Ellen Degeneres Bought A $750,000 Watch & Fans Lost Their Minds

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Ellen Degeneres recently bought a $750,000 watch and many of her fans were very upset. So today, I want to talk about what happens when rich people spend a lot of money like this.
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Ellen Degeneres Bought A $750,000 Watch & Everyone FREAKED Out
0:!2 – How would you feel if your idol bought a $750,000 watch
0:47 – Why it’s great that Ellen Degeneres spent $750,000 on a watch
1:48 – Idol money sitting in your bank account does nothing
3:04 – What happens when money is spent
3:25 – If Ellen didn’t spend the money
4:15 – You have to be able to afford your luxury items
5:06 – It’s very easy to hate people for becoming successful

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