Freeway Ricky Cries: My Mom Lost Her House After I Got Out of Prison (Part 18)


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In this clip, Freeway Ricky gets choked up speaking about his 85-year-old mother having her home foreclosed when he was released after beating his criminal case and life sentence. He explained how he was left homeless after the incident and he was later able to get his mother a new home, allowing her to pass on the way that she wanted. To hear more, including why he didn’t attend his mother’s funeral, hit the above clip. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

so you finally get out and as you get
out your mother at that time I was four
hundred and forty thousand dollars on
her house when the house itself was only
worth two hundred twenty thousand yeah
she was upside down yeah in her mortgage
yeah and then at eighty five years old
she finally had to just foreclose on an
85 year old woman who is someone you
love dearly this is the only parent that
you had around your whole life
in fact you’re doing a lot of these
initial drug sales so you could get your
mom a new kitchen absol so you could no
more roaches roaches no more rats no
more broken windows with cardboard in it
all that was over yeah you’re doing all
this for your mother
she had a washing machine I put my mom a
washing machine in her house she had me
go to number laundromats but here you
are 2013 and all your mom’s stuff is on
the front lawn and she has to basically
leave the house that she was probably
gonna pass away in that she was planning
on living in for the rest of her life
absolutely how hard was that it was
tough tough tough tough tough not only
her but I was living in the house with
her with a newborn yeah I had a
brand-new son when when we got put out
and I was the one answered the door when
the marks was knocked on the door and
told us that we had the opportunity to
get all the furniture out so it was
tough man but you know I stuck it and my
mom passed in my bedroom in a brand new
she told me thank you for making this
possible so that all my friends had a
place to come so I still wind up at the
end of the day seeing her go out the way
she wanted to and that meant a lot to me
after because she had started going
through her little old-timer stages too
you know so she would kind of start
blaming me for the house being in
foreclosure you know like like I
borrowed the money mom I was in prison
when y’all brought that money but to see
her go out the way she went out was was
okay with me I was like cool with that
yeah that’s actually great I didn’t know
about that last part yeah I know most
people don’t yeah cuz she was living in
an apartment with you and no she was
standing apartment I was I was homeless
uh I was homeless really for about a
year a friend let me stay he managed
some apartment so it was a vacant
apartment and he let me uh live in one
of the vacant apartments me and my my
kids in the mom Wow my mom stayed in her
place so she moved out of her place in
move when I bought the new place because
I bought a two-unit you know these new
two units that they villain in LA with
the four bedrooms and three baths so I
bought one of those with two units you
know so I had plenty of bedrooms so I
was like mom you ain’t gotta stay over
in an apartment no more you say that
money come on over in there with me and
that’s what she was living at when she
passed sorry for your loss yeah yeah
where wasn’t just my loss uh you know
mom was like you know I didn’t go to her
fur no cuz I don’t do fur most hmm
but they say it was like just like mobs
people from all over you know mom was
she wasn’t a Crip or a blood either so
you know both sides came
and I mean it was just you know they
said what’s really nice yeah I just lost
my dad recently so yeah sorry to hear
that – yeah it’s one of those I went and
played tennis that’s what you did that
day that day I went and played tennis

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