Florida Woman Gets 50 Year Sentence for Crash


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#AmberPerera #florida #50years <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s the family this is a case that
concluded back in October of 2019 but I
did not get a chance to cover it being
that I lost a cousin over the holidays
due to drunk driving I’ve been really
taking a look at a lot of these cases
and this one stood out for the simple
fact that this woman who was 31 years
old received a 50-year sentence for
drinking and driving an accident that
killed a family of three before handing
down the sentence Hillsborough Circuit
Judge Christopher Sabella referenced a
jail cell car recorded after Amber
Pereira’s arrest in which she told a
family member
her life was ruined Sibella told Pirelli
she also ruined a lot of other lives and
ended three others the 2017 crash killed
29 year-old read a fella pecked her 41
year old husband Louise and her daughter
eight-year-old Georgia prosecutors had
asked for a life sentence
the defense acts for 20 years followed
by a probation the judge threw the book
at her with a 50-year sentence which is
in essence a life sentence she’s 31
years old these drunk driving accidents
you know they hit home for more than one
reason one you know you’re talking about
a life a loss of life people being
maimed back there
we’re talking about something that could
easily be avoided by people being
responsible drinking responsible
with uber and these rideshare services
out here that really is no reason for
someone to drink and drive at the same
time almost anybody who has ever trained
alcohol including myself who owns a
vehicle has driven a car before while
they were intoxicated now what level of
intoxication is the question because you
can be one point over the legal limit
and in effect you’re drinking and
driving you’re drunk right so well now
you’re not drinking and driving but you
know it’s considered you’re considered
to be driving under the influence so how
do you how do you fight something like
this you know how do you get around
something like this it comes down to
everything yes in life people have to be
held accountable for their actions even
if it’s a situation where they’re killed
or you kill a friend like what happened
with my cousin his friend was driving
driving while drunk the thing is like
when you are in control of a vehicle
when you’re driving you’re responsible
not just for yourself you’re responsible
for every single individual that’s
inside of that vehicle their lives are
in your hand and you’re also responsible
for the other people that sat down that
road when a person is drinking and
driving that car turns into a reckless
weapon and anybody can get it just heard
about a guy who was driving on the other
side of the road I was telling a friend
of mine by my cousin
you say oh man that happened to my my
uncle just got killed him car accident
you know dude driving on the wrong side
of the road drunk so this is something
that can touch anybody at any time it’s
not a good sign when your defense
attorney is asking for 20 years that
means that you know they finna hit you
hard when the defense attorney is asking
for 20 years you know you’re about to
get it there are people out there who
have multiple duis multiple DWIs and
this deer driving that’s the crazy thing
about America one person can go into a
courtroom with the exact same infraction
being accused of the exact same crime
and it depends on how much money you
have what your ethnicity is what your
profession is who you know your gender
sexuality it just appears it’s a wide
range of things that will determine what
kind of time you get if the judge had a
bad night is he feeling good did he get
him song last night oh why he was in the
chamber before he came out all types of
variables in America this is why I do
believe one of the reasons why I do
believe that most people take chances
committing crimes because they see the
wide range of punishment if you knew
that if you do this you gonna get that
if you do this you gonna get that I
think it would be a lot different in
America crime would be a lot different
in America if punishment punishment was
a lot different if the punishment was
consistent it didn’t matter what your
Nissa T was didn’t matter what
the words that matter if you was rich or
poor it didn’t matter where you lived I
think it would be a lot different like
overseas man like in different parts of
the world you steal something they chop
your hand off automatically so you know
if you don’t steal something and I did
ain’t no if ands or buts about it my
hand get my hand is getting chopped off
I think that would change a whole lot of
people’s minds I think if people knew
automatically if they drink and drive
and they get stopped drinking and
driving I think and automatically before
you get a chance to kill somebody you
get an automatic 10-year sentence I
think that would be a lot of changes in
people’s attitude towards drinking and
driving I think you have to do one thing
or the other either drink or you drive
you don’t do both at the same time what
she got a lot of time to think about
what she did she ain’t gonna see the
inside of a vehicle from behind a
steering wheel for a long time and cars
might be flying by the time she get out
of prison man too bad she wasn’t a rich
kid from Texas with affluenza she might
be sitting at home by now no more talk

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