Get You A Woman That Wanna Get Money With You Not From You


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These new lashes and wig wearing girls don’t want no boss

*They want someone they can run
*They want someone they can tell what to do
*They want someone they can just get money from and handle him the way they wanna

These lashes and wig wearing girls don’t wanna listen
*when a man try to teach them the game
They complain
(What u think u my daddy)

So what they opt out to do is deal with men that they know ain’t gonna push them to be better or do better

A woman like that is lazy with no drive

You should want a man that is on his A game so much that you feel obligated to be a real reflection of him

So it becomes mandatory for u to go hard

But instead y’all wanna sell coochie

Selling coochie dont make u a boss

That should be a woman last result

Yall out here selling coochie
because yall lazy.

Too lazy to get a job or open a business.

U so money hungry that u would suck on a old man mushroom tip for $40 just for some lashes and lip gloss.

Then yall go put all these creams and conditioners in yall to resurrect the coochie

but there ain’t no cream that fix self respect, pride and morality.

U are selling coochie to buy a chicken Sandwich.

Your kids gonna one day have to explain why their momma was a snapchat premium / only fans hall of Famer.

Get you a woman that wanna get money with you not from you

Get u a woman that makes a plan to build tall credit up to buy a house together

Get you a woman that rather cook than go out to eat

Get you a woman that always suggests you to save money not blow it on her

If she want you to buy purses and y’all ain’t got no place to stay

She not the one

If she wants you to invest in her habits
Pay for her and her homegirls to go outta town

Or if she always bringing her friends with her and y’all been together for a while

She not the one

See when a man finds a good woman it be hard for him to accept the fact that she’s good

Because he done went through so many bad ones

But when u do find that one
Build her up
Don’t break her down

Treat her like a teammate
Not an opponent

She will help u win <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

did he get bit up in don’t we bother to
tell you something I got something show
y’all that they I will Johnny I got
something to talk about the day I want
y’all to share this video I want you on
the cities to somebody right now watch
on them tell somebody need over ongoing
line cuz I got some stuff I want to talk
about it some good stuff to watch this I
want to talk about these new islands st.
Anne’s Silicon Valley titty wait where
little girls I want to talk about these
little girls that’s wearing these wings
and these mansions on Hill
that’s not Hill that they they really
don’t want no boats they really don’t
want no bugs they want to do they can
run oh I want to talk about these women
out here Michael 2020 you’re going in to
a no-kill and we really go out like this
you I will try to take ain’t going near
to your shit in fact I need you to send
it to somebody I need you to tear
somebody’s we’ll check somebody we’re
offering to go win city new islands we
where the girls they want somebody they
call rude they want somebody they could
tell what they do they want somebody
they can jet come up and get money from
and handle them how they want to handle
them why they spend your money how they
want to spend your money
Oh chilly new eyelashes where girls deal
away wearing girls down woman missing
damn the man that gonna teach them the
game that you’re playing Oh you thank
you my daddy I got a daddy already I
don’t need nobody telling me what to do
a witness called it girl girl I keep a
dead girl who he hurt boy you got the
wrong boy you better pay – I’ll be back
maybe callable fall baby tell me we’re
going on I’m gonna tell you so what they
do when they get tired of a real dude
they’re coming in life and trying to
teach them the gay you know what they do
they opt out and they deal with a man
that ain’t gonna push them to be a
better person or to do better in life
they go deal with somebody that put up
when they miss and it just impressed
with a beauty and a twig you know that
shit I need y’all to shut in fit I need
y’all to send this to somebody else
better get him the game it might be a
little girl I’m saying right now there
might be a little girl did I say right
now that’s watching that thing that’s
they think that life see what I realize
is a lot of these women is lazy with no
trial but a lot of these women ain’t got
no ambition a lot of these women really
don’t want nothing out of life they just
want to sell Cuchillo thing they just
want to be with a man that’s happy that
they stay in fine fine with brown eyes
and some fake answer titties they think
that’s life but really you ain’t got no
Drive so you should be one of you should
want to be with a man that’s on his a
game so much that you feel obligated to
be a real reflection of him
so it boss you man
Turin and get on your cook it for
shouldn’t work hard at first you go hard
if want you wanna cook every day and
force you to wanna get on yo hustle
every day if what you don’t wanna wake
up and do some with yourself other than
watching everybody else get a chick and
go to Dubai to buy oh girl I’m finna
gonna do back on another nigga chick I’m
gonna keep it clean as I can for the
kick I got a lot of kids be watching me
and I became a robot of y’all I’m gonna
became a role model watch what I say see
what I realized but these women don’t
they don’t want a man that’s gonna push
them so well you know they do every zone
just scripted and that’s fair ain’t got
no problem with the script and there’s
some beautiful strippers out here that’s
all you got to offer that fan ain’t
managed before the women don’t that got
a lot of brains up here but just lazy
don’t want to use they talent you can
sign you could do half you should do
anything besides seeing cootchie take
your clothes off in front of random man
and you wasting your life out here just
trying to sell couch it and then skipper
front of me and mine something wrong
with you cuz you lazy you lazy and I’m
gonna tell you something
selling coaches don’t make you abolish
Darby right oh my oh I’m a boss I got a
read-only page and I make this much
money on money boy let me tell you
something you living your best life nine
but about five years from now we help
kids get older they start I see you buy
that stuff you doing mama mice plans
make that came to the school and showed
me your camera did you do it only with
your tongue he subscribe to your channel
he subscribed to yo fans only man all
that stuff hard to catch up with you to
a point where you trying to work from
you can’t run from it no motor you can’t
run from it no more
you got that owning up to it you got to
own up to it
understand what I’m saying Magnuson man
selling couch it don’t make you a boss
stripping don’t make you a boss now if
you got the script and sale Gucci you
ain’t got no other means or whatever to
get your recipe on Arizona but if that’s
what you do you should be stuck in money
to get outside that life goes all them
girls that do that high no y’all don’t
really wanna do that all y’all get on
drugs all y’all got to get drunk for
y’all doing y’all got to get drunk it
hot so you really don’t want to be in
that going on you really don’t want to
be in there you really want to be home
with your kids but you got your grandma
raising that yo kids you got your mama
raised a yo kids you know baby daddy
ain’t nother round cuz he tired of you
I’m going in a day see what I realize
y’all lazy too lazy to get a job too
lazy to open a business you so money
hungry that you are suck on the old man
mushroom to the old man a hundred twelve
years only by the past I might be but
and you were gonna sucker hit my hotel
just to get it up you ass up on the old
man mushroom to for some lip gloss and
some lashes
y’all some tired answers yeah
I will try listen I need everybody
shedding video I want subscribe to my
channel I need you to forget your song
I’m a star going in cuz they shook it on
old man out here got my granddaddy in
the hospital right now
suck it on him great that he thought he
could still get up and that is it for me
this ain’t for you this for me
she worry so much it’s a hot chick shit
so young and die young nigga that would
he told my hand y’all right now with the
always ours he can’t remember what
happened Chico but I realize y’all don’t
want to open the beaners
y’all don’t want to go get a job a real
job their pain and then I got a problem
with you women that’s putting on all
these creams up in the car
now I’m putting up all the creams up in
there not trying to tighten it back up
you trying to squeeze in fact gonna put
vinegar all in there you put lights on
your couch you put
go to the like curtains and you wonder
why nobody don’t want to marry oh shit
I can’t even get in there no mo you
deeper they’re letting ocean and widens
Pacific and they smell like the
Mediterranean Sea but on the wheel
though I want to talk about this man
summer trying to work okay there you go
get up on me today double then go get up
on me today okay high win the year you
get up on me today double running our
holes I did Google almost and y’all
trying to make it blow down before you
can blow it hard as you can yo coochie
Blauman and coaches stain i’ma keep on
going now why did a lot of y’all women
language you need to understand that
them creams and conditioners that you
put nothing your coochie they don’t fix
I don’t think crying you know it ain’t
no cream for that
it ain’t no cream the cream kill don’t
do nothing that you’re gonna regret
tomorrow do don’t do that today
save your mouths or your coochie man for
your husband oh you don’t think you
wanna get paranoid on me the devil
preyed on me today are to pray all y’all
wanna keep goin on your way
I guess senator coochie for a chicken
sandwich bro that yeah chanting coochie
you sucking shrivel up mush won’t tell
for a chicken sandwich you doing
anything to get you a papaya chicken
sandwich well y’all owe dessert no pick
up that money where y’all at check
himself with is you and Simon tell you
somebody women to write when they got
all them kids then he became arrogant
around January in February they know it
could take time
what is I’m gonna tell you right now we
go to war war 3 ain’t no inter tax so
you better hold on to your chair or your
trick dummy or whoever you mess with go
boy listen you’re gonna get hard in the
garden we gonna take a hold of turns up
we’re gonna be a government shutdown for
rail rounding because they don’t know
where they go did it but we’ll get a
hold of the video you don’t wanna be the
that’s gotta explain it your kids one
why you got a premium snapchat why you
got a premium on Instagram account a
wonderful cash wedding shit Cuchillo not
only fans Hall of Famer boy you wanna
deal you don’t want to be one of them
people don’t want to pay listen I
recommend all my real man out here man
they get you a woman that won’t get
money with you and not from you get you
a woman that want to come up with you
and not off you get you a woman man that
makes a plan
before your credit report so y’all gonna
go buy a house one day together get you
a woman I’d rather cook for you cook for
y’all I’m Tokyo Kings man rather than
guar they eat every week they’re blowing
your money eating up your money every
week get you a real woman man can always
suggest how to save money instead of
blow it on hook behind purchase and all
that stuff that shit and y’all ain’t got
no place to stay y’all staying on your
mama get to a real woman you won’t be
suggesting you to go about her Louie
Vuitton Gucci tired of bitchy Michael
Kors and all this stuff and it ain’t Joe
is that you ain’t got it like that you
gotta take the penitentiary chances to
get their money she ain’t the one cuz a
real woman ain’t gonna do that
a real woman for the put a yo girl man
chopped listen our weddings in the
palest purse and I would he look cheap
shoes till we bought us a house we got a
real golden man we got kids to take care
of I don’t care not about that I don’t
care not about that share this video
right now I need y’all to share this
video everybody calling me a texted me
share this video I give you my number at
the end of the video where you could
call me but right now I want to talk to
my people share this video let me tell
you something if your woman want you to
invest in her habits
she always wanted playing her homegirls
out of town with her you gotta pay for
her and she called herself your woman
she’s not the one and she always
bringing her home girls with like
dollars been together for a while and
she always taking them out to eat when
y’all go out to eat she not the one man
a real woman aim for the toilet with a
shoe and hard time is she’ll turn out
about no friends she’ll turn out about
nobody else and all that witness bout
her man is about her man she don’t care
about that
that’s what she’s really into you you
gonna know where you gonna build it
because she gotta do all that she see
when a man finds a good woman he finds a
good thing but sometime it be hard to
accept that you found a good woman cuz
you not been through so many bad ones
it’s just like the women going through
all the bad dudes they don’t know when a
good Rev Run rider coming they like
don’t understand what it is you know why
because they don’t went through all the
bad news so you have to accept dealing
with baggage if skeletons that a
personal branding you because they don’t
win guseong but let me tell you
something if you find
a good one man listen bill huh oh don’t
break her down treat that woman like a
teammate and not on a pony
cuz she gonna help you win I’m tell you
right now you need to build her up you
need to teach other gang don’t run the
game over don’t want me to help you win
y’all finna come up cuz I’m gonna tell
you something I was just looking at and
god bless the dead bless bless died from
TLC but I was looking at her story last
night on lifetime right and I realized
that tears left I was crazy she pays it
and that god Andre Rison he was crazy
about her because opposites attract she
was into Tupac more than him but he
didn’t see them she knew he was security
to poppers Oh like Tupac he was like
that dogged but see what I rely about
hundret Rises she know that was the
security she knew she couldn’t mess up
with him because he would go hold on the
floor she burned down his mansion he’ll
come back she would have burned our
two-part mansion to part when it came in
you already know what he gonna hit him
up and see what I realized my left eye
she was crazy for attention she was
crazy and she pretty much the man went
broke under a rising we’re broken here
never admit that this I really was his
downfall and God blessed there you know
like to speak on the dead but sometimes
we got to acknowledge a nerve from the
deceits left ass was Andre Rison
downfall and I believe he went and
married a girl with the same name and
had three key listen she loves to his
children they was dating trying to have
kids and all that she had two
miscarriages God was just trying to tell
him mainly this girl alone might let
this girl go with Tupac she crazy you
can’t deal with her her to pop both
cranes make a deal with each other but
jump a deal with this woman
what y’all can’t chef megatron’s y’all
tryin to hate on okay what you do you
aim for the head on this mess up and go
away anything cuz I got something safe I
got something to say today you can’t
shop girl they bet they they hating on
me are they trying to throw down the
standing is windy in here like near
Miami today on the work more no but I’m
gonna keep going in let me tell you
something left I was crazy
look at her story really research her
and understand what I’m saying I ain’t
trying to talk bad on her because I
don’t speak on the day and she was and
that she was very talented but she was
crazy and she was the downfall to Andre
Rison a star receiver it’s just like now
I like what I realize is sometimes
opposites attract but sometimes we gotta
recognize that that’s not our match the
woman burned down his whole house she
burned down his whole mansion and tow it
down it because you could go with it she
burned down Andre Rison mansion put all
his new shoes in a tub and burned it
down man left I will crazy as hell my
oh she went it called love and hate on
her own when they checked into a
facility cuz she had to go to the crazy
house she called love and hate on her
home and when he stopped trying to see
when he stopped at attention – she jogs
trying to fight for attention and when
they called little bit hate on her home
crazy but when I realized is as though
she was crazy he still kept going back
to her let me tell you why you can’t
help who you love you can’t help who you
love she was in love with Tupac
he couldn’t let go when Tupac died he
couldn’t let go the fact that she was
really in love with Tupac right
she really loved to party really really
wanted him like that like at a certain
point they stopped seeing each other so
much she even called off the marriage
like the cheese when Tupac died she
wanted to marry Andre Rison died he was
the backup plan the whole time he did
was stupid but what I realize he is he
still loved her
so when Tupac died she tried to marry
him but then at the last minute she
called off of the way and she said I
wanna marry you no more and he said it
hurt him but that was jig are trying to
rescue him from the situation he was
stuck in she loves toyou kiss you know
burn down a man she done lost all type
of stuff you know hate she’s out keep
fighting you keep going to jail
you’ve gone along so many NFL contract
you don’t with the judge the field you
don’t with the clearly you don’t with
the Atlanta Falcons you know when to
breathe and when you’re friends with God
keep moving you know what you do you win
a Super Bowl championship with the Green
Bay Packers way it was standing there
loud on that but when he got when God
rescue him from the girl he won a Super
Bowl championship you know what he did
they when he voted
Super Bowl girl that dude ain’t no good
my magnificent her mind the deal we
didn’t do anything you could tell huh he
going back to her she going back to him
cuz love ain’t got no juicy from the
outside you like man you know what I
don’t know put up with that you lookin
at her like oh my God look at him and
you like man this girl crazy brushie
direction cause she done messed up your
house he doesn’t push your mama she done
did everything she wanna be Rhino kids
he went back so much she’d time to man
magic she said she went out on purpose
she say Houston they were staying away
from each other at one point she say he
used to go out and stay out the 5:00 in
the morning she said one day she got
tired and we’re not the stayed at 5:00
in the morning and they got them and she
burnt down the house don’t you know in
this day and age you see what Antonio
Brown going through you sitting in San
Xavier how would you see all these
football players that’s going through
these domestic May they would hug what
I’m getting at is
woman katenka same see a lot to do is
can’t speak on this type of stuff
because they don’t know how to hate
message what I’m trying to do is
influence you and empower you and your
spy not to get a woman like that I’m
trying to inspire you the space for
women like that maker these women ain’t
no glue there take your time you need to
get you a real woman you cuz bill with
knocking somebody killed with a poke
Marion one he’s only fan trips who can’t
find oh and they really that fine why
didn’t got nobody chasing a behind
trying to put a ring on you know why cuz
they really ain’t know that they just
trying to make you feel like they all
like but they ain’t got none going on
ain’t nothing special about them girl
even girl oh they can’t find nobody
wanna put a ring on it they just look
good for the internet but damn good for
your life you need a real woman that’s
gonna tell you the right name
you need a real woman that’s going to
power you you need a real woman that
slushee your backbone you need a real
woman that’s gonna overlook these dudes
out here no they wrong understand what
I’m saying you need a real Roman
distorted this a new deal you can’t go
in the New Year with the old habit with
these older people that we know holding
that go we gotta let them go leading
people in 20 19 18 17 and 2000 to get
them around you because they blocking
the blessed and sometimes the people you
have around you or block your blessing
and you blocking your old blessed
because God keeps sure you signs guard
kept showing Andre Rison signs main
leaders woman oh man and you know how
I’m telling that you women I want you to
do research
I don’t know off the head left eye he
married a woman with the same name is
left night and had I believe three or
four kids from this moment because
separating him from all the money he had
he don’t got no money he put out a book
called broke
he broke and hit costing his career he
made about 50 to 60 million dollars and
he broke chasing down the wall
understand what I’m saying I don’t care
what they say the Karma’s on speaker
from the heart it’s just something to
think about you could do research on
everything I’m saying and make your own
animal analyzation unfit you know I’m
saying I really want to say this man if
you find a good a good woman make her
your wife because you found a good thing
they hard to find but man if you run
into problems with this woman she not
your match let it go
King Charles saved up what they say in
the comments you better believe it I
don’t care because I’m speaking from the
heart I’m speaking from my enemies like
what I seen is what i’ma tell you they
don’t matter if you dead or alive I must
speak on you if you did something just
cuz you die don’t make you perfect just
cuz you die don’t make you real it’s
some people that’s doing all kind of
robbing and beating up women and when
they die y’all become by oh I know here
in heaven looking down on me man that
man that helped burn it
that man was robbing out here that man
was selling drugs doing all type of
stuff make Artie bucco and you riding a
boat he going to heaven man Gaga ugly he
prays about pretty understand what I’m
saying man learn some gain from the
people that’s net that came before you I
learned from the game this I need
everybody to share this video send this
video somebody I need y’all to subscribe
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I call / Nino brown 305 I need y’all to
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to my supporters I’m gonna start giving
our gifts to people that subscribe to my
channel I need people to get I need to
get people as many people as you can to
hear this message because I’m speaking
at real stuff and a lot of people ain’t
doing that so I’m gonna keep it all the
way real blood wrong angle nothing
sugarcoat what I say I’m not siding
nobody I can do what I want to do so I’m
I already speak on that real stuff right
and I need y’all to go to Rita man and support the movie
making a shirt I got a lot on paper this
shirt on integrity crown with the
now I support the movement I need
everybody support the movement but the
moral of the story
get you a real one that you can deal
with and I just chill with treating her
like a pony and treat her like a
teammate somebody that matching spirit
somebody that’s really in it for the
long haul somebody that you could deal
with somebody that you could build a
house with but she bringing the
foundation and you laying the bricks and
she putting the semen on the bridge
y’all taking it step by step
somebody that not you somebody I met you
and not Pat you Pacho puckers up have
you ride your crying to your mama trying
to patch Oh harder share this video man
I need y’all to help me somebody I need
one of those crowns that’s Timothy Cox
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mama says to your daddy since somebody
that’s going through a situation where
they need to let somebody go on a life
to inspire them to let them go they need
this encouragement I need y’all help
with that thank you so much for watching
me man
god bless you shot the junior in group
shot the whole exclusive TV listen it’s
going down today gotcha
I appreciate everybody wants to go to we
to finish down car right now support the
movement thank you God bless

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