Find Out What Dame Dash Had To Say On 'Surviving R. Kelly Part 2'


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Adriene Broner slides into Bhad Bhabie’s DMs (00:22)
Madonna on vacation with 25-year-old boyfriend (01:01)
Surviving R. Kelly Part 2, Envy declining being on the show (01:40)

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#DameDash <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

morning everybody is DJ envy Angela
Guiche Alamein the guy we are the
breakfast club let’s get to the rumors
let’s talk Adrien Broner
I tried to slide in bad babies DM she’s
only 16 years old she posted this green
shot of him saying text me crazy girl
mm-hmm and then she also put a video of
a cons locked up because obviously she’s
only 16 years old now Adrien Broner on
his behalf thought that she was grown
the way she out here moving that’s what
he said to the shady room he said nobody
want to date a kid but I fought
instagram for not having people’s age on
their profile I’m not gonna fur I had no
idea how how old she was but I
definitely think she was 16 I thought
she was older than 16 but I would have
no idea I feel like she was on dr. Phil
like mad years ago I definitely thought
she was older
yes I all right Madonna in the meantime
was on vacation Madonna 61 years old and
her boyfriend is 25 years old so she’s
been posting pictures of him on her
social media it’s her backup dancer now
is that right because if the tables were
turned and it was a man dating a 25 year
old were 60 I mean but people always
have something to say it seemed like
they didn’t have nothing to say women
either have a lot to say fYI that’s
definitely not true and I think it is
even more acceptable they feel like when
men do it is regular so Madonna’s out
here living her best life all right
Madonna all right well it’s hey there
are legal they are the end of the day
everybody is of age you can’t really say
anything about that at all now let’s
talk about surviving our Kelly part 2 I
don’t know you didn’t watch it right in
me I didn’t watch it they asked me to be
on it several times to talk about art
Kelly and what’s going on but I decline
I didn’t want to do it why not I just
want the bad juju the bad energy or me
the first one we already seen that I
don’t want to even think about our Kelly
anymore I just didn’t want to do it yeah
but it’s still an ongoing situation and
a lot of things have happened since the
first documentary came out I actually
was supposed to host the screening when
they did the first one I remember and
then there was that gun threat and
somebody was actually there with a gun
in that screening and they ended it
before they even started showing it
really they started showing like the
first minute it was somebody in there
they found somebody any with a gun
apparently there was somebody there
really yeah so I don’t know actually
when you watch the documentary they get
more into that also but some of the
people that were on there
our Kelly’s brother Carrie Kelly talking
about how basically our Kelly wanted him
to take the fall he was asking me hey
you need to say that was you on the tape
with a minor purged myself in a court of
law you know in in risk jail time for
some stuff that I ain’t that didn’t have
anything to do with me you need to say
this and then another about your car I
buy your I get your record deal and
$50,000 I said man let me tell you
something man I say you ain’t got enough
money for me to say that’s me cuz any
more from me selling my soul imagine
doing that for that come on now I’m
gonna be the one to go to jail for you
they say I’m on it yeah you you dumb but
Kelly he’s not the brightest person
there were people who defended him like
his former assistant Lindsay Perriman
done when I began working at our Kelly’s
home in Olympia Fields there was this
young girl playing in the backyard her
family had a very close relationship
with Robert she would have been 14 or 15
there were times that this young girl
slept over in the studio but that wasn’t
alone it was with a family member and
that’s because her dad was there to play
guitar at night on the songs I never
felt a need to report anything
suspicious now she also is one of the
ones that started the whole under mute
our Kelly campaign so she’s still
standing by him now Damon Dash was on
this mine also speaking about Aaliyah’s
relationship with our Kelly good soul
good girl wasn’t even really so like
resentful like let that man live but
just keep him away from me that’s all
she wanted she was just happy to be away
and you know what I know the whole story
you know I’m saying I know it was to
cover up and all of that but how did
that cover it up it just made the
conversation less crazy oh he married a
child so how you still that was a
headline that was like a rumor that was
something talked about like it was
it wasn’t like ill disgusting you
married a 13 year old it was like oh you
married Aaliyah
she’s 13 15 yeah but the 15 is 13 man
no I just want to make sure your teen 13
anything under 18
disgust mmm all right now in addition to
all of this they talk about a lot of
ndas that people had to sign and there
are two women who also spoke about
breaking their NDA’s we need a Carter
and Johanna pace so they’re on there as
well also are Kelly’s brothers say that
our Kelly had multiple sexual abusers as
a child and he also was been to a pastor
that he had a problem yeah that doesn’t
matter you know yeah I mean it’s
probably a reason of why you’re abusing
people but the fact that these girls are
13 14 and 15 years old being abused by
an adult continuously
it’s disgusting need to stay in jail
talk about when it is one of the
Predators older man in his 60s they said
that was known around the neighborhood
as mr. Henry and they said that actually
the mr. Henry ended up getting a
beat-down from men in the neighborhood
after they heard what he was doing to
kids and the kids Bruce also said that
mr. Henry paid their mother $5,000 to
not show up to his court date so he
could escape those molestation charges
and she did take that money so just a
lot of more you know information a lot
of things coming out in this surviving
our Kelly part too man that was that’s a
big fear of mine having five kids and
I’m going to school there’s somebody
molest them and they’re scared to tell
or they won’t tell or they don’t know if
they should tell because you hear about
it so much I try to keep that
conversation in that line open with my
kids talk to them converse with them
every day about what’s going on just in
case all right and we didn’t even get a
chance to talk about the Golden Globes
because now we’re at a time we’ve been
on vacation for so long there’s a lot
have a lot of things to catch up on like
Kevin Hart put out his series on Netflix
while we were gone
there happened I’m trying to think I was
watching this Messiah Netflix series
also I know if you saw that Drake did
the interview with rap radar that was
pretty big and still making headlines so
a lot of activity that I’m sure will end
up talking about at some point I’ve seen
Irish Man Irish men on Netflix is pretty
good over three hours yes you know but
that means you have some time all right
well let me Angela Yee and that is your
rumour report

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