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Why is Satan depicted as the goat? … this may be the symbolic answer…. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

ever wondered why the why the goat is a
symbol of Satan
it’s because the word goat written in
it’s a proper noun in proper English is
capitalized means a goat those things
that walk around four legs
but the word goat written in all
uppercase text is the same type of
nectar riding its family’s tombstones
here it has a different meaning to the
goat that we find in in English
dictionary the goat in the in the legal
dictionaries such as Black’s Law
Dictionary means to sue on the channels
the man-made channels of water the
channel of water from land into the sea
and it’s through these channels of water
where the laws of the sea usurp
themselves up into the cities that’s how
we’ve got dumb
that’s how we’ve got the law of water
the law of the Holy See spread across
the across the lands so it’s a um
it’s a strange wall it says it’s a world
of there’s two worlds that are that tub
of they they coexist in parallel with
each other
it’s the two trees in the garden reading
Tree of Life tree of knowledge which is
the tree is really a house it’s the
house of the debtor the house of the
and there’s two different languages two
different books two different
dictionaries a dictionary for the words
of life proper English
and a dictionary for the corpus juris
which is the corpus is the containment
but it also means in the Latin
dictionaries it means Cadogan body dead
the corpus juris is the jurisdiction of
the wall of the Dead and that languages
is found in the legal dictionaries they
all up case text which is really the
sign language and sign is really just
the word sign written in all uppercase
text or the symbolic language of sign
which is the engraved images that are
found on the tombstones
the word sign is simply
sin with the G and the G is just means
the governance of sin the sign is the
governing of sin
and the sign language has its own
jurisdictions it’s its own legal
people sometimes get confused mistaken
about the two different languages I see
the two different languages on a
document and if you don’t know the
difference between the two of them you
will assume them to be one and that’s
where the joinder from the living and
the dead once you join yourself you
attach yourself to the ledges of the
dead like these tombstones
well then
you’re no longer living you’re attached
to the dead if you don’t know the
difference between the proper English
the proper nouns on the document and if
you confuse the dead legit text the all
uppercase text as part of the of the
document then the man dressed in black
that’s mourning your death in a
courtroom we’ll assume that you have
agreed to align yourself with the dead
corporations within the jurisdiction of
the corpus juris which is the terms and
conditions of dead contracts you forego
your justice you’re just bound by the
statutes the statute is bound by the
engraved in graven images
that’s why the goat is always depicted
as status Satan because the goat is
really the in English is just to go to
but in law
the very word Geo 80 written in the
hieroglyphic sign language is not a goat
it’s the sewer and steer the man-made
instrument the channels the law of the
sea onto the land
it’s the usurper the serpent
and that’s its mystical ways of how you
can be trapped
inside their chambers the terms of the
death of the dead it seems also light
harder doesn’t
when you think that these are the people
in undead and you’re still living
if you hold any sort of formal firm
licenses credit cards passports you hold
anything like that that’s
that’s written in the dead ledger
symbolic text the engraved images as men
dressed in black in those courthouses
those tribunals they are that’s what
they call Star Chamber courts which are
really the chamber is the tomb you enter
into the tomb early in the world of the
dead and that’s why they are dressed in
black found more in your death you
notice all these graves they faced the
morning sky strange a Sun comes up there
it’s iaf well as a sick puppy

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