Eddie Murphy Returns To Saturday Night Live


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Eddie Murphy hosted NBC’s “SNL” on Saturday for the first time since he left the show in 1984, reprising iconic roles such as Gumby and Buckwheat and giving his classic “Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood” sketch an update, focusing on gentrification: The show, with musical guest Lizzo, drew raves from viewers and critics, some of whom called it one of “SNL’s” best episodes ever. It was the most-watched episode since Melissa McCarthy hosted in May 2017, early Nielsen numbers showed.

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK0rWI0DwG4

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hey Sunday night this is the star report
I’m your host Troy Terrain PKA star okay
very rainy relaxing day here in Atlanta
GA I’m moving a little slow but I wanted
to touch on this topic of Eddie Murphy
returning to SNL after 35 years do you
give a shit now my analytics show me
that more than half of my audience is
half my age now you know how old I am so
you do the math so there’s no sense in
really sitting here and talking about
you know 35 years ago I mean I saw Eddie
Murphy come up I’ve never been a fan of
his but I don’t hate the guy he was
entertaining I remember delirious the
stand-up comedy routine I think that was
83 I do have a list of his films and I
think raw came out in either 86 or 87 so
I mean I respect the guy but I did not
want to be Eddie Murphy I did not want
to look like any Murphy but I respect
the guy and some of you are gonna have
to educate me because I forgot why he
stopped fucking with SNL in the first
place something to do with David Spade
and Chris Farley I think they were
taking shots at him because his movie
career took a down slide I mean he had
major hits let’s not act like you know
Eddie Murphy he wasn’t a fucking
powerhouse once upon a time I’ll leave
you to say pioneer innovator he came on
the heels of Richard Pryor but but but
he he laid down his own path so um I
will give him that respect but yeah I
think they were taking shots at him on
SNL and he just said well fuck all y’all
and he hasn’t been back there in years
in terms of hosting if he made a a visit
you know to say hello I don’t know I
haven’t watched SNL since Eddie Murphy
I’ll keep it real with you I think I
just I didn’t give a fuck about that
show but he has returned I did see some
of the clips hold on a second was my pen
he did Gumby the Gumby routine for those
of you who do know what I’m talking
about that was entertaining his
monologue I thought was I thought it was
tight he had our Tracy Morgan onstage
with him Dave Chappelle Chris Rock he
brought out the big guns
he looked sharp he’s he’s talking like
he can still get back on that stage and
do stand-up comedy and I think he did a
huge deal over 70 million with Netflix
if I’m wrong correct me please um and he
also did mr. Robinson that was a very
entertaining segment I watched the clips
on youtube today
where he spoke about gentrification I
really liked the other buckwheat the BA
the buckwheat skit that he did I thought
that was entertaining and those one more
than I’m forgetting but Tim I thought
for the most part it worked I thought it
worked I have no complaints I’m not
gonna sit here and just hate to hate I
mean I mean I am the objective hater but
not a player hater
what do you thoughts do you care phone
lines are open if you want a super chat
in cash chef we can talk about it as
well but what I do want to focus on
tonight should NBA players tolerate
disrespect now give me a minute here
because I want to lay some of this out
Isiah Thomas that’s why I’m pulling this
story from this past Saturday Isiah
Thomas who plays with the Washington
they were playing against the
Philadelphia 76ers they lost and he
found himself in the stands confronting
a couple of hecklers and they were white
or they appear to be Caucasian to me and
he ran up there and said hey don’t do
one of the guys who like stick up his
middle fingers fuck you fuck unit
because he wanted something to do with
whoever misses a free-throw or if they
miss two free throws you then get a
slushie or a Slurpee some Oh crazy shit
so my question is should NBA players
tolerate disrespect now this is a little
layered and let me just say first and
foremost I have been guilty in case you
don’t know of going to NBA games and
barking I was thrown out of Madison
Square Garden for um working on a
Stephon Marbury when he played on the
the Knicks and I think the other guy’s
name was Penny Hardaway I’m forgetting
and yeah I just I was I was turned up I
was drunk or I wasn’t drunk I was I was
saucy and I’m yo truck uh and he had a
tattoo on the back of his neck and I was
like what the fuck image I was gonna eat
shit and they came over security and
said hey you let’s go they said yep
start get up
get out of here I forget what year that
was somewhere around 2005 or something
six I don’t know
there was another time when I was
sitting courtside when the Knicks were
playing again in the garden and I was
barking on Latrell Sprewell I said call
him speedy and he got so heated to the
point when he looked he turned around a
look at me in midcourt and said shut the
fuck up so I can’t sit here and take
this you know this position about yeah
these fangs are they’re doing too much
no I was one of those nut jobs doing too
much of course I’m older now I would
wall out like that now but you know just
at the time I was and even though I the
courtside tickets someone gave them to
me for free
and that they were pretty expensive if I
remember correctly I looked and saw the
price um you know I was thinking about
the cost of the of the food the cost of
the beers on my yo this shit’s expensive
and I was just out of control
keep it real and had I have been
arrested when I was working on Stephon
Marbury and the other guy hard harder he
said name hard way can someone confirm
please was a penny hardaway I think
that’s the guy he played with the Knicks
and he also played with the shack in um
Orlando with the magic okie a penny okay
and had I had been thrown out well I was
thrown out but had I have been arrested
they might had a good case anyway so
that’s my question should NBA players
tolerate disrespect because Isiah Thomas
in case you don’t know he was ejected
the video is out there for all to see he
went into the stands and he just said
hey you know don’t do that don’t do that
he gave a press or the press conference
later he said you know I’m a man first
and I’m kind of on the fence now because
you don’t listen NBA players make a
shitload of money shit little mice so
should they just take the verbal abuse
you know the fans are on drugs alcohol
is a drug the food is is through the
roof when you go to an NBA game you’re
spending in my estimate no less than
$200 at the concession stand if you’ve
got a date if you got kids all forget
about it
you got kids you you’re spending 300
easily so should you be able to bark and
the players just take it you stay on the
court let us stay in the fucking them in
the seats what are your thoughts okay my
bringing bullshit money because I have
some other things on to discuss tonight
rapper blue face ah fighting over the
slave chain huh I saw the video up on
fly tv.com I don’t know where this
happened but someone somebody snatched
another slave chain you’ve always heard
me refer to them as that niggas got to
hustling now mind you blue face the
rapper when a wack 100 you know got his
shit rocked when he got his shit rocked
blue face was just standing there
smiling wasn’t he hands in his pocket
but he was fighting over the chain I saw
the video they were fighting over
something and we’re gonna touch on
Takashi’s 6:9 reportedly when he comes
when he gets out of a you know prison in
24 months our reports are saying that he
has agreed to cooperate even more via
thoughts he give a shit Bostick money
are you there area code 7 3 2 good
hey hey hey hey feelin okay thank you
for being available um Eddie Murphy were
you ever a fan or do you remember him
was that before your time you
thirty’s yeah I was a lot younger when
he was putting out like his stance
stand-up material so I like I’ve seen
raw and all of that but I’m just I’m not
into him as a stand-up comedian I like
him more for you know his comedies
you know the hold the clumps and that
holds Nutty Professor franchise and
coming to America you know that’s what I
like him for okay so the whole returns
SNL it’s a big deal you know a trending
topic and again I forget what happened
it was something to do with them taking
shots at him I remember one of his films
golden child which was horrible it
bombed at the box office and I think
that’s when most of his films started to
slide and then he went on to do the the
animated stuff as you’re talking about
and some other things all right so did
you see him on SNL oh did you see any of
the clips did you see Liz oh because Liz
Oh was the performer yes I did see the
Liz Oh performance and it was a pretty
good performance you know it wasn’t bad
but I kind of get like the vibe like the
musical vibe from her you know like it’s
very theatrical and exaggerated you know
I don’t know if she’s the person you go
to like to hear a heartfelt ballad or
you know something like that
so it’s kind of like showgirl I got
showgirl vibes from her yeah yeah and
you’ve already gone on record and said
that you don’t really care for her um I
I think she can sing like hell but I
can’t say that I’m like you know really
a big supporter but – overall you
thought her performance was good this
past Saturday yeah it was a good
performance and it was even better that
she you know came with her clothes on
yeah well she did turn around and show
her big doodoo maker and I heard the
crowd say yeah yeah right yeah she had
on like flesh colored pants on the back
like in the front it was it was black
but in the back it was
/ colors so it looked like you know
maybe she had her butt out but it wasn’t
that was just the color of the pants
well why do you think that the
predominantly white crowd you know
cheered when this big Oh Beast black
woman was showing her big buttocks what
why do you think they celebrated that I
mean it wasn’t like oh really lobby
right um because they love her she’s a
she’s a mammy she is you know she’s out
there making a fool out of herself and
they love it it’s almost like a
menstrual it’s like a menstrual show
okay okay
dancing word dance yeah yeah all right
hang on a second and folks in case
you’re not up to speed on Eddie Murphy’s
filmography I have 48 hours 1982 Trading
Places 1983 best defense 1984 Beverly
Hills Cop 1984 the golden child came out
okay you know and I’m sorry he bounced
back with Beverly Hills Cop – in 1987
and then also an 87 any Murphy raw came
out then he came out in 1988 coming to
America so he has had some some some
great box-office huge box-office
smashes so I don’t know if anybody wants
to call in about the whole SNL Feud I
would love to hear it but I just I
thought it had something to do with
David Spade and some other people and
David Spade’s like four foot six his
career went down the toilet um so I
don’t know it’s bringing some phone
Sunday night area code boys you’re one
of you there for one gold star hey how
are you yeah I was calling about Eddie
Eddie killed it okay killed it oh okay
you gotta remember this is a live show –
yeah so he knows that he got the whole
world looking at him he just murdered it
every skin even the elf’s kid that else
get was hilarious I did not see that I
saw Gumby I saw the the buckwheat scared
God killed it – yeah and and black
jeopardy I thought he did really good he
played velvet Jones on black jeopardy
you had a book for every answer yeah
do you Eddie Murphy fans yeah huge but I
grew up that’s my error you know what I
mean I was born in 77 so okay I pretty
much grew up in that whole era with the
you know the Michael Jackson’s the Eddie
Murphy’s the Mike Tyson you know that
okay and Eddie was huge what was what
was the tension between him and Sno I
forget in truth ledges I never really
cared do you remember what that was well
yeah you were right you were talking
about I don’t know the particulars but
you’re right you are
it was cast members talking about one of
his movies I want to say it was like
bold finger or something like that when
he came out with that movie with speed
mine I can’t remember the title but it
was something like that yeah I think it
was a bow finger yeah and yeah man if
you ask me they were just hating to be
hating because looking back at his track
record you could Harlem Nights 1989 you
got boom boomerang yeah boomerang 1990
1992 he had Beverly Hills Cop number
three in 1994 even vampire in Brooklyn
1995 yeah I like that I mean I’m not
just gonna sit here and you know yeah
but that was the start of like Eddie
just getting a check and even said that
like you just thought again check he
didn’t want to go to movies like to be
an Academy Award winner he was just he
just wanted that front end check and he
was just good you write the script you
do all that stuff I’ll come in check in
check out what I think he took a good
look at himself the mirror and said hey
I’m not a good-looking guy I got teased
teeth that looked like fucking dice you
know let me get the check let me get the
check I’m not mad man thank you for
calling thank you I’m absolutely man got
to check in it wrong with that it’s go
to area code two five six hey two five
six are you there good evening hey
what’s up man Eddie Murphy returned do
you care
the return of the king the only reason l
is pop culture right now because anymore
come on you all know that come on Eddie
Murphy SNL did a whole week vote you’re
gonna come closer sir your phone sounds
bad you want a headset or something I
can barely hear you okay what’s better
yes yeah so SNL had a whole like revamp
and they you know fired the cast you
know got a new cast an Eddie Murphy was
the pinnacle of that cast and made SNL
household name until today you know so
coming back it’s like this is his legacy
basically and the reason that that would
they was so salty is because anywhere he
went out to do he went out to do movies
like that a 48 hour and they were like
you know we think you know you out here
doing movies and trying to laughter now
you need to pick one and he was like no
I’m a host SNL even though I’m a cast
member and that’s our dear dead because
I think it’s a co-star wit in Essen and
48 hours wasn’t a other chocolate and he
was wasn’t able to host SNL so you know
from there all and it was like a little
bad blood because he was such a big name
and SNL was like to meet him basically
so that was looking at him like oh you
you’re doing that snail just for you
know something do like a hobby instead
it might be doing a full-time job did he
Park did they part ways amicably oh did
he quit was he fired I don’t remember I
don’t remember he walked away I mean he
walked away a little bit he walked away
a little bit I don’t know if he was
fired but I know he walked away because
he was doing too many movies at one time
okay so he he had to leave and he was
kind of distant away from him and then
you know that that 84 run you already
talked about how many movies came out in
84 yeah he couldn’t possibly you know be
on there so now that whole year so you
know that kind of was like alright well
we’re gonna have to get somebody else in
and you stay and I think well the next
black guy that came in
I don’t know because Chris Walker fuck
yeah I think Chris Rock if I’m not
mistaken I could be wrong he came in on
the tail end of Eddie Murphy’s run and
even though I like Chris Rock I just I
never gave a shit about SNL after Eddie
Murphy left I never act I can’t say to
you that I ever watched it live again I
watch the clips on the internet but I
never cared to like hey Saturday night
gonna watch SNL never after you
influenced but I loved his montage
though his montage at the beginning of
SNL yeah classic he brought all the
black people out there and it was like
you know black excellent and I’m like
yeah we talked about it but we already
bring up the topic on hang on a second
how about this shot he took a Bill Cosby
oh that was nice
I’m talking about the shot that Eddie
Murphy took at Bill Cosby he said if you
would have told me 30 years later I
would be a something about a married
father with a bunch of Kirk and Bill
Cosby would be in jail I would have
taken that bet that’s I’m talking fuck
Bill Clinton but then you want to talk
about what anyway yeah the NBA players
be disrespected and you know we talk
about little and her being out here for
raided around for the entertainment of
white basically the same thing for
blacks in entertainment because we
always you know got a ball in our hand
with this football the basketball but
now you know instead of just
entertainment they want to do the the
mockery of it you know what I mean and
oh yeah you you nothing but a a paid
player you know you’re not you know the
human you know they always looked at the
human eye the black person a black man
so it’s just like how can we stand for
this disrespect even though we would get
the chick well hang on a second now sir
are you a basketball fan because I’ve
already admitted on multiple occasions I
don’t follow a basketball like that so
so what about the The Players Union
what have they done to stop the the fans
I see and some of the fans of
have been ejected some are banned for
life there’s one fan right now that is
suing an NBA player for being banned
after who that is do you know I’m
talking about no but I do know that they
have you know the bans for life and
things like that but and they have been
ejected but I mean it’s it’s constant
though you know it’s not like they get a
you know kind of a notification or any
kind of a disclaimer when they get up to
it you know as far as what we expect the
rules of being a fan and so you don’t
know basketball let’s keep it real I
need someone who knows basketball
you don’t know basketball you’ve never
been to a game to a game you have been
to NBA game I’ve been to at least a
dozen basketball games Ronnie ever been
to an NBA game I used to go to a lot of
the Nets game okay before they moved to
Brooklyn yeah I need an official NBA of
all NBA sports aficionado somebody who’s
suing an NBA player right now because he
was a banned for life well what about
taking or we’re about filming these
people and and making a website you know
are these people racist let’s go there
you know some of these some of these
fans I’ll fuck you you moron and shit
like that
let’s go to area code 707 good evening
707 Eddie Murphy has returned to SNL do
you care did you see it hey what’s up
man let’s go come on thank you it was
David you look David goddamn Spain who
started that beef with anybody you did a
skit Frank and David Spain was the one
who went ahead and mentioned
washed-up Eddie Murphy Eddie Murphy
didn’t like it so that was started that
drama but let’s go ahead and go to the
in da issue man come on huh I want to
see I want to see one of the NBA players
go up in that stands and crack some
heads to show some white meat now we got
to go to his Russell Westbrook who’s
getting sued by the white folks that
they are you talking
Utah game and he threatened to go up in
the sand right okay
now when he went when he went up in the
stands they went ahead and said that we
gonna ban the person went ahead and made
the comment tool which was him and his
wife hmm
so now he’s suing them for a hundred
million because he’s in bands I’m glad
she’s going to the game so as a season
so that’s one issue but the problem is
is the fact that these NBA players along
with the player in Union it’s not an
allowing them to go ahead and defend
themselves when they didn’t call the
nigga up in on that court when it
getting the bird thrown at them so yeah
let them go up in that stance let them
see how they’re gonna deal with it some
Negro they then goes normally deal
without them goddamn Street okay you see
the plan so it is the issue of yes the
NBA players should be allowed to defend
themselves for what what what extent you
see it I’m saying are they gonna go
ahead and is the Players Association
gonna bring to the attention of the NBA
how they’re being threatened how they’ve
been uh uh the n-word light or why they
playing the game now the problem is is
the fact that Negroes don’t even attend
the game it’s white folks in the game
and throwing these lies and threats to
the player the players including what
Russell Westbrook okay our saying that
if these individuals are allowed to go
ahead and come to these games and
threaten us we should be allowed to go
up in them stance and crack their here
so quite be so hang on a second now
Isiah Thomas he was ejected
was it just for that game or has he’s
been suspended for future games I
there’s no suspension was at the
free-throw line
Isiah Thomas once we went ahead the
opposite possession of the ball it was a
timeout fault it was you understand
there he knew something like he was
gonna talk to her face-to-face I wants
to video and I saw the girl the girl is
there like this yeah the girl who’s we
got did did you guys she’s
finally as if you know a big fucking
joke right and I’m at the game myself
sometimes I hear monkey
I hear David loud Adam on the court and
they go quantity and room for some black
players on the court in there at the
same time they go ahead and show how
races they are by go ahead and Lobby me
the insults of the n-word you see what
I’m saying
is not right man and and and then then
you have these powers you have these
powers that sit in the stands they love
Michael Jordan but they can’t stand
niggers in the street that’s irony the
whole situation go through the goddamn
game some black men on the court but
then at the same time call them and they
you know it really don’t make no sense
it don’t make John blaze hang on stay
with me on the line if you can I want to
bring you more people and see if we can
have a deep discussion on this because I
don’t know how many people relieving
care about Eddie Murphy I mean I’m glad
he’s back but let me see if area code
for three are you there 403 three please
leave me for three all right Table two
men good you joined the discussion or
what you’re just listening in
no no discussion okay right now we’re
talking about should NBA players
tolerate disrespect you have to speed on
what happened with the Isiah Thomas
getting ejected Saturday night yeah yeah
yeah NBA player NBA player should they
shouldn’t be getting in trouble for all
that kind of stuff bullshit
they should be able to check people for
active disrespectful like that okay
check them how how so we’re up in stance
yeah they should be able to go up and
the standards check people talk and I’ll
talk to disrespectful like during
interviews and stuff like that without
getting without getting fines without
getting suspensions okay to be objective
if you’re in the stands and you’re turnt
up on some yak a little blow whatever
you there with you your girl and you’re
mouthing off and somebody from the
Portland Trailblazers comes up in the
stands smacks the shit out of your girl
and then mushers you you deserve it
stand your ground eventually it’s
bullshit you can’t
so I’m asking you a serious question
you’re mouthing off yeah you’re high on
that shit somebody comes up in his den
chokes your girl motions her and then
and then yeah absolutely I and then you
say listen I was high I was drunk I’m
suing everybody not everybody in
fighting everybody I’m fighting
everybody starving everybody you’re not
being serious I’m trying to ask you a
serious question here John blaze won’t
jump back in serious question when the
serious question is the fact that is
that shit that NBA players be able to
defend themselves against I’ll fools for
using language such as nigga and the use
of language such as monkey and they go
ahead and making threats to a player
that has no protection the only
protection he has is to go ahead and say
hey look point the end of it you’re out
and have security make a leave the
understand you gotta remember the rubble
and the palace of Ron Artest when they
went into the stands Ron Artest laid
himself right there in front of the
scores table to which a fancy shake on
him right okay what did he do he went
right to the stands along with Stephen
Jackson and then you have your main
O’Neill who took one out on the court we
need to go ahead and deal with these
fans to which we’ll go ahead and crack
their skulls to with some white me to
show enough is enough
John Wayne stay with me done don’t go to
MIT Ryan do you want to jump in and do
we go to Marcos was bullshit Ronnie
Ronnie Ronnie are you there yes no keep
nope let me bring some occult user area
code for one for you there for one for
hello hey what’s going on man are you
doing good we’re talking about here can
you turn that down the background please
turn on the laptop in the background
yeah what have you got going yeah I
don’t want to jump off the subject man
we saw Eddie Murphy right I thought you
was you can talk about that come on I’m
up in Milwaukee man you know I know
every can and everybody okay I
appreciate you giving us this Avenue to
even I’ll let you flare flare yes sir
yeah okay but yeah man Eddie Murphy did
his thing on that man I respect that but
did you see that layout we had a
Chevelle Chris Rock and then here Tracy
yeah they’re all of them said oh yeah
the three of them said thank you Netflix
right and then they said half of Netflix
is a budget is right on the road right
he said I’ve been on the road Eddie
Murphy said what you’ve been touring on
the road and then soaked writer he gotta
give his family 30 million the CEO um I
was gonna fight him for that at first we
found out who he was I think Eddie
Murphy also said I’m a father of ten but
but eleven if you count Kevin Hart right
people call you man
everybody end up on a game but I respect
you Thank You Man you got a gift man
thank you you got a give you know the
Bible the Bible say and he’ll give four
make room for you okay you gotta give
you know man you could be a psychologist
if you wanna do I don’t get too deep man
but I appreciate you we gonna get back
into this topic you want to chime in on
this MBA thing I mean I appreciate you I
just watch the game okay my Milwaukee
Bucks my Milwaukee Bucks is we didn’t
number one in the league and we got we
got Yanis a Kunekune beau I called him a
Kunta Kinte because I can’t pronounce
that I called me onyx Akula to say I
don’t know how to pronounce my bad okay
look this man this man MVP of the league
they were LeBron wanted to get him over
the Lakers the NBA but the marquee bugs
brought his big brother to play with
them and then they brought his little
brush that his little brother play with
the Lakers okay okay
now I was just I was just watching story
on what when I hang on said but but
before you go too far left the question
is should the NBA players tolerate
disrespect we talked about you know
running up into the stands and checking
some of these drunken high fans that’s
the top but can you come in on that so
they tolerate disrespect on the court
during the game you got people you know
throwing shit saying shit now you have
Isiah Thomas who was just rejected
Saturday night you have to speed the
Washington Wizards game against the
76ers this is what I was referred to
Power Man I’m being honest okay
I watched I watched a segment of 60
minutes okay you can pull it up they had
a referee on there where he was taking
money from the mob making these guys and
then so I gotta cut you short I don’t
like I don’t like Adam Sandler can’t
stand it but listen man I thank you for
the call and the compliments man salute
salute can you make you fast I got John
blazing line other people can you make
it fast
please thank you man salute thank now
you don’t know you know okay hang on a
second John please hold on I appreciate
the compliment but I’m gonna try wanna
try to stay on track here for a second
and Boston 20 are you there seven three
two yes I’m back okay okay okay all
right so John blaze um I’m gonna bring
you some more calls unless you got to go
over the course of this topic again I
saw Isiah Thomas get ejected man and I
said am i you know and I thought that
the way he went into the stands and
spoke to the hecklers if we can use that
word he was very calm he said hey hey
don’t do that don’t do that but I get it
they they’re they have a policy don’t
even go into the stands because that
could have spiraled into something else
you wanna say something John or Ronnie
well well well go ahead and I’m sorry
Ronnie but the policy started because of
the rumble in the pallet that’s why the
policy started okay all right so then we
and so now you look at you look at the
individuals who are affected oh not
necessarily by the policy but let’s go
to trevor ariza Trevor Ariza was
recently last year no year before last
when he played for the Rockets try to
confront a friend then the funny thing
about it the fan went ahead and tweeted
him the following day so Trevor readers
wanted to go ahead and schedule a fight
to which he was fine for responding to
that so then let’s go ahead to the
Sixers Mike Scott Mike Scott gets into a
fight with the Eagles fan the Eagles fan
this was actually two weeks ago they
knew who Mike Scott was so the fan will
go ahead and talk to them
so you went ahead and forth to Santa in
the parking lot it’s a whole new day
you’re gonna catch some MBA players go
catch them out on the street they
cracking skulls to which they won’t see
white meat it made me John blaze Thank
You Man salute as always thank you sir
hello okay look all right Wow John plate
John blaze say let’s get to cracking
heads to the white meat shit
Ronnie I sent you an email if you can
just take the time to uh skim over there
something about I don’t know how true
this is you know TMZ has a report that
Bill Cosby has already clap back Eddie
Murphy calling him a Hollywood sleep
okay can you check on that Ronny here
I’ll bring you back folks I’m gonna read
this headline too since we’re discussing
two topics tonight and possibly a
thermal just give me some time
TMZ comm just came out Bill Cosby to
Eddie Murphy didn’t appreciate your SNL
jab you Hollywood slave now we have to
be careful with TMZ a lot of times they
post stuff and it’s just it’s not true
you know it’s just it’s where was this
set was this on Bill Cosby’s IG page was
just Bill Cosby’s publicist that was the
word slave even used get running
sometime and folks let me go to a super
chair I’ll come back to my in a minute
yeah Sunday night
join my what’s left of my weekend oh I
want to tell you guys about last night I
was at a restaurant was it cold six feet
deep how the fool was banging sugar G on
the check-in mmm store if you take a low
quality whore to a game and get into
some shit because of her mouth that’s on
you sir okay well I wasn’t blaming the
low quality whore I said suppose or to
the guy who I was talking to and I said
suppose you and your girl or wife you go
to a game
you’re turnt up on that shit and you say
something to die and then an NBA player
comes up into the stands you know smacks
her pal and then mush is you do you just
take it to you say you know what I was I
was out of control
oh do you then start talking about suing
people but thank you for your donation
sugar gee Tony a white good evening
start what about Eddie Murphy 1997 hit
movie called pussy
starring honey dip Austin something with
Eddie Murphy and I hate to even grin
this path what he accused was a honey
bee or something you’re bringing
something back here I know it was a
false – I’m not
what are you Ronnie I’m not sure but I
do know that he was caught with the
transformer back in the day he was
giving the transformer a ride he wasn’t
caught in any type of sexual a
compromising position came a ride that’s
that is compromising you were in a
vehicle with one of them that’s
questionable okay okay did you see the
UM the Bill Cosby headline on TMZ Ronnie
yes yes I did
no it’s true it wasn’t Bill Cosby that
said it’s one of his representatives
Andrew Wyatt and so he’s responding to
Eddie Murphy’s joke and he says one
would think that mr. Murphy was given
his freedom to leave the plantation so
that he could make his own decisions but
he decided to sell himself back to being
a Hollywood slave okay
shots fired there you go and folks the
rest the name of the restaurant I went
to was Six Feet Under and the one I went
there’s two here in Atlanta I went to
the one at 4:37 Memorial Drive south
east I got the catfish the coleslaw was
banging in the corner in the Cobb was so
fresh and I took my cousin and it was
just her and I and we had some great
food and yeah maybe take back to a
little bit more later
hang on Ronnie what is this based hotep
that’s what it says based hotep can we
please have number nine Colin and go in
on this Liz Oh heifer I come benign in
text but he’s usually recuperating on
Sundays he’s still the party man kind of
respect it let’s go to area code two two
six good evening
are you there two to six talking about
Eddie Murphy and NBA players hey how are
you are you Eddie Murphy fan did you see
him on SNL via kare ah to be completely
honest with you starred not not really
because I’m a younger guy I’ve watched a
lot of his films okay I wasn’t really
watching so now like that I want to I
want to talk about the ejection okay if
you’re cool with that yeah come on
please okay so so so I was gonna say
it’s kind of it’s it’s not obvious that
like that NBA player shouldn’t be to be
going in a sense that’s obvious you’re
kind of not allowed to do that but at
the same time
I feel like they should do these things
like fines or or some sort of penalty to
these fans that are egging a mod or
again I’m going okay because you know
like not not not not to go to their star
but if you remember the malice at the
palace in in Detroit they they all they
were throwing cans and bottles at Ron
Artest they you don’t have seen these
like like like if you’re asking me right
now how come those people weren’t being
charged for assault that’s assault
if you throw a bottle at somebody right
you know what I’m sayin but he you know
you know they got him going they pretty
much assaulted him they got him going he
went up in the stands did what a man
would do and then and then he gets in
shit and you know gets uh get you know
suspended and shit like that well hang
on now we’re specifically talking about
Isiah Thomas
this past Saturday Washington Wizards
versus the 76ers did you see that the
video footage of Isiah going into the
stands yeah yeah I seen it from what I
see and all he did was go up to the two
two guys and just he said something
wrong right he didn’t really do nothing
so I don’t he said in a very calm
demeanor hey don’t do that
so yes I’m asking the questions you know
should they just accept it I mean they
kept their get paid a shitload of money
I mean I’m kind of on the fence here I
mean I want the players protected but at
the same time you know they do sell
alcohol in the goddamn arenas alcohol is
a drug so so you’re letting people get
drugged up you’re letting them go
overboard and they saw all sorts of
fucking that stuff that the food’s
expensive so so it’s it’s really a
fucking what do you call it them it’s a
I’ve get the name of the guy dama to
turn but it’s it’s a heightened sense of
um frustration that that’s being created
alcohol the players the frustration oh
well the thing is whole thing is you get
cut off at a certain point so it doesn’t
this doesn’t mean you can get drunk at a
stadium you don’t have saying like you
could have a beer or two and that’s it
but we’re not we’re not there you can
have three shots before you
I’ve done it three shots across the
street and then you go inside and get
two beers and you’re out of control what
are you talking about
no no but start here’s the thing though
it I’m not trying to talk for you but
you must have when look at normal
looking perfectly five I’m saying you
can’t go in there you can’t go in there
and then they’re gonna let you get all
mangled up that’s I’ve never seen that
at any Stadium okay you know I mean some
dude get mangled oh well you you just
ask the question you said they’re
getting paid millions and this and that
and should they just kind of accept it
no I I don’t I don’t think they should
accept it just like how it’s like how we
shouldn’t tolerate them if they’re in
public acting bad you know like it’s
just it there’s a line of respect that
everybody should follow you know you
don’t you don’t mess with nobody and
nobody’s gonna mess with you that’s an
actual good point that they do have
clauses and stipulations in their
contracts that say that they can’t do
things to make the the corporation look
bad on social media and in the streets
that’s a good point
I’ll let you finish up yeah you know
what I’ll just break it down so this is
what it is just two cats from really
thinking they’re all of that that’s all
it was Matt okay to kitty cat okay thank
you man thank you a khole okay hey
Ronnie we also have to just touch on a
shooting and a barber why am i laughing
let me slow down we have to touch on of
shooting in a barber shop you sent me an
email earlier do you want to mention it
now then we’ll come back to ya let me
pull it up and we’ll come back to it
because this story is just it’s crazy
somebody gets shot three times and the
person is okay but yeah it was something
somebody’s your son haircut Hey a
haircut you know you you feel you fucked
up my son’s line bong bong bong hold on
here fuck is wrong just go to every
killer 3 1/8 good evening 3 180 oh dear
3:23 me baby yes no maybe ok he’s doing
a lot or she doing what spring in every
coat three four seven are you there
three four seven good evening three four
seven you got to pick it up you got to
pick it up got me on speakerphone I’ll
give you a second okay he’s busy who’s
all right who’s four one five that looks
familiar four one five good evening are
you there Thomas papa
no man NIT calling out the bass you been
man I’ve been running around running
around good here you boys listen to the
show night lead oh dear you man I going
on I appreciate that
so we’re talking about two things here
old enough to give a shit about Eddie
Murphy returning to SNL do you want to
talk about should NBA players
– I didn’t disrespect I mean you know
with the Eddie Murphy thing I’ll be
brief on that like you know I wasn’t
around for his heyday you know I’m
saying like I’m in my middle till 8:30
so I kind of just missed that okay so I
caught a lot of the movies and stuff
like that but I thought the show was
decent and anything was incredibly funny
I thought the black jeopardy skit was
kind of fire yeah man that’s I mean I
you know I think it’s gonna be good for
him I think he’s kind of you know
getting a temperature check of the room
to see what it’s like to perform in
front of people in front of crowds right
so you know I get where it is in his
comeback process you know what I’m
saying so I’m not mad I’m not hating
like I thought the black Japanese skit
was pretty good yeah and when it comes
to this NBA player stuff I mean listen I
would love to see another Mouse in the
palace but I think that the real you
know power and boss move is is honestly
for these players to you know get
together and you know with the union
with the Players Union and find some
kind of rule where if they point at any
individual person in the crowd one time
it’s instant ban you know that puts real
power in these players hands okay what
I’m saying okay if you’re if we’re
talking about respect and being
disrespected on the floor I guarantee of
these if these fans were threatened with
lifetime bans from arenas and the
respect would be happy they would have
to respect the players and not call them
names and call them out and all that
kind of stuff you get I’m in didn’t hang
because you know I said something
earlier when I started the broadcast
kind of like in jest but in reality I
was serious I was talking about why not
film these people who go over and over
you know racist you know slurs and stuff
like that why not thumb them put their
faces on a goddamn website we have
websites that when police you know kill
people and they’re convicted of wrongful
misconduct in all these other terms
there’s websites that gonna tell you why
you learned go to to see their faces go
ahead and start start at the start let
me tell you why I don’t think that’s a
good idea
come on this is 2019 going in 2020 this
is the era of George Zimmerman getting
gofundme ‘he’s raised ground everybody
that gets put on that site would
probably end up becoming a folk hero in
some part of America hmm okay what it is
you know saying you don’t think that
they would be shamed on that site that
would be knows him yeah yeah I got
fucking drunk and the goddamn Pistons
were playing and they throw me out will
be like a badge of honor is what you
saying what whatever money they get lost
in their career if they have a career
making $80,000 there’ll be $160,000
GoFundMe by the end of the day when they
get fired for being shamed off of it
this is what all this whole anti PC anti
woke miss all that energy that comes
from that side specifically we all know
what it is it’s temper to its den
protecting power so that’s why I think
that those people like George Zimmerman
can go and shoot somebody and the rest
of the collective all falls in line and
gives them money to make sure he’s all
right okay okay
no ma’am Erica good to talk to anything
by way of MMA you want to mention that I
haven’t been watching MMA in a couple of
weeks anything that I missed even
missing some key but you’ve been missing
some real real real good fights the last
couple MMA’s you missed the tomorrow’s
Mon versus attention the link for that
by the way yeah for the verse Colby
Covington yeah that was a fire ass fight
yeah I mean you know right now the big
fight that’s coming up the February 19th
of them correct is gonna be the Deontay
Wilder vs. Tyson Fury rematch Tyson Fury
just got rid of his longtime trainer
Ben Davidson who was his uh kind of a
spiritual advisor when he
like doing coke and partying and
cheating on his wife all the time yeah
he finally cut ties with that trainer so
you know maybe they’re trying to look at
a different way to be able to beat
Deontay Wilder so yeah yeah that’s
coming as my boy Frankie Edgar doing
from Toms River New Jersey the rock with
him for a lot of years he’s been on I
think he had a fight on undercard for
like two UFC’s ago I don’t remember what
the hell he was like on the under
undercard but yeah I don’t I haven’t
really paid attention to any big news
from him but yeah the big ones that also
this month is gonna be John Jones versus
I forgot the guys I’m high as shit right
now but he’s fighting the fight at the
end of John Jones the cocaine John Jones
said again John Jones the cokehead who
crashed the car and then ran back after
he after he broke his arm in an accident
ran back to go get the coke out of the
car yeah like a smart man from New
Jersey once said you know this is
America if you want a shoe scag between
your toes you want to come up a crack
right crack rock right if you want to do
if you want to do crocodile that sounds
great but listen man he crashed into a
pregnant woman’s car he bailed out star
you know man Nicole in his second crash
no fighting inside the ring on coke
that’s fine but but if I’m not mistaken
I could be wrong can he crash into a
pregnant woman he either broke his arm
or broke her arm left the vehicle and
then came back to get the coke he was
out of control
yeah stark god bless america
all right all right could you talk to
you Nikki to talk to me hang on a second
I could have swore Boston wanted you
there mm-hmm
I got it confirmed it that story in the
live chat uh I don’t have my contacts in
hello troll babies can anybody confirm
somebody says John Jones is a real
nigger did he break his arm or did he
a pregnant woman’s arm crashed into the
vehicle got out and ran and then went
back to get the coke that he left in the
car based hotep said yes all that is
true okay I just wasn’t sure Ronnie hold
him before I come back to you a
transcendent music pardon me I skipped
over your super jet story you missed my
super chat from the last show by the way
was the tranny you choked out in the
hallway the one Eddie got caught with
hash tag oh no Eddie I have no I have no
idea and I get confused with who Eddie
Murphy was caught with driving in the
car did that trainee get thrown out of a
window and die in a hotel you know this
is old shit if I’m not mistaken Eddie
Murphy got caught driving a transformer
as Ronnie said in California but there
was another tranny in New York can
someone confirm this in the live chat
please I hate to like think of all this
old shit sometimes but as far as me that
was in the car accident with the tranny
no that’s Teddy Pendergrass that was
some other shit we talked about yeah a
tranny that got thrown off of the a
rooftop or out of a window and died I
remember anyway to answer your question
transcendent music I don’t know if that
was the same tranny
Ronnie what do we got with this story
the shooting in the barber shop was at
Houston Texas did you pull up yet um
it’s actually Katy Texas which i think
is like a sub like sorta like a
subdivision of Houston I’m not sure but
I think so
yeah so yeah so um this was around 5
p.m. so it was still daylight out and
the guy was unhappy with this thirteen
year old son’s haircut
and so he shot the barber three times
now the barber is in stable condition
yes yes he is and the gunman is still on
the loose oh Jesus do we have a reason
why he shot him did he fuck up the kids
haircut what happened did he take too
much off of the the top what
why do you clap a barber who just you
know juicer gave you hit your kid a
haircut what the fuck yeah well I guess
you know maybe he went there to confront
him about the haircut and you know
things got out of hand as far as the
confrontation between them and well why
would you I would say why would you
bring the gun if you know you’re gonna
have a heated exchange with somebody
should have left it at home
I don’t know but I will say that maybe
there’s more to the story and I don’t
mean to put this on barbers but you know
some barbers sell weed on the side right
I’ve never been there
yeah I’ve never been the type to hang in
barber shops never but I used to visit a
certain barber shop in Harlem to buy a
weed from time to time yeah I had a
couple of girls in the other days they
needed drugs and shit like that so there
was one guy really really cool he was
affiliated with you know what let me
slow down
let me slow the fuck down um and he used
to sell weed on the side that was a big
hustle for him so maybe maybe something
happened to that effect with this story
I don’t know all right everybody’s okay
the barbers okay and the gun is still in
the run yes right yeah he’s still in the
run okay so he’s a gray Honda Accord so
if you live in that area and you see a
gray Honda Accord be careful Elvis the
chef Rosenberg good evening sir he says
star that was a Bishop Don magic Juan on
the phone just now you know it sounded
like him but I wasn’t sure yeah listen I
chopped up with Bishop done a magic wand
before and if that was him he would’ve
said star what’s up baby and we would
have had that that that talk you know I
mean I don’t wanna start talking too
crazy but
I used to see those guys back in the 80s
down on 11th Avenue and 38th Street we
used to play a pacman up in the diner
that’s all I’ll say it sounded like him
damn sure sounded like but thank you for
your donation Elvis the chef Rosenberg
hold on right let me uh go through
someone with these cash apps oh well who
is this someone sent in a very nice
comment via email but I do not see a
super chatter cash chef Devin good
evening Devin he says do blacks know
slavery you don’t get ten million a year
that’s called having a Jo be all right
thank you for your uh your email King
bank had bailed to check him worst thing
to show on TV blacks fighting whites mmm
would you care to elaborate sir you want
to call in you have a very very good
point you know because that might rile
people up if that’s where you’re going
okay good evening – pumpkin 23a boss
tell Ronnie I want to crip walk in okay
he’s talking very very vulgar he wants a
quick walk Ronnie in a certain area
thank you punk in 23 for your donation
let’s get some more coals in here I want
to explore more of this Eddie Murphy on
SNL for those who care area code six for
six are you there good evening
six for six Yes No maybe pick it up pick
it up okay I tried to hold for you let’s
go to area code um four three two good
evening four three two what just Oh am i
hey hey hey what’s up man how you man I
told you dick I told you that kidnapping
was a hoax man which one you meant by
copy on the sixteen-year-old girl car
kid now oh yeah yeah yeah and I said a
mama was in on I told you man it was all
a hoax we
we’ve already had that show sir a couple
of days ago now have you heard anything
new has the mother admitted to being
down down with it or what because that’s
what we did it an experiment show where
the daughter came you know the daughter
came out and said it was so we’ve
already discussed that is it something
new because I don’t like to go too far
back in the show okay on the Eddie
Murphy in the bath yes sir please
I’ve been down with since the nineties
man this first movie I watch coming to
America and my grandmother used to play
there for me all the time okay I like
boomerang that’s the reason why I like
girls a pretty beat right now okay so
did you know the FBI had a second did
you see him on SNL last night just you
know any of the clips on there yeah yeah
I’ve seen the clips I’m the objective
hater but I can keep it real I thought
he did great he wasn’t sitting there
stumbling stuttering and fumbling he he
executed well it was like you know he
just got right back into his zone was
hot yeah how about the part when the
white neighbors came over looking for
the flatscreen he barked on him slammed
the door and then he hit the remote
control of the flatscreen it’s a racist
as buck why would say die with the line
the buck Lawson die with the lie yeah on
that MPA thank star yes sir if you fire
Cort sour chicken man
it’s say right there on your ticket that
you subject to getting ran into you know
getting fierce fast on you know so I
think it’s all part of the game the
heckling they come with the game you
know what I’m saying place and house
can’t be able to take it
unless you’re just disrespectful you
know like calling on the B word or you
know I want to get too vocal on your
right okay
you know the n-word and stuff like ditch
no I’m saying so it’s all it’s all part
of the game to me yeah well hey man I
appreciate the call man and and thank
you for no checking in this evening
salute no doubt man
yes sir okay Bostick Ronnie hold on a
second somebody just sent me a crazy
email holy smokes this Gemstar oh wait a
minute is this recently Frankie Edgar
getting his shit rocked
yo Nomad Nick let me send this to Nomad
Nick let me see if I can find his email
address hold on yo I think Nomad Nick’s
area code is for15 hold on Nomad Nick if
you’re still listening check your email
please you should you should have known
this if this is recent you know is that
Frankie Eddie was getting his shit Rock
now what’s the date on this hold on a
Thank You gemstar first and foremost the
Korean zombie rises again burying friend
Frankie Edgar in a mere three minutes
and change chan-sung may be our sports
greatest cult hero holy shit and that
says December the 21st what’s this date
the 20 yesterday oh yo he got beat like
a old slave oh no no man Nick check your
email that’s crazy that’s fucking crazy
okay and Ronnie you just sent me
something sorry
what’s up what’s up yeah so I did a
little bit of digging and you’re right
the transsexual that Eddie Murphy was
caught with did die it was a sketchy
death it looks like it was probably an
but you never know and actually that was
when he was caught with that person it
was four years into his marriage to
Nicole Murphy who you know he divorced I
think in 2015 but you know he at the
time claimed he was just giving the
person a ride but this was a known
prostitute you know okay why are you
giving a prostitute a ride at four
o’clock in the morning right now hang on
now that was an L a.m. I got your story
here but it’s kind of left Lea that was
an LA summit now the tranny died was in
New York thrown off of a building years
later or a hotel or something while she
slipped she was trying to go from the
roof to her bedroom window they suspect
that she was locked out and slowed down
old nigga stop laughing okay now hold on
that was in New York though yes yes okay
continue please I’m sorry good yeah and
so also another thing that happened was
Saturday Night Live did a sketch where
they spooked him performing community
service by saving a transsexual so I
know you asked the question mm-hmm you
asked the question earlier you know
about the beef between him and Saturday
Night Live so it could be that because
the sketch is with ten Meadow is playing
Eddie Murphy oh okay gem star thank you
I just got your email and your superjet
gemstone assist or check your email I
just sent you the link of Frankie Edgar
your boy getting his shit Rock yesterday
you know that was that was crazy let me
see if nomad Nick is back oh fuck yo
how’d you missed that one Nick okay so
the trannys dead all right P the tranny
that was caught in the car with Eddie
right it’s Jesus now yeah but actually
it wasn’t I would you say the trannys
with Jesus would you say Ronnie yeah
that that person is with Jesus but
there it wasn’t only that transsexual
prostitute multiple prostitutes came out
and they you know sold their stories
about him to the National Enquirer and
another publication Eddie sued them and
ended up having to pay their legal fees
so in order for that determination to be
made you know
apparently they weren’t lying well let’s
not say they weren’t lying because Eddie
Murphy his money is long so you’re
assuming they were telling the truth
you’re assuming but okay so there were
there was a few trains that came forward
and also if I remember correctly what’s
his name okay he’s a singer
can we talk what’s his name Kevin
Campbell I think you hate heaven hey
girl got caught trying to solicit what
he thought was a male prostitute with
some weed and some sex or something but
it was a cop you remember that was that
too far back for you yes now I remember
that and also remember gosh what is
D’Angelo yeah D’Angelo remember Hugh
Grant he got caught with the trans
transexual yeah remember he actually got
a disease well they said that he gave it
to them number of Paul Reubens that was
pee-wee Herman this article actually
talks about did Paul Reubens get caught
with a tranny attorney no he was in an
adult theater yeah he was just allegedly
touching himself I don’t want to put
that trendy thing on him
you were saying yeah no but but the
article reps references how at that time
you know there were all these different
incidents happening back to back because
Eddie Murphy’s incident was two years
after Hugh Grant’s incident and was
several years after pee-wee Herman’s
incident but they reference it all on
the same article okay hang on a second
Ronnie black to death good evening sends
in a suit
Jetstar Eddie Murphy on SNL last night
was a plantation spectacle the entire
episode was for white consumption and
entertainment pleasure
definitely a minstrel show I can see how
one would say that but we’re talking
about how he came up Eddie Murphy and
what people expected you know with those
characters that time in American society
that that stuff was was chewed on not
just by white people but by black people
as well I thought that buckwheat’s kid
was funny shit and he kept singing the
Beyonce song I was at all the single
andhe did it did it it was funny
handcannon good evening sensitive super
jet star some of these teams NBA teams
with bad records are letting scum in for
$15 per ticket when the arena has a
Bacardi stand inside okay how much are
those beers we’re like $18 you can get
beer inside arena and I forget then you
got the other pretzels you got the
someone tacos all sorts of stuff do you
want to tell you a story Ronny man I
won’t pull that out of you but J you
told me a story earlier that was funny
as hell yeah so I went to a Yankees game
and I bought I got chicken tenders
french fries and a drink and it’s like
$25 great just for that and so then you
know I wanted to smoke and it’s a
non-smoking like they don’t have any
areas where you can smoke and the
security that man’s the door said well
if you leave you come you can’t come
back in and we we had an extra ticket
and I was thinking about like using the
extra ticket because we didn’t we didn’t
want to sell it because we’re you know
you’re not really supposed to do that so
we still had it and I was going to use
the extras
to go outside because my ticket to go
outside and smoke yeah just to go
outside to smoke because they don’t
allow you to go out and come back in
okay okay
yeah so eventually I found out that I
could use the Hard Rock Cafe because I
think it was on Hard Rock Cafe they have
a location there and they have like a
balcony that you can smoke on and so
when I get there they said okay but you
can’t bring your food and to and through
our you know our restaurant it’s outside
food so I had to chuck my food just to
be able to smoke and then once I get in
they said okay well it’s almost seven
innings so we have to close down the
balcony Jesus I literally got to inhaled
maybe twice and I threw out my food for
that you throw out your food to go smoke
that’s what you just said yes right and
I got to drugs out of the deal okay okay
hold on a sec somebody’s sending me an
email here
thank thank you Derick yeah we already
discussed Dame – accusing jay-z of
robbing people that was that like
Thursday or Friday yeah we went into
that in detail based off of that
interview but Thank You Derek yeah I
don’t go back to Dame – right now and
then we have Ron Ron sends in a cash at
its with Jesus now Ronnie hashtag pay
attention it’s with Jesus
it’s for Jesus okay thank you for your
cash yet no man Nick is that you back in
line for one five
yeah we’re starting oh man Nick yo that
was my go that is my guy Frankie Edgar
but holy shit he got rocked hos I got it
that you know popped his chain
it was the Korean Zombie the Korean
Zombie he’s like a guy that was no
forgetting it’s real real brutal fights
around like the
Brock Lesnar era of UFC okay I don’t
even pay I’d very rarely pay attention
to these smaller cards I like the ones
that have like at least two fights that
actually mean anything okay
Korean Zombie verse Frankie Edgar was
just something to fulfill that ESPN deal
that they got going on
I was really paying attention to the
boxing last night there was a really
good fight I didn’t bring it to your
attention because it wasn’t really like
a big one but Jamal charlo versus a Tony
Harrison it was like a rematch for the
light heavyweight belt so it was a good
boxing good boxer okay have you and I
spoke since um the Anthony Joshua and
Ruiz fight now we have it not listen I
hate to go back but are they gonna have
yeah a third fight do you have you heard
anything listen this is a thing even
though Anthony Joshua won you know
outright he’d beat a guy that was about
280 pounds you know I’m saying right for
him to look the way that he looked
against a guy who really didn’t train
and didn’t try and you know was out
partying and fucking bitches and all
that shit take these on the language
please the language language yeah yeah
yeah I they didn’t he didn’t look great
you know and I think that you know you
know I think that Ruiz is embarrassed I
think he knew that he fucked up his
opportunity messed it up for him to
actually have a shot at getting back in
there with him I think he actually
trains this time he takes it serious and
I think that his promoters are gonna
Joshua’s promoters are gonna want to
keep him away I think now they now
realize that they need to hurry up and
put this money fight out there okay
after so will there be a fight a third
fight that’s that’s my question will
there be a third fight i I don’t think
that it’ll happen until he fights until
he fights the winner of why can’t I
think of it right now
Deontay Wilder versus versus the the UK
guy right now I don’t think that’s quite
gonna happen until they listen Nick
you’re high as you said I thank you for
calling back you go get some rest man
thank you my man okay Nomad Nick on the
check-in I’m not gonna accuse him of
doing anything but what
what does it mean I’m so hiring he
sounded okay to me didn’t sound drunk
tells you hi so hi wait listen
it’s Sunday who gets high on Sunday
nights hey Ron Ron b83 sister what
happened to honey dip Ashton yeah Ronnie
are you up to speed on honey dip Ashton
do you know that name
no can you google honey bee I’m sorry
honey dip honey dip Ashton aashto n and
Eddie Murphy I hate to grab this bath
and I’ll come right back
okay I’ll come right back to stay there
okay yo yeah yo honey dip wasn’t he she
Sherm poppin like five years ago up on
the ground talking reckless and I think
if I’m not mistaken cold my shown as a
100 100.3 the beat in Philly or was that
Stacey I’m getting straight A’s confused
either way thank you uh-huh
Ron be 83 yeah honey dip Ashton we got
to be careful here Eddie Murphy might
I’m gonna put a hit on that tranny in
New York well slow his dumb shit down
coming back to super jet guys hang on a
second someone says uh pick up six for
six so I want to talk about this cone
Eddie Murphy oh shit
six for six are you there good evening
six for six hey hey six for six pick it
up pick it up Rashad Rashad hey give me
my hello yes sir
let’s go boss my brother Thank You me
I’m not your brother but please you want
to talk about Eddie you said he’s a cool
we know that dead niggas I’m sorry I
mean I mean let me respect the algorithm
but here cool he calling it come on
straight from the jump
his first joke was about the good
brother Bill Cosby you know who he doing
that for he’s doing that put a
mayonnaise man come on man okay you
can’t you can’t say you love don’t get
the other one with about gentrification
justification for the black man the
whole thing was did tell your phone’s
going in now can you make some
adjustments I wanna hear what you’re
saying I hear what you’re saying and
that if I can also just throw this at
you while you’re fixing your phone you
know Eddie Murphy took a shot at Bill
Cosby yes but you know decades ago Bill
Cosby tried to check Eddie Murphy and a
host of others because he thought that
there were two vile and vulgar folk as
comedians yeah yeah I agree with that
but that was coming from a good place
okay psychologists analyzed they were
properly displaying black people in a
proper light okay we’re ready in the
rest up there and you know they were
kind of mimic the great and we know the
great is and he was all going heating
care with nobody thought about him he
was saying whatever he wanted to and
that was at a time when we needed
someone who didn’t care what the men as
men cared about right and utilize that
freedom of speech in a manner like in
the hang on a second so now you spoke
about the skit that he did Eddie Murphy
on SNL he was mr. Robinson and he he
spoke about gentrification yeah now I
don’t think I could be well I don’t
speak for you but I don’t think that he
was laughing at that or was he what’s
your take on it my take on it he wasn’t
laughing but America it
as a whole and we as African Americans
or minorities or a small percentage in
America the management they are laughing
okay because they are the ones who are
doing it they’re the ones who are
pushing us out of the the small little
neighborhoods that we had we built this
country all the management come all over
Europe were able to come in cool Ellis
Island and pick out and stake out their
chunks of of the country that we built
and we would just push them to their
inner cities and they just continue to
happen you know so in no way shape or
is that a joke okay no and Eddie isn’t
doing anything out here and these urban
areas are separate trying to pick up
transform stay with me stay with me
because Eddie Murphy I’m what he does do
philanthropy work me I printed out
information on him because you’re gonna
I want to be as fair as possible he’s
done extensive philanthropy work over
the years so he doesn’t just say things
and and then just leave leave you
hanging it you know to my knowledge he’s
done some really good things for it for
quote unquote black communities I don’t
know I mean to be honest with the star I
cannot think how much I’ve heard a few
things back in the day I heard of
something I think linked up with Oprah
to help accomplished but I didn’t really
look into all that stuff because and and
if you’re not putting grants or money
into young black people or teaching them
financial literacy you’re really not
helping them if you’re just putting a
mayonnaise man in charge of a little
chunk of money that you put aside so you
can get a tax deduction all in you know
you’re really not helping you know okay
that’s how old you are so before you go
hold you with with that sir I am of a
certain age come on come on how old are
you man
how old are you keep it real I got your
star you know what I’m not early thirty
okay no listen I appreciate you know a
younger perspective so you you early
30s and you see Eddie move Eddie Murphy
as a coon someone who you know given he
didn’t want splatter in time but it’s
not working for you now correct
yeah I feel like he’s probably a little
broke crawling needed you know the SNL
little check to come in you know maybe
that open some other doors for them okay
who knows yeah okay I’m not having it
Thank You Man thanks for your call okay
slow okay I don’t know if there is a big
SNL check I don’t know
running you there Bostick Ronnie yeah I
don’t think it’s um you know a huge
payday I think it’s more for most of the
buzz and to get his name out there
because you know he’s got coming to
America the next one coming out and also
so it’s you know to get his name out
there for recognition yeah thank you to
UM jello GTL Oh G low G low sends in a
cash at star Frankie Edgar was Kayode in
round one by Korean zombie thank you sir
yeah I just watched the footage he got
his shit robbed Wow and Mike on the
check and Mike says that Ronnie please
shake me menthol from your soft pack do
you smoke soft packs or the hard box
about a Newport Ronnie Newports heart
but otherwise they could get crushed
okay hey before we go back into into the
topics blue face Ronnie him and his crew
were on I saw the video were they
stopping somebody out over a slave chain
that’s the story
apparently so and he has released an
apology because apparently some woman
was hurt in the process
hmm okay so he wouldn’t get down and get
busy when I walk 100 got his shit rocky
was stand there laughing with his hands
in his pocket
but over this slave chain he said aw
hell no something got to get some got to
give somewhere that’s where he draws the
line yeah some I got to be touched the
chain it wasn’t me his chain wasn’t in
his friends chain you know yeah walk 100
scramble like two eggs on Sunday morning
talk about somebody a dope fiend him
might knock me out
as he said and blue-faced didn’t even
join in it but over the chain hell naw
we’re gonna murder somebody
alright so he apologized anybody been
arrested or what that you know of I
don’t see that anyone has been arrested
it looks like the authorities are still
investigating what happened okay hold on
before we go back to the phones Ronny
sugar Gianna check and says Joshua and
Ruiz will never have a rematch
they had to take the fat boy to Saudi
Arabia to give Joshua the heat advantage
okay what
Never Say Never the money might be right
you know ten years from now and he might
say no let’s do it again
well thank you gemstar in the czech
india super chances money would you
rather starve just Ronnie would rather
starve just so she can wrap her thin
white lips around a cancer stick for two
lung cancer away see baby girl you want
respond that running yeah it’s a
possibility maybe I’ll have that box you
ever see this Marshall with a woman that
puts like the machine to her throat and
she talks like this
maybe maybe old Jay beats on the
check-in via a super jet star wasn’t
Eddie Murphy linked to a alleged
relationship with Johnny Gill I have no
idea I mean that that was like gossip
years ago while he was living in his
house for years now why would a married
and have this so-called friend living in
his house and when he’s married mrs.
homey I guess yeah I was sent here do
you remember what happened with governor
McGreevy not me refresh man for that
fresh my memory all right so he was the
one it came out that he was having an
affair him and his wife were having an
affair with a male with a male staffer
and yes so it was like a three-way
relationship and that’s what I you you
know the vibe I get if you’re a married
man and you have your best friend living
with you well to my knowledge Johnny
Gill has not come out with the memoir
you know expose exposes you Tony on the
check in star fuck outta here
Eddie giving him a ride question mark
question mark so is Teddy Pendergrass
broke his neck and had a shit bag for
life cuz of buh see what listen man no
one knows for certain about that Teddy
Pendergrass that’s that’s an old story
uh Tony the the transsexual that was in
the car with Teddy Pendergrass to my
knowledge to this day has never said
they had a sexual relationship
I forget was was Teddy driving somehow
and and I’ve told this story before or
given my my opinion somehow Teddy
Pendergrass wound up under the dashboard
and the fire department had to cut him
out why was he you know down below and
to my knowledge here the tranny the
tranny was uh didn’t have a scratch on
well was the tranny driving you know
shit got good to them training lost
stop it star don’t disrespect Teddy stop
it nigga okay
oh shit okay I think we’re good on the
super Chad I didn’t miss any did you
just go back to the phone lines here
what time is it area code two zero one
good evening – I missed that hold on a
hit the wrong button pardon me
Apartments go to every cool 503 503 are
you there
503 hello five one three five one three
point me yes good evening good evening
far are you doing that good yourself I’m
all right man I just want to discuss
brother like I was it was a great
performance by Eddie Murphy last night
it was the best SNL I’ve seen in years
for everything entire lifetime okay I
think the weakest part of the show was
the black jeopardy moment I think that’s
where I think it was we I think Keenan’s
trash Kenan Thompson or whatever his
name is he’s trash he needs to be out of
there but otherwise I mean they use that
you Murphy for every skit you did all
the work last night and I think it was
uh it was great okay
hey asshole to you I’m 22
okay okay perfect perfect so you know
you don’t have to know what happened
back in the days when Eddie Murphy was
on SNL so you didn’t like the velvet
Jones character in the black jeopardy
what’d you just say yes yeah yeah yeah I
feel like that was weak you know I mean
you can hear in the audience they
weren’t even laughing at it that much it
was kind of a played with the whole
whole thing the whole thing I’m not
weird you know how dated played and you
know I just feel like that was the
weakest time I think when he did the
Gumpy first it was hilarious
on the news and Gumby Gumby not Gumby
Gumby Gumby and what fall yeah that was
hilarious and uh also the Santa shit was
funny too but uh with the whole Coon
thing I I think black people need to get
off of that shit man
with somebody with money but they always
want to say they Conan because they got
more money and shit you know Eddie
Murphy is a legend but it’s 2019 so what
if you got caught with the tranny you
know half of them are gay Hollywood in
the first place okay you know it the top
the move on has a community with okay
okay cuz I happen to like Kenan
personally on SNL then I don’t even I
don’t even watch I mean I watched some
of the some of the clips and from time
to time for research purposes and to
talk Alicia I think he’s funny
especially when went when he uh when he
plays all Sharpton
I think he’s funny yeah I heart biscuits
are funny but man otherwise I think he’s
corny to me man I don’t know what it is
Michael Michael say however he hold his
own he he be killing sit on a weekly
basis okay so you know but Keenan Keenan
always I don’t know if it was just a
good burger shit just threw me off back
in the day I don’t respect them was a
comedian in general did you ever see
them Kenan and Kel on Nickelodeon I mean
I I never watched that show like that
back in the days but I know that’s how
they came up and the good good burgers
are classic aren’t they doing a part too
something like that I think so I hope
okay hey I respect your opinion man
thanks for calling it thank you work
okay all right young man said get it out
of here no I couldn’t hear that bullshit
Ronnie I’m sorry hustle hustle sends in
a super jet so is anyone going to speak
on this Hispanic superstar Camila
Cabello disrespecting black people that
shit she said was so disrespectful shake
running on that speed are you Camila
comes in with her name right Cabello
yeah she used to be a member of I
believe the name of the group was fifth
harmony and then she went solo okay so
someone dug up like some old
tumblr account that that belonged to her
some old tweets and you know she was
basically trolling and saying a lot of
racially insensitive things and she has
released an apology claiming that she
was young and blah blah blah I think she
was 15 at the time didn’t that story
come out last week I mean I saw the
thumbnail but I just I didn’t click on I
said who was just another person trying
to clean up their past you know do you
know what she said I mean specifically
or no she was basically the
run-of-the-mill apology I was young I
didn’t realize what I was doing at the
time I realized how my you know comments
have affected people now and but I think
it you know at 15 a lot of people are
immature but there’s just certain lines
that you should know at 15 not the cross
yeah I think my my my my favorite racist
if I’m even using the right word
favorite um Justin Bieber you know you
saw that video with him right yeah
that’s all one less lonely inward one
less with a straight face right in the
dairy hammer shit hold on a second uh
black races hang on a second so let me
check my email I appreciate your
donation dude big shock he says damn and
my bugging or did you miss my super chat
LOL let me go back that’s the homie big
cock is it this one here caller was on
that good Spanky okay on that good
Spanky Johnson hookah oh yeah why you
bark on Ron Artest question mark lol and
F be keep him in there for life f that
I didn’t bark on Ron Artest if you’re
talking about me when I was at the
basketball games that were you talking
who’s that it was barking on the trail
Sprewell when I was courtside and then
it was a Stephon Marbury and
the Hardaway I’ve never been in it at a
game with Ron Artest who then became
Metta World Peace but thank you ma’am
big shock all right I’ve got a couple
more calls here it’s gonna every code
three to three
good evening 3 to 3 are you there yeah
how you doing hey Nene yeah it’s good
talking to you yes sir hey I was gonna
say I saw some of the skits Teddy
Murphy’s good so I thought they were
pretty good
hi I’m I like the beginning when they
had all four of them lined up uh when
the good burger guy came up I thought he
was kind of out of place
you know I mean you know just those guys
seem like they’re a little more you know
Tracy Morgan and the other guys well
Tracy’s not really high level with the
other guys too but I could see them
there but then it looked like a white
guy try to come in and then the good
burger guy threw him out I thought if I
can just cut cut him for a second I
thought that was funny the white guy
tried to come get some of the shine and
Keenan’s and Tina said no no hold on get
out of here you know what he’d say get
out he just said no no he wanted to he
wanted to post about that that was funny
that was cool
but then when it when you look at it
Amal you’re like yeah kini you got a
little ways to go you don’t me the other
guys you know have so much accolades you
know that’s all right you know they got
so much doors for I was gonna tell you
in regards to your boy Frankie Edgar the
fight that happened he took that on a
two-week notice okay the Korean zombie
was supposed to be fighting somebody
named Brian Ortega who injured himself
okay so that’s why Frankie Edgar took
that fight Frankie Edgar is actually
supposed to be dropping down to 135
pounds and was supposed to be fighting
next month but whenever you get like
knocked out or tko’ed yeah you’re on a
90 day suspension or like nut suspension
but uh like medical leave until and so
you can’t fight for 90 days anybody that
gets knocked out or see a road so once
he comes in he’s gonna be fighting at
my son was thinking that if he would
have won this fight it gives Korean
zombie then he
he would have stated at Division and
possibly would have maybe had another
flight and they were to probably gave
him an opportunity to fight for the
title of you okay do you know that world
of MMA fighting a little bit what was
the black guys name I think he’s dead
he used to fight street fights he had he
had a bald head book light what’s that
Kimbo Slice
Kimbo Slice yeah now didn’t he fight
some white guy he took a fight like
either a couple of days or a week before
and then a white guy rocked his shit
remember that yeah the white guy was the
old martial artist and what had happened
was when he when they fuck when they set
that side up the white dude was actually
supposed to take a dive but was like nah
fuck that and beat his ass
are you sure he was supposed to take a
dive I I thought that Kimbo Slice
hang on Kimbo Slice was supposed to
fight I got somebody else I got myself
yeah I got my son here he’s gonna tell
you the Kimbo Slice thing was I’m
talking to star hey highwaymen evening
yeah we’re talking about Kimbo Slice
when he fought somebody and and it was
like a fight he took or the guy took the
fight because somebody dropped out and
then Kimbo Slice got any shit Rock and
I’m talking about yeah yeah I think
those Strikeforce correct yeah I think
so I think so Scott croaker basically
told the dude a don’t take him down
because he doesn’t have ground game and
we’ll give you an extra some extra money
okay so nobody was gonna come and knock
out Kimbo cuz at the time I mean who
would okay so you’re saying it was a
it was a Senate fight yeah and this
whole rant on it yeah we’re um you know
that whole um yeah he was basically
ripping into into strife or no Elite XE
he was ripping into lead XE okay okay
yeah listen I was just surprised that
Frank yeah he got rocked what he did I
just watch that fight but thank you for
the clarification man have a good
you too alright alright alright hey
thanks for checking in man okay for the
clarification have a good evening
love are you – yes sir okay so okay
Bostick whining you still there was
running bunny bunny yes I am all right I
think we’re pretty much done here I’m
gonna call it a night I gotta go handle
something into them get ready early in
the morning
anything else we forgot to touch on I
think we covered a lot of ground here
Liz oh and how many performances dallisa
do just one or two at the SNL last name
she did two songs really I only saw one
how was the other one oh pretty good
same kind of vibe it’s like you know
showgirl to me mm-hmm she’ll probably go
on Broadway at some point and do great
you know maybe maybe but I do want to
say I mentioned a few episodes back
about that Nicki Minaj song which was
gonna be like a remake of Tracy Chapman
baby can I hold you okay good do you
remember I was saying like I heard it
one time flex pleaded as an exclusive
and then I never heard it again okay
yeah so one of your longtime listeners
actually sent me that song okay how is
it it’s a good seller it’s amazing I
think any because it has nice so this
was this is dropping actually before nas
linked up with Kanye to do that you know
that that whole album that he did with
him so this is like the first time you
heard from knives in a while and that’s
why it’s part of the reason why I really
like the song okay okay hey you know I’m
sorry we never discussed not that we had
to Takashi 6:9 reportedly has to
continue cooperating after his release t
do we care to go back into that you
still have those notes are no this comes
according to double-xl
did he was sentenced to 24 months for
those who don’t know Takashi after
cooperating with the authorities and
they’re saying that as part of Takashi’s
sentencing he will be placed under five
years of supervised release
his time behind bars is done and there’s
some talk about him cooperating further
and you said what when you and I spoke
behind the scenes earlier yeah so sublet
cell claims that they obtained the
actual court documents although they did
not publish them but I think that
they’re basically trying to spend the
narrative and make it seem like he’s
going to come home and actively be
setting people up and you know arranging
for things on his phone what I believe
is what the intent of the document is is
that because he’s been ordered to do
therapy and also community service and
to pay a thirty five thousand dollar
fine so I believe that you know what the
documents say or that he has to
cooperate with his sentence I don’t
think it means cooperate in the sense
that you know he’s gonna be arranging
drug deals or hid to set people up okay
I I personally haven’t dug into that you
know I just I I think that he he will be
in some way shape or form trying to
continue to to snitch or to tell but I
don’t know the details
any news from double XL one that when
they’re going to release the documents
or they should be public documents yes
or does at some point yes they should
publish the document I looked all
through their articles and I saw I don’t
see anywhere where they’ve linked it or
you know included a PDF or anything of
that sort
okay hey also Mike from Boston sends in
a super chat before you go running he
says do you buy Newports by the carton
if so how many packs a day for tomorrow
Ronnie are you miss Barney or no no
could you could you repeat it I’m sorry
Mike from Boston says Ronnie do you buy
Newports by the carton if so how many
packs a day do you smoke no I don’t I
don’t buy them by the carton probably
about a pack a day Wow I think I’ve
answered that before okay hey thank you
for your time Ronnie um and I guess
we’ll catch up tomorrow you can take
care so have a great night enjoy your
evening take care all right Bostick
Lonnie helping me out black racist did
you send me an email hole in a second
let me go back black racist so he just
sent me another super chat I don’t see
your email black racist unless I deleted
it by mistake you’re super Chad says if
I have to leave my house to pay three to
four hundred dollars to watch you play
professional basketball I should be able
to say whatever the hell I want as long
as I’m not threatening your life okay
now different states have different laws
in terms of you know being overly
aggressive threatening but you already
said if you’re not threatening someone
then you know you shouldn’t you
shouldn’t have to worry about that yeah
it costs a lot of money to go to these
games a lot of money and now when I had
those those courtside seats me those
tickets were like fifteen hundred
dollars if not more I forget I didn’t
pay for him but if I would have paid for
those goddamn courtside tickets you know
turnt up and drink in the shadow yo get
off me I would have been really really
belligerent out of control but thank you
for your super chat black racist and I
think that’s let me make sure to miss
any our cash apps Bush on the check and
says yo star youmu movie uncut gems what
is this you mu mu so what are you saying
Jem’s a true ghetto classic that’s what
that’s what he said you mu movie did you
mean to say new movie I thought that was
trash with Adam Sandler and Kevin
Garnett was in the other I was trash man
maybe it’s me maybe I just I don’t like
Adam Sandler never have he’s always been
corny god he’s corny he makes the
stupidest movies and he’s just he’s got
that stupid love whoo-hoo it’s like he’s
trying to make other people laugh from
reality he’s just corny and what’s name
with that song he sings with with the
guitar around Hanukkah anybody know
anybody know who I’m not just rambling
here but thank you for your donation
Bush appreciate you man
blade is this start I’m the last person
on earth to defend Bill Cosby because I
think he’s he’s quality of at least some
of those charges Oh guilty said guilty
okay miss Bowen as charged against him
but I have to side with him regarding
this Eddie Murphy skit on SNL with
Jackie Mason or Don Rickles ever make
jokes or do skits about their fellow
tribesman Harvey Weinstein Don Rickles
would absolutely Don Rickles was my guy
for years many of you have heard me say
that Don Rickles didn’t give a fuck he
most certainly would go after Harvey
Weinstein right now absolutely but thank
you for your your donation yeah yeah the
Hanukkah song Adam Sandler get the fuck
out of here bins fresh who’s be real be
real I read your your cash at be real I
most certainly did I’ll look again and
see if I can find it
mr. Geiss be real
I read all cash apps was it a super chat
you said cash yet I’ve been all superjet
sir alright guys I will see you I don’t
know about tomorrow tomorrow I might
take the day off I have to handle some
other business but if not I will see you
Tuesday for certain I’ll keep you posted
on my Twitter page
Troy Terrenas Troy with an eye okay and
let me get mr. Schuyler Saunders banner
ready first okay you guys have a great
evening what’s left of it
take care and be safe

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