Dr. Boyce Watkins Says "Lizzo is famous because she's fat": LIZZO Responds!


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of things so let’s get into it
dr. Boyce Watkins he had a lot to say
about Liz Oh Liz low went on social
media and told boys keep my name out
your mouth
Liz though as
know is a pop phenom who has exploded
onto the music scene and she is super
hot she just played Saturday Night Live
with Eddie Murphy hosting she’s on the
big stage dr. Boyce Watkins let me say
this before I get into this video too
the doc is first and foremost a friend
of mine a good friend of mine he is
absolutely necessary in the black
community he is needed
he is valuable what he says has a lot of
weight because he puts the work in he’s
not just talking to talk he walks the
walk he puts the work in he definitely
cares about the black community so and
he’s also a change agent so he has paid
the price to speak on anything regarding
the black community Wallace has a
problem with Liz though exposing her
butt cheeks and other assets and he
thinks that the way she does it the way
she goes about what she does is
he also took it a step further and said
the only reason why Liz Oh is famous is
because she’s fat IV Hitman Lee disagree
I respectfully disagree
Liz o is famous because first and
she worked her ass off to get to where
she is she’s talented she’s very
she has a decent personality she has
marketability and she’s liked by her
peers there is no doubt that lisslow has
done some questionable things in our
mainstream career as most people have
who are in the entertainment business
but let’s not act like her weight isn’t
a significant reason why she’s under the
microscope and why so many people attack
her while I think that dr. Boyce Watkins
is correct in stating that America does
have a problem with obesity and our
cavalier attitude toward it I think is
unfair to single lizzo out because she’s
overweight I think she knows that she’s
overweight and she’s just loving the
best version of her at this moment I do
believe that she knows that she’s gonna
have to get her weight under control and
she will at some point but in the
meantime she’s enjoying herself she’s
enjoying being celebrated and when I see
her I see a happy woman I see a woman
who has worked her ass off to get to
where she is she was not an overnight
sensation she’s been doing this thing
for years
she is a trained musician she is a
writer she’s a producer she’s a singer
she’s a rapper she’s a dancer and a damn
good performer I mean I
watched her on Saturday Night Live and
I’m like she is the truth
so that is why Liz Oh is famous it’s all
of the above and if also I’ll say this
her songs are very very good they’re
catchy it’s hard to not like the songs
okay so if she gets a little bit more
attention because of her size is that so
bad when other people get attention for
different things that they have that we
consider to be attributes you dig what
I’m saying again I think that she knows
that she has a weight issue and I think
at some point she’ll work on that but I
say let’s give her a little time to
embrace her newfound celebrity and enjoy
just being celebrated no Motown

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