it’s nerd you said you would let
you go to Lake Lanier once a week it’s
only what are you gonna find around
there yeah unless you drive out to
you know I’m gonna head out there in the
next month to do banners night you might
get out there you’re booked before me oh
I want a great job I like every I like
oh you got a lot of people out there
like Queens flip and all I’m out there
don’t you know um it’s my guy that you
birthed and I’m proud of I’m not proud
of I’m proud of what they’re doing
you got patrols out there you got people
out there understand they got make some
money yeah um you can do a lot of things
proud of you man yo yo what you doing
and yo you know I’m just curious what’s
your top three crazy stories of 2019 I
don’t have any sir don’t have any no I
starving I’m a give me one point okay
thank you
here what is your top feast or what kind
of craziness was that running you there
yeah oh yeah by the way Ronnie okay I
thought I got it man here on a second me
push the button again POW I hope you
have a good New Year yeah sure good G on
the check and everyone is not qualified
to get a bag in 2020 motherfuckers are
lazy no excuse to be 30m broke in
America if you single go get two jobs
you lazy fucking bums Josh there you go
baby yeah good idea to do something sell
some pussy cut some pockets set a nigga
up this is America land our fault ari
lane good evening that’s the homie Wow
Lane good to hear from me he says Happy
New Year 2019 was a great year all right
P to a couple of mediocre rappers r.i.p
to several of Stars blackest okay he’s
talkin reckless 2020 bring more fire
free buck wild
lane thank you Matt but buck wild is
he’s doing good man he’s drying out he’s
getting focused he’s in school in jail
you know he’s got a balanced diet he’s
got medical he’s all good man I haven’t
spoke to him in a couple of days he
called me today I was just it was busy I
couldn’t take his call he’s doing good
man Tran terrain on the check-in via
super Chad says star Stacey Glore wants
you to admit that admit that the Buzzi
is fire and that you can go longer two
okay you niggas is wildin full blast
radio uh good evening
DJ Tiger says a full blast radio calm I
will be DJing live New Year’s Day at
12:00 noon
playing all the classics salute thank
you very much okay full blast radio all
right and crab daddy where are you he’s
on the check-in um I don’t see you crab
dad let me hang on Ryan let me look
what’s his number is it eight one four
eight one three crab dad I don’t see let
me bring an area code three or five the
meantime 305 good evening happy new
years to you and your family 305 are you
Yes No maybe good evening okay let’s get
you up out of there mmm
stay right there Ronnie let’s go to area
code 484
good evening happy new years 44 yo hey
hey star what up how are you sir I’m
good what’s up driver to New York okay
okay yeah I’m on a roll past an eight
eight four hey I’m me my for a a driver
to New York and then check on it on a
phone what’s your name Robert what the
hell she talked about summer Walker
she’s trash let’s go Walker charge you
to get that 20/20 get the rocks out to
how will you sir you’re saying she’s
trash how old are you I’m 49
Oh 49 okay I’m 49 I hang on respectfully
can you as a 49 year old male really you
know can you say that you understand
where summer Walker is coming from can
you relate I mean music is music I mean
I’m just talking about what Robert says
he’s so thoughtful I mean I get to so
full up today but summer Walker got a
little slower our body so Brock clukey
mmm this niggas a hater pay attention
right now Ronnie do you want to sponsor
this man
yeah did you listen to her album I
listened to when it was trash it’s the
million of chicks like summer Walker she
just tried she’s just another made up
chick and that and that you saying is
she so spirit of people she must be a
mill vanilla chick she might not be
singing that’s what’s going on a Damon
though he’s anywhere and and as Carla’s
ball wrappers everywhere I think your
opinion as far as your opinion your and
now music is subjective so there’s no
right or wrong opinion
your opinion is in the minority because
she has over a billion stream tell me
straight I mean okay you can have a
billion stream but that don’t mean you
you really don’t that just means that
just checking in all you’re looking at
your titties or yes/no streams is like
nobody can do your body can hit you can
hit the picture look at this time you’ve
been on the Internet now you’re 49 49
did you check her music out on your own
or do you have a daughter a wife how did
you stumble upon summer Walker
I got a barbershop in a salon they let
the females listen to that trash can I
ask you something yes so you have to at
least give her some credit because if
you think that she’s trash at her job
and she’s this successful I mean you
can’t go to your job and suck right
you’ll probably get fired
oh my own mother for 25 years so I can’t
get fired
well if you start just one no I have
enough customers I’m not known as two
for summer Walker and today’s music
everybody is doing everything for
everybody guys do look good shake your
ass and maybe ugly they say that she’s
dirty looking she’s not you know you’re
not listening to me every every big-time
artist they get everything Satan’s all
she can she play instrument yes yes yes
she does
he plays the guitar okay
do play drops aegis Alger’s DJ I
appreciate you sir this drive safer but
if I can just go left here for a second
are you fucking with are you fucking
with Meaghan V stallion I saw her up on
NPR’s tiny desk series she got down to a
crown man III thought I was looking at a
young millage accent I love in that
bitch Meghan man look oh yeah yeah city
like energized when the bishop / – enjoy
thank you sir
yeah get that bad guy damn let’s go okay
whoo okay okay Ronnie hold on a second
I’m gonna just spit on a couple of notes
to be right back all right okay in a
second whoo
folks I have to say this limited edition
Ciroc white grape it’s nice it’s nice
and smooth I started to go with the UM
the stole these you know the old
standard let me try this uh this monkey
nigga shit I’m enjoying it and you pour
myself another glass I want a second and
if you’re joining the show late guys
check out Mariah Carey’s Twitter page
somebody hacked it somebody’s up on a
Twitter page right now saying mm can
still hold this pussy Merry Christmas
you dumb ass niggas and nigger and igg
are up on Mariah Carey’s Twitter page
shit with hacked okay okay okay
someone walk rat touch on that okay
folks the biggest hater of 2019 it’s I
won’t go back for a second
some people that you know could fit into
this category but I have to Pat myself
on the back
the snitch network the snitch
network.org we got Chris kid the fuck
out of here
I take credit for that I was in contact
with the Brooklyn detectives the FBI
folks I have a charity I have a 501c3 I
have to put in work every year I can’t
just you know say that I’m doing work
and I’m not Chris K a former youtuber
he’s facing 28 years well actually
that’s what the DA’s office has
recommended he was supposed to be
sentenced 28 29 days ago he was trying
to hold out he’s now meeting with the
what does that call dog maybe I should
text Bob the cop just to be precise he’s
meeting with a board to try and you know
to make himself look better in front of
the judge but he’s gonna be sentenced so
I just want to say that star biggest
head of 2019 hold on
Queens flip I mentioned my homey Queens
flip now Queens book shows me a lot of a
lot of respect and I love him for that
he always calls me his mentor and he’s
probably the only person I will let call
me his mentor and I want to be
respectful to everybody on his platform
so I’m just saying Queens flip content
creator for the biggest content creator
of 2019 doing the damn thing with the
interviews Boston up on niggas I really
think it’s between Queens flip and vlei
you know my home you’ve led in terms of
getting the the strongest interviews
right now by we have urban media and
hip-hop looks a live chat guys how do
you feel Queens flip put it down yeah
and g-money let’s not forget g-money but
pardon me g-money salute that’s my guy
g-money in Queens flip yeah they’re
saying facts yeah facts facts
also slew – a gully TV’s the gully TV
ayo Canseco the big facts podcast
there’s so many people that I do want to
acknowledge tonight I don’t wanna just
make it just about me oh holy shit
funky Donnie ver whoa wait a second wait
a second
Ronnie do you know who funky deneva is
on YouTube yeah what did she like on det
the weed is funky deneva diva is he’s a
dude he’s a guy a nigga whatever you
want to call him and he did a great
breakdown on his YouTube channel of
saucy Santana and I have so much respect
for him I mean I always did but you know
he really just he was very objective and
even though he is gay and saucy
Santana’s gay I thought he did a great
breakdown of saucy Santana being up on
the strip club down there in the 305 all
that extra carrying on so I want to
mention his name as well okay okay okay
so when I mention that all right let’s
bring some more phone calls in and let’s
have a good time
area code 727 good evening are you there
happy new years can you come to the
phone come to the phone please I can’t
hear you on a speakerphone you follow
sounds like shit baby pick up the phone
don’t like you turn it down please you
tend to talk reckless come on please
pick it up monkey bitch I tried the way
for you
Wow slob bitch probably get hammer feet
in a pack of Frank’s from the back of
her neck
area code six for six good evening happy
new years was hoping hey what’s up man
how are you
as you should already know the moment I
am totally qualified
let’s go mister
I’m qualified and I am ready for 2020
the awakening are you doing anything
special at 12 midnight tonight or you
just you know just laying low and being
safe no I will be with wifey in the gym
mi mi mi children my youngest nice nice
but I haven’t gotten to them yet I got a
little time okay and in that time frame
I’m looking to monetize every moment of
it okay okay sounds crazy now Elvis trip
from the New York tri-state area do you
want to talk about the guy who allegedly
tried to kidnap a young female and then
people in the Bronx ran down on him beat
the shit out of him and he was arrested
you know I’m talking about that yeah and
I saw the creepy video where he was
leaning up against the counter singing
something crazy about a kid it’s not
crazy it’s almost to the point where
it’s it’s like it doesn’t feel real but
it is real evil and sickness does be
real itself and now we got a camera so
we can capture those little moments
right this man literally picked her he
thought she was like kind of doped up
cuz he kept trying to wake her up he
said oh she’s like awesome kind of drug
so he thought he was just gonna snatch
up some trumped-up little girl and who
knows what could that happen after that
yeah yeah so he was and he was beat half
to death up in the Bronx New York and
for those who don’t know what we’re
talking about there’s a video that has
gone viral picking up traction now as we
speak as well but he was arrested yes
officer you there testing testing you
yeah I gotta pull over yeah I just
pulled over all right sorry my bad go
ahead yo did you see my arm did you see
my cash up I sent to you I’m getting
getting to it right now
go ahead I was being funny when I said
that but um you deserve all of that I
think the reality of it is is yeah we
talking about the guy who tried to
kidnap the girl and the the the people
that jumped him on the block yeah I saw
that yes
why hasn’t george zimmerman been jumped
like that yet when it because george
zimmerman is nowhere to be found
come on star this would already happen
to him he’s nowhere to be found he ain’t
got no apartment going to the mall go to
the hardware store that’s a lie he’s
being held up somewhere come on okay I
can’t imagine he’s being he’s being
protected well he wanted to fight DMX a
few years ago do you remember that he
wanted to fight DMX and the celebrity
boxing match and DMX backed out yeah
because they told you max – you know
this is not real right so he said oh no
no Elvis no no I this I know the
promoter George Zimmerman wanted to
fight DMX DMX is cam backed out that’s a
fact okay yes well I’m not up to speed
on exactly how the government works but
there’s no way Zimmerman is walking the
he’s totally being protected and they
let him out for that silly stuff that
goes on just to keep us in a low
frequency I stand I stand on my two toes
with that I want to see somebody send me
some videos George Zimmerman gonna go
get him some tide and some fairy sauce
now come on everybody needs tired and
fabric softener
and know where nobody got any footage of
this guy online somewhere regular style
walking minding his own business
I don’t believe it could do it got done
with a white person would’ve did it hey
listen I appreciate your cash I’m gonna
get to so many things to mention what I
want to mention that I am serious about
this coffee shop
you know and I should have it open in a
couple of
I’m thinking about seven more months
okay there will be a coffee shop I’m
gonna get into the coffee bean business
right you know so that’s and that’s the
next thing out I’ll be letting you mom
I’ll let you know more about it and
maybe you know we’ll work something out
I could maybe advertise it all on your
on your platform
absolutely all right good to talk you I
was thinking in Happy New Year yes sir
Happy New Year okay
Elvis the chef Rosenberg only checking
folks Daymond Feldman is a guy who I
know very very well I actually was a
commentator at one of his events myself
and loose cannon big Brody and Tyrone
when they were boxing down in Philly and
he told me he said hey man he said DMX
backed out George Zimmerman wanted to
fight DMX those who give a shit hey
rondell good evening sir I got your cash
app thank you so much he says turn up
boss nigga merry new year 2020 okay
thank you okay someone’s talking about
the mentoring programs okay I’ll get
back to you thank you so much right now
we’re sipping and talking reckless did
you roll in good evening black
empowerment hashtag 2024 the bag call in
86 oh okay hold on a second see if I can
find you black empowerment you say I do
not see you on the line yet sir I’m
scrolling through I’ll come back to you
oh did you have cold drop out Hassan
good evening Hassan says a happy New
Year to you and to Ronnie Thank You
Hassan I got your cash app you’re
appreciated Aaron good evening says he’s
on area code 662 wants to chime in on
the other topics where are you Aaron I’m
have to come back to your college
Annette see you or did I pick up too
late miss second guys
okay someone else is uh Marcy L got your
donation thank you so much pick an area
code seven eight seven eight grieving
are you there
happy new years to you seven eight
oh yes yo hey yo what’s good stuff hey
how are you man I’m good now it’s time
for the fuck shit out now let’s no ghost
no dog
Snoop Dogg is definitely a cokehead
trick that is a big fag and hey boy your
homeboy tried to snatch the whole bitch
off the train I ain’t even trying he
snatched showed off the trailer he
wanted that pussy hey easy we’re talking
about a minor easy easy easy
please that’s right a minor that wasn’t
a minor see not how it was you know I
wasn’t no matter because the door she
was we’re clearly the door she was
clearly a thing handle shoes on or
nothing like and it was like 12:00 at
night that wasn’t no – so why does they
keep saying pedophile and in the fucking
media a pedophile pedophile they keep
promoting Ashley because because that’s
how he’s supposed to do it but that girl
wasn’t no – she was a grown ass crack
head hmm
and that is a well said that is a well
known effect okay so he was whispering
to her do you want to beam up as he was
sad again he was whispering to her do
you want to beam up I can put a boulder
in your stem that’s Ronnie do you know
how old this female is Ronnie wait a mom
well that’s always pedophile Ronnie and
the NEM and reports of how old this
person is no I’m not and it looks like
it wasn’t it hasn’t been reported so I
you know it makes sense what he’s saying
she just looked very small to me but I’m
also very small comparatively speaking
so it’s in the live chat they’re saying
big facts she was in a minor
all right so guys stay with me don’t
don’t rush don’t rush stay with me okay
so so somebody got all right somebody
got beat half to death up in the Bronx
and it was because he wanted to get with
a crackhead not a minor that is a fag
that is a fact
don’t even vote here they beat his ass
in the crazy part about is he from
Staten Island no they say no don’t
niggas already do smoke that way extra
crazy witty right hit a mine no sense
the core Marlo do we movie yeah it was
fucked out smoking the dust juice and
Allen boys play different shit and I
appreciate this call I’m gonna have to
do a little digging here because all I
saw was pedophile pedophile yo yo get
the fuck up
oh that crazy shit yo start to faster if
you pay attention to the video just look
at the douchey wins
look at what she’s wearing and look at
the dude she’s with look at his feet and
check the time another video like none
of that shit makes sense for them to be
a little girl with a crackhead sleeping
on a train right none actually makes
sense for there to be a little girl so
now you tell him he’s right she’s with a
whole nother grown man that she is
supposed to be with somebody both gotta
go to jail hmm well Co saying that
actually it makes no sense a little girl
getting snatched off the train she
sounded like a kid where there wasn’t no
fucking kid you sleep on the train next
to a nigga with no shoes on that wasn’t
no young boy huh I’m sayin popped a few
pills he was high he was hurting no that
was a fucking crack hey thanks for the
clarification man thank you salute thank
okay Ronny we have we have to dig a
little deep here all I saw was pedophile
go get the fuck up off the block and
people were like stopping this person
out Ronnie yes that’s what the video of
later people yeah taking this guy in a
head and thought to crazy shit and folks
we’re talking about the Bronx New York
if you’re not the speed a beard it’s
gone viral
yeah the guy like he seemed like he was
a little bit off like he wasn’t really
wrapped too tight the guy I’m talking
about that tried to grab the girl so
like they beat him up for nothing if
he’s just harassing a crackhead I don’t
really have a problem
Wow hold on you stay right there
um I got some crazy notes here it’s been
a phone call in and I’m gonna get back
and talk about Angela Ryan common
let’s bring in every coach 662 happy new
years good evening how are you 6 6 – I
what’s up star Ronnie oh yeah you uh you
read my super jet I guess you were
looking for my my number ok uh yeah it’s
Aaron painter how are you miss leave me
well what’s going on Wanda thank you all
for 2019
thank you man everything y’all y’all did
all the shows for sure though Dame Dash
is the hater of 2019 come on
he dragged jay-z into about three or
four things they had absolutely nothing
to do with him you know he’d would had
dug up alia a couple of times dug up
that stuff with foxy oh that’s good to
yeah yeah when that stuff with the NFL
is going on Dame had to jump in throw
his little two cents in there yeah I
thought what you did though with ti it
was a couple of shows in a row were you
kind of through some do some light on Ti
so come on we appreciate that yeah are
you talking about when he was drunk and
at his and his security office he’s
trying to get back into the the gated
community he’s a sir I need to speak to
your supervisor
who is your supervisor oh man all that
cool shit oh yeah fuck the algorithm
tonight let’s go fuck down now hang on a
sec okay if we can go back to Dame Dash
if I say it I’m gonna sound like there’s
some real entertaining but we nee and
Dame and there’s not if you ask me we we
should cancel Dame Dash in 2020 if you
ask me he looks
and do you know what really fucking
bothers me real talk
what he apologized to um to a bunch of
people jay-z he apologized to Leo Cohen
and somebody else I forget and and he
has not spoken to Kenyatta Griggs since
he apologized me and Kenyatta spoke
about a month or so ago and Dame Dash
just dropped the whole fucking culture
vulture project just dropped it walked
away and then he’s now he’s doing the
fucking uh a podcast with Adam 22 I say
we cancelled game 20/20 what do you say
Jay Mewes Kenyatta and as soon as those
interviews kind of took off I didn’t
hear nothing about no daman Kenyatta
ever again right so and I was I was
gonna say that I I did notice you can
eased up one day yeah as year went by
but he does he exposes himself as a
hater and everybody sees him for it you
know you you weren’t with Adam 22
calling everybody else the culture boat
center it you know it it’s beyonce is
white it’s Beyonce his wife ain’t it
wrong with that Bogart well babies
mothers while he’s one round you know
aside from Dame – who would you say took
the biggest L in 2019 because you sound
like a rational man who in your opinion
took the biggest L in 2019 I’m gonna
sound like the biggest hater of the year
for saying this I don’t want to say it
come on but fuck it
Jews world who juice world come on they
said come on I don’t know if it’s true
but they did say that he swallowed a
bunch of drugs to get out of some kind
of charges or whatever if you’re on the
plane with 70 pounds of weed you’re done
like what are you doing swallowing pills
to try to get out of a chart right so
that that’s just it a complete Dell –
were you calling from Wow
will you come from I’m calling from
complimented Memphis Tennessee okay okay
Ronnie caller stay with us honey did you
who you think took the biggest L in 2019
I’m gonna say who I think took the big
seller Ronnie any thoughts I would say
Jessie because it was just so and if you
know what’s crazy Jessie Smollett jussie
Smollett yes okay yes that was just even
crazier that he’s countered like he’s
countersuing them now like he’s
continuing to keep the lie going so I
hope that in 2020 like he can just drop
everything and do an interview sit down
and say I lied just say you lied he’s
not gonna let it go no he’s not gonna
let it I have to respect a juicy for
dying with the lie and that’s Bucknell’s
philosophy die with the lie anyway sorry
thank you
yeah I thank you for your calls I have a
great New Year’s to you and your family
all right okay okay
whoo okay Ronnie I’m gonna go on record
here the walls I’m feeling nice and
toasty folks it’s early welcome to the
hideth on Ronnie um on my list of people
who took the biggest Elle’s in 2019
Jayceon Taylor aka the game he’s okay
he’s gonna pay a bitch he could blow his
brains out right now and that bitch
would still get paid off of his estate
and what is that like seven million how
much does he have to pay her take a file
bankruptcy it’s not gonna stop that the
fact that he has to pay her because he’s
got too many assets he’s got an income
he can’t avoid paying her do you
7 million or 9 million 7 million 7
million and if you remember before he
was ordered to pay he claimed that he he
was retired so basically she put the
game back to work so so he can’t ever
say he’s a temp she put organs
working for a whole drop an album Jesus
go make my money oh shit Hana sick and
want to stay with me um thank you to
Aaron I got you a cash yep I do not see
you number Aaron area code 662 okay his
call dropped our air and I apologize at
this time I’m turnt up tonight guys I’m
silly I’m saucy
I’m smoking a fine cigar in case you’re
just now joining the show Google that
kids that’s the daddy smoking tonight
goggle that motherfucker right there huh
Boss Hogg Google that pow and I’m sippin
on some limited edition white grape
Ciroc okay let’s bring in area code two
one three
good evening two one three happy new
years to you and your family how are you
2 1 3 you know what they do start us out
from the hey d-man was going tip drill
magazine oh yeah you know I had to call
in second star you know we got that
Super Bowl issue coming now anybody who
coming out to the Super Bowl y’all need
to fuck with tip drill magazine and you
know we support the hater thon you know
that I listen man no I don’t know how
often you check in to the show but every
time I mention your slogan I put respect
on your name do they tell you that yeah
they do tell me that they do blow me up
and and the people that blow me up real
official do star so you know I
appreciate the support
yeah and you know real recognize real
hold on a second I’m a little sauce iam
I’m real aggressive right now you called
into my show from Little Haiti
down in the 305 all year with that 2015
16 14 14 or something like that
we were talking it up yeah and we was
doing some promo back and forth I mean I
respect you are the man that said on my
show never show you a plate to a nigga
that’s hungry that was you yes I mean
start you got to understand I was raised
by wolves and that’s the slogan that
they so mean it was like you never saw
your plate to somebody that song because
they’re gonna eat off it how that’s what
you said on my shuttle call I give props
or property that’s your slogan that is
my slogan Yeah right that is never show
your plate to a negative as hungry come
on now promote yourself whistle yeah and
yeah oh and and I just want to talk
about the people that are really
qualified to get some money and 2020 and
this is no shot than nobody if you’re
count if your account if you only got
one account you’re not qualified to get
no money if you got a prepaid card and
that’s your only form of credit you’re
not qualified to get no money if your
account has been overdrawn you’re not
qualified to get no money if you’ve got
one stream of income my nigga you’re not
qualified to get no money go shoot
yourself man do the Lord’s work okay so
what’s going on with you tonight man
how’s the family how’s your team has a
tip drill magazine oh you know you know
right now with the squad respect to
everybody who’s with the movement with
the tip drill magazine movement you know
we are here working we put together this
quality this quality magazine for the
Superbowl issue but on this awesome
honor on we go on left real quick star I
want to say to time for miami-dade
police for lighting them boys up for
going down the wrong intersection
they’re like how you gonna do that after
a lake like that I actually suggested
for the east side man
y’all was right there on on Biscayne
y’all slid down to little Haiti cut the
corner go to the city and just and just
jump on the cars like the shit they was
doing anything make no sense but
whatever you talk about the jewelry
robbery what were you going out ain’t
gonna mention it but that’s what I’m
talking about
okay and and and also and and also that
the last couple callers some of them
callers and qualified to give money the
old man I was driving in New York damn
man damn show qualified the gifts honey
because all he want to see somebody
busts it open yeah no he’s not like the
boss player no they yeah yeah the young
one it was talking about shorty that was
that was that was with the coast oh that
was a junkie that wasn’t no little girl
that was a junkie I’ll keep that from
the first scene like Ronnie said how you
barefoot on the subway what that shit
don’t make no sense that’s junkie shit
everybody know that
hey people go at tip drill magazine.com
how do they find you man please oh yeah
y’all can check me out
tips real magazine that’s the movement
any upcoming artist models porn stars we
cover it all man we read a movement out
here we don’t thing that’s really with
with original content you know and I
will be like yeah it is online and as in
anything is in print you know and you
know how people say print is dead that’s
not true you know what I’m saying you
got it you got a read man that’s one key
to get in money in 2020 if you don’t we
for an hour you not gonna get no money
if you don’t invest in something outside
of yourself you’re not getting no money
if you see more money in your closet
then you do in your bank account man yo
dumb ass ain’t gonna get no money y’all
need to wake up man in all this looking
for a handout this a DoD bullshit I want
y’all 40 acres a new you won’t even know
what to do with what a yard in a in a in
a crate I need to sit down man yeah fuck
wrong with y’all man
I’m sorry for blacking out but you know
how it gets sometimes as a mountain I
appreciate you man oh we did you talk to
you sleep man absolutely
hello yes sir okay I want to check in
from Little Haiti down in Florida yeah
that’s the man right there folks I give
props for props to do he called in to my
show as he said back in 2014 in and
that’s his slogan never show you a plate
to a nigga that’s hungry whoo okay and a
second sipping too much sir okay let me
slow it down my dumb ass Ronnie are you
doing anything special at midnight
tonight I’m gonna hold up too long
what’s going on with you on this New
Year’s um I think the safest place to be
on New Year’s is in your house this is
literally like amateur hour
wherever you go there’s just gonna be
crowds and words of people and I’m not
really into that okay all right right
give me a second I’ll be right back
right stay there stadium I focus on a
for a minute here just bear with me I’m
coming to super Jack cash at bear with
so I’m smoking a fine cigar tonight I’m
really enjoying this I smoked these
maybe six or seven times a year and I
really want to get my own cigar line up
off the ground I’m here to land two now
but I really need a brand manager to
assist me someone to quarterback you
know this motherfucker right here I
enjoy these but truthfully if these are
more than 50 dollars you know a pop I
can get my own cigars popping so I need
someone to quarterback that division let
me just say that if you have experience
if you want to talk business holler at
me you have my email address the hater 1
9 6 4 yo calm also you have some
business to talk about tonight okay I
mention the game taking biggest boss
move of 2019 in my opinion just my
opinion Tyler the Creator I so thank
this young man for taking the number one
slot away from DJ Khaled and I went to
see him in concert as I said I would
because he took the number one Slough in
DJ Khaled I went to the State Farm arena
here in Atlanta GA a couple of months
ago the concert was fire the Igor
concert to be exact or the Igor tour
pardon me you can go on my I page I put
up a little video clip I was streaming
live inside the concert I was a net
monkey ship that’s my biggest mall boss
move army of 2019
Daniel where are you Daniel with the
smoke hold on guys dan are you calling
in tonight
Dana text me if you want it you know
just talk about a little business I
should text Queenie’s flip you know I
gave Queens flippin Award tonight hold
on guys
what is his number the second Queens
flip I don’t wanna say the wrong thing
but Queens flip Queens flip pimping hard
in 2019 Oh Lord Jesus
pimping hard was his number and he
changed his number he’s on that fly shit
now I know it’s a 2 1 2 number hold on
guys why did I give you Queens flips new
number I know you want to send it peak
you ok it’s up on the wall 2 2 1 2 9
about the blue that nigga second I
thought I am done recently did a really
good interview listen he’s popping like
Jiffy Pop him and G money we cannot
forget G money oh oh yeah from Southside
Jamaica Queens doing the damn thing to
that 2019 okay I’ll find his number I’ll
come back to it oh so let me just say
gleaming – jell-o jell-o sends in a cash
app says let’s get him out of here thank
you for your support
Elvis – chef Rosenberg okay we took his
call thank you so much for your cash at
La came good evening he says God willing
I pray you have a blessed year la came
god bless you as well sir there was no
god but I say that you know respectfully
god bless you if anyone wants to call in
tonight and give praise to
the father as you may want to to put it
you know : I’ll fall back let you do
your thing
hey Skylar Saunders how are you sir do
you want to : hold on guys hold on a
Ronny hold on mr. Schuyler Saunders let
me put some respect on this man’s
fucking name hold on everybody hold on
okay I’m doing too much
okay Schuyler if you want to call in
text me your number you have my direct
number Frank grieving Frank we’ll just
say Frank who’s the fuck boy that just
stood and taped the kidnapping oh wow
that’s a good point he’s talking about
again this alleged kidnapping of what
people are saying was a crackhead not a
miner yeah who just sat there and taped
it is that person a hero or a savage I
don’t know I don’t know I don’t know
what if I would have just sat there and
filmed it for evidence risk my life
jumped in intervened I don’t know but
thank you Frank for your your donation
Miguel gleaming Miguel says r.i.p kid in
danger aka kid dangerous what happened
he battled somebody uh Miguel do you
want to call in what happened to kid
danger’s he sent me email said he’s okay
dirt bike juice on the check in Sicily
Oh G check short email D boy on caller
fax okay okay uh gutter lane good
evening colonel and says jar jar binks
stole my 20
okay that’s crazy that’s crazy yo chill
yo chill with that Frank on the chicken
says top three L’s of 2019 is Malik Yoba
are Kelly aka Kells and 6-9 aka
ninth ray or 6 9 and 9 tricky thank you
okay I’m gonna stand firm and say that
rapper game took the biggest L paying a
ho seven million Lord Jesus and and
she’s gonna get the money somehow
someway get that nigga to selling his
assets garnishing wages shit big Spanish
on the check in salute he says Happy New
Year so hey man thank you to you big
Spanish salute as always a day one the
man who really just helped orchestrate
in case you don’t know the whole the the
arm wrestling event between shampoo
number nine main to milkman was in the
building to homie rich from ruckus radio
thank you big Spanish you are a
respected stir as always as always
bringing area code nine to nine good
evening nineteen I know you’re there
Happy New Year nine to nine hello hello
Craig happy new you Craig did he voice
me what are you salute Craig salute I’m
good man I’m good how you okay happy new
yeah I’m in Atlanta as you know Craig
I’m enjoying myself my business is
poppin you know things are good man
what’s going on in your world up in
money earning Mount Vernon it’s gone in
your world now
now you suck you stop smoking that
diesel yeah or was it the haze you stop
smoking you said was that a choice based
upon any type of why’d you stop why’d
you stop smoking do you just grew out of
it or you just it wasn’t helping you it
was hurting you what great you stop okay
you had enough to jail jail or your job
your job okay so you’re working now and
you’re getting a SSI check yeah you can
ask Lola yeah Greg get in the bag in
2020s a little Greg folks Craig’s a day
one in case you don’t know a day one
with my brand on the internet man good
to hear your voice Craig could hear your
voice have a good night Craig so man
love you man salute yeah man no love you
back Thank You Man
oh that’s my nigga right there Craig
folks in case you don’t know Craig is
hard on a bitch you know he used to say
some crip crazy shit back in the days
about you know change hacking checking
these hopes and some of that shit we had
to edit out Real Talk roto who’s on area
code eight one five is that miss Park
Elaine hold on a second babe wait a
minute wait a minute Oh
mrs. Park : eight one five good evening
good evening
hey hey star hey Ronnie how y’all doing
hey baby how you do this I’m toasty I’m
sippin this motherfucking Ciroc limited
edition white great what’s going on with
you girl you do what you do I just got
done cooking a big dinner I’m going to
take a shower and read a book okay so
this there’s no only time I have off
because I’m back in school I wish you a
Happy New Year on your IG page I still
catch your eye gee but thank you hardly
can catch in on your lives because of
class but everything good yeah yeah yeah
so you’re um you’re taking a shower and
you’re gonna relax and get up tomorrow
and we don’t tomorrow probably go to the
gym okay okay so we’re talking about if
you think just just being a little silly
little saucy uh
talking about a summer Walker I asked a
question earlier is she depressed
is she depressing if she misunderstood
her is she right on time you familiar
with similar all the above all the above
Atlanta has Atlanta has that grungy
style of music so I can understand her
her music you know okay style but I
think she slightly might be depressed
but I also think she’s pedaling her
depression to promote her record sales
okay not wrong because you’re you know
you know it’s not but you know if you
got anxiety in front of a crowd that’s
paid hundreds of dollars to see your
concert how you don’t have anxiety in
front of a camera on IG good point good
point come on come on no I mean I’m just
saying you know I know people that
battle depression or battle anxiety and
it’s not a perplexed situation it’s not
that I can do this but I can’t do this
if you can’t be around a crowd you don’t
want to be amongst millions of followers
as well I think she knows what she’s
doing yes and then she was a stripper so
you couldn’t have that much anxiety he
was but ask naked in Atlantic laws it
doesn’t mean that she was you know
people to touch her she just could have
been like you know up on the stage and
after she she gets the money hey good
night thank God I don’t wanna I don’t do
no motherfucking VIP dances I’m okay I
just want to pay this rent paid a
motherfucking uh you know the cable bill
and I’m good it doesn’t mean she was
doing VIP doesn’t mean that I didn’t say
she would be a VIP but you’re still
amongst a crowd of men and you live in
Atlanta so I’m not saying you go to the
club but clubs in Atlanta strip clubs
are very big so yeah you don’t have to
do VIP in order to pay the bills but in
the same sense you’re still amongst the
crowd of men sometimes women as well so
the anxiety I don’t sauce okay better
how’s the Atlanta weather
how’s the weather right now well it’s
the same I’ve been coming here since the
late 80s I know it Lant you have to move
really different out here you know I
don’t hang out at the dog bit because
these niggas got got the Rockets you
know flying after the dog you feel well
you know where I’m at so you know I
already notice well I’m not going
well you I’m good well yeah I mean
Illinois I’m in Illinois I’m like right
outside of Chicago okay okay okay
you like summer walkers music yeah I
mean I can ride to it it’s not like
she’s the best of a singer she’s a good
songwriter but I mean I can ride to a
couple of her songs but after a while it
sounds the same it kind of gives
dreadful every song and every beat kind
of sounds the same to me in my opinion
okay are you hating keep it real are you
hating on a young girl I’m not no I
always you know you know what a black
woman I never want to hate why do you
know I’m not a hater don’t you know I
know but I think that I think that her
album has a cohesive sound because it’s
primarily produced by her boyfriend
London on the track so that may be why
it sounds like but I don’t necessarily
see that as a bad thing that that’s you
know the songs blend into each other
there okay and like I said I said
Atlanta sound it’s like that organic
they all follows a trend of organized
noise you can tell the people from
they really really you know realm
they’re found around organized Noize and
I can hear that in the way he produces
tracks and the way you know black black
is another singer that I do really like
I to Atlanta a lot of his style is kind
of like the same you don’t under the
same concept so I mean we’re the same
record label all black is on there too I
like black like a same manager – okay
well I’m not gonna hold you I just want
to say hello and know that I still check
out check you out on IG I think you do
check me out i G I don’t I didn’t change
up a little bit I didn’t shot my hair
off are you still married what’s going
on with you no I was never married I’m
not married or have children that’s why
when I went back to school again okay
well yeah shoot me a DM on IG let’s talk
about I appreciate the call Dolan
oh no problem I come that way in the
summertime so yeah I’m gonna have to hit
you up
holla at me okay Ronnie it’s so good
talking to you
we’re talking you don’t do Cooper : all
right have a happy new year
I’ll at me I’m down here you know I got
here with no condom me folks
yeah pardon me
Shaka Zulu Fleming on the check-in star
this is Shaka the game been taking
losses since that game show and fuck TR
ol I was it old eyes lives here in the
big who’s Boston Boston is a negra okay
thank you man
shit thank you sure you day my yeah
follow through in the check-in sister I
got my fire coochie the fuck up out of
let’s go 2020 salute big nigger why’d
you get her up out of there to coach his
fire why that hang on to her bet Remy
good evening sends in a super cannon
star the feds ran down on my neighbor at
5:00 a.m. a few months ago seized his
assets and put his house up for auction
was that your work boss nigga well where
where’d this happen keep me posted you
know honey cords good evening sir sends
in a super chat says I have the biggest
boss move of 2019 I quit three months
ago and still lit as fuck I’m sending
that $100 to start 2020 here or the go
fund me you can send it right here
hunter acre woods and make sure you send
me that link man so I can put your link
at the top of the UM the rebroadcast
Thank You me 100 Acre Wood salute Oh
tranny chaser on the check is a star
there is a rumor that okay I don’t want
to mention people’s names I don’t want
to do that whole you know back and forth
on YouTube okay flying somebody out here
to Atlanta to pop his bossy tranny
chaser I appreciate you man but I don’t
want to like you know get into that
whole world of you know clapping at
people unless they’re on the line I
allow everybody took whole in I think
Dana’s on line to Dana said tight
gorillas on the check-in via super Chad
says on dogs train way took the biggest
L Wow I didn’t think about that this
year and according to the Chinese zodiac
2020 is the year of the rat so six nine
will make a comeback what do you think
we think Ronnie gorillas Oh said that a
train way took the biggest L I’m saying
rapper the game because he’s gonna pay
this woman seven million dollars Trey
way Oh niggas got sat down for decades
what do you think they’ll what bigger Al
I mean when you’re doing that kind of
stuff you should sort of expect it
to carry that much time so I wouldn’t
say that they took a bigger loss than
game no okay I mean they definitely you
know but they put themselves out there
that they knew what it was dealing with
him yeah yeah ho listen guys you did
take down their entire organization
though yeah he did he did hold on let me
find Dana’s number Dana where are you
Dana with this smoke 973 where are you
Dana I don’t see 973 I see eight six one
number is that you Dana hold on
Dana’s at you 973 hey what’s up men boy
Jada man good evening how are you sir no
party man okay I’m on my way
I mean freaking out of threaten right
now Trenton New Jersey this shithole
yeah be careful man oh I appreciate your
grateful oh man that’s why I gotta say
you ain’t no shit
that black woman man I’m grateful man
I’m grateful okay you start talking
little prick you’re talking about
somebody in your life form or whose life
oh don’t mention no names medicine I
promote people you know I don’t do great
20/20 get the bag everybody get the bag
you feel me don’t get me pulling out
receipts you know I don’t know crazy
shit so listen man um who took the
in your opinion in 2019 do you care to
mention that or what I say our jolly man
I’ll tell you man he could have got away
with it man he’s just dumb to make it
tapes people got fed up
kept making it takes scooters old
Lightfoot man
okay Kelly I still inspire hey I
appreciate you man have a great New Year
salute yes sir thank you I’m not your
brother okay okay
Dana says she’s on the line wait a
minute Oh Dana what the smoke 973 Dana
is that you friend
yes Dana good that’s why I’m making a
sign they were like friends that’s how
they stay friends me okay okay what’s
going Dana what and happy new year hey
Ronnie happy new year happy new year
but you and I spoke earlier anything
that we need to backtrack on you know
FB a do we just move forward Dana no we
could dip into that but first let me
promote because the first question I see
on the screen is how are you qualified
to give money in 2020 and I’ve always
qualified yeah I got a pickup well let’s
off and capitalize on that so please
subscribe to the Rodina me and I benign
did a great show last night and check
that out as well and I’m going to be
putting content on my new YouTube
love yourself massage so I’m gonna be
focused on that because that’s going to
intertwine with my business nice oh yeah
nice nice oh you had a caller calling it
earlier yeah which one talking the one
that was saying pretty
we dismiss it I guess preparations and a
vo and I don’t want to focus on that
caller but just to piggyback you know
quickly off the conversation we had
earlier yeah Atos is still moving
you know the agenda the black agenda
still moving forward evaporation is
still moving forward so either you’re
gonna hop on a train or you want to get
off as simple as that okay it’s about
money it’s 2020 you know so you get
money for self and your family but you
got to make sure you get money you know
I’m saying for the black suffering that
we endured in America okay okay okay so
so Dana say to you and I you know spoke
with regards to Atos entire weakness
she’s organization FB a there’s been
some back-and-forth and to my knowledge
unless I missed something
tyrita she came with another clap back
at hashtag Atos and i Yvette Cornel
responded do you want to bring us up to
speed on your thoughts or is it just not
that yeah well at it when she came on
when event Cornell came on live
yesterday I was busy doing my show but
she was I guess I’m did that she was
replying to Tyree tonight she show on
Sunday and I wanted quite a piece of
that because honestly it’s not a B is no
idea West versus FBA and that’s the
stupidity of black people because and
American dissonance of slavery
foundation of black Americans it’s the
same now do Tyree any vet have a beef
yes do Tyreke and tone and black
authorities all have beef yes but
they’re not leaders of black people not
today not yesterday not in the future so
if they want to sit on YouTube or they
million dollar platforms and and and
fight each other that’s their business
but they’re making they’re causing any
type of confusion with what we have to
do so don’t I hate when people say this
ad OS f be a note is Tariq in this event
those are two individuals there are not
leaders of any movement they’re not okay
they don’t like each other so they gotta
Trump each other on their videos if you
want to waste your time in 2020 doing
that fine now I’m up get your money here
and I did say it it’s last week that I’m
gonna be voting for Trump not because
he’s a great guy and nothing like that
no and that’s I’m saying it’s daddy
you’re voting for Donald Trump
say that again please stock market that
stock market is in the green that 401 K
my 529 the tax credit yeah I’m out for
and I’m also out for my people but that
those two different tax brackets right
there so there’s two different financial
things you’re talking about right there
so yes I’m voting for home for personal
gain but I’m also voting for home
because he is that president that would
take us seriously once we start taking
myself seriously he would sign on I
believe he would pass any executive
order because Congress has to pass the
preperations bill but he would sign
economic empowerment executive order for
african-americans if we give someone
okay but they’re busy the so-called
leaders are busy fighting on YouTube
come on Dana hole in a second Hundred
Acre Woods so can you please send me
your banner again via email I don’t know
why I don’t have this in front of me
maybe I’m doing too much maybe I
misplaced it 100 Acre Woods I got your
new super chat for promoting in 2020
store I’ve been sent my banner and the
Lynx Hundred Acre Woods at gmail.com I
got more than just beets let me talk my
shit okay honey send me the phone number
of your email that you want to call in
from so I can get you on the line and
please send me your banner again okay
Dana stay right there
Ronny’s stay right here let me bring in
some more coals I’m feeling charged
tonight it’s bringing every code seven
five seven good evening seven five
stripping are you there
Happy New Year’s m57 sounds crazy
yellow-star what up hey what’s up man
how are you your respect respect goes
out to you know Jimmy economy I don’t
know okay let’s go yadi yeah man
Brooklyn him on Brooklyn New York feat
entry I don’t know hey you took back the
video we’re back we have our wheel loop
what’s going on man I’m here man just
gotta let you know we live here another
year ain’t nothing on a new one
beginning you know I mean okay pause I
love our respect also to you on the
family thing being a more Runyan
everybody but I don’t know it got more
blessings yeah yeah on any topic in per
se you just you can sing hello – Levon
love are respect money and I mean those
go on do your thing man can I ask you a
question before you go can I ask you a
question before you go for over a year
I’ve been keeping my eye on a young lady
by the name of Mikayla out of Spanish
town and she popped off now everybody is
appreciating her her name is coffee
you have to speed on coffee of course
yes yeah no Chablis the character too
much ting pon the foamboard yeah –
coffee 2020 and Beyond semester she’s a
beautiful young lady I like the way her
mother’s talking she’s got I think four
or five brothers that are older than her
and she’s really really if you ask me I
could be jumping out the window early
but she’s bringing a new wave out of
Jamaica and I so appreciate her coffee
the world jamia gotta be on our you know
push our hunting shadow shadow shadow so
don’t make it kinda see you rock my
everywhere a push art you know America
kind of lead all the time boys
I mean no disrespect already start yeah
I gotta talk too much but God man I
appreciate you man salute respect and
love thank you respect your star on the
family or my blessings yeah can balling
alive man McGuire would it go on would
it for those of you who know what I’m
talking about if you don’t that’s okay
all right ladies hold on a second mr.
Schuyler Saunders are you there sir with
Skylar Saunders hold on yes sir hey
Skylar good evening man how are you
can you boys Happy New Year I’m very
well listen I apologize about the phone
issues problems yada yada yada you are a
good yeah you’re a day one let’s start
out by promoting your platform first
tell these folks who don’t know you
because most people know who you are
please Skylar Saunders
well I guess by your definition I’m
qualified to be a social engineer yes I
have my own series of stories called
Marine Corps stories yes it’s on vocal
media and you can access that you just
go on Google type in Marine Corps
stories vocal and at least one of my
stories will pop up you get paid for it
I’m advancing that site because you can
start from nothing and literally go to
getting they call it kits and it’s not
based on ad revenue it’s based on the
content itself if you read so much of
the article you will get paid for it so
it’s a beautiful model of six six
dollars per 1000 impression not bad okay
I’m in the bag stay with me and we’re
talking about a few things here tonight
we’re talking about Minister Nouri
Mohammed on flat TV calm we’ll talk my
mega miss talian summer Walker and a
host of other things anything that you
want to join in on the conversation or
something different what do you want to
go I just wanted to thank you for
promoting me for being consistent and
realistic with me I know the stories
that you
you just–just–just discussed but I
just want to just does this one take
your time out to actually thank the
hater thank you for always being a very
strong and truthful and and and all your
endeavors okay okay listen can you stay
on the line with us and maybe just join
in from time don’t hang with you and I
want to make sure I want to make sure I
said happy new year – Ronnie forces
ladies first
oh thank you so much happy New Year to
you as well absolutely
hey Dana before I go to more – app and
super check did you see Minister Nouri
Muhammad from the Nation of Islam on
Vlad TV Dana no and why was he up there
what happened do you – and you know what
when I was trying to get his shine on
his whip yeah when I heard you say
earlier I went to it and I saw the title
and he was talking about I guess
Farrakhan saying hey he wouldn’t amount
to no and so are you going up there on
my weight come on Dana I think he was
talking about one of his former not
Farrakhan someone else who told him he
wouldn’t amount to anything that wasn’t
fair coin okay but yeah why are you up –
yeah I don’t know I mean but I didn’t I
didn’t I didn’t watch it yeah okay hang
on a second folks let me go to Gemstar
via superjet Jim Starr says I give Dana
until February until she’s on YouTube
wearing make America great again hair
bonnets to capitalize off of the Magga
grift shit okay that’s Jim’s target not
you Dana now pointing okay mr. flowers
on the check-in says astara show us
their receipts okay well he’s talking
ah listen man I wish everybody the best
you know for many years I promote people
I I push people out of the nest let me
just say that and and I don’t feel the
need to do all that extra carrying on
you know I bring people into this
platform I encourage them to go on and
do their own thing
I’ve always been a solo act the only
partner I’ve ever had was buck Wow let
me just say that man I appreciate you
donation but I would all that extra shit
man but you already know the real tranny
chaser sends in a super jet star that
wasn’t the real tranny chaser which is
me biggest L for 2019 was Kamala Harris
biggest she stick Sasha strokes okay
real chase will always shout out that
bossy Jesus okay guys hold a second this
is a little hard to read filly biggest
boss says army and a holic at took the
biggest L of 20 2019 FBI took everything
who is that army in a helical is that
the Spanish guy who’s with the cars and
all that shit was that him you by now
yes no maybe Ronnie
Dana anybody know I’m talking about army
in a helical that hopefully biggest boss
okay and I got 100 Acre Woods I’m
waiting 100 cords banner oh hey so look
at holes in the other live chat I just
glanced in there someone mentioned oka
murders 2019 rapper yeah I heard it
earlier abdullah peace salute abdullah I
did hear o cámaras 2019 wrap up good man
uncle murder you know he always brings
the heat he was on my show years ago
certified nigga yes he is thank you for
reminded me anything why did you find
out Omni in a helices that the guy that
the feds ran down took his cars yeah
mm-hmm and he did a video this was back
in November right saying that the feds
raided him and teased everything okay
okay okay
bent Remy says Elvis the chef took the
biggest L of 2019 with his love of
little Chinese boys playing with his
feet holy shit I’m calling the feds on
him pay attention
Wow David the check-in dave says star a
salute and salute to Ronnie
thank you both for all the entertaining
and enlightening a Content Happy New
Year thank you so much haters enough
says DMX bailed on that Zimmerman match
because no way in hell that crackhead
was gonna pass that piss test I don’t
think there was a piss test I think that
he just if I’m not mistaken DMX has
asthma I’m not trying to diss him he’s
got asthma you know I remember anyway
hey folks can I run to the restroom real
quick and you guys talk amongst
yourselves Ronnie hey Dana
can I can I know the biggest al that I
think yeah hang on a second let me put
right here
Ronnie’s better on the scream I’m gonna
run to the restroom and you guys go
ahead and talk go ahead Dan I’ll be
right back
why and get that bag ok I’m back in the
building all right all right whoa okay I
had to choke the snake okay guys I’m
going to clear out some of the calls
Dana I’m gonna say good night to you
thank you so much for calling in you are
again promote your platform of what you
have coming up soon yes
so 2020 I will be focusing more on my
new channel love yourself a massage you
could subscribe there’s no content up
just yet but please subscribe also
subscribe to the real Dana me and over
Nam will be doing another podcast show
this time out of Brooklyn mid-january
and either sometime tomorrow probably
midnight or sometime Wednesday I will be
going live on my show so subscribe to
the real demon and focus on getting
money yeah Dusty’s all the dusties focus
on getting money yeah everybody can’t
get it but try at least try right good
you hear from you Dana have a great
all right good night guys Happy New Year
Dana New Year Skylar stay with me do not
hang up Skylar Saunders stay right there
sir please I’m live online okay tell him
what you want
hey there’s enough on the check and says
DMX built on that Zimmerman match cuz no
way in hell that crackhead was gonna
pass the piss test okay I read that one
mr. t I check and says biggest out of
the year is young buck crying on the
phone to his tranny all who also dropped
a diss track hey young bottom hey young
girl hashtag fuck your rims was that
2018 or 2019 young buck crying on the
phone he wasn’t crying literally but he
was begging the tranny to take down the
footage was that 18 or 19 either when
you guys know Ronnie or him he’s been
court so many times crying remember when
he cried 250 for money and he begged him
literally begged him you know please
okay yeah that’s what that was 2018
though it could be wrong I’m looking it
up now
yeah please uh shotguns a little Fleming
says okay read that one pardon me for
three in the check-in I read this one
story I got my fire couch yes I did be
that will poor me bent Remy mrs.
Parkland honey ankle woods tranny chaser
guerrillas oh hold on guys
chef Nelson says Lil Wayne took the
biggest L in 2019
Omar Johnson took the biggest L I’m
sorry the biggest W in 2019 keep on
scamming I don’t know if he took the
biggest W marjan see he still has not
opened up that school I don’t want to
hate on the man but it just seems kind
of crazy what’s going on with him I’ll
just say it but thank you our chef
Nelson Billy blunt ugly he says yo
strong my nigga happy Nye what I’m
fitting fitting the get Jesus lit by
midnight and pull out the heater and
bust 20 caps in the air Brooklyn style
to this cage who got me buggin okay okay
ar-15 on the check-in via cash app says
I salute and a happy new year boss nigga
thank you so much Clark color of the
chicken says menthol Ronnie’s lungs look
like looky knees home country
malnourished oh wow
depleted and trashed Elvis the chef
Rosenberg obese heart looks the same wow
that’s good that’s crazy
okay and did I read this one Gemstar
cyst or your goal for 2020 should be
putting more youtubers in jail you
should start with the DJ named after
nearly 2,000 Vallauris wetsuits who’s
that that is thank you gem star thank
you so much
Oh negro giving game says bonnie music
and art aren’t subjective
that’s propping poor me that’s post
modern garbage so that everyone gets a
coal gold star be objective in the new
hashtag fuck pussy alright thank you
that’s kind of crazy so to every cut
eight one six couldíve me eight one six
are you there eight one six yes hey
greeting Happy New Year – who’s this
call now the KCMO kissing lizard happy
new year same to you man what’s going on
with you happy new year oh my uh my
qualified to get money at 2019 2020 not
2019 2020 I’m working towards it I’m
mature I’m a hopeful II nice summer
well she’s popping let’s not pretend
she’s not popping and I’m not I’m not
hating I’m new I’m watching what she’s
doing and I’m trying to be objective
because I have seen other artists and
I’m also talking about white artists you
know have attitudes complain about the
sound engineering and so on and so forth
you know walk off the stage halfway
through the goddamn set she might be a
genius and we just don’t realize it yet
you know
maybe but yeah I can’t really say
whether she has it or not but cuz I mean
shit shoot I mean I don’t know just how
old you sir if I can start right here
hold you 24 24 okay perfect perfect are
you hating on a black bitch let’s keep
it real maybe you’re just hating you
know if summer Walker will wait you be
saying oh she’s a genius she’s deep yeah
money 2020 why not okay do you remember
that raggedy y pitch from the UK her
name first name was Amy and she died I
think of an overdose and people praised
her I’m talking about yeah yeah yeah
bitch had drug issues she could even
perform half the goddamn time and she
was praised as something as some fucking
you know some great fucking singer the
bitch get up on stage in there you
couldn’t finish his set but you know
summer Walker they’re giving her hell
I’m just asking okay you say overload
Thank You mr. Robbie other dude okay
salute me thank you okay it was six on
the check in which area code two two six
good evening two to six happy no yeah
how you feeling good evening was
palpable shaking with cracking after New
Year’s star I’m sipping on crushed green
straight down man
okay okay I’m just chilling out here
start your voice sounds familiar you
calling from 2:00 to 6:00 your voice
sounds familiar alligator from Canada
yes Canada been six torna yes whoa whoa
close to Toronto close to Toronto in
front of Detroit but uh start you know
you guys are talking about who took an
eldest and that you guys got it all
yeah I just took him out in 2019 hear me
son ma’am
come on come on to get the guy who took
him out in 2019
it’s Tiger when he got dragged that
eluded me with his party okay okay
that’s your system but not a matter of
fact that’s probably the biggest L of
the the 2020 the 2010 the old 2010 okay
I’m listening I’m listening
well that’s it that’s that’s all there
is to it for that one but uh as far as
you regular question goes I mean I’m
kind of confused on above it by your
scene is are you qualified to get money
can you kind of spend a little more
money you got a lot of people in social
media who are crying bitching and
complaining and listen I’m a man of a
certain age and social media is a huge
fucking business and I’m not saying
anyone in particular I’m just having a
general conversation anybody who does
not look at social media as a fucking as
a paradise to make money then maybe
they’re doing something different maybe
they don’t need social media but but the
money is here the bag is here so I’m
just asking the question are you
qualified to get money more so on social
media you see it’s not just now about
you know white people you get East
Indians you got Malaysians you got
Africans all sorts of people getting
money you got that Ronnie
that little white kid who’s making like
over 20 million dollars a year reviewing
toys on YouTube
yeah he’s 11 years old reviewing toys
yeah so that is all in social medias I’m
just asking the question or you qualify
because if you’re just crying about what
the next man or female is doing and or
getting maybe you should get the fuck
off of social media so I’m mainly
talking about social media primarily
good you know what I see what you’re
saying start and the cool thing is man a
lot of guys took advantage of that and
took it to the next level a lot of these
cats right now are getting paid to just
watch a video I don’t know if you ever
seen on where the the there’s they’re
just reviewing 90s hip-hop you know and
then they’ve never heard it they’ve
never heard a mob deep or jay-z or nas
and they’re like watching a brand new
knowledge MIDI well not brand new but
they’re watching a nas video and they’re
reviewing and they’re like oh this is
dope and they’re getting money they’re
getting much watching I’m not hating on
respecting their hustle so I’m just
asking the question are you qualified to
get money because if you’re not
qualified shut the fuck up and get off a
goddamn YouTube that’s what I’m saying I
guess oh I’m gonna be honest with you
say I’m not qualified at all I don’t
know how to do that but I was gonna see
the just real quick before I get off the
line I don’t wanna think of much your
times there this I don’t know if you
guys got the guy’s name from the subway
the kidnapper his name is Sonny
Halloween he’s over WorldStarHipHop
right Sonny Oh alligator that man was
grabbing a crackhead that was not a
miner he grabbed a crackhead alleged
crackhead you know and shit went left
and everybody’s overreacting
I never said miner I just said
kidnappers that’s all I told them but he
got he got listen listen his son posted
a video I don’t know if you seen it
start it son posted
video saying I want no parts of my
father I don’t want to talk okay
did you see you want me to send you the
link yes send me the link please but to
my knowledge to my knowledge that that
was a crackhead that he grabbed you know
they were talking about you know putting
more boulders in the stem beaming up the
Scottie and shit went left man you know
and here we are now yo kill the
pedophiles you know
fuck man but give it last word I will
get a go-ahead I mean it to be honest
with you I don’t think it’s that far
like just seeing the way the dude is man
if he had the opportunity to to snatch
up and under a chick I don’t see them I
don’t see in them like refusing that you
know I mean he took like sorry he
grabbed her off the train I see I’m
doing that to anybody you know I’m
saying bitch I got a brat a bag of
krills what’s up a bag of crows you
don’t fuck that bum ass nigga you went
was popping
I got a demo in my pocket and a lighter
it was Papa it’s been a great year man
it’s been a great year watching your
videos man and I think about looking
look forward to 2020
thank you for 2022 Thank You Man salute
okay good all right
allocate get Scylla have we confirmed or
Ronnie the age of the female that was
grabbed on the train and the Bronco
launched at look I found an article
that’s calling her a woman and actually
the guy has been arrested yeah he was
arrested yeah but how old was she or is
she wasn’t a minor fan Zack Lee says she
was 45 in her life jack oh she’s in her
40s exactly is trolling
that’s my name is Charlie it’s mine
exactly folks listen if I don’t get to
these super chats and cache apps tonight
just give me until
tomorrow I’m fuckin backed up here um
only go giving game good evening he says
Ronny music and are okay I read that one
pardon me
sugar G says star summer walkers
audience consists of women who don’t
take personal responsibility for being
loose with the box
hashtag baby killers and side-pieces
okay polo 1200 on the check-in via super
jet says Happy New Year star and Ronny
and all my motherfuckers in the hate
room salute okay he’s tipsy gained a lot
of knowledge from the show also Ronnie
send them pics to my DM okay thank you
Jermaine Jermaine sends in a super chat
folks I’m grooving off of the Ciroc
right now so if I don’t get to these if
I don’t get to these fucking super chats
in cash apps just bear with me I will
get to them another day
the check-in reports a story I ask you
every year traditionally who you got for
a cone of the year here is some names
Umar Johnson’s white lawyer listen I
know nothing about that whole thing but
sir if you go to Monte wood grains
YouTube channel Monte wood green he’s
got all the updates on what dr. Umar
Johnson is doing with the school and
that whole thing it’s I’m not Luke may
have a thank you gorillas own the
chicken says in 2020 niggas might get
scammed robbed or pimped but I’m gonna
sidenote Ronnie uh when will you post a
new video on on your only fans account
question mark
you know I just recently learned what
just fans is I didn’t even know what
that was
if someone said that before yeah no I
will not be getting a just fans only fan
whatever fan account hold on a second
Ronnie if I send you some of these super
chests can you read these because I’m
gonna get some water
okay in 2020 I might give out my
snapchat you have a snapchat yeah okay
okay South Dallas on the check-in says
Happy New Year boss nigga I’m still
tripping on this saucy nigga wearing a
fucking trainee bra hashtag shaking my
head one squeaky ji says problem-solvers
getting money in 2020 judge okay okay
okay I read most of these pardon me guys
I’m just I’m doing a lot right now holy
oh wow it’s 11 22 guys I have to text a
young lady to see if she’s gonna pick me
up down there by the Dollar General
because I don’t want her having my my
fucking exact location let’s go area
code 901 I know what are you there good
evening Hey yes sir of evening so happy
new year – happy new year to you – yes
the daily Guardian I was checking peace
yeah I’ve been following you shit manses
be sweet Nordic God nigga I’m drinking
beer walk at this ice right now there
you go goddamnit farmer Walker the bitch
that don’t define the person in general
because we would a motherfucker act like
here here okay because you made it cool
a video don’t mean shit
okay let’s go that time to get that shit
so in how do you motherfuckers dead
talking shit they’re doing this today
you got on explain yourself
see man this is my facility right here
tricking anybody but you don’t they got
them in here woody here I’ll let him up
or get a bad metaphor forget Dave money
stop hatin social media dissing who this
new era now a man oh shit no more now
right gotta you know you gotta you gotta
save you a stood up you turn into a
third good law okay I think you said
also and you call it from where you come
from again
Tennessee okay yeah all right now how
old you you said f summer Walker how old
are you how old are you I’m 36
okay I’m just I’m trying to give a
younger person a chance I don’t just
like you know say ice garbage i like the
music i’m gonna keep it real I like some
of her music I don’t know if by really
is what I’m ill feeling I guess but the
music you know music you know she may
get lose it but it is failing choking oh
okay but what makes you call her a ho
what made me call her home because I’ve
seen a video all over she was showing
it’s all paid yeah they’re singing a
motherfuckin song all that motherfucker
shit I come home wait who did me okay I
projected be hatin on my check bleedin
culture just like do thank you know they
don’t call it a display that’s there’s
already you okay
right right right yeah okay so you’re
not driving tonight are you yeah killed
because around sky sky the fallback
Skyler’s fallback so we appreciate the
call man have a good night happy New
Year to you oh shit he’s something on
that good moonshine shit fuck
okay guys hold on a second Skyler and
Ronnie I have to go to cash thank you so
Gemini 209 all day
Thank You Don she says biggest el of
2010 goes to freaky London judge yeah
well right now we’re going into 2020
Gemini thank you so much uh G low G low
says salute to Craig need more calls and
from Chris yeah hey listen Craig’s at
day one Craig calls when he has time you
know black conservative good evening
okay it’s a black conservative Thank You
Mabel you know I promote everybody man I
don’t I don’t you know talk reckless
about nobody up on this platform here
because people get to doing the most you
know but thank you so much black
conservative salute
Shabazz peace he says salute
Shabazz Lopez thank you sir salute to
you you go good evening he says pick up
eight one six boss nigga so I can talk
my shit hold on where are you eight one
six everybody hold on eight one six let
me get to this goddamn call here eight
one six where are you
I see 302 I don’t see eight one six shit
I think I’m moving too slow guys pardon
you go I’m doing a lot right now man if
I miss your call I apart I apologize
Brenton Brenton says thanks for all the
hard work this year Thank You Brenton
you appreciate it
Darrell good evening Darrell Snoop and I
both love our nipples licked after coke
okay Corey good evening 2019 hangman
Epstein took the L he sent in six
thousand sixty six cents okay well in my
opinion if he will went to the
penitentiary that would have been a real
L he killed himself or he was killed by
the Illuminati so he’s not even here
anymore but thank you for your donation
Brenton also says via cash
to Biden had biggest wins this year
that’s a good point you cook it yeah you
want to chime in skyman
Scylla upon me Scott okay I ask the
first explain I’m from Delaware come on
and I am NOT a Biden supporter okay at
all come on
but and but I was his deceased son boat
we use upstanding young man I met him
actually at a dinner calm but hunter I
think he just he’s just trying to figure
it out he tried the Navy thing he tried
you know to go with the business route
and he just trying to figure it all out
from from my standpoint that’s why I’m
looking at it okay okay okay okay
yeah any you know and the Koch probably
got the best of them and he started
making bad deals yeah yeah yeah
Ronald Lehman Ronald he says star no
alien og for the New Year question mark
hell no sir never again will I smoke
alien og oh my goodness that shit took
me down for the count
I had to go lay the fuck down never
again Eric little gleaming sir I got
your uh your donation Eric little aka
polo 1200 thank you man I I did read it
if I got to a late pardon me but thank
you so much polo 1200 hold on guys
Spanish Harlem one one six says the Big
L is us Latinos and blacks killing each
other okay if you say so there has to be
a purge in a cleansing let me just say
that there has to be a purge so you know
we have to weed out some fucked up we
have to weed out the niggers you know
for those who think in niggardly
fashion niggardly that is a word we used
to be a word in the older Webster
dictionaries uh smokescreen who is there
someone sending a picture of Bill Cosby
okay that was cute thank you so much
hey Gemini 209 all day says the best
thing of 2019 was adding Ronnie to the
show thank you so much Gemini yeah
Bostick Wow Gemini thank you so much
yeah I second that
yeah Ronnie and I have some great
conversations uh you know throughout the
day when she’s turned up off the coffee
she’s woman and she motivates me Gemini
behind the scenes you know sometimes oh
my god I’m tired I don’t know finish
okay let’s do a show yeah thank you
Jimenez Miguel good evening sir he sends
in the cash and says I want Liz o to
ride my face like a Harley holy
are you serious Miguel he’s gonna get
smothered to death I think he was holy
shit okay so somebody sent me this link
here Ronnie I’m gonna send this to you
something about the son of okay okay
alligator sent me a link hold on run a
message to you and we’ll talk about this
tomorrow at some point and another cash
app from IRA hey IRA how are you I’m
broke but this is for the machine Thank
You IRA you are appreciated so much
thank you so much spring in area code
14-0 good evening happy to you man
what’s going on with you whitey the baby
man had a fireplace going on in some of
Megan Italian right now like you think
man listen have you seen Megan Italian
up on NPR’s tiny tiny desk series no I
did not see that one but I think they
quit on that one and I like that whole
series that they got going on I’m gonna
check it out probably tomorrow yeah
check that out see how she brings it out
fire fire fire I believe she bad she bad
but I wanted to go out and say he took
the biggest L of 2019 and I have to be
honestly me Wow okay good you said it’s
a good life I do exactly 1.6 you know
and it was right before was a extreme
doing I wasn’t doing nothing stupid I
wasn’t driving crazy or nothing like
that man I picked up a friend whatever
and it’s on my way home he like the cars
driving he’s like oh yeah we’re looking
he’s like driving a little fast whatever
might oh man oh no it was stupid man
it was the L it was the L and he ain’t
helping me pay to find either so fuck
him now he’s a good friend of us all
good but uh I think that elbow
everything’s gettin handle down now
everything’s good on that Harper who
honestly took al out of the home listen
guys I hate to cut you short my phone
system I have to reboot I have exactly
six seconds left thank you so much sir
hey Skyler and Ronnie the phone system I
have to be sorted thank you guys for
calling in thank you so much inspector
Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New
Year sir okay all right all right give
me a second guys
should I restart the phone system should
I keep it going
hold on a second I was supposed to have
it a smash out session tonight holy shit
what the fuck
I was gonna lay some pipe for for three
minutes and then take you know 20-minute
break and then go back for another three
fuck number nine Jean Richmond number
hello number nine number nine its draw
this and number nine I’m gonna be set my
phone system can I text you back in
three minutes to me three minutes all
okay all right all right guys give me a
second I want to uh I gotta go use the
restroom again holy SH I’m drinking too
much of this fucking Bud Light and it’s
Ciroc and I’ll try and keep the show
going give me a second holy fuck
give me a second oh shit
hold on let me put my banner on the
screen and promote myself for a change I
promote everybody else where’s my banner
I’m gonna come back and reset the phone
system and we’ll continue this show give
me a second
okay I’m back in the building give me a
second hold on guys let me figure this
out what the fuck
episodes hold on hold on what time is it
I’m not gonna make that fucking 12:00
midnight rendezvous session that’s not
gonna happen okay hold on everybody a
lot right now
what the fuck okay Ronnie I got your
text message give me a second give me a
second you know that fucking so Rock has
got me like going back and forth to the
guard gym hold on guys
okay phone system rebooting give me a
second let me just say hello to my troll
babies Happy New Year how you guys doing
good evening
control babies always hold me down
that’s nice that’s really nice
okay we should be good on the phone
lines let’s take it slow
area code four zero four are you in the
building 404 good evening
are you there happy Gay star hey hey
who’s a hey this is Erica Happy New Year
I just wanted to wish you happy new year
hey Ronnie if you’re on the line but I
wanted to just wish you happy new year I
almost took a dirt nap on Christmas Eve
man but I’m kidding
when I’m good what happened tell us all
about I got tired of they found blood
clots in my lungs and my hemoglobin
numbers word that went down to for
normal hemoglobin numbers are between 9
and 14 well but I’m good now I’m
recovering and I’m just here listening
to you happy new year and I know you say
the streets have no love but I love you
thank you
now you in the Atlanta area was uh
that’s poor oh boy yeah yeah this is my
yeah this is mile I won’t I’m in
Charlotte but I grew up in Atlanta I
don’t want to give up my Atlanta ATL all
day okay so what are you doing when the
clock strikes 12:00 which will be in
about maybe 16 minutes we’re gonna be at
when my husband comes in from the garage
with his cigar and whatever else he’s
doing we’re going to pop a bottle okay
nice yeah not a pop a bottle and
celebrate life cuz I’m here I look like
I said almost took that dirt nap yeah
but I’m here no place better to be if
you ask me then to be home on New Year’s
Eve you know because the savages are out
there doing all that extra care you know
I know it I know it’s crazy but hey I
love being at home I’m chilling I work
hard I’m here at home I’m good well I’m
glad that you’re okay you said you had
some blood clots how old are you
41 and I’ve been healthy up until this
point it just happened all of a sudden
Wow are you a smoker how’d you get blood
clots at 40 or 41 no I don’t I well I
don’t want to give you too much TMI but
I think it came on with my time of the
moms and that kind of thing but yeah so
but yeah I’m good I’m good I’m good I’m
regardless I appreciate you calling it I
wish you and your husband a very happy
new year okay thank you you too happy
new year okay take care all right bye
okay all right that was nice huh she
said she loves the hater even those
treats got no love it’s nice to hear
sometimes it really is hold on a second
guys shit okay number nine you’re
calling back in number nine call the
show now
call the show now number nine folks I
have to say that this has been a very
nice draw tonight and for those of you
who smoke cigars you know I’m talking
about because I’ve smoked these over the
years but for some reason tonight it you
know I didn’t have to keep lighting it
lighting it I’m gonna get my own sticker
online popping this here I promise you I
gotta get a brand manager here in
Atlanta somebody that can quarterback
that division I can’t do it I got I got
other shit going on with the
supermarkets back in South Jersey but I
would love to get it up off the ground
and let somebody else just quarterback
it and we can you know you know really
just um do what needs to be done hold on
a second is this too homey Oh Jean
Richmond area code 203 good evening sir
hey how are you hey man let’s go let’s
go hey let’s go I just want to tell you
that I am for those who don’t know I am
the former tower I am the 2015 hater of
the year I know you’ve given the award
out tonight that’s right but I
but posthumously I should be the one to
give the award to whoever is the the
2009 team for those who do not know yes
I don’t remember yeah now in case you
don’t know I am the 2019 hater of the
year because I put Chris Kidd where he’s
at right now I worked with the Brooklyn
detectives and the FBI yeah I got that
negative fuck up out of here you know
this is the problem with you you you
ruin a man’s life you wanna have life
and you laugh and you chuckle about it
as if it is uh and if you are not
landing he’s dirty he had to go he’s
dirty look me
no you seen Scorsese movies you know
what happened to Joe Pesci you know what
happened that people who talked to the
feds right you know what happens also
you know this has been a great show this
year I heard somebody say the best thing
that ever happened to this show 2019 was
Ronny Ronny was actually the worst thing
to happen I see you sure watch your
mouth Blackie and 29 what about black
Kings like you then he’s like you are
all the same Ginny’s like you all the
same half black okay but I just want to
say that you know your co-host is a good
co-host she’s a good hand I don’t know
what you’ve told her about me but please
for some reason every time I’m on every
time I’m on she you make sure she’s not
on I don’t know if it’s one hang on a
second Ronnie can you call back in
number 9’s on the line he wants some
smoke you want some smoke yeah you can
just say you want to talk to Ronnie
Ronnie can you call back in just see
what talk to her circulating about me
and your co-host and I need to speak on
it okay I don’t know I don’t hang on
stay right there
Ronnie I’m gonna text money right now in
the meantime Moe facts are you in the
building sir Moe facts on YouTube are
you doing star hey Moe how are you man
I’m doing good I just wanted to call and
say you happy new year early Happy New
Year thank you Miss Anne to the boss to
the boss yeah man hey you get you gave
me my big start in 2019 and I’m not
taking I’m around with always straight
through to 2020 and I appreciate
everything started from the bottom of my
heart man listen man you are doing the
damn thing Moe facts on YouTube you and
Adam gonna politic you business man
please o most acts calm mo e fhctv you
can catch me on you to Twitter Instagram
and we got I got the podcast with Adam
hurry like I said you mean I was you get
you gave me the ball and I ran with it
you’re saying so I mean 2020 gonna be a
big year I’m really excited about it
yeah yeah Moses I so appreciate you man
and I love the fact that you are
blossoming growing you’re very educated
man and I I’m happy for you I’m happy
for you long story short I appreciate
that star like I said I’m not gonna hold
up too much of your time cuz I got him
talked about with the wife oh he can’t
kiss the wife and the kids okay okay
salute people can catch you on YouTube
mo funny like I said it’s facts with the
Z yes yes mo facts mo mo e FAC TV Thank
You Man salute mo okay hey watch your
number 9 watch your mouth watch your
mouth Thank You Maya alright now I got
some smoke on hold for you number 9 I
whipped you up another day okay Thank
You mo thank you yeah okay guys hold on
a second I got the homie J Mack on the
check-in via super tech J Mack salute
man you are appreciated he says because
my life has a clearer deeper and fuller
meaning with you in it Thank You J Mack
salute we’ve got your cash at bullshit
Ronnie are you there
bullshit running hell okay fine
hey money I got number nine talking
reckless on the line and number nine
just just make sure you don’t get too
vulgar because the YouTube algorithm is
serious but there’s Ronnie what’s poppin
hey hey Ronnie how are you hi number
nine okay good
sorry to interrupt you with the evening
which a Hispanic husband I know you
people love to celebrate on this night
drinking that pit drinking that stick
alcohol that you dick creamy liquor that
you drink but I will say this
Ronnie you you do a good thing on Starz
show and I thank you for that that’s a
good thing that you do but let me tell
you I will tell you one thing
when you go on other platforms please
refrain to keep my Lingam out of your
mouth okay because if you continue to
talk about me then I will have to sneak
up on you okay don’t don’t never don’t
never go on another platform again and
speak about me you want a platform a
couple of months ago and you felt like
you needed the service first my
character you felt like you need to
attack me I’m not now I’m not attacking
you what you doing with that Mexican
that you live with that’s gonna that’s
none of my busy busy easy okay easy okay
but don’t you ever go on a talk show
again to open your mouth about me keep
my you feel better than having said that
no no no no no no I don’t know because
because I want Ronda Renisha whatever
your name is because a woman I don’t
know any women named Ronnie so that’s a
fake name that’s a fake name ranee Thea
Rhonda whoever you are don’t you you
want to come on the show use a fake name
but don’t you ever you know what I’m
talking about you know what I’m talking
about I don’t appreciate what you did to
me I don’t appreciate what you did to me
okay are you responding Ronnie now we
going we going to get this out it it
sounds like it’s important for his
mental health
what are you late with a Mexican every
night I don’t follow
okay because listen I’m the kind of guy
to call ice and send the ice of the
people to your door in New Jersey he’ll
play with me don’t pull with me okay I
will have ice I will have ice knocking
on your door to go get that Central
American that you’ve been housing yeah
you keep laughing I’m not so gotta stay
with thank you I’m not the guy to play
with you got that Central American
hiding out in your house I know that
uh Ronnie want to advise when you have
was he living with him illegal aliens
it will behoove you not to put pictures
of him on social media it would be okay
it will pay Terry thank you for your
cash app Terry says come on star stay on
until midnight yeah it looks like it’s
gonna happen now Terry uh thank you for
your cash M okay Ronnie are you
responding to number nine or do we shift
gears what do we do he wanted to speak
to you I think number nine is very
fixated on me and my life and it’s just
a reflection of the fact that he doesn’t
have anything going on in his own life I
mean the last woman he was dealing with
called into or sent messages into a
podcast basically where he had she was
sending him money over cash up like this
guy is just a lame guy so I can
understand why he was you know no no no
no no no you stop it you stop it you
stop it I’m gonna tell you something
right now we don’t know if you’re black
we don’t know why let’s race Latino
whatever you continue this what you are
doing to me what you are doing to me now
you open your mouth
Ronnie Rock I’ll ask you now oh one
other thing number nine Bobby Bobby
Oh Mike you know we also hold on a
one other thing that this woman exposed
was the fact that you could barely last
five minutes
like consistently not just a mo not just
a once or twice thing but consistently
and you admitted to that so yeah let me
tell you hang on a second Ronnie are you
guys talking about something that we’re
not in the loop on I order you talking
about some woman and he said that you
said his name months ago I’m lost where
we going
okay so
Oh a woman exposed him she sent and all
sorts of receipts to Dana and and the
woman you know said that the receipts
could be used and number nine called in
about it to defend himself but
everything that I’m saying he already
admitted to this is not a legit
you can’t last five minutes you’re okay
you know you missed a shrimp yeah okay
when your booklet when your boyfriend of
those rest of those Mexican coming to
the house drunk and climb up on top of
you you want to say something well no
wonder your windows boyfriend and those
those Mexicans come into the house
drinking Corona all night and climb up
on top of you do I say anything Ronnie
please I suggest I suggest you stop this
in 2019 tonight Lonnie I suggest you
stop doing what you’ve been doing to me
I suggest you stop speaking out against
me I don’t know what this man has told
you about me that hosting show I don’t
know what he told you about me I hope
you happen to certain lies about me I’m
already know basic Elora told me your
Stacy galore told me all of your
business now you did are you finished
okay guys hang on a second the time now
according to my computer is 1157 so
clearly we’re gonna be here when the
clock strikes 12:00 midnight we’re gonna
be here I stay right there stay right
there let me just acknowledge full of
hate who sent in a Kashyap he says Olmec
Mason and full of hate toasted
microwaved thank you so much full of
hate for your cash app Devon Devon thank
you so much I’m gonna check out your
email after the show oh we was gangs
Ronny I had to sell this to you hold on
a second guys and Ronny you and I can
talk about this at another point in time
I’m not sure what this is about but uh I
scanned this earlier uncle Billy on the
check in holy smokes good to hear from
you man he says
in 2020 with the monkey shit Happy New
Year star oka blue hey Madoka Billy good
to hear from you me in salute okay we’ve
got two minutes guys hold on a second I
want to get to some some super chats
Ronnie and number nine if you can hang
on stay right there
hustle on the check and he says all shit
star in your opinion who’s a better
rapper between Gilly duck kid or Joe
Budden whose penmanship is better
between the two MCS honestly hustle I
think you’ve stumped me I think you have
stumped me because you said who’s a
better rapper first and foremost then
you said whose penmanship is better now
you know never mind the fact that I like
Jo blood but that whole mood music
series that that was creme de la creme
and you know regardless of what anybody
is denying about a Gilley’s pen game
with regards to the early days of lo
Lil Wayne both of those guys have have
given like incredible contributions to
to hip-hop shall we say I can’t choose
me I don’t know I think I’m stumped
and it has nothing to do with the fact
that Gilley and I are cool I just I also
don’t know but thank you for your
donation big Hawk says a P star biggest
L is a tie between people still funding
Omar’s school and Young Buck getting ran
down on but the apples and grapes
section okay thank you
Johnny – oh cool great news for Johnny
to look cool says Lou hater keep these
haters hating okay thank you
Oh guys it’s 12 midnight Happy New Year
Happy New Year’s 12 midnight according
to my computer Ronnie is at 12 midnight
where you are Happy New Year Happy New
Year the Mexico was so low
Ronnie is in Mexico has don’t worry be
happy’ to you or say how doing
prosperity to everybody okay again I
don’t know I don’t know what toilet you
been cleaning the honey I’m not the one
to mess with okay hang on a second
running do you want to go go say Happy
New Year to your other half Ronnie and
come back at number nine you want to put
yourself on hold you put me on hold put
me a whole number night Ronnie you want
to go say Happy New Year and come back
you know what you have breathed all the
things okay guys I’m gonna put you both
on a hold I’ll come right back
give me one minute all right happy New
Year to everybody happy new year hey
listen let me pour myself a fucking
drink here whoo shit Happy New Year I
had no idea I was gonna be here 12:00
guys I have to send a text
Holi should give me a second oh what the
fuck okay she’s cool she’s cool she said
I’m watching this show boss nigga
hey baby hey girl hey girl
happy New Year to you and yours
everybody who’s watching the show right
I got a respond this is a young female
here in Atlanta she’s she she’s about
that deals with my bullshit and I bring
a lot of bullshit to the table you know
hey salute to DJ Elias on the check and
that’s my homie hang on guys I got a
salute DJ leus let’s slow this shit to
fuck on down hold on hold on hold on
that’s the man that helped me start star
in the morning back in Scranton PA years
ago Happy New Year homie let me just say
this shorty okay baby I’ll want that
baby surely I’ll call you after the show
folks I type slowly shit oh and you know
what I just discovered I have a galaxy
s7 I thought this was a five it’s a
fucking s7 it’s a fucking s7 okay okay
who’s on the line running you there or
number nine host on the line hey sorry
Happy New Year happy new year so I was
speaking with number nine on hold and he
said that he wanted to apologize to me
okay yeah he hung up on the line so okay
so it’s just you and I Ronnie I think
yeah I’m gonna wrap this up it’s been
three hours now Elias hit me right back
he says Happy New Year my guy Thank You
Man salut
thank you hustle and guys if I missed
any super chance in cash taps I will get
to them if not tomorrow
on Thursday spare with me salute to
hustle j-mac big awk
hey the real Dana whoa the real Dana she
says love yourself massage LLC
subscribed to love yourself massage
thank you for all your support
xoxo Thank You Dana Dana make sure you
shoot me the email to your new YouTube
channel so I can post that at the top of
the the comment section Dana ecity NYC
says salute og star someone please get
Ronnie some Gucci’s slides from Canal
Street so she will not leave so she will
not walk barefoot on her floor in her
home i stacked 1100 what does that mean
I do you know this person he city and
wife see Ronnie know Gucci slides okay
strong arm radio 1 2 check it hey thank
you strolling on radio whoa okay you’re
talking reckless I do that please but
thank you so much hand cannon says
biggest L of 2019 with was Anthony
Joshua that nigga made his US debut at
Madison Square Garden and got beat OH –
uh what – post by an overnight Mexico
overweight Mexican okay thank you
Jem Starr says I give Dana until
February until she’s on YouTube wearing
make America great again hair bonnets to
capitalize off of the Magna grid okay
okay mr. flowers thank you so much okay
all right listen Ronnie thank you so
much I’m gonna call it a night I got I
got a cleanup here and then I I may go
lay some pipe Ronnie thank you so much
for your time happy New Year to you and
yours all right was Ronnie there boss
shit Ronnie Yes No maybe did I hang up
on her
I think I did holy shit okay all right
hey guys thank you for bouncing with us
this evening I hope that you have been
entertained and somewhat enlightened
hold on a second I gotta get a brand new
banner up here I am promoting essence
how do I say this name is basa vos si
and 100 Acre Woods I need your banner
please resend me your banner via email I
don’t know where it is
pardon me I’m just I’m doing a lot
tonight but um you guys have a great
evening and be safe take care good night

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