Don't Hold Your Breath For New Music From André 3000


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well yesterday Rick Ruben put out a new
episode of his broken record podcast and
his special guest was Andre 3000 now
people will not be excited to hear about
this because of course people always
want to know when is he coming out with
some new music well here is what Andre
3000 has to say about that I haven’t
been making much music man my my focus
is not there my confidence is not there
like I’ll just go to piano and set my
phone down and just record but I hadn’t
been motivated to do a serious project
I’d like to but it’s just it’s just not
coming in my in my own self I’m trying
to figure out whether I sit I don’t I
don’t even know what I am and maybe I’m
nothing maybe I’m not supposed to be
anything maybe you know my history is
kind of handicapping in a way yeah there
were some rumors that there was gonna be
a new Andre 3000 album coming out and
you know it was just all based on
assumptions it never really was
so just to double confirm that you
probably won’t hear anything especially
not any hip-hop music from Andre 3000
anytime soon here’s what else he said
and so I’m just trying to find out what
makes me feel the best right now yes and
what makes me feel the best is when I
just do these random kind of
instrumental kind of things you know
they make me feel they make me feel the
most rebellious bouts about doing what
makes him happy and that’s what makes
him happy listen I listed that whole
broken records podcast it’s amazing
you know the reason Andres not doing
music is because of his social anxiety
that he was diagnosed wit and his hyper
sensitivity and he talked about how
success actually stifled his creative
process so I’m just happy 200,000 and
finally telling his story about dealing
with social anxiety and if you have not
gotten a chance to listen to that broken
records podcast with Rick Rubin please
go listen because it’s incredible
there’s just a lot of the ways Andre
explain what he’s going through as far
as his social anxiety and any creative
who deals with social anxiety should
listen today like I’m gonna listen to it
today again the day in the gym actually
yeah he talks about his masters success
and how
that’s part of the reason why he hasn’t
just been able to do this right now
imagine that you come out people have
these huge expectations you’re a huge
artist and then now you just don’t have
the confidence to be able to live up to
those expectations he says if he does go
back on the road he’s just gonna do
dirty grimy clubs that hold like 50 to
100 people as don’t yep all right now
young Doug in the meantime speaking
about new music does have some new music
coming now he spoke with hip Hollywood
in here’s what he said we expect
anything from you coming up soon yeah
dropping am january/february any
features that we can talk about his cult
following he makes some good music so
I’m sure would be looking forward to
that in January or February that’s
pretty soon mm-hmm now other new
ventures Pusha T is opening up a ramen
restaurant in DC it’s a ramen and
cocktail bar so it’s called Kit suin
which translates to smoke or smoking in
Japanese okay and he’s opening that
location with other business partners
nightclub owners Wayne Johnson and Tony
Perry and NBA players Jerry and Jeremy
grant if Drake wanted to come in and eat
could he you think a patron just because
y’all have a rapidly might did not happy
he might be scared you know he might
tear the place up or something keep him
out all right Adrien Broner he has been
ordered to pay more than seven hundred
thousand dollars to a woman who says
that he sexually assaulted her at a
nightclub back in 2018 she said she was
sitting on a couch that’s when he
smothered her shoved his tongue down her
throat in Cleveland and she also says
that he continued the assault until his
friend pulled him off of her she went to
the police she filed a report she filed
a lawsuit against Adrien Broner and he
did plead guilty to assault and unlawful
restraints of the woman no she said
she’s been so scarred that she had to
undergo months of counseling and therapy
and that’s for PTSD so the judge did say
that he has to pay seven hundred eighty
three thousand dollars in damages and
fees to that woman now they also said
that agian Barona did not even show up
to defend himself against the woman’s
claims and the judge said the women
proved by clear and convincing
evidence that Adrien Broner acted
maliciously and that she did need that
penis of a war to punish and deter him
from engaging in similar conduct in the
future that’s how a game got lost all
that money right because he didn’t show
up in court something here yeah they
were allegations against him he didn’t
show up to his court date so you know
that’s what happened but the judge does
believe this woman and does believe that
this happened and he did actually also
plead guilty to assault and unlaid for
unlawful restraint so all of that did
happen as well so now doja cat is upset
about a performance that she had you
know we’re still talking about this
rolling Lau festival right a lot of
stuff apparently happened there and she
said that it was a terrible crowd and a
bad sound system she posted bitches who
come for me are the same people on Club
Penguin without a membership and they
always got an eyepatch and an apron on
at all times and then she said people
were telling her shame on you she said
bitch you are literally built like a
garbanzo bean you despicable me looking
area51 experiment and a petri dish
Asch bitch so she was going on and on
now listen to this because what she’s
saying is that the sound system was
messed up and people were heckling her
but she’s saying it wasn’t really her
fault she said the sound system was a
good I couldn’t hear myself that’s why I
sounded like ish and she said the crowd
was effing terrible everybody looked
like they were strung out here’s what it
sounded like
the hell are you playing on his radio
this one that’s what it sounded like
at the rolling loud festival that
everybody was going in on her for and
she was saying there was the sound
systems fault and not her fault
well everybody got a bad night though
either way well who’s the blame here but
she said she couldn’t hear herself and
so you can imagine when you can’t hear
that playback in the headphones and you
know you can’t hear what the audience is
hearing and then you’re still trying to
perform and give it your best and
unfortunately sometimes it doesn’t work
in use right but that’s one of those
times the audience and I’ve been able to
hear her alright well that was her
reaction on Twitter sometimes and when
things like that happen you explain
yourself no reason to actually respond
to everybody going in on you cuz all
that does is make people do it even more
you can a bazillion great show but that
one show right there always occur yes
that’s what social media is the social
media takes that one thing and they they
highlight it for the rest of your life
mm-hm they never did know what showcase
the good that’s the world though alright
I’m Angela Yee and that is your rumour
report what dates of people people love
scream about your failures but was for
your success absolutely yeah

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