George Zimmerman Sues Trayvon Martin's family


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George Zimmerman was acquitted in the fatal 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin, but according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Florida, he believes there was a conspiracy to frame him and wants $100 million in damages. Attorney Larry Klayman announced the lawsuit in tandem with a Coral Gables screening of a documentary titled, “The Trayvon Martin Hoax,” which has since been canceled. Zimmerman is scheduled to appear alongside Klayman at a Thursday news conference. The chief allegation in the lawsuit is that civil rights attorney Ben Crump helped to swap out a reluctant witness, Brittany Diamond Eugene, for her half-sister, Rachel Jeantel, and helped prepare her to deliver a script intended to land Zimmerman in prison for the 17-year-old’s killing on February 26, 2012. Crump began representing Trayvon’s parents starting on February 28, 2012, the lawsuit says.


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hey the star report Wednesday night
I’m your host Troy Terrain PKA star
power-packed show tonight power-packed
george zimmerman suing Trayvon Martin’s
family and a host of others will jay-z
be included in that lawsuit Oh Jigga man
was talkin reckless wasn’t he about
George Zimmerman and whatever happened
to DMX was it there supposed to be some
celebrity boxing match 2014 or 2015
did DMX Punk out full and open right now
and Bostic running will to bring her in
earlier early because we have some
things to discuss by way of this lawsuit
that’s coming George Zimmerman it is he
the real gangster huh you got to be
careful in YouTube you know saying
things that may slander someone or
incriminate someone without them being
convicted late Trayvon Martin Martin
down yes he did still walking around
Florida nobody has pulled up to my
knowledge I don’t know also on the
screen we have to be careful because bad
baby she’s still a minor to my knowledge
I think she’s 16 years of age clapping
at fake black women I’ve got the notes
here the details holy smokes the shade
room has it all and then bad baby issued
an apology if you’re not the speed we’re
gonna take her time tonight it’s over
some some box braids that she’s been
wearing and you know stylin and profilin
I don’t know who’s you know coming at
her claiming that this is cultural
appropriation but she has fired back to
all the black females that are saying my
hair ain’t meant for box braids guess
the fuck what your hair ain’t meant to
be straight and she says a whole lot
more and then she issued an apology are
you up to speed hold on a second the
apology she’s saying suck my
she’s saying suck my dick bad baby huh
yeah she took a whoopin you know um
whoa Vicki whoa Vickie mop the floor
with her you know but I guess she says
she’s not taking with Elsa no black
females we’ll talk about it and a few
other things I want to put on the table
here this evening
hold a second my notes all scattered
around Owen Wilson paying 25,000 a month
child support whoa Jesus or drugs and
prostitutes cheap or any come on what
happened said the whole big towel thing
men going their own way why is anybody
paying 25k a month for child support a
child he says he has never seen nor does
he want to and art Kelly’s a girlfriend
joseline’s Savage oh she made a video
it’s on she’s going ten toes
down she says that account of the
patreon page and the IG page false bogus
she’s still riding with our Kelly she’s
dedicated and she’s no traitor huh so
Tasha Kate was right all the time
yeah jostling savage okay let me get
bullshit running in here early so we can
get to the bullshit Trayvon Martin’s
family does George Zimmerman have a case
Bostic Molly are you there good evening
hey hey hey hey seven three two on the
check-in good evening how you feel I’m
doing pretty good in yourself good can
you hear me loud and clear
loud and clear you found excellent okay
okay so let’s take our time here this is
a story that is all over the place
trending and I got the notes here from George Zimmerman who was
acquitted of the fatal shooting in 2012
of trayvon martin has filed a lawsuit
today in florida he believes that there
was a conspiracy to frame him he wants
100 million dollars in damages he’s got
a lawyer and he’s included a bunch of
people in this case what do you want to
go okay so it is a hundred million
dollar lawsuit the lead defendant is
actually Trayvon Martin mother and
say again who’s suing Trayvon’s mother
or the father because they’re not
together to my knowledge the mother she
is the lead defendant Silvia I’m sorry
Sabrina Fulton okay Sybrina Fulton and
also the prosecutors involved in the
case the attorney who represented the
during that time Benjamin Crump suing
him yes come on and they are also suing
they’re also suing HarperCollins
who is the publisher of a book that Ben
Crump released in October okay okay now
did Ben Crump uh address George
Zimmerman as a murderer because he was
acquitted so technically he’s not a
murderer is he slandering him in the
book do you have those details we know
this is kind of early just came out
today well the book is available on
I did see a link to it in an article
about the lawsuit and so the book is
called I’ll say it it is open season
legalized genocide of colored people so
if I was presumed to guess it would be
that then made certain references to the
case or made certain references to
Zimmerman directly and that’s why he and
his publisher being included in the suit
because the suit is seeking damages for
defamation or abusive civil process and
conspiracy I would imagine
I’m not certain but there may be
something in something in that suit also
that references potential lost earnings
because to my knowledge he’s still
trying to sell memorabilia
you know signing things to get money but
also there’s some type of he’s claiming
his legal team that there was a swap out
of a reluctant witness Brittany diamond
Eugene and her half-sister so there’s a
there was some type of discrepancy and
and they’re claiming that one of them
was a fake witness yes yes the suit also
claims that you know all of the parties
have worked in concert
deprived him of his constitutional and
other legal rights so with respect to
the the witness swapping they claimed
Sybrina Fulton is the one who
orchestrated the witness swapping with
the prosecutors okay so they’re
basically saying that there was like a
collusion going on between all of these
parties and as far as Ben and the
publisher that would relate more to the
defamation has jay-z been named in the
suit because I want to get to uh some
we’ve got lyrics jay-z was addressing
george zimmerman has he been named yet
Jigga man not as of yet but I mean if he
puts out another verse like you know
some of the other verses he’s put out I
wouldn’t be surprised you know if his
name ends up and you know a lawsuit
because here’s the thing anybody can sue
anybody anybody can get a lawyer to draw
up some paperwork and you know saying oh
you know you hurt my feelings and it
caused me emotional distress or you know
I feared for my life or your lyrics I
took them seriously so anybody can say
anything but I thing is that this case
was like a coordinated effort between
Zimmerman’s attorney who is Larry
Clayman I’m not sure if you’re familiar
with him but he’s like a high-profile
activist lawyer yeah and then the other
guy is Joe Joe Gilbert he is a filmmaker
so they have a film coming out called
the Trayvon hoax and it was supposed to
be screened this week they many times
everything to coincide together the
lawsuit with the movie screenings but
the venue actually has canceled the
event so it will not be screened they’re
now trying to find another venue but
this entire thing looks like a circus
like it’s really you know cheap okay
all right I’m gonna come back to you I
want to get some of those jay-z lyrics
together and folks will go to the phone
lines early tonight
and Dana with the smoke if you’re out
there I want to talk to Dana as well
because I think you and Dana are on the
same page with regards to bad babies
statement which we have not read in its
entirety yet with regards to a black
women being fake
wigs yada yada yada so we’ll get to that
in a second hang on let me go to area
code 201 early 201 good evening talking
about George Zimmerman
suing Trayvon Martin’s family 201 are
you there oh hey you guys yes sir how
are you I’m about yourself good good
soon we’ll be in data with Zimmerman
suing the family right now I think he’s
just scrounge across the paper okay I’m
saying get his name out there the paper
they acquired from the cake a cake did
get it ran out trying to get his name
back out there you know cloud chasing
get them boy endorsements as we all are
keep it really yeah now honestly jay-z
he was personally you’re not gonna do
can you say that again back up what you
say going out here what what do you mean
going out of here decided turn suit
jay-z over some former lyrics yeah
before I think a button that you push
never met he’s too big now well sure why
hasn’t the button been pushed already I
mean he was I beg to differ sir they ran
down a little reach out in broad
daylight and people run up on each other
always pulling up you know black people
have black people go out to each other
like it’s nothing over Facebook
Instagram Twitter I mean I’m not wishing
anything upon George Zimmerman because
YouTube’s not playing that game but I’m
just saying why hasn’t the button been
but what I’m saying is Sun I now feel
which is where you’re going with it is
that when it comes to us it’s like
stepping on an ant all the time when
it’s time of course that financial
bridge that gap to go put in some real
like revolutionary type work Malcolm
already said think you’re scared to
bleed okay go to war for the country you
know that’s the mentality we have
unfortunately I’m just my opinion okay
what state are you calling from
with a 2-1 Jersey I appreciate thank you
thank you have a good one okay okay so
he says jig a man might push the button
if the lawsuit comes jay-z what do you
think why do you think that’s wishful
thinking they think I think bullshit I
think he was saying that push the button
I think he meant that other people would
come for him and I think that might be
right but I I think it makes a different
point which is that people would value
Jays life more than they would you know
some kid who tragically lost his life oh
actually I should say was murdered so
you know and that’s bad Trey way has not
pushed a button on Takashi or anybody in
his family out possible walking around
the streets of New York up and haul him
in broad daylight nobody’s pushed no
button it is George Zimmerman it the
real gangster hang on a sec let’s go
back to the phone lines area code for
one for and then we’re gonna get to a
bad baby phone for you there good
sound like you smoked out earlier yeah
as you should be you work hard you want
to talk about George Zimmerman or
bad baby we haven’t even got to that
yeah up to speed let’s go that girl you
know it’s sad to say that she’s going
into turning her life around and being
like and I hate to say it she’s gonna
end up being like a cardi B and that’s
not to down talk cardi B but that’s that
that she’s in that she’s in that playing
field where she’s looked at as like just
like this bad girl and she’s ratchet and
all of that she’s gonna change her life
around when I hang on brandy are you up
to speed on what’s been said before we
started talking about what’s gonna
happen to her down the road she was
wearing some box braids she posted this
up on the gram i guess this started
kicking up some dust she released a
statement clapping at black females
specifically did you know about the
statement mm-hmm yeah okay no I’m gonna
read the statement hold on to anybody
who’s not at the speed so this is from
bad baby’s Instagram page to all the
black females that are saying my hair
ain’t meant for box braids guess the
fuck what your hair ain’t meant to be
straight but y’all glue whole wigs on to
your heads and so Brazilian Indian
Peruvian hair which is anything like
your natural hair texture at all and I
don’t say a goddamn thing neither do the
other cultures that you get the hair
from and on top and on top of that I’m
not one of the people who has ever made
fun or said anything about girls with
box braids or any type of braids i
completely agree that that would be out
of line and culture appropriation but if
i was trashing black girls for wearing
braids then getting but what’s not this
is written horribly not this situation
at all so leave me the fuck alone or
i’mma start getting real disrespectful
your thoughts on that Brandi not sound
like cardi back in 2012-2013
who didn’t give a fuck about her smoking
Newports and stripping and doing all of
this girl is she’s on the same track
like Brandi we talked about a white girl
not not some type of Hispanic a white
girl and and then she came with an
apology saying suck my dick come on pick
it up moving slow okay she’s on the same
row of cardi B she’s gonna change her
life around turn her life around and
nobody’s thank you can I ask what you
smoked and brandy it’s not like you’re
grooving me smoking yeah
smoking k2 a hookah spice were you
smoking no okay well I appreciate the
call dollar hit me on that the gram DM
some turn I like looking at you okay my
brandy on the check-in yeah son she’s
grooving huh Ronnie hey so let’s come
back to George Zimmerman in a second
here um so I just read bad baby’s
statement it’s very on running no
periods you gotta pause and shit like
that this was posted on the shade room
earlier today do you have bad babies
apology can you read the apology
Ronnie or should I read it I’m sure yeah
she came back with an apology folks
catch the apology I’ll get the other
Coll set up okay good
okay so she says I want to deeply
apologize to everyone whose lives have
seriously affected and obviously she
been affected by the way I wear my hair
and from the bottom of my heart I wanted
to tell you to suck my di CK and yes
come on come on
and yes apparently I guess I have really
affected Lyme I can’t figure out another
reason why anyone would take time out of
their day to write paragraphs and bully
someone about hair and by the way
whoever want to come pull him out like
like they said you got my location I
ain’t hiding okay okay now she’s 16 or
17 Ronnie says she was born in 2003 okay
so she’s a baby now let’s keep it real
because when I spoke to you earlier you
were talking really you know greasy and
I said you know whoa were you going to
you said I’m gonna keep that same energy
you agreed with her about the box braids
please absolutely and you know all of
that stuff that she wrote she’s not
talking to me
she’s addressing the people who are up
in arms over her hairstyle me personally
I wouldn’t care if she went Britney
Spears and shaved it all off as far as
her position she has a sound argument
you can’t go get bundles and Peruvian
this and Brazilian that Malaysian this
and put that in your hair and get it
installed and you know however they put
it in and then complain about her having
box the box braids okay that’s
so she’ll he was directly talking to
black females that’s what she said and
you say you agree with her yes
absolutely I agree with her this is a
sound argument and I mean like really
why why should it bother you how someone
else wears their hair okay hang on a
second mix vibes radio on the check and
via cash yep thank you I get your your
donation also Chaka grieving Chaka says
Chaka block okay thank you for your
donation as well I’m gonna bring in some
more phone calls with regards to
either/or topics go to area code
seven one seven good evening seven one
seven are you there
yo star I’m here bro hey you how are you
sir what do you want to start bad baby
clapping at black females she wants to
smoke you have to speed yeah I’m up to
speed bro oh my opinion hey while you’re
me like you do got a point let’s always
be wearing like you know the Peruvian
the Brazilian and you know who so how do
they think they got position you know
Pablo for huh what are you smoking sound
like you groovin everybody smoking
tonight what were you doing okay what do
you think about what are you smoking
keep it real let’s go there tonight
fuck the Algren what do you smoke it you
shootin you sniffing leave it just a
guess bro some Kush okay I don’t know is
the cush laced keep it real late night
is coach laced I’m sorry is the cush
least you thought the guy that calls in
sometimes from up north right we won
seven the last question do you give a
shit about George Zimmerman suing
Trayvon Martin’s family 100 million any
thoughts on that
of course he needs to get his fucking
top knocked back on the air but yeah now
of course he’s gonna be doing that he
needs you know ran down were like we can
he take the child’s life and then
through the parents after you know miss
parents are like doing all these great
activist for not to bitch things now are
the parents really doing great things or
are they just cloud chasing and eating
off of uh you know their son who may
have done something that brought this
upon himself
I’m not saying when he beat the case
George Zimmerman now you got people
writing books talking reckless
fucking up the bag so here comes a
lawsuit we think I mean they are doing
great things I mean with the death of
the child of course they need to harness
it and try to make something good out of
it they can’t just sit around and sulk
about you know the kind of opportunities
they can get from you know the tragic
death I don’t think they do anything
wrong yes thank you call me and salute
okay bye smoking tonight brought him in
I think Dana’s online whole in a second
ah shit that Dana would smoke 973 Dana
hey he allowed so you and I spoke
earlier you agree with Ronnie that
there’s nothing wrong with bad baby
wearing out of the box braids and black
women are for the most part fake were
you going because she wasn’t
participating in cultural appropriation
you know she didn’t say oh these are the
bad bad baby breathe no she just she
likes the hairstyle and she wanted to
wear it out like that and I’ll have a
problem with it because reading her
statement I love that say she came with
the facts okay
black women one aware they’re here like
Pacific Islanders and Brazilians and
nobody’s not saying anything this she
has a right to wear box free that comes
from the black culture so it’s nothing
wrong with it hmm so all that Bo Derek
shit back in the days that’s that old
shit you know uh the movie ten yeah
Kim Kim Kardashian she was catching some
heat ‘no but a years ago that’s old shit
it’s all all black culture now everybody
no the problem that i have particularly
with black women that have a problem
with bad baby is you didn’t see nothing
when kim kardashian did it back in the
day they actually did did they kick up a
little dust they could blow dust but but
she said I have black babies back up off
me for the most part it’s right when she
called it she called it that Kim
Kardashian breathe she she didn’t
recognize where it came from the left
okay Gary Dave Hall Annette both very
brave you think I’m saying so when you
rename something that already existed
from somebody specific culture then
that’s disrespectful this girl didn’t do
that one you want to jump in with
regards to what Danis saying yeah
absolutely agree all she did was get her
hair done and take some pictures that’s
no different than any other female and
the fact that people are upset about it
it’s like you know really you know of
all the things to be upset about
you’re mad how somebody else is wearing
their hair it’s not gonna change our
life one way or another what about the
suck my dick part we’re talking about a
16 year old white girl I can get past
her wearing the box braids and you guys
laid out a good argument but what about
the suck my dick part have you seen some
of the comments have you seen some of
the things that people are saying to her
making threats and I’m gonna do this and
that she referenced it people were
telling her we know where you are we
have your location I mean I’ve seen some
of the comments and they are really
nasty people are really writing books
about this troll babies getting at her
troll shit yeah I think she was actually
nice she could have went in a little bit
more you know but I’m just I just feel
as though right now black people
particularly with black women it’s a
whole lot of other stuff we need to
focus on and that’s the problem that
black people have we get our emotions in
and stuff that’s not important and BS
you know and not the real thing because
now all this reparation stuff is coming
up you got different states about to
give our reparations and we need to stay
on top of that focus on that you know
where we get shut out of reparations not
some young white girl wasn’t with my
okay okay George Zimmerman you want to
jump in on that topic suing the the
Martin family so what everybody Benjamin
Crump I mean yeah that’s just how it
goes I mean a hundred million
you have to go you have to put a real
high number but you know he’s never
going he probably won’t see one dime but
nowhere near hundred million if he wins
but um he probably need the money you
probably wanted to get his name back out
there and you know I’m not upset that
he’s doing it and I’m not happy that
he’s doing it but his parents settled
they’ve got I don’t know if they won in
the silver case against them but I know
the Housing Association in Florida they
got a couple million they settle so you
got your money you know you and this
these different programs brushing up
with politicians I don’t you know I
don’t I don’t care I see George
Zimmerman possibly getting five million
dollars possibly he can claim that hang
well he can claim that a an atmosphere
has been created where his life is in
you got the biggest rapper jay-z who
stirring the pot I can’t earn a living
can I beat the goddamn case we think
about that yeah you can’t earn a living
people you know dragging your name in a
negative way you were acquitted so the
way I justice system works yeah he may
win and so what he when he went you know
I’m still I feel as though that’s when
you know you young back joke black men
and women are getting murdered and
killed like that you know stop taking
this settlement money so I’m looking at
it a whole different angle so will you
take the settlement money that means
that you don’t care if the system change
or not
so you worried about some girls here you
know but you don’t care what your
current politician is doing in your
local days regarding reparations you
know so our focus is not where it needs
to be okay all right anything else on
your channel you want to promote I
mentioned dinner the real Dana on
YouTube I’m subscribed to the real Dana
I think I’m going to do a live tonight I
could I need the clap at this black man
just a little bit more but can you tell
us now what a black man do to you now
you just saw the movie Queen and slim
and you
and you know I love black men I’m gonna
love black men I’m talking about the
select about the black males the ones
that are not gonna make it everybody’s
not gonna make it I’m just gonna lay out
the reasons why you know we need people
to be at the bottom
mm-hmm so I’m going to talk about those
those those black men you know but um
but just real quick and also I just you
know with the thing about the hair the
reason another reason why I do agree
with her because of Gabrielle Union
America’s Got Talent
situation number one there are a lot of
white women in Hollywood that is
supporting her you know so we do need to
have solidarity of other races you know
Stan so that we can have proper justice
so yeah well hang on a second because
since you put that on the table you sent
me an email about some investigation
into the Gabrielle Union firing was it
about yes oh I’m Eros Got Talent which
is I’m Simon Cowell show on NBC you know
she was let go and now she just had a
meeting with the NBC 5 hour meeting and
and it was you know she said it was a
productive meeting and she led with
transparency and she hopes that is you
know bring about real change and now the
SAG I guess actors unions they’re
opening up investigation because they
want to make sure that he’s not he’s not
creating a hostile work environment you
know because she was having no pants and
her hair was too black he was smoking
inside the building and it’s supposed to
be smoke-free so and a lot of women that
don’t last long on that show no I’ve
never seen that show to be honest with
you so I don’t know anything about that
but Jim all right I’ll keep my eye out
for that but let me just say this before
you go dinner I have no problem with
white people wearing LOX
I never have
so so if we’re giving bad baby up a
pastor tonight let me just go on the
records I have no problem with white
people wearing logs as long as they have
some basic understanding appointment of
raster Rastafarian culture give me last
word exactly exactly and don’t try to
make it your own
yeah pay homage to where it comes from
okay thank you Dan for checking in okay
take care
hold on Boston Ronnie sadirah sends in a
cash hello should dear let me get you in
line area code 973 take up time tonight
George Zimmerman suing people are you
upset are you bothered you come back to
in a second I’ll see you 973 right right
here so the area code nine one floor
good evening and I went for are you
there and I went for yes no maybe
hey leave me oh yes sir okay okay do
that taken care of a long time ago there
you have the floor sir Jimmy you have
the floor yeah I’ll just say can you
watch the language off the ripped is
let’s have a conversation
we’ll need profanity just you know to
have it we don’t need the profanity talk
bad about open is that bad to talk about
he doesn’t beat the shit okay let’s get
them out here he’s got nothing to say
spring an area code 903 leave me 903 are
you there
okay this is shitty I had just sent you
another cash I paid how are you hard to
say was first of all most of the people
who owns it are the people who are
streaming her music following her own
instantly liking her pictures like dough
box braids aren’t the only thing that
you do
what black people do she dresses like
she pops like she does everything
if black girls walks around fucking like
this ah ah then people would be upset
but when she talks like that
nobody cares it’s – and it’s funny I
don’t follow
I don’t make comments I don’t share
anything that has to do her because I’m
not gonna give you more mo
I don’t like her I don’t like that she’s
a caricature of black girls that are
ghetto and I don’t like that everybody
made her a millionaire and now y’all
want to be mad cause you got some
buckling right
I personally don’t care because I wear
my braids like she said I get straight
hair I bought Ruby and I bought curly
and I wear my own curly hair I don’t
care who wears their hair house so I
don’t really understand why all the
people I thought that extreme I heard
music loving every up everything no she
doesn’t like and everything sharing
everything and when she had to fight
well Vicki everybody was both of your
arms about all of that
yeah she gonna pussy a whole could never
as well Vicki go ahead I really don’t
understand that I’m evil I don’t care
what I don’t care about anything that
she does but it’s the black people that
are mad or the black people that made
her who she is right now and they’re
gonna say man because I would tell them
all the same thing fuck my dick yeah
hang on a second what you’re saying
makes a lot of sense but now you know
the Internet has meshed everybody
together from the South Midwest West and
the East Coast so so we have a whole new
generation of babies respectfully that
are indeed their hip-hop you know upset
well today’s hip-hop not hip-hop from
yes yesteryear but they’re hip-hop whoa
Vicki and bad baby the rest of they talk
more but more hood and more ghetto than
you know older people yeah I don’t know
I mean like I said I don’t really care
about nobody can give me other moms
about what they do when Kim Kardashian
her braids I’ve seen it I killed
scrolling I roll my eyes I talked to my
boyfriend I said baby look at this look
at this and then I went on with my life
like I don’t get upset about these types
of things okay beside people who are
getting upset are the same people who
made her who she is so that’s really
like I really need everybody to let it
go and the girl’s gonna keep going she
gonna do now now she don’t have all the
different colors about plays now that’s
odd y’all gonna put my money in her
that’s what I don’t realize that how
they’re doing I also know do is boost
her some more and that’s why she’s Moody
I don’t block her I don’t see her on a
blog post sir I don’t want us to do with
it like I don’t like her so I keep my
disconnect because just unlike the
people who are you know there are people
running to her page you make her
analytics go up yeah hang on a second do
you think she has a point
do you think she has a point about black
woman’s hair
you know black women try to make it
straight and wearing the the wigs and
she she was talking reckless about glue
and all sorts of stuff does she have a
point about that she didn’t lie in a bag
in my closet right now I just didn’t
feel like you so I can’t I don’t have
anything she didn’t say nothing wrong
right there weed we all wear people’s
hair and then when when somebody’s doing
what we do want to get up in arms
black people want to like okay black
people we do take from other cultures
but we know the coaches like unless we
don’t we don’t keep that energy nobody
very well said you know you can’t okay
I thank you for your call darling have a
great night thank you so much for
donation also okay hold on bullshit
Ronnie because I want to pull something
y’all see we were talking about former
judge Leticia
how do you say her last name is it
Scotty Oh from Rochester dude I’m
talking about Ronnie
the former judge yeah sentenced to 180
days in jail in case anybody didn’t
catch that story she was standing in the
courtroom and I forget the date this was
a week or so ago and she she had on some
long blonde extension oh did you see
that crazy stuff she had on in the
courtroom when she got sentenced yeah
you got it seem like some of like
there’s an entire gallery of pictures of
her from over the years and you know I
think this
was one of her better appearances you
know her outfit her hair you know she
was in comparison this was one of the
better ones okay okay all right suppose
we’re taking calls and I also in case
you’re just now joining us are Kelly’s
go open or one of his girlfriends
joseline’s Savage she did a video on and she says that that patreon
page that was claiming it was her was a
fake it was not her she says she she’s
no traitor
she has declared her love to our Kelly
soutache k was right but some respect on
Tasha cage name eight seven notes on the
line hang on get to some of these cache
apps here so I can make sure I’m
bringing in people are expecting the
machine is that dandy D handy I’m
missing your name yes sir how are you
may is that deal it’s up to you what do
you wanna go bad bad Baby Talk enrollees
about black females specifically was
black a black folks black woman black
people allow her into the course of
celebrated to laugh with a Kiki haha bad
baby is all this and there y’all made
her who she was and when she come back
big true she’s big number of facts and
that’s all the thing I can always agree
with his facts because that means she’s
fair the true what does she say that was
a lot he didn’t say nothing that was a
lot so how can you get mad at that I
women I’m saying I won cuz I got a black
chocolate beautiful Queen and I’m
married to okay and but and my wife
don’t wear all the wish you were ever
lost a while but like I tell women if
when I think of you and I picture that
weave in your head and I’m so in you
wearing it too much if I think of you
and you got that in your hair when I
think of you you want it too much and
you throw it in gluing is and then you
can’t use this it’s almost done you
trying to imitate them you put the blue
contacts in whatever you don’t saying
the blonde hair and you hate your hair
so much that you wear this Wow and you
want this to be your hair so bad they
killed I
our women are killing them robbing and
stealing over this hair right right so
everything she said was fake
hang on a second did you read her
statement I’ve got a statement and her
apology who is she then says to suck
sucker you know her – she says I’m your
hair ain’t meant to be straight but
y’all glue whole wigs on to your heads
and so so Brazilian Indian and proof
Peruvian hair in and then toward the end
it’s a long statement she’s told as she
says so leave me alone or i’mma start
getting real disrespectful ten toes down
what about George Zimmerman any any
thoughts and I don’t want to say nothing
that you know is considered to be an
attack on him but damn and now now suing
the family and everybody else and with
this again I’m a bail bond so I know the
law and I know what you can say what you
can say to get terroristic threatening
charge okay you know say all right what
I will say hey they slip y’all pay for
Benjamin Crawford he sounds like a pure
coupon off on the south but he found my
house here law yeah I have a master’s
degree and 100 grand peers I’m a bail
Farzana private investigator okay this
do sound like a damn fool and y’all let
him get y’all into that mess because you
had a good lawyer they gonna tell you
hey don’t say this don’t say that I’ll
probably say just implies but don’t say
it is because you’d be open yourself up
to reliable right you know because
you’re real good on their thought to
stay on point far as you know making
sure you cover yourself and they got
caught slippin because the man was found
guilty well he wasn’t not and this
another thing I got to say he should i
he should’ve been handled but that’s a
show you have my self-hatred we got as a
people with you already know that we’ll
kill each other over shoes over argument
about Nipsey Hussle we will knock each
other off dumb shit but he’s been
walking around safe outside of george
zimmerman walking around here ain’t
worried about nothing living his life in
florida he neither
and for those who don’t know DMX backed
out of the this celebrity boxing match
was at 2014 running ok I got a 2 Star
Plus on record yeah where rick ross’
with the whole look crib CD stuff and
you get deuce on YouTube making video
star therefore they do see something out
what they gonna do to Rick Ross signing
bags of Skittles hey man thank you for
your donation salute man yeah all right
thank you have a good one yes hey Ronnie
hold on a second can you um can we go
back for a second now you sent me some
lyrics that jay-z said about George
Zimmerman and guys I’m coming to the
Super chatting – absolutely just bear
with me
um do you still have those lyrics in
front of you Ronnie what was it – two
songs that he addressed George Zimmerman
do you read oh no see if the one song is
the one song is talked up and he says
you all killed X that’s a reference to
xxx y’all killed X let simmerman lives
streets is done and then the other song
was top off and he says meanwhile
Georgie Porgie sinan and scented me
save your breath you couldn’t beat a
flight of steps try that with a grown
man I’ll kill that fuck boy with my own
hand and not back in the coop yeah and
hop back in the coop kill them with my
own hands
cool let’s go back to the mine I’ve got
biggest rapper in the world he’s made
songs about me I’m in fear for my life
he could claim hang on a second Elvis
the Shep Rosenberg I see you sir six for
six on the game on the line here
hold on well I see a different six for
six unless he’s calling from no that’s
not him hold on guys
Elvis the Chevron’s at you sir six for
six good evening I would argue that the
reason why george zimmerman is still
alive is because the only time he comes
out it’s when the psyops need to keep us
more and more distracted okay I’m not
saying that the trade Bob the Trayvon
Martin incident didn’t – I’m not saying
that okay I’m just saying that George
Zimmerman for us to then doubt each
other you see the problem is we are now
believing that dog Zimmerman is walking
the streets living its best life and
nothing has happened to it I would argue
that George Zimmerman is living under
the custody of the American government
and only comes out when they let him out
to get us more and more pissed off at
each other that makes sense that makes
sense anywhere George Zimmerman when
somebody would pop his tires
somebody was press that button
proverbial proverbially they would press
that button okay though for us to
believe that we are not together as a
people is just once again another sigh
up and you know what proves that jay-z
ate today jay-z’s birthday yeah oh he’s
55 not 50
is such a saya come on he’s a saya
because he’s never rapped about his
birthday being the same day that Fred
Hampton was killed okay
that’s the same day and he ain’t never
rapped about it now you know his
catalogue like that he’s never made that
reference you know his catalogue okay
you know and so I came out on speed got
you got you Ronnie went jumping with
regards to what Elvis the chef just put
on the table
yeah why I didn’t really understand the
significance of why he had has to have a
verse about that guy I think that is
when you when you when you look at him
it’s a very nuanced thing right because
I like his music but as of late I don’t
like a lot of things that he said I
don’t like a lot of decisions use me of
course obviously I’m speaking in
reference to the NFL partnership debacle
with the Brooklyn the nets and you know
the building and all those people
getting put out of their homes so but
you can also say that he’s done a lot of
humanitarian things as well so you you
can’t just throw the baby out with the
bathwater he has done a lot of good
things I need to oh wait wait wait a
minute hold on Elvis the chef Rosenberg
Dana are you calling in where’s Danny
with the smoke Dana just sent me a tax
hold on dana says jay-z did rap about
Fred Hampton just sent an email
can you stay right there can you stay
right there let me just pull this up I’m
pullin over pull over let me refresh
then I can send this to okay hold on
Ronnie I’m sending this email to you cuz
I got a bunch of windows open here maybe
you can pull this up
Dana with this smoke okay let me just
pull it up fast MTV News comm Fred
Hampton jr. upset about jay-z lyrics on
murder to excellence Oh caught you like
in there uh Elvis Dana did this
story from 2011 December the 6th do you
see that Ronnie yeah right here MTV News
jay-z and Kanye West watched the throne
album and more specifically the track
murder to excellence has caught the
attention of a notable political
activist and definitely not in a
positive way okay Thank You Dana can I
get your thoughts on bad baby before you
go she’s a yeah can I get your thoughts
on baby going okay pammi gets more calls
and Elvis Thank You Man
Thank You Man okay hello Ronnie who
Elvis the chef Rosenberg let me check
let me go to some cash at Ronnie
sadira hey darling okay that was you who
I spoke to so let me just move on from
that one there let me just be sure I
don’t like to miss cash apps and super
chats nine one three I did bring her a
wink from the wood good evening sir he
says he’s on area code three one zero
okay give me a second I’ll come right to
you is it Karen hey Taryn who gives a
frock about that little white girl well
listen thank you for the donation but so
far we’ve got what five or six people
that have called in and said she’s right
she’s spitting facts
deandre good evening thank you for your
cash AB Trayvon’s dad should have hunted
down Zimmerman sounds hot and I don’t
want to say what his father should or
shouldn’t have done I mean I don’t have
any biological kids but that’s a hard
loss man if you asked me a hard loss
we’ll see what happens huh Eric okay
Erica got your emails well let me bring
an area kill three one zero then we’ll
come back to Eric is that wink wink from
the hood area code three one oh wait
from the world one the world New Jersey
Inglewood California which one in
Inglewood California okay the home of
Mac ten.hoorah needest
home of Matt then please give me the
information that I need for promotion
opportunities for music yeah if you just
send me an email the hater one nine six
four yeah I’ll have someone respond to
you with the marketing deck the hater
one nine four at Yahoo not Gmail Yahoo
comma right thank you brother
okay now as far as if I look at it
logically I totally agree with
everything that she said but if I step
back and putting in perspective of the
women the black women that are up in
arms I have to kind of
what they’re saying because it’s almost
like every culture has taken from the
black woman if it’s whether it said the
big juicy booties or their beautiful
breasts you know something to the lips
you know I mean so it’s almost like the
box braids is the last frontier they
can’t take no more big impact so I have
to ride with the women that are upset
right I’m riding with it I’m a bad world
okay hey mr. Khurana now is this or is
there a certain organization Ronny or is
it just like you know random fans and I
don’t want to say trolls but you know
just people on social media is there
some type of group that has targeted bad
baby I think it’s a collection of random
people and trolls and you know everyone
is entitled to an opinion and of course
with the internet you can give your
opinion directly to somebody so in her
case you know she literally has hundreds
of people and she doesn’t know which of
them are BOTS which of them are actual
real people who are just sending her
what is essentially hate mail so it’s
you know you reach a boiling point and
I’m assuming that that’s the way the
reason why she responded the way she did
you’d answer yeah you know black women
you know take different hairstyles you
know this is a true point but at the
same time what else is left I mean can
can they hold on to something I mean
good point we can’t all just feel it we
have to have where and when I say we I
mean just culture wise you know maybe if
we talk even though we talk about
hip-hop or whatever it is I mean we have
running your thoughts on what the caller
saying makes sense yeah I mean I just if
I were her I wouldn’t even respond to it
anymore I would just if I were her but
she’s not gonna do that and I think that
also she’s liking the attention even if
it’s negative attention because this is
you know bad publicity
it’s still publicity right so maybe this
is the time for her to drop a single
there you go yeah so I’ll give you the
last word my last word hey you know you
know I mean I’m an objective motivator
you’re the objective hater I’m the
objective motivate salute them both have
it thank you but I’d be a thank you yes
okay and folks in case you don’t know a
bad baby
aka danielle ber goalie
she’s got 17 point 1 million followers
on Instagram so you know she can turn
the tide on this and get a whole group
of people behind her whole group of
people mad shit her on the check and be
a cash app he says Star ask ok dan is
not on the line tonight sir how many
what is it how many fake black women and
then it shuts off I don’t see the rest
of your cash app you want to set them
send that to me in the email you spent
money just send the rest of it in the
email if you know if it’s about day now
I’ll forward it to her but she’s not in
the line tonight all right
blitz 19 says support is a must respect
star thank you you appreciate it and
Samhita hey shemitah she’s on area code
three one three um see if I can get in
here or I’ll come back in a second
let’s go to area code seven seven three
four right now seven seven three you
there yeah what up star hey how are you
sir you know yo man enough with this
beautician talk don’t care nothing about
there’s a girl braids none of that I
want to talk about Trayvon Martin you
know you know what George Zimmerman – it
like real talk at this point but all the
Cholan he been doing he just didn’t go
away man he keeps you know Sam poking
the bear I’m starting to lose respect
for his father at this point Wow
real talk okay at a certain point
oh say it well don’t see anything that
would you know no sound like you know
we’re promoting I’m just keeping it on
it y’all stand up Chicago you know what
I mean like at a certain point you have
to that was your sign back auctioning
off the murder weapon cuz I got a kid
okay and what I’m just trying to say is
when did you stop you know what I mean
we as black people we always supposed to
take the high road
you don’t understand we always supposed
to turn another cheek we’re supposed to
let people do stuff to us and then we
just supposed to be cool about it he
tried to do it the right way right he
didn’t get justice but this guy’s sinus
noodles auction off the murder web I was
just about to say signing signing the
bag of Skittles to me that was like whoa
that was just total I mean he’s it’s he
has post what he’s been bragging about
actually killing the boys and then as
you go through this yeah and I’m gonna
let you still won’t know if it was me is
if in a rap and I’m sure I’ll leave it
at that
okay I’m just saying at this point I’m
losing respect for his dad cuz its dad
at this point you gotta handle it not
really vit at it got you got you I
appreciate you man thank you for call
and the donation all right peace hold on
a second all right
this should be amita area code three one
three good evening hey hey chanita
what’s going say Hawaii
your phone sounds a little muffle can
you do something with the heads that
make some adjustments sounds a little
little cloudy or something sounds crazy
okay hello hello okay you’re on the trap
phone is something I’m gonna hear you
come on here you tryin to say still want
me to deal with hello man I confirm the
price on to figure it out to the deep my
wife Ronnie’s on the line right there
she’s on the line so you need to say
your name is Wesley Pipes you keep hang
on I’ll let you finish it but I disagree
this story is trending and this little
white girl has said suck my you know to
double down ten toes and she put out
another a post up on Instagram so come
on I’m going home to retire damn nozanne
fuck y’all she’s talkin reckless now
again she’s a minor so nobody’s gonna
put her hands on her I don’t wish
nothing like that but she she’s going
where you know nobody has gone before
with regards to you know cultural or
being accused of cultural appropriation
is she saying fuck y’all so it’s a new
generation I guess and since it’s all a
big melting pot now okay one of my
favorites okay thank you what got me
when I hang on a second because Ronnie
gave the story was it yesterday I’m on
Monday Ron if I forget with regards to
it is happening reparations is it’s
happening Ronnie do you have any story
can you reference the story again I
don’t have it in front of me I’ve got a
bunch stuff on my day
yeah sure yeah the sales of the
marijuana in Chicago okay okay okay so
we don’t buy marijuana to get the money
back okay listen I mean I said that that
that’s the wrong source that is the
wrong source but I think the point that
Starr was making is that there has been
you know changes you you are seeing
legislation you are seeing the ball
rolling you know I can’t say that next
year in ten years there’s going to be a
cheque that comes in the mail but you
know you see different institutions that
are doing taking measures to you know
give out reparations so incremental
small changes can build up to something
bigger listen sir I appreciate your
donation in your perspective but now you
know keep in mind or if you if you don’t
know you know prohibition once upon a
time and the the legalization of alcohol
the tax on that money has been used for
a lot of a lot of different things man
with regards to different states and
different payouts you know to make
things right to right the wrongs so I’m
not laughing at marijuana marijuana
being taxed but if you feel differently
give me last word saying to go play on
the turn I think you said okay thank you
man okay hold on a second and Dana just
sent me a tax hold on a second money
I’ve got so much going on him
my desk I haven’t even had time to look
into the live chat and say hello to the
troll babies give me a second give me a
Dana says the Blackhawk has just sent
reparations distribution bill to house
Thank You Dana thank you so much
and who son why I think I forgot to get
to Eric give me a second guys
Eric get Eric is that you every killed
five seven one hey man so I’m for the
hole man what’s going on with you but I
look that little girl is absolutely
right back what she’s saying I mean look
I mean I’m not trauma down black woman
bump up Adana right now come on
you know Dawg you got black women
walking around with blond hair blonde
wigs you don’t say right um you know the
guys they got the blue lenses the stupid
look at eyelashes you know sir okay it’s
ridiculous man it’s like like what is
bad baby take it from us really I mean
it’s not a culture don’t tell me that
our culture black Mormon culture is
having a fat ass you know I’m saying and
like wearing box blade braids that’s a
culture that explains everything why are
we so weak okay officer
so so me that’s what it is man and it’s
like so what you know she want to do
so what she want to do that you know
that’s not our culture that’s not my
culture you know saying that’s not the
black woman I know culture I mean I know
some old messed up one black women that
think that’s our culture but that’s not
our culture and black we need to stop
trippin off that right there one thing
we don’t really have a culture on our
culture is so destroyed right now star
our culture is destroyed look look at
the George Zimmerman thing we had a
strong culture you think George
Zimmerman would be trolling black people
no come on y’all say if you shot up if
you shot it if you shot an asian kid you
don’t send up ages bestow upon them
Asian people barely have any politicians
right but never been no better not to go
up in Asia’s autumn Arab sight or you
know Spanish people or whatever you know
better not to do that good boy me so
weak right now you don’t sound like with
the reparations thing star we don’t need
reparations because you know
man that money be gone in like five days
what sir I want I want to check I want
to check I want something
hello you wanna yeah yeah you know what
yeah okay okay I want land I want
something done to right the wrong
there was a wrong done in this country
right what a time are hundreds of years
that’s not act like a wrong dog done it
good start
stop I’m Atos you know got my G my DNA
done okay I’m so eighty LS it makes it
makes no sense but I’m just saying as a
whole black people we don’t need it
right now because we date we can’t
handle that money for real I’m just
gonna be straight up we couldn’t handle
it we got a savior say for instance you
know sent a bunch of us got like no
couple million dollars it’s gone man
it is the money is gonna be gone you
could do nothing with that money people
gonna be flexing people be buying sir
are you really a TOS or are you an agent
of chaos now how can you say you’re a
TOS and and black people don’t deserve
anything are you serious I didn’t say
that bad I just said the money will be
gone if they got anything right it’d be
okay look the money will be gone because
we don’t have a strong culture and we’re
not united as a people you know so the
money like our money does not circulate
with us okay it is gone and like it’s
like four or five hours after we get the
you follow what I’m saying so I’m not
saying I am NOT saying at all that we
don’t deserve anything you don’t saying
because I tell you one thing right now
like I know if one that I probably saw I
know I suffered to a certain extent with
like my father would not be able to get
certain jobs like his father can y’all
say going going through it I know I
dealt with Jim Crow you know just being
a black man you know sir and I know it
has affected my family to some degree
but at the same time we don’t need that
money man we do not need that money
right now we need to become a stronger
people in a way how we become a stronger
people is we need to stop talking all
this mess they stopped talking about hey
you know what it’s hurting our families
well so it’s not just money I just I say
check it because I was just you know
trying to keep the conversation going
but now have you been to Atos
are you familiar with the roads
reparations and other things because
it’s it’s more than just a check let’s
let’s not you know make what other
people say to diminish what it what it’s
really about
yeah I know that yeah okay yeah you’re
what is it’s more than just a check yeah
um have you been to Atos that’s
the question no no no no but what I have
read many other articles you know I
listen to a lot of YouTube and I you
know listen to Tone talking about
Cornell Randy short
that’s a TOS talking to my man
Judge Joe Brown okay you breaks it down
but uh I’m telling you man we don’t need
that money okay and let me go back to
the bad baby the bad baby situation let
me tell you something man 80% of these
black women he told them you take a
blonde locker hair put it up your pillow
when you wake up in the morning you’d be
a white woman 80% of black black women
would do that so you going hard in the
paint you tell us what state you’re
calling from
I’m mid-atlantic okay all right thank
you me I gotta get more calls in thank
you thank you okay
and whose 403 on the check-in where are
you I’m trying to get you on the line I
see you sent in two super chats for
three are you there 403 what’s going on
how are you miss Austin you sent in two
super chats one is about let’s combine
the two what do you want to go come on
you have the floor I wanna I wanted to
touch on all three topics but before I
say that I gotta say you forgot my my
supercharged Esther day to my G okay but
it’s all good it’s all good we sweat
enough if you spent money yesterday tell
me what it was yesterday let’s go back
for the back we um I sent three messages
yesterday so it was just one that didn’t
get read and it was well what was it but
what’s most important is on supporting
machine the Masters basically was that
it was go ahead go ahead I’m listening
to him I
was the saying that the last message I
sent yesterday was basically I was just
saying you know I’m sending these uh
these cash shops
rapidfire because I’ve been watching the
show for like four years and these are
my first donations on some sucker shit
yeah so I read that one I read that
rapid-fire right now I read that towards
the end of the show I remember but go
ahead okay okay my fault my fault but
anyways I want to touch on simmerman
first um what what a lot of people don’t
understand in regards to like a lot of
people keep bringing up jay-z and
they’re like why didn’t you know why
didn’t he make the call and
da-da-da-da-da and and it brings it
brings me back to the to a conversation
we were having nots wrong look 6:9 and
them right protecting the golden egg and
shit right um you know like jay-z can’t
be out there making them fucking call
excuse me sorry he can’t be out there
making them calls you know and
jeopardizing them things right by it if
somebody decided they want to go and
take the initiative and do what you know
needs to be done I guarantee you that
individual will be taken care of okay
okay so so I just wanted to say that you
know like you you can’t have a guy like
like jay-z go make a call and get caught
up in something like that and then you
know what happens when he’s not around
right there there goes one of your
leaders right well I’m not pushing for
that nor am i trying to say that this
man you know should meet his end I was
moreso talking about George there not
you yeah George Zimmerman might be able
to include in his lawsuit that the
biggest rapper in the world has been
mentioning him in songs and his life is
in danger now because hip hop is a
dangerous culture he might feel don’t
like that I don’t know but go ahead yeah
you got a point you got a point
absolutely I agree with you there and
but I was just speaking more on all the
caller’s and talk about you know why
didn’t he make the call and but um but
now at this point like where he’s taking
a now is suing the family that’s crazy
I’m up in Canada on up eat it let alone
if I was there and dealing with the
racism that’s in America right so and
then the white girl in a second let’s go
back to the george zimmerman wife
lawsuit because there may be and ronnie
correct me if i’m wrong there may be
something that that
what was overlooked they’re claiming
George Zimmerman’s legal team that there
was a reluctant witness that was
switched out Britney Diamond Eugene for
her half-sister Rachel jeantel and
they’re saying that they they prepared a
script and she was not the one who
actually had the relationship with
Trayvon Martin I don’t know if this is
true or not but this is what they’re
claiming yeah which is crazy because
like it just shows you that the whole
time while these people are off doing
their thing thinking everything’s sweet
those guys doing some digging and still
investigating and you know trying to
figure out what’s what right so you know
it kind of brings me back it’s just like
like how people are saying we have no
culture we have no structure right like
like how is even catching them slipping
like that right like you know people
should be on top of that type of well
you might have people up on social media
who were at who were witnesses on that
trial they might be talking reckless and
they they they’re their tweets and the
instagrams could be monitored maybe
that’s how they got caught talking
reckless and saying yeah you know yeah
it was really my sister I was just
filling in yeah shit like that most
likely most likely so that social media
does and the last topic one dimension
was what last topic the the white girl
there baby whatever whatever her name is
Miss bet on her name yeah yeah I better
put some respect on her name in her 17
point 1 million followers
yeah you just blew my mind with that but
um I just wanted to say on that like
people kill me with that man I guarantee
you all the people calling in heated
about that and all the people that she’s
dealing with heated about that probably
got a girl just like her in their
neighborhood in their hood but ain’t
saying nothing because that girl ain’t
popular she ain’t popping okay you know
what I mean but I I feel like I feel
like what she’s doing and it’s nothing
new she’s just she’s got 17 point 1
million followers right so of course
they’re gonna turn it into something
down you know all right hey man thank
you for your donations and uh you are
appreciated yeah no yes okay thank you
man okay all right Ronnie what else are
we missing here because we’ve been
thing about this George Zimmerman
lawsuit any notes that you had that we
didn’t address you were talking about
the lawyer George Zimmerman’s lawyer and
something earlier in their and they show
and I forgotten yeah so his lawyer
Larry Clayman is like he’s a so-called
activist lawyer he is actually a lawyer
although this past summer he was up for
suspension from the DC bar for
misconduct but his attorney Larry
Clayman is pretty much working with Joe
Gilbert who is the filmmaker and this
film is called the Trayvon hoax and they
also you know say in the lawsuit they
mentioned they make reference to this
film and they claimed that the Martin
family specifically Sybrina Fulton
engineered false testimony so they had
timed the lawsuit to coincide with the
showing of the film but you know as I
said earlier the venue cancelled once
they found out who it was
you know associated with the showing of
the film okay okay all right we’ll take
some more calls also did you ever get
that Owen Wilson story I just I touched
on that earlier 25,000 25,000 dollars a
month in child support and a one-time
$70,000 payment for a one-year-old he
that he’s never seen if you can just
pull that up right Owen Wilson actor
this guy has been popping in years how
do you get hit with 25k a month whoa
Jesus it’s gonna go for 1 3 good evening
for 1 3 you there hey how are you sir
been a long day man been a long day how
was your day terrible let’s get to the
topics yeah yeah for sure let’s do that
let’s do that um so first off you know
that last caller or the couple callers
ago that made the comment of Trayvon
Martin’s dad kind of like being soft
I mean I wouldn’t look at it as him
being soft maybe he’s just come to terms
and you know and there’s their ways of
handling things and that the the the
violent way is is maybe not his route
you know what I mean but uh there is a
limit that a man can get pushed to for
certain things and maybe that caller
felt that if it was if he was wearing
the shoes of Trayvon Martin’s that then
maybe that limit might have been pushed
the antics of George Zimmerman but um
I’m just waiting for the movie to come
out uh you know I actually no I’m not
I’m not it’ll be very sad if a movie
came out about Trayvon Martin isn’t
jay-z behind a movie Ronnie for uh with
regards to Trayvon Martin I’m not
mistaken I think it was someone else yes
and I believe that that was already
released the film that he did about
Trayvon Martin right okay okay okay
quick quick quick question it is the
name of the director for that movie
queen Aslam is it Lena wait how do you
pronounce the last name well so that was
yesterday’s conversation wait we’re not
talking about Queen and slim tonight we
did two shows on that can we get back to
a bad baby George Zimmerman babies is
bad baby definitely is popping but
enough respect the only thing I feel a
few callers ago also set it to that
basically everything has been taken from
the black woman from the booty to the
breath today but the one thing that has
not been taken that she’s going to
always maintain a half that the white
woman maybe the Latino woman has it but
the black woman will always have it is a
damn attitude they can stay with that
the white woman got it down to the
figured it out she said you know I’m
gonna take your ass I’m gonna take your
titties and I’m gonna take your man and
you can keep your attitude okay Ronnie
any response to that I don’t have
response to that well my response to
that goes back to what you asked jay-z’s
jockey series on Trayvon Martin came out
on Netflix and that was less
July I cut this past July but the one
before that got you yeah I’m talking
about an actual movie with actors and
you know like like like like like they
did for the Central Park five or
whatever like an actual movie
documentaries cool but you know actual
movie I don’t think that’s necessary I
be just a documentary is cool but to do
an actual movie nah let’s just leave it
alone and do you know George Newman is a
piece of crap
you know what I mean Thank You Man I
appreciate a call okay hold on Ronny
mrs. Tiffany on the check-in via super
jet story I believe all women should
wear their hair natural everyone wants
to look like someone other than
themselves f Zimmerman his days are
numbered okay Rick Bing was this
Southeast DC grown-ass woman playing
Barbie doll on they self don’t matter
who said it the truth is the truth okay
Fareed on the check-in Fareed says that
mr. train I’ve been saying for years
that OJ Simpson needs to sue every media
outlet for calling him a killer
he needs to do the same hashtag glove
don’t fit you know you have a point
there because there have been people
that have sued different networks you
know for calling them killers and so on
and so forth when they beat the cases
even though we have something called
freedom of press but you do have a point
thank you hey Lucania on the check
Lucania says the black woman that are
mad at bad baby or the type that Patrick
Patterson described as Bulldogs Lucania
are you on the line okay Nicole put some
hate tonight where are you Luke Inez I
think it’s not area codes at 9:09 if you
want to call in sir gem star on the
check-in via super chat hold on what the
eff is Dana talking about question mark
the state tried George Zimmerman and he
was acquitted the parents then sued what
did you expect his parents to do okay
Bushkill on the check and says our white
women thug keep attacking black men in
New York subway calling them n-word
deadbeat men then calling the police
getting the getting them locked up
hashtag white gone wild is he talking
about something I’m not speed on in the
Ronnie you mean Jersey right yeah but I
think he’s talking about the couple that
keeps getting caught in the subway
I’m not the speed what’s right no they
keep they keep getting caught like I
guess you could say having intercourse
well he Bush kitty is saying that
there’s a white woman thug that keeps
attacking black men in the New York
subway calling them n words and deadbeat
men then calling the police or is he
talking about just in general so hard to
read here say half of his kneecaps thank
you for your donation kid a BL says okay
he’s on the line six one seven where are
you ABO right here have yellow is that
you sir good evening
hey how are you sir your phone sounds
kind of crazy like you want like a big
hallways I was trying to tell you that
all nope end put yet but it’s cool I
could hear you now
my favorite rapper of the week at least
hey I’m about to go and purchase I’m not
I’m not about to go stream her album not
to go purchase or album come iTunes and
bump it for at least a week and try and
try to understand who she stuff inside
that tweet come on get over it
now everybody I thought people were
going to react in a different way I
think having black Ronnie on on the
curation of this stuff put that other
rabid dog in the different mental state
so a lot of people called up and said
they agree with that Bobby is logical to
agree with her because she’s not lying
about anything okay what I wanted to go
a little bit deeper than that I wanted
to say that I think bad Barbie is gonna
be patient zero inside a bit a bigger
backlash at black woman and I’m not I’m
not a against black woman in any way but
I think this whole trying to be a Barbie
thing and trying to be a white woman as
far as purchasing all of these products
and wigs and and dressing like them and
trying to talk like they’re from Beverly
Hills I think this is probably the
biggest trap since the transatlantic
slave trade because now we now they’ve
let these white women inside rap culture
and they’ve let white women become them
so now attacking a white woman is like
suicide because now you’re attacking a
white woman inside a white woman’s
domain and when you’re trying to be
heard and now they put the GMO inside
the food see ain’t nobody takin away a
black woman’s culture by having us a
demo food it’s making black woman fat
okay just making Japanese girls and
white girls who used to be pencil sticks
look like Brazil the fat iliyan so now
so now they taking their here and now
they got the fat ass now and we haven’t
even spoke about bleaching tonight at
all we just focused right on their neck
hair but we haven’t spoke about
bleaching you go ahead right right so
now all of these things that belong that
belong to the white woman black woman is
trying to have some kind of reaction
about and it’s gonna be in the end of
white women stop feeling sorry for black
women it’s gonna be over for them
because nobody’s gonna have no sympathy
for them so when I say it’s a trap now
that they and they’ve made their self
the image of a white woman but these
white women are now coming into the
domain of hip-hop and taking that back
so when a black woman tries to react to
them saying you got black free the white
woman have tons of artillery I know I
might be confusing people what you’re
saying makes a lot of sense and I’m
listening to you man because you know
the the Kardashian family has been at
the top of the the list
of the American so-called American
family you know a tree for how many
years has that show been over well over
a decade so what you say makes a lot of
sense go ahead right so so again I just
want to say it one more time the picture
of beauty is a white woman so now that a
white woman has a GM OS and all of that
beautiful hair that black woman with
Nicki Minaj and all of these black
chicks talking about their Barbie Iggy
Azalea is really a Barbie Kim Kardashian
really why are we these are the real one
so when you trying to attack them if
they get mad at you and and if they all
turn on you it’s over for you cuz you’re
in their domain it’s over fleas so I
asked what I just wanted to put that
forth that I think bad Barbie is just a
flame of something that’s a lot bigger
stay there because what you said just
spark something in my mind do you know
that as your banks has retired from
music do you think that everything that
you’ve said maybe has had an effect on
someone like her because she is talented
but she became you know infatuated with
bleaching and some other things and then
she was doing so much on social media
she was always clapping at people and
then I think it just got to a point
where she said I can’t do this anymore
that that any correlate no I think
that’s a that’s a great point this is
this is this is the best point actually
Azealia Banks actually conceded and said
I can’t compete with this no right right
he’s like this is what she’s saying this
is what y’all want this I’m trying to
give you all what y’all want
so her leaving and giving up is
basically her giving into what I’m
saying she understands she’s playing
inside a white girl is going me yeah all
is Barbie stuff long all that stuff that
belongs to them you can’t fight them
inside of rap because you created the
image of them and yourself so now you
can’t turn around and talk to them like
you could like they’re like they’re
crazy cuz they gonna make you look
insane stay with me Ronnie any thoughts
on Azealia Banks retiring for those who
don’t know she uh she said I’m out of
here had enough I can’t do this no more
or is she just trolling and she’s trying
to get some people say now are we
fucking with you
I think she’s run out of gas yeah I
think I think she feels like she quit
but we will so he’ll you know hear more
from her
but what we’re gonna hear more from her
on social media the problem with her is
she does all these headlines you know
always clapping at people but where is
the work where is the material where is
the single you know so I think she’ll be
she’s probably just taking a break from
ranting for a while but she’ll be back
to that – okay
have you I’ll give you the last word man
good point you made last word please
lastly I wanted to say George Zimmerman
I kind of agree with chef Rosenberg
I think he’s trolling I don’t think he’s
government-controlled but I do think
he’s and organ it organized he’s
controlled by organization to come out
and do these outlandish things to get a
flair out of black people like I said
before we easy to hurt or easy to put in
a certain direction right so I don’t
think this is him acting alone I think
he’s taking orders and being paid well
for it okay so yeah that’s all thank you
all right have you owned the chicken hey
Thank You Seth hola I got your cash yet
he says peace star I’m a longtime
supporter salute Thank You Man who is
this here dude your website
okay so much is sending in the email is
this something you sent me Ronnie a
Marie Claire says the Kardashian started
the glass hair so pressed trend what is
that about
yeah so that was an example of them
trying to take credit for something and
you know repurpose it for their own okay
and that was Marie Claire basically
crediting the the Kardashians for
essentially creating the silk press
which obviously you know if you know
anything about it so press they did not
create it okay
white girls tend to take it
Oh Dana thank you again for the Black
Caucus introduces a bill calling for
Task Force on slavery reparations we’ll
try and get to that one tomorrow that
comes by way of NJ spotlight calm Dana
just sent that over Black Caucus
introduces bill calling for task force
on slavery reparations okay I’m sure he
bet Carnell will be addressing this and
who is this here Bush kid says get to my
super chat I see you flooded big nigga
okay hang on a sec let me see fuck you
know did I get him already give me a sec
Ronnie Bush kid I think I read Jules
homie I think you you missed it that was
the one about the white women thug keep
acting black men I can’t read that one
hold on let me go back there was a one
from yesterday so black men are only
valuable to black women if they die for
them hashtag run from okay that was look
that was the last one the other one I
got to earlier okay let me go to area
code six five zero
are you there six five zero yeah what uh
hey good evening man was going off to
George Zimmerman shit you tell me
gangster I’m seeing that the reason why
he’s doing is because the key witness
was lying about her identity suppose
yeah we mentioned that earlier that’s
what his legal team is quite uh Britney
Diamond Eugene her she swapped or she
supposedly she was the one that
testified for her half-sister Rachel or
Rachelle good yeah man I mean I just
feel like with this whole like that do a
crime like every time you guys in the
mix with all this shit it just goes all
over the place man like so no thanks
I think he’s day losing
okay any other thoughts any other
thoughts on that topic bad baby
clapping there black women 17 million
followers talk about suck my tool what
say you
she was saying that yeah yeah that was
her apology she said suck my dick bad
baby one thing about that girl identity
crisis place you don’t know what she
want to be you know I mean I’ll be you
seen her on dr. Phil Masi she definitely
acting like a like not herself a know
who she wants to be she trying to prove
so she trying to prove herself to you I
mean for no reason I’m saying like so
she’s gonna be herself man he’s gotta be
a white girl man stop talking act like
she black and sad with all due respect
with all due respect bad baby is more
hip-hop than me in terms of the new
hip-hop whoa Vicki dude the new hip-hop
how they got like mediocre as lyrics
just like the rest of these other one of
the hip-hop edge is it most of hip-hop
today mediocre or poor poor lyrics isn’t
it just like we went through the mumble
rap stage now I don’t know I don’t know
what you call it now you know just one
hip-hop to me when you talking about
hip-hop music you gotta talk about like
the real hip-hop you know the people to
actually point it down for the game okay
you know I mean and not just not call
like you know like these guys like like
what like uh like Drake in them you know
not writing his own lyrics to meet I
think a hip-hop you know say he’s a suck
and see how will you sir held you me
ma’am I’m 40
okay I’ve been on fam are you putting
the New York metro area where you from
yeah we from huh we found whatever you
let me tell okay okay so you’re more so
into the boom bap era
I’m Bay Area man okay so I mean I’m
everything man I’ve listened to a lot of
things like voice two five nine maybe
all the way down to like you know I mean
like a lot of cash man
well respectfully sir that era is gone
bad baby is now leading the charge and
they’re calling her the go but I’ll give
you the last word
what happen nothing happened sir I’ve
been saying something but thank you
thank you for calling thank you okay
they’re called they’re calling heard the
goat are they calling bad baby the goat
in the live chat Ronnie I can’t I can’t
look in there right now they call her
the goat near folks if you new to this
show the live chat is always here and
I’m always looking over here I don’t
know what they said it just they do that
thing hold on a second somebody sent me
email them yeah they’re gonna go back
and see that she’s to go yeah a lot of
fuck y’all talk about she the goat and
folks if you don’t know bad baby issue
an apology she said on her Instagram
I want to deeply apologize to everyone
who’s life’s had seriously affected by
the way I wear my hair and from the
bottom of my heart
I want to tell you suck my dick I I
shouldn’t be laughing that hold on a
second Ronnie Miguel on the check-in
thank you sir free donation he says
donate to the number one hater shush
thank you sir you I appreciate it hey
Brandi’s okay she says uh just sending a
donation putting her cash app in there
dollar sign Brandi M page okay thank you
darlin who’s this here okay that’s the
email come back to that
okay someone is sending me let me send
this you Ronnie I think this was with
regards to the super chat of trying to
read about the subway something in New
York let me see if this is homeless
second guys okay so there’s a racist
woman in the subway assault on black men
hmm okay so this comes by way of news
one calm okay so this goes with that was
that Bush kid let me go back for a
second they’ve been Bush kid okay yeah
Bush kid thank you man
somebody sent me the link maybe that’s
what you should have done okay so here
it is do you see it Ronnie News one calm
refreshingly screen right now a racist
white woman who attacked black men at a
subway station in New York City has gone
viral okay so now now we got white
vigilantes out here just going that
black damn shit is real in New York now
okay thank you for the email who was
that that was a be real thank you be
real salut Marty I got your email I’ll
get back to you later
mad shit on the check and he says my
question was asked Dana with the data
how many black women are fake question
mark men don’t really care about here at
least not there question mark until
blacks understand capitalism and they
will continue to fail okay
have you thought about an app for
content question mark your content is
worth it
hashtag Peter poll not only have I
thought it a couple of people were
supposed to quarterback it I’m working
on a television situation I would love
to have someone quarterback an app from
me in the past I was gonna spend a lot
of money and then I got busy I’m the
type of person I’ll give you the keys to
the front door you take it and run with
get the bag we split the bag you know or
if I have to pay you up front I’ll pay
up front I’m not saying I don’t pay
people but you know as far as the app
Matt should if you do
if you do that shoot me an email list
you and I have a conversation all right
hey Joanna let me see pen get joined on
the line every coat eight six four where
are you
joanna is that you eight six four Joanna
oh that is okay what’s your name sugar
can you hold on let me look for Joanna
no you put him on hold for a second
where’s Joanna she called she always has
some good oh I’m so you know guys hold
on a second
Moffat’s is that you 703 yeah what’s
that man part me I didn’t see in the
queue there what’s going on with you now
doing today my birthday you know I just
want to call it how les yeux y’all was
doing what’s going on man we talked
about in that demo yeah
hey Thank You Ronnie um appreciate that
um but y’all want to call the chime in
on a couple of these topics on the
Trayvon Martin please and then the bad
Bob are everything the thing with the
Trayvon Martin thing is this the only
person that we should be pointing the
finger at is Obama he had the man took
him down but he didn’t now we’re gonna
talk about one jay-z to put a hit out on
him I mean while with a billionaire
would like that kind of risk that’s
right that’s what people don’t
understand the people that we’ve had
supposedly had in power we didn’t demand
anything for them when they had he had a
black department headed headed by a
black woman or black man I can’t
remember at the time I think it’s panic
I think that was Eric Holder was it not
at the time it could be one thing either
Eric Holder or let the ladies listen
ain’t the one their own Clinton winning
visit on the tarmac by me I digress okay
what I’m trying to say is that’s what we
should be blaming for and now with this
we don’t understand how the legal system
work is in America if you can sue you
will sue that’s just how America works
bro everybody understand the system
whenever you can extract money from the
system you’re going to do it but every
saying we get all emotional about it but
we don’t do it and then we come up with
any other things like jay-z
um risk hitting Sandra’s is what she’s
fortunate over to put a hit on somebody
if we want to blame anybody I’m gonna
try to say like this I got a son and if
my seller got hit like that I gotta
weigh the options okay if I gotta sit
down for 10 I know I’m gonna get 10 you
send y’all to crime of passion
especially at some bullshit like this
okay I might have to make that I might
have made that calculation I mean to be
honest with you okay let’s go mo that’s
just really that’s just real salt
because your son is your heir bro that’s
your heir but you’re saying you can’t
say that for me and I was just keeping
it 100 so I mean them the only two
people I look at Obama politically and
his father on the other side anybody
supposed to touch that man but in this
system you sue him he sue you will make
it out in the course you hope in saying
you hope you like okay his family I mean
I’ll make that up no the Brown family
hmm that’s how you hope you understand
she turn out and I agree with OJ tsutsu
– yeah I mean the legal system to the
legal system I agree Oh Jason sue you’re
saying he was found innocent in the
court of law what do you go say to him
yep Oh Jay lost was I forget did he lose
his civil suit to the to the Goldman
family and family yeah yup I’m other
people to defame him though it’s all
about calling him a certain name
murderer killing you go you say if
there’s money there to be distracted you
have to strap that money forever saying
that’s just how the system work right I
mean you understand that I tell people
all the time take it easy because there
is something called reckless
endangerment of the truth you just can’t
you know say that someone did something
if you have not seen them do it or if
you’re not willing to take the stand and
say I saw that person or I know that
person to be a slut a whore a drug
addict you can’t just call people those
names especially if it affects that
there are their well-being well they’re
financially exactly yeah I mean it could
be due to litigation too Brown had an
arm say affair
against oj because in libel I mean in
civil court you only got a 4150 5149
split right it’s not you’re saying it’s
not all without a reasonable doubt
so I’m if you could take it to court and
beat it I mean beat it you know hey you
guys do what you gotta do it’s America
bro yeah well right now we’re though I
we’re looking at a possible reluctant
witness that was swapped out again
Brittany Eugene for her half sister
Rochelle jeantel I don’t know if that’s
true or not but that’s what they’re
pointing to in the conspiracy
I’ve been tampering and some other
things so you know if it gets passed and
they get to the to the discovery part
who knows what will happen right yeah
but they’re on this bad boy everything
bro bad baby no baby you got a respect
you got a respect but if you put their
energy out there you got to be ready
because somebody gonna shot I’m saying
you got 17 million Instagram followers
somebody gonna try to touch you up
you’re standing and saying just a light
cloud chased off for you so she got to
be careful about what she’s saying cuz I
mean saying it’s ugly but she move it
where she got I’m saying do Club
appearances and whatnot you’re saying
this could be somebody put hands on you
but but what she said just word for word
she said a whole lot of truth there wait
a minute mo wait a minute mo you are you
are positive how many daughters I got
three daughters daughters beautiful wife
and you’re saying bad baby gets a pass
talking about and two black women the
way she yes she does I said she it word
for word she says some truth okay
now I understand how you want to take it
how you want to take it but see black
women built her up
they gave her credibility in this
industry so that saying that you you
birthed is okay you both should she be
reprimanded in some way should there be
some type of you know movement to to
push her to apologize or is she just
above hip-hop and her endorsement deals
won’t be touched
well I mean what she’s mean no no no no
because once you lose credibility
industry you know says how you really
got okay
and if she pulls up I think that little
dude was a little dude ain’t it’s a
two-part what a legend the little white
cat I don’t same that lose Ain milk in
my chest yeah I think yeah you still sad
when you say crazy stuff like that
Castle he said to pop was boring I think
Ronnie can you confirm was that little
Zen zan lose an apartment lose a little
van van surfers an axe where’s he now
he’s still poppin she need to be
canceled but I’m just saying I’d shoot a
whole lot true and I want to say this
right here I know I’m gonna piss a lot
of people often understand it’s gonna
make a point in a minute if you draw a
line and you put on one side all the
women white women with body modification
box braids cornrows but not any
appropriation the black woman culture
and they use that on the other side you
put black women with skin lighting and
hair straightening where we understand
it for other countries that really that
hair sacrifice – you’re saying – gods
above another country you sorted to your
hair by grace on that you’re saying
those kind of things you know knows
modifications you ain’t going to the
doctor get your nose wide and let’s be
honest here but no saying no you say no
you say who’s all who has more on each
side that line it’s more black women and
white women on each side of that line
and that’s just a guy honest truth okay
and people can get mad at that but you
saying je we appropriate they culture
way born in a appropriate our culture
and the reason why I said it is
permanent hair dyes all of these things
you’re still saying we we make a whole
market out of black hair but that market
is made to make your hair look like
white hair industry
Bernie any comments and what Moe is
saying or do we get bring more coals and
milk I’m not rushing up the line Moe if
you want to hang out I wanna get super
chance you wanna stick around
yeah okay hang on a second let me go to
a Bush kid sent me an email he says
where is bad baby’s mother and father at
I have no idea I don’t know I don’t
follow her like that but thank you Bush
kid for your uh soup chat again and
Joanne what’s giving away let me see if
I can find Joanne
why are you doing 8 6 hold on guys 8 6 4
is that you Joanne is that you area code
8 6 4 hey Joanna right Joanna yes pardon
me how are you good evening
how are you good good what do you want
to jump in part of the topic first okay
so about the whole George Zimmerman
thing I kind of feel like how chef
Rosenberg said I mean it is kind of
coincidental that every so many months
there’s always some topic that always
get black people in sense so we just
supposed to get upset about things
forget everything else that we’re doing
and everything else that affects our
lives because of this one topic because
I mean George Zimmerman got acquitted in
2013 he’s been around I mean it’s almost
2020 that was crazy the books about him
came out in 2013 he it doesn’t mean
anything about him them walking around
he he’s alive and it has it has no
meaning on the desert Trayvon Martin
almost has this point no meaning because
every time something happens in the
black community just get up in arms and
protest for a while and then it just
gets forgotten we act like there isn’t
already crime within the black community
already in every time some black person
kills another black person
I mean you perpetuate a cycle but that
person doesn’t always get retaliated
against ok so we spend so much time
making things like a white and black
situation when if you want to get money
for real like you know your life is a
certain way take out life insurance
policies on your kids I’m not even
trying to be a jerk about it I’m saying
why not have you know your family lives
in a certain area your kids are in a
certain kind of situation take out life
insurance policies on your family I mean
it’s just being real it would help away
from the issues and George Zimmerman
also at this point he does have a valid
I don’t think people understand that you
can literally sue for anything you want
to in this country as long as you can
prove prove liability and this is a
civil suit so the same thing that
happened to oj we’re the same even
though he was acquitted right the family
still sued this is business he’s not
setting a precedent in order to be able
to sue so at this point in time I think
black people should really take a step
back get their heads out of their asses
and stop wanting to get upset like I
don’t know we understand this but fuck
jay-z fuck all black celebrities when
you become a Solyndra we’re going ten
toes down let’s go come on
I’m just saying you’re part of if you’re
part of the if you’re part of the wealth
class see the higher class in your
celebrity you’re not a part of Europe
you’re not a part of the normal
community what happens to the normal
everyday person doesn’t affect you
why is day why would Jesse be concerned
about doing anything for black people in
the sense that it’s gonna help his man
you’ve already getting money for you
like I don’t think we understand very
good black celebrities I’m not and if I
can just jump in for a second I want you
to continue continue Thorpe Adam earlier
in the broadcast I said that you know
George Zimmerman might be suing for
potential lost earnings because he can’t
make a living now and his uh because of
the so-called or alleged conspiracy and
the other things the atmosphere that he
may claim is preventing him from getting
a job and working that might be one of
his claims potential lost earnings I
mean if you want to be real about it
sorry come on he’s probably gonna win
the suit and it’s going to come across
as valid set a new precedent because
it’s been there but how crazy would it
be like this what we’re forgetting is
that when you’re when you’re concerned
the so-called Americans black Negro
whatever you want to be called we’re so
incensed in pop culture in the news of
things that get you exciting
you forget that people are out here
trying to make money when you forget
about the fact that people are out here
with their Marxist capitalism they’re
worried about the money
and they understand that your money you
forgot that you were money so it’s not
it’s not their fault that they
capitalized on you and you don’t
capitalize on you hang on a second
joining you’re saying some some really
good stuff
mo do you want to comment on what Joanna
just said I mean I agree with mostly
everything she said um we have to be
realistic about you’re saying well I
asportation about these celebrities you
know okay well Joanna I think you’ve
been about well I wanted to say
something about that come on the whole
situation is I just want to present a
different way to look at it I feel like
a lot of people’s opinions on it you’re
coming from a place of ignorance with
your opinion and somewhat of a white
supremacist important white people type
away because if you want to be real
about it the people who are the Mellen
ated people on this planet we birthed
everyone so if you want to be real about
who’s the most culture biting everyone
as far as the white people or the
Caucasian we’re the ones that they took
our culture changed it up a little bit
went into what’s now considered Europe
and everything that we considered Cote
European culture
that’s a black culture so let’s just go
ahead and put that on the line number
one number two a lot of things that we
consider black and that other people
consider black are always our the global
type things that we consider black we’re
talking about we’re not talking about
Africa we’re talking about the the
American Negro person okay you’re
talking about things that are like
Rasim music hair styles and body types
we’re talking about this is a global
look you you’re talking about a people
who are so implement or for winchell and
capitalize on so much but you’ve got a
whole country of people who literally
monopolize the beauty hair industry
they’re talking about your number-one
client as far as it goes would be
literally all women one that’s one
number two black women in America make
up a big part of that as well
don’t act like every woman on this
planet it’s
so many different countries wear wigs
and weave so that is not exclusive to us
we’re not the ones who started or
anything so don’t say that we’re
fighting or black women are biting white
women’s cultures no they have always
cultivated and been swagger jackers
caucasus on this planet they are culture
jackets they are cultureless people what
they are are cunning and they are smart
at being able to take something away
from somewhere you sound like my father
when you call them cunning yes they are
cunning they are smart they know how to
they know how to do things like okay I’m
gonna have a patent black people in this
country especially are so ingrained with
an identity issue in self-hatred you
think that the white man created in
invented cars when it was a white black
man who did but just because Henry Ford
patented it and that produces right you
give them credit for your life so that’s
one thing I want to lay down I’m not
saying that what bad baby didn’t say
technically if you want to be technical
if you want to relay it down linear
about what he’s talking about
okay fine for her argument is technical
but the thing about it is the ignorant
point of view of being black in America
is not being able to travel outside of
this damn country and what happens and
you go to other countries you will find
that black women can have blond hair
blue eyes straight hair wavy hair it’s
not all nasty but so kiss my ass with
that our hair is not supposed to be
straight I know who my people are and my
hair does not come out of my head curly
my hair comes out of my head
wavy close to straight because that’s
the lineage of my people and has nothing
to do with being white very well said
I’m gonna do I’m gonna jump in girl you
can talk you can talk I appreciate you I
appreciate him oh we do when you guys
want to respond to Joanna do we give her
the last word I got a pushback Oh some
about who appropriates who culture more
but then we had to look at the root
cause why that is come on mo but you
have to say when you walk into a black
hair shop you don’t find
very much black hair there let’s just be
let’s just be honest and it’s a
billion-dollar industry we can’t we
can’t play these games and that’s
because maybe I’ll women have
self-identity problems because they do
not mine to Otto because of the images
that are pumped to us we look to them
you’re saying we always say every screen
you look at you got you know at best the
black woman looks almost the same almost
like these the image they put in front
of us now that is the black now so I
mean I should be honest yeah you do have
identity issues but we have to be
truthful about before we can fix it you
know let’s that’s nice let’s not let’s
not play that game because like I said
before and you know the funny thing is
so I wanted to say this you’re saying I
mean I’m gonna let I’m gonna let her go
but the same time today black black I’m
bad Barbie is appropriating black hair
they did a study they were saying and it
was saying that straightening your hair
and hair dyed
oh it severely increases your chances a
chance for breast cancer okay that cadet
came out on the news today and guess who
would affect is the most black women
okay white women it was at 9% black
women 45% so I mean we had to be honest
here because I don’t let a chemical get
in my daughter’s hair we do coconut oil
ain’t never had a perm while out if my
daughter ever got perm seriously I don’t
I don’t just talk it I’ll walk this
country because you know I think they
have a beautiful gray hair and say if
you leave it alone but a lot of black
with my bald head because their mom was
too lazy to do their hair that should be
honest angry and if and if rotted out
their hair saying I hear anything in the
early adolescence and that’s why they
have self-esteem you should buy their
hair and they had to cover their wigs
you say I just called the straight
started no I appreciate you Joanna I’m
gonna give you the last word you want to
either respond to mow or just say
something before you will you go Joanna
well what I said I will reiterate that I
need to say that we didn’t have an
identity crisis as far as my Damini
issue and exactly what I said is that
white man or the Caucasian man on this
planet is good and they’re cunning at
playing with yourself identity they know
that if they lied to you about who you
are and they set up but they get keep
what is beauty then you don’t have an
issue with who you are and you’re just
easier to control that’s all it is it’s
a it’s a way to capitalize on you I’m
not saying what most days run because I
think it is quite factual number one
this is not the first time that it’s
ever related that times and relaxers
caught our abode direct link to breast
cancer this one just happened 2019 this
has been years ago it’s just that fact
of the matter is there is so much
there’s so much of a push in this
society for black people to assimilate
to a globalist culture versus having it
self identity and number and number two
is black women in general you did this
to yourself by wanting to be feminist
with the white women and feminism does
not help black women it is against you
black women actually hurt the black
community for their viewpoints and how
they do things because they end up not
being praised for being for their gender
and it hurts everyone and this is what
happens you literally how we want to
forget that we’re not talking what have
my bad baby because she’s white but what
about gay men you’re telling me that gay
men are not walking talking caricatures
of black women no way no one’s talking
about the fact that white that there are
white guys right now on social media
especially on Instagram out here making
their little videos copy in black women
which I don’t have nothing to face with
that because you want to cake for them
because they’re not masculine and you
and there’s so much feminine energy in
the black community
it’s killing this but I’m just saying
from a historical standpoint we got to
get it right like we just can’t we just
can’t attack the self identity without
understanding where it comes from you’re
talking about a people who you think are
going to help you give you money or give
you whatever to help your people but if
there’s any time there to get keepers of
your whole life because you you think
they’re God so that’s what happens when
you’re black in America you think the
white man is God okay you you hate
Joanne I’m gonna I’m gonna cut your show
up but thank you thank you for the email
let’s stay in touch and and get you back
on the talk talk about some more these
topics all right okay thank you so much
whoa you can talk Joyner she’s called
him before for those of you who are new
to the show always makes some good
hang on a second Ronnie mo I have to get
to some of these cash apps and super
chats Mike from Boston good evening sir
he says store never mind super chat in
cash a focus on the live chat no sir I
watched the money let those folks do
what they do in that live chat that’s
exactly and who else a couple a couple
of people right it runs things they
handle that live chat I got a lot of
faith in them
Bushkill on the check he says star we
love Jojo in the chat homey hashtag jo
Jo dancer your life is calling okay
thank you Bush get a South Dallas Mo
caping for white man a lot now first on
his co show the white man said oh not an
Ono not a one of bees again you said
nothing now the bad baby issue you want
to respond mo to South Dallas oh do we
keep going oh I think if they listen to
my show as everybody sure you said most
facts Moffat’s con amore FAC TV but if
you say uh-huh if they were if they
would listen to the show I asked him for
his girl reaction and see the things
people so insecure they’re like they
can’t see across from you and have a
legit conversation for anybody any kind
of other race okay if you say if you say
all your true thing you saying you ain’t
ball about what people say yeah as long
as you can back up which you could say
well I’m gonna post a link I’m gonna pin
it to the top of the comments to your
YouTube channel um after the show okay
just so you know I appreciate you know
gemstone in the check in gem stars in
store put some respect back on beef with
Billy Dee Williams name he has come out
and said he never stated he was a
gender-fluid and never even heard of the
is that true Ronnie
that gemstone says Billy Dee Williams
says he never came out and said that
they twisted his words
okay so Billy Dee Williams says that’s
fake news yeah he’s not gender-fluid he
didn’t even know what they meant by that
I mean this guy is like five minutes
away from you know checking out okay Wow
so so we were all nationwide coming at
him saying man you should have keep that
shit to yourself and now he can you give
us the source sure let me pull that up
for you okay I’ll come right back to you
uh who is this sugar gee bad baby is
white I’m certain someone around her has
a legal pistol at all at all times let
an Aggie black chick run up on a bad
they’ll be with Jesus now I’m only
checking my mousses jay-z aka Jagger aka
hope aka mhm aka Shawn Carter at 50
still relevant to the game but respect
on the man’s name and so mo you share a
birthday with jay-z today yes yeah okay
max power good evening sir he says they
should get Youngberg to play Trayvon in
the movie we need the story of you start
getting robbed in the projects old nigga
it’s been a year
saluté yeah that was Eden wall projects
back in the early eighties sir thank you
so much for your donation Bush kid says
mow did you get some sloppy toppy for
your birth for your born day question
mark poor kid now Moo says Elia banks
don’t need to work no more after a given
Elan musk that fire who is that
Elan musk do I know that name and a sec
okay God God shooter supposed to be
building an underground got you driving
system in California okay okay Walt
diesel says we’ve stinks and it floats
like a cat hair okay
Ozzy Osmond DC says Eurostar I think we
might see replicas
reparations in our lifetime what a
difference 80 years make hashtag show me
the money okay what do you got running
you got a source for that Billy Dee
Williams saying he didn’t say he was
gender-fluid yes uh-huh
you want me to send you the link all
right just going to read it please that
what’s what’s and what is he saying no
he says he says when I made the comment
it was just a simple comment I was just
saying men should get in touch with
their female self I was not talking
about swinging or whether I was gay or
straight or anything like that but it’s
interesting how people take all of that
stuff out of context and make it the way
they want to make it okay he said that
he asked what the hell is gender fluid
okay so they took his words and flipped
it to fit today’s narrative absolutely
his direct quote that was taken out of
context was he says I never tried to be
anything except myself I think of myself
as a relatively colorful character
who doesn’t take himself or herself too
I say himself and herself because I also
see myself as feminine as well as
masculine I’m a very soft person I’m not
afraid to show that side of myself so
then the headlines all became that he
identifies in both that he’s
gender-fluid yada yada yada they tried
to flip it on one of our black icons
okay thank you for the clarification and
the last super chapter right now is this
a Rick Bing southern East DC says
grown-ass woman playing Barbie doll on
they self don’t matter who said it the
truth is the truth I think I may have
read that one okay oh I’m gonna sign off
here I’m over the two-hour mark man
thank you and again I’m gonna post your
youtube link to the top of the
rebroadcast anything want to same party
now I appreciate that start you’re
saying what is Holliday running and
saying you guys have a great wind fan
and I talk to y’all later
yes sir thank you okay happy birthday mo
okay stick with me Ronnie we finish up
here okay VL wants to get into live chat
what’s going on
I have yelled I got your cache up what’s
going on with you in the live chat yeah
thank you
yes I just wanted to say Lou was trying
to get at me while I was breaking down
the analysis of way a rap hip-hop female
hip-hop being a white girls don’t mean
and then all y’all suckers takes you the
goat tight y’all y’all suck the tight
bad baby with the gold she was the goal
you don’t have to defend yourself to the
live-chat think y’all was smart or
intelligent enough to get up on the
slime and debate me Carla want to show
or come to my channel a ble O’s on
YouTube and holla at me I’ll go live for
one of you suckers who think that you
got something to say if you don’t sit
back and be blessed when I crawl up on
this show and say sup you I don’t even
want to switch Thank You this I’m gonna
get your banner first I want the ending
show y’all my Boston people inside to
chat okay all right Thank You Man thank
you okay hold on a second I think that’s
Ronnie I’m gonna finish up here by
myself anything you want to mention on
the way out boss chick I know it was a
pleasure talking with you today about
the topics yeah thank you and I guess
we’ll see what happens
I’m hoping that that baby puts out a
track and she just quadruples down and
you know I really do and it’ll work if
it’s especially if it’s a good song you
know catchy hook yeah now would be the
time maybe the time yeah thank you for
your help tonight we’ll talk tomorrow
take care okay take you okay boss
all right let me make sure they miss any
super chats cash apps ok black racers
grieving sir he says goons are running
down on women in Asia and India and
robbing them at gunpoint for a hair for
women to wear that weave in America
hashtag them to ok and mad shitter I got
your email math I read that I read your
email and just make sure
ok that’s Dana hold on a second guys I
never spoke about in detail Owen Wilson
I guess nobody gives a shit I’ll come
back to him
25,000 a month that’s crazy
oh and I got the story about it I didn’t
mention it earlier Dame – according to a
TMZ and we can’t trust TMZ nine hundred
and fifty thousand dollars in child
support and Lee Daniels is going to be
paying that that tab talk about that
another day hey Brandi did I get Brandis
call hold a second oh she sent in a
cache yep Brandi you there Brandi no
stay there don’t rush because you know I
had you in hope oh wow come on take your
time pardon me on the lateness I’m gonna
put some respect on the garden and he
said I arrived on the day Fred Hampton
died real niggers just multiply they say
by 21 I was supposed to die so I’m out
here celebrating my post demise and
happy birthday Moe okay earlier he never
mentioned Fred Hampton yeah that was
Elvis the chef Rosenberg who said jay-z
never mentioned her Hampton yeah and it
was real respectful it wasn’t disrespect
for it so yeah that’s all I was waiting
thank you darling I’ll talk to you soon
appreciate you
hey I’m sorry I missed area code 347 is
it Nayak or Nike and YK if you want to
call back in I’ll wait for your call
before I shut it down and why how do you
say your name is it nikiro if you want
to call back inaccurate or if not I’ll
send me an email if you want me to read
what you wanted to say tomorrow but I’ll
hang on for another three minutes or
four minutes if you want to call back in
the Kiera sorry I took so long to get to
you yeah we never got to other food
stands topic either tonight
blitz 19 says a star is black America
defeated mentally I don’t want to say
yes ma’am and maybe this is just Atlanta
most of these niggas are wearing Gucci
slides man so I don’t think nobody’s
thinking about a revolution niggas just
comfortable you’ve heard me say that
before defeated I don’t know maybe that
that’s a stretch but you know niggas is
real comfortable man old niggas still
got that pants saggin never mind the
young niggas old niggas got their pants
saggin fame fame sends in a cash at did
you check what is it Marchi email it’s
relevant to the topic you see if I can
find your email I don’t see you man I
don’t see you did I read it already
can you resend it Fame I don’t see your
email maybe I read it let me see if also
if the Kia was calling back and give me
a second guys before I shut down there
was a delay so maybe she she couldn’t
hang on anyway I appreciate your um your
cash have Nakia I’ll see you guys
tomorrow at some point let me get a VLS
banner up on the screen first and you
guys have a good night
take care and be safe

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