Freeway Ricky: I’ve Had Days Where I’ve Made $3 Million

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Description – Back in the day, Freeway Ricky ran with few men. Oscar Danilo Blandón was one of them as he handled all of Ricky’s drugs, but before working with Blandón directly the two had a middle man they paid off pretty well to excuse himself out. According to Freeway Ricky, he and Blandón each paid him $60,000 each to do so.

Ricky and his connect went on to work together for quite sometime, eventually taking each other to the next level of the business. “But me and Blandon we kinda hung out [and] we talked about business, so we developed kinda what I thought was a friendship as well,” he continued.

Further into the conversation Freeway Ricky went on to explain just how much he’d make in a day. “I’ve had days that I’ve made three million,” he told DJ Vlad. “…The big customers come through – a couple of them – and they drop off two-hundred, three-hundred thousand dollars.” Ricky went on to say even the men who sold on his corners were walking home with up to $100,000 in one day.

How did he manage it all, you may wonder? “Well the first thing you gotta do [is] you have to be really humble in yourself and always look at situations from the other person’s point of view,” Freeway stated.

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