Did R. Kelly's Girlfriend Really Turn On Him?


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Joycelyn Savage, one of the many live-in girlfriends of alleged sexual abuser R. Kelly, has turned against him and is now going public with multiple claims of manipulative and controlling behavior. Per CNN, Savage — who defended Kelly in a tear-filled CBS This Morning interview earlier this year — is recounting her life with Kelly on a crowdfunded Patreon page, and says she’s breaking an NDA and “risking my life” to share her side of the story.

Savage says she first met Kelly at the age of 19, when he promised to make her “the next Aaliyah” and showered her with gifts and affection. However, upon Savage moving into his home, Kelly’s behavior turned into “sexual and psychological abuse.”

Story https://www.vulture.com/2019/11/joycelyn-savage-r-kelly-girlfriend-turns-against-him.html

Michael Bloomberg apologized Sunday for the New York Police Department’s use of “stop and frisk,” a policing tactic the former mayor and potential 2020 candidate has repeatedly defended as helping to lower the murder rate during his time in office while critics have slammed the measure as racist because it overwhelmingly impacts men of color.

The apology came during remarks the former three-term mayor made at a predominately African American mega church in Brooklyn, New York, where he addressed “stop and frisk,” a type of aggressive policing that allowed — some say encouraged — officers to detain a person on virtually any type of vague suspicion, search that individual without a warrant and arrest the person if any kind of illegal substance or weapon was found.

Story https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/17/politics/michael-bloomberg-stop-and-frisk-apology/index.html

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hey star reporting back in the building
on a Sunday night
good evening did you miss me just
bouncing back from the flu thank you to
those of you who reached out over the
last couple of days I really appreciate
that I’ve got kids no biological kids
but thank you to those of you who
reached out and said hey star are you
okay I truly truly appreciate that
yeah the flow was serious um I think
I’ve gotten the flu every year for the
last three years you know around the
holiday season folks that have a liver
transplant in 2008 son I’m literally
working on borrowed time and I run my
punk ass to the doctor in case you don’t
know and I get some medication so I’m
feeling good all right how you guys
doing how you doing let me just get set
up and situated here make sure the live
chat is working okay we should be good
we should be good so tonight I just want
to take it very slow and do some
research and I want to ask you some
questions and to those of you content
creators let me just say are you ready
for December the 10th December the 10th
are you ready
December the 10th it’s gonna be a big
day shit’s gonna be real you know some
people would say some people have not
necessarily believed me about certain
things in the past about YouTube
hi Lloyd are you ready the phone lines
are open cash app super tech let’s take
it very very slow right got myself some
OJ tonight that’s all I’m drinking OJ
earlier holy smokes
I took three big-ass gulps of castor oil
huh Lord Jesus took it back I don’t –
gross anybody out but I feel so much
um all right so give me some time to lay
out some of the topics that I just want
to mentally massage with you tonight
again I’m not doing a quote-unquote show
but I want to I want to talk I feel like
talking had a great weekend I think I’ve
been dumped again let me take some OJ
hold on a second I think so I’m gonna be
respectful but yeah you know just when
I’m sick like that I don’t want people
you know coming over to take care of me
you know people come over and start you
know filming shit and snooping and so uh
yeah I didn’t let that me I didn’t I
didn’t let that happen so now I think
I’ve been dumped as a result oh well
also tonight Bostick Ronnie will be
calling it Ronnie give me a minute I’ll
cue you in
I want Ronnie to assist me with a former
mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg
are you up to speed and if you live in
the New York tri-state area please call
in tonight and allow me to just fall
back show you if your hopefully you’re a
parent or grandparent so that you can
break it down to these people outside of
New York who may not know about stop and
frisk and how it was illegal how it may
have intruded the the rights of your son
your daughter your nephew your grandson
whoever yeah stop and frisk Michael
Bloomberg was behind it night it started
before him but he was the guy that just
he stood ten toes down or that that
being the right thing to do hang on a
second okay all systems go
also hang on I got a couple of notes for
you a couple of notes whoa dr. Umar
we have an update oh my goodness
the folks I’m gonna have to stick to the
G code and the G code is don’t hate the
player hate the game so I can’t sit here
and take shots at the man try and clown
him try and stop his bag I can’t do that
but I have to ask you are you up to
speed on the update with regards to the
taxes and the school let me look it
alive J hey my troll babies are you guys
doing good evening about five or six
people checked on me from the UH from
the live chat I appreciate that yeah
emails mmm okay talk about something to
do with the white lawyer didn’t tell him
about the back taxes and the 501c3
wasn’t in order and yadda yadda yadda
huh well whatever what are you doing
with a white lawyer
first of all blaming the white lawyer
are you up to speed
give him a second oh they saying free
one more he’s not locked up yet some of
you maybe like five or six people have
been hitting me uh via Twitter about
Dame Dash good nigga solid what do you
want me to say every time I say
something about Dame Dash you start
saying your star you behave no Dame Dash
is icon we have to discuss Dame Dash
when things happen in the media yes he
was arrested he he paid the money
according to him but why was he even
brought in to be arrested who flew to
choke no joke oh there’s choke still had
the UM the GoFundMe for Dame Dash Oh
joke was in it was in his own and he did
a r.i.p moment of silence but I don’t
know if I really want to get into that
but supposedly damned
she’s now a lead singer of a band or is
that fake news I don’t know as Dane –
gonna now be a rock and roll culture
vulture or was he always into rock and
or is it an alternative band please
bring it to speed I don’t know
also Stephen H Smith never met the guy I
don’t think I have um is he for the
culture that’s my question to you
tonight is he for the culture I don’t
like to take shots at people who are you
know on microphones in other areas of
media I like him I mean I just I had
nothing personally against um I like him
I think he’s entertaining but is he for
the culture did he do too much I saw
when I when I had the flu of this past
week that um Terrell Owens Terrell Owens
said that Max Kellerman appeared to be
black within Steven Naismith he said
that to Steven a Smith on a first take
now the reason why I’m asking you is
Steven a Smith for the cultures and his
parents for Mom what islands are those
from is it st. Thomas where’s he from
hold on a second and I’m sure he has
done a lot of charity work here in the
States and other things which I can’t
pinpoint right now but um respectfully
there is a certain mindset with regards
to people from the islands that were not
just physically colonized but mentally
colonized and they believe in you know
making whitey happy I’ll just say that
you know is it st. Thomas can you help
me out I’m just bouncing back okay yeah
who’s that
full blast radio was popping that’s the
homey Terrell Owens
that’s my quarterback man what he said
about was it Tony Romo is it st. Thomas
his family and I say that respectfully
is from one of those islands so you know
him going at Kyle
kaepernick because Colin didn’t want to
do the right thing to keep the job you
know okay thank you uh okay yes
st. Thomas okay okay so that’s another
question for you alright top story
tonight on the screen did are Kelly’s
girlfriend turn against him I’m seeing
this story and I I did pull some notes
according to um was crazy man according
to the Chicago did you do to Chicago
Times Jocelyne Savage she’s now making
claims on her patreon page
so she’s charging people to get this
information and the reason why I’m
did she really flip on him like a flat
jack on Sunday morning is because why
why didn’t she sell her story to TMZ is
this fake news is this a hit piece that
has now picked up traction I don’t know
I’ve been down for the count we looked a
live chat for that as well okay love
sexy 71 hey what’s poppin here homie
fake news okay
I’m gonna have to check him with my
daughter Tasha okay she gets the scoop
on all this type of our Kelly stuff
maybe I’ll text her and see what’s going
on yeah but I just why would she have a
patreon page and be you know getting
people to subscribe if this is indeed
real news
don’t come back to that all right phone
lines open if you want to talk about
this some of the other things Michael
Bloomberg now launching his presidential
bid please bring it to speed or we can
talk about last night’s fight which was
trash Deontay Wilder huh was it seventh
round I wash I damn near fell asleep
knocked out Luis Ortiz hugging and
crying take care of your daughter man I
Love You Man it’s bullshit fight
bullshit but yes it was just bringing
some calls here hey good evening seven
one three bouncing back from
flu are you there I’m here live and
direct what’s on there oh shit is that
my main nigga on the trigger sounds like
it I’m here live and direct what’s going
down so can you introduce yourself I
think I know who you are but I don’t
want to just jump out the window yeah
please how minutes is donkey I don’t
comb the city don’t man just don’t man
yeah man who here how are you man that
not when’s the last time you and I text
each other because you could be an
imposter whose last time you know I’m
sending text messages let’s see I could
have been a couple of weeks ago okay and
the conversation was about what can you
be more precise because I’m just
bouncing back from the flu man I’m gonna
make sure I’m talking the dope man and
not some type of comedian we checked him
out what nah man it was about me giving
history letters on my TV yeah salute my
nigga how you been man could hear from
you nah man I’m over here in Southeast
yeah Ivan took the game to Asia yeah
yeah I mean looking see it mean if it’s
a bad phone connection man you gotta you
know excuse it I know how you all got to
well this I’m glad you caught early man
because you and I were texting I got
busy you’re always busy and salute to em
rec first and foremost America for my em
rec TV on YouTube and a whoops DVD in
and other platforms so yeah man so if we
can go back for a second because you
threw me off man now you have the right
to talk about your history absolutely
but you were talking about some things
with French Montana the code boys and
dope man you didn’t have on the bandanna
what’s going on baby talk to me well you
know I’m I’m out of reach you know I
mean so that was just for me to stay
after you know cuz it’s a different game
now you know I mean like you know
always say I was the best that didn’t
got away with you know snow it’s a
different game now so I’m more
comfortable of showing myself you know
me and with us it yeah it’s a it’s uh
you know I’m gonna get now wait a minute
are you saying saying that the game is
you’re no longer part of the that world
where we go minute come on yeah
you still trying to fake it when we was
doing it you know the fence was swooping
in and you know they wouldn’t if this
was just straight up a block for the
finish now internet is you know
somewhere they go to look yeah that’s
the first place they look when I was
doing it ain’t any map and they wasn’t
only like that and for those who don’t
know hood box office calm you are one of
the pioneers along with q RI p at
worldstar you put your mac down you you
had a video one time I loved it you had
a guy who looked just like me jumping
over a fence in the backyard and the
dogs were chasing him and it was up on
worldstar and it says star was trying to
break him to the traphouse right yeah
yeah but you know it was our love though
you know it was our love I you know I
fuck what you did and I mean you know
what I mean I’m getting at algorithm as
well yeah give me calm down on there
that’s all good so good you know I love
everything I do now I love okay I’ve
been at the college I just had to call
you up let you know man now that was
that was a solid history lesson man it
was no uh snitch like that it would just
give us some history so lot of these
guys are making it doing they making big
mistakes man bring on Saturday you know
they they yeah just for the record don’t
man I would never put that label I would
never put that label on you I think I
said is dope man now talent
snitching Talon because you were you
were telling the business but I would
never call you snitch too much respect
for you well you know how some people
get it confused man oh I just you know I
cut it short yeah
they’ll take tell him for snitching on
me but perfect example right now it’s
what my mother you know
ai AB is going through yeah she’ll try
to say I mean he’s out of here in it
respectful he’s out of here yeah and he
was just too you know he was just going
to look too hard with it that internet
you don’t saying it you know put my
super safe dish on itself you know so
you know it’s just just one of them
banks man so that’s all man nothing spec
to you man I love it but I do both I do
want you to go check out I got some car
niggas in Thailand you know I mean and
that’s all
it’s the preview the preview is on a
little box office right now I got I’m
blowing these hoes up over dope man be
careful over there because listen if you
get trapped off over there man it’s
goodbye so please be careful please be
box office 2.0 okay can you can you
touch that to me I’ll put that up Texas
man put at the top of the common I
appreciate Thank You Man respect thank
you young dope man salut
no cats the home of young doe bear on
the check-in yeah man I’m supposed to
call in a couple of weeks ago and his
phone was uh acting up he’s over and uh
well here he said it Thailand who be
careful man shit alright folks if you’re
just now joining me um I’m bouncing back
well I think I have bounced back from
the flu I’m gonna start my new cycle of
300 tonight after the show s us t 300
feeling good but I just want to do a
little talking
tonight Elvis the chef Rosenberg I see
you sir hang on a second
Terry King Terry Kashyap hang on a
second guys I’m coming to you if you
can’t get through on the phone lines you
can send in a super chat or cash app
what else I want to put on the table
here today hold a second um Umar Johnson
Dame – take a folks what’s going on with
take a he’s now apologizing take a used
to be one of my favorite rappers I think
that was was that 2017 hear that song
called the chase fuck a beat I was
trying to be the case but I ain’t beat
that case bitch I did the race yeah the
race pardon me when I say the chase the
race he’s now apologizing they gave him
55 years yeah he’s not apologizing now
homie you went and saw the judge yeah
game over – something about the media
treating him unfair a couple of murder
charges he caught let’s go to area code
86 – hey good evening eight-six – you
there hello testing testing hey Mingo
hey yes sir yes we already know are you
giving today’s mathematics give him the
math no over here chillin man thank you
thanks taking it and taking it to Sunday
okay okay what’s going on man we went to
chop it up about I’m just getting over
the flu okay you follow me on instagram
yes I was in Marietta a Saturday
shooting pool but I was a hustle I
wasn’t hustling nobody
I wasn’t gambled for money that’s the
from BK I got him no I got a I got him
full games of three no I know was the
homie buddy was over there like yo man I
don’t even I don’t even you know play
pool or whatever next thing you know you
up three games to one
yeah now respectfully respectfully I
could have done better but you know the
flu was still it was still on me and I
had to go sit down a few times and um
yeah I was up three two one and then he
came back another game and then I got
him I got him about it but good guys
what’s pop with you otherwise man I’m
getting ready to start you know I’m a
basketball coach so I’m getting ready to
start basketball practice tomorrow here
in Jersey oh you know coaching high
school out here okay okay well why is I
have you on the line can I ask you a
question what’s going on with the Bron
James I’ve been watching highlights on
Instagram is he is he in his own right
now yeah he you know his thing man you
know I’m not a big Ron James fan you
know my man is Michael Choi you know the
dark-skinned brothers right know
whatever but um yeah man to hold the
other thing I wanted to talk to you
about you sir let’s stay on LeBron James
for a minute because I’m not a player
hater on the objective hater it looks to
me like he’s in his zone man he might be
making around for the playoffs am i
speaking too soon I would think you
speaking to so he is making a one day 14
and 2 right now they doing a thing but
early man you know basketball is eight
months it’s eight months right so you
know by March you know you better hope
nobody don’t get hurt and this do it ask
me Davis he’s always hurt right you know
I’m not wishing her you know injuries of
anybody but you know you can get hurt
bullabbai don’t a thing no triple double
head you know when it comes Jim that’s
when the real people step up okay okay
something else do you want to prune the
table yeah man yo start man they’re
listening to you since I was in high
school we can use the hot name yes sir
my brother you know he put me up on you
you know cuz you disappear for
you look like yo star got a star got you
– I’m like what you do well I got the
bag man I got the big bag from a clear
channel yeah sometimes you got to just
go away go away let just like just like
you got the bag at the pool easy easy
big thing that’s Luke okay sure
yes sir okay all right salute to the
homies shades from Brooklyn my ID page
who shootin pool the Marietta and what a
great time I had Saturday at the where’s
my notes on a second I went to see some
amateur boxing this past Saturday they
had about eleven bouts and I went back
today as well at 12 noon and I put some
of the footage on my IG page as well I’m
gonna be going to some more amateur
boxing matches here in the Atlanta area
I’ve always been a big supporter of
amateur boxing I don’t wanna say how far
back but I’ll just say the 70s the
Golden Gloves my father used to take my
myself and my older brother to Elizabeth
New Jersey so I just I appreciate you
know amateur boxing all those I might do
some commentating I don’t know but um
that was my weekend well I should ask
him about Stephen a Smith area code 3 3
6 hey I’m back from the flu good evening
3 3 6 are you there
did are Kelly’s girlfriend turn against
him can we start there because I’ve got
that on the screen and I’m just I’m
pulling the notes now any knowledge of
this you think it’s fake news just like
the rest on dude stars name then when he
getting loaded their money getting low
he in jail now he can’t do that for all
she could do is turn yeah yeah well
breezy said it these hoes a
so again oh yeah yeah you know that in
jail you wasted he’d losing all these
wedding lawyer food he can’t be there
for and now she’s trying to distance
right right
basically she might be thinking she’s
gonna get like a creepy show or
something I could do you know well she’s
keeping that same energy shame fuckin
with a family to my knowledge her
families right here in Atlanta the
savage family yeah hey can I say
something about their last call a man
who straight hating on the ground come
on LeBron leading the league in assists
man he’s doing this town hear me Anthony
Davis he hanging on it he said he messed
with the dark-skinned brothers ain’t far
James Barca
yeah I don’t know why the Brian might
have took his girl’s phone back in the
well I’m not fully up to speed but I saw
some highlights over the last week or so
you know and LeBron looked like he just
you know I think they won the hold you
talk about playoff they might mess
around and win the whole thing
see thanks for the call me a salute all
right yes sir okay let me go to cash at
and super chat salute to my family Queen
áfourá and supernova slum they checked
on me I was doing a whole lot of tea
over the last week with limes ginger
crystals and honey I went and got some
raw honey what else what else what else
I was chopping up the ginger putting the
ginger in the tea and sleeping really
really good game I was I slept good even
though I had the flu I slept good over
the over the past week I will say that
I don’t say this but I slept so good I
started dreaming about the 80s and I
woke up like this
huh no more that anyway a salute to
Elvis the chef Rosenberg good evening
sir thank you for your cash at you
appreciate it
what is here something about okay that’s
that’s email we’ll come back to that hey
Terry how are you doing she says star
great to see you on hope you’re feeling
well thank you so much Terry for the
cash yes I’m feeling better a lot better
I really needed to just you know powered
down I mean like I thought about
streaming live last night during the
Deontay Wilder fight and I just said let
me just you know just wait until either
Sunday or Monday and then I got a burst
of energy today okay that’s that’s uh
that’s dope man
yeah dope man just sent me a text okay
and Terry sent me another cash thank you
so much she says told my daughter to
listen star is a movement thank you so
much Terry okay appreciate you and who’s
this other cash upfront okay Terry again
my husband our IP turned me on to you
good work thank you so much again Terry
I appreciate you and r.i.p to your
husband absolutely okay what is
Thanksgiving this week I celebrate all
holidays I’m gonna be here in Atlanta
I’ve got some family here and we’re
gonna do the Thanksgiving thing you know
celebrate family time the slaughtering
of the Moors oh I can’t just blurt that
out nut not looking a live chat anybody
know about the Thanksgiving in the Moors
give him a second yeah I slipped that
one in there j-money come on gene when
he says of the Moors come on come on
anyway um
Bostick Ronnie hang on a second I want
to UM lay this out before I bring you in
with regards to Michael Bloomberg
launching his presidential bid
as of today in case you don’t know
former mayor of New York City and I do
have some notes here with regards to
California stop and frisk which he has
now apologized for and I really want
someone from New York to call in and
break it down I’m not a New York
resident I have not been for many many
many years but he has apologized are you
up to speed if you ask me
apology not accepted not accepted he
went ten toes down over the years and
I’ve got a lot of information here but I
mean I don’t want to just jump out the
window but but who what black people are
gonna stand behind him Michael Bloomberg
the numbers are staggering with regards
to the profiling that went on and the
the amount of tickets that were thrown
out I think was a year or two ago I saw
a story about six hundred thousand petty
infractions and tickets that were thrown
out in New York City six hundred
thousand tickets and I’m sure a lot of
those had to do with them stop and frisk
its go to area code nine to nine good
evening are you doing nine tonight
stop okay
talk about art Kelly do you think do you
think his girl flipped on him do you
think it’s big news first don’t talk
about our candy no good shift on them
let me tell you something this is the
problem this the worst talking about
these scammers man this is why I hate
that the lawyers and and people get
involved initiate because
oh they not talking about people they
say it’s more like these people are
evolving 3 mentality into real-life
beings are trying to make it make sense
yes and I’m saying it so like let’s take
our killer fear 1 1 the thought of
allocation I always got alligators all
the women had their opinions on the
leave now look at his woman was she
doing she feel up here she bought a
motherfucking patreon
sir I need you to watch your language or
I have to get you up out of here
December the 10th a brand new game
brand new game continuing please
continue on we got him we got a she got
a patriot yes
dropping Jim trying to keep her story
going right yeah I mean she’s gonna stop
the story’s only the patron are paying
us you all keep pushing it out if she
only gonna speak with you got wish you
got a certain number that push that I
like what about Wyatt MDA pick it up cuz
it it’s no way to validate somebody’s
right yeah hang on a second TMZ did pick
it up but more importantly and most of
this is coming out by way of the Chicago
sun-times that’s who TMZ is referencing
and Jocelyne savages who were talking
about she’s saying that she was once
pregnant by our Kelly and that he um he
made her have an abortion in the home if
she’s saying that she’s saying that he
choked her on occasion he grabbed me and
choked me until I blacked out if she’s
saying a lot of things that you know
like if you asked me it sounds like it
sounds like it’s all too much right now
what why did she come forward before you
know it
listen my sister time into a chair
that’s why I made sure I listen to you
stop okay you always go to this tree
would you give us a voice to speak on
this listen my supposed to pay for this
I’m listening to the girl because you
know I were computers I anybody got
nothing better to do
I work on my programming tool in Seville
I’m hearing and I’m like man this lady
is there talking she’s telling her story
but what she’s validating you know if
the day is timeframe but everything
being there fingertips you gotta
validate this stuff with information so
bring up who can you do bullshit did it
there was a bit of weather with a cold
hang up weather with a street you know
Wendy’s lady from the street wasn’t a
doctor who came in this home yeah you’re
gonna hang on a second so now you
actually heard this audio I have not
heard the audio I’m just again I’m just
pulling the notes tonight and I’m asking
a question you heard the audio you heard
a saying these things patreon okay but
now what’s he doing with that hockey
hockey frees me it don’t I don’t see
I’ve never been a person has been held
captive in a home some of these girls
like to play that freaky game you get
out no come back
no you stay no come here go yeah it
slapped me daddy no choke me if you
don’t choke me you don’t love me just no
craziness you got a chance to go home
you ain’t even talked to your family
yeah then you gonna tell me what he
brainwashed me what not you not
brainwash could you talk about it cuz if
you was brainwashed you wouldn’t be
talking about it right yeah but you know
you so it is what it is man and I before
I graduated playing well when you were
talking about Stephen a man let me tell
you something about Stevie Smith I ain’t
got no problems even a on this whole
cabinet situation but i’ma tell you what
Stephen they trying to do Stephen made
this is why I person I deal with tell
Stephen a man he sample but the white
boy Elmo black night skimming it it’s
not because I don’t feel like it’s
because he over telling him you’re not
black enough
I’m more so feel like it’s like man
you’re still speaking on how to conform
to the regular ways that people want you
to do things there’s almost like going
off or you know how you be talked about
you know how you talk about man I ain’t
going off the machine remedies I’m gonna
go take medicine you know
when I talk about it yeah that’s more so
you know how grandmom and I’m always
tell you with you you know put two
cloves of garlic on your feet and place
to trade that’s nothing that’s not even
a speaking he’s speaking on it from the
men Talia
if you want a job and you want to be me
you know you want to be in life then
this is what you should do no you stand
up for what you believe in and if you
fail guess what you fail on your feet
right die with your boots on help I’m
long day look last time you sent me out
with you with their favorite color
speech so this family let you go with
this one
that was your boots on I like I
appreciate all right yes sir thank you
okay respect yes please got no love but
thank you sir hang on a second I got
notes on my desk here I guess nobody
wants to talk about taking the race he
said it in his own words fuck a beat I
was trying to beat a case but I ain’t
beat that case bitch I did the race and
if I’m not mistaken I’m trying to
remember he recorded that when he was on
the run I think he was on the run we
caught a couple of bodies what do you
say we trying to trying to see a hundred
bands over those lyrics
something about subtracting your crew
just craziness now he’s saying he’s he
apologizes and the media has got it all
wrong okay folks if anybody has any
information with regards to joseline
savages family and I say this
respectfully I know the father he does
interviews me maybe I should talk to him
you know if this is not fake news if
this is real if joseline savages up on
patreon talking is she still not messing
with the family keeping that same energy
there’s nothing to come back home to
does the family live down there what’s
that hood area uh
Riverdale or Jonesboro maybe she said
rather die and come back home I don’t
know part of me is probably good areas I
don’t know area code for zero for good
evening back from the floor full yep
bumpy yeah hey how are you I was going
on Don McKay up in Baltimore okay going
to me hey man
so would you vote for Michael Bloomberg
hell no oh no I don’t like politics I
never have yeah and when he was mayor of
New York I got issue with my phone man
what the hell just happened here I got
60 seconds can you elaborate and then
I’ll reset my phone yeah yeah I mean
like you say it’s politics suck I don’t
see how any self-respect respecting
black person or brown person could could
think about voting for him II thought
this apology this was what right yeah
okay hey my phone’s about to drop out no
thank you thank you I’m sorry guys I got
to be set the phones give me a second
I was testing doing some audio tests
earlier I didn’t set the phone for a
long period of time I’ve got this
premium plan and I was trying to connect
directly through the computer and avoid
the audio box if that makes sense
all right hang on a second
and Ronnie if you’re ready you can call
in boss chick Ronnie now’s a good time
so we can discuss this stop and frisk
policy that people maybe forgot about or
just don’t care about Michael Bloomberg
apologizing and hold on guys what’s
happened something’s going wrong here
maybe start everything how about that
give me a second because I cannot
hold on
okay I’ve got the information for
YouTube everybody wants to UM call in
about December the 10th huh oh you
thought I was paranoid he goes down I
might be out of here I don’t know what’s
going on
you know it’s but but it’s gonna be
intense hang on a sec let me reset the
okay yeah December the 10th okay give it
a second Ronnie hold on let me look in
the live chat see if my troll babies
know what I’m talking about huh
people gonna be out of here I might be
one of them I don’t know I’ve been
talking over the last year but hey take
it easy slow down start you down with
the Jews you’ll be okay it’s gonna be
crazy huh and to those of you who um you
know you you’re on YouTube to have fun
because you hear a lot of people say I
just do it as a hobby okay that’s nice
don’t complain don’t complain when
December the 10th comes and and shit
gets real oh it’s gonna be real YouTube
cleaning house and they don’t they don’t
have to do anything that’s that will in
a roundabout way in layman’s terms they
don’t have to allow you to use their
service I’ve got the notes though in
case you want to discuss it but I’m not
gonna break my neck you know you told me
I was crazy last year are you paranoid
okay phones are working again and
someone just sent me an e-mail I’ll get
to you talking like joseline savages
father hey boss shit one is at you area
code seven three two hey how are you
good hear your voice we spoke earlier
yes yes I’m doing great yourself good
good good thank you for being available
so I just want to touch on this if
people don’t really respond we’ll keep
it pushing but today Michael Bloomberg
former mayor of New York City announced
his run for the for the presidency 2020
I think was at 30 or 33 million dollars
set aside for Edie you know an ad
campaign and I wanted to focus on his
apology for the stop and frisk you know
movement over the over the years and how
much Harmon has done
I’ve got the numbers where do you want
to jump in well you know we can start
with his apology and I find it very
convenient that he’s you know now trying
to be apologetic for the policy but you
know as recently as January he was
defending stop and frisk and he even
went as far as to deny that there was
any racial bias in the policy and now
this is despite a federal judge already
having ruled and her decision back in
2013 that the searches amounted to a
policy of indirect racial profiling and
if you go back and look at some of the
statements Bloomberg made at the time
you wouldn’t think we’re talking about a
Democrat nominee for president for
example when he addressed the racial
disparities and a stop-and-frisk that he
said that african-americans were more
likely to be violent criminals yeah yeah
so you know this is a guy who has
defended that policy for years and years
and years so to now say well I’m sorry I
apologize it’s very self-serving yeah
and this goes back you and I were
talking earlier about how far this goes
back but according to Wikipedia for
those who want to do their own research
going back to 2002 97,000 stops I think
at its peak was 2011 you had 685,000
stops that was in one year yes yes that
was in the year 2011 because it didn’t
start and as you said earlier it didn’t
start under him it started with Giuliani
Giuliani and Brett Oh
Bloomberg is the one Bloomberg is the
one who ramped it up to because during
the time of Giuliani they were doing a
max of like a hundred thousand stops a
year and 2011 they did six hundred
eighty five thousand stops so that’s
like you know what’s up six hundred
percent so I mean until you have more
than five million people stopped for
really no reason the vast majority of
them young black and Latino men
any personal experience with this I know
you’re a New Jersey resident but you
said used to work in New York have you
ever seen anybody stopped and frisked
then and violated because this this was
illegal this was illegal for a lot of
years yeah it’s and it’s
you know just the notion that a police
officer can come up to you and tell you
to put your hands up against the wall
and search you and say okay you can go
you know without any reason but when I
worked in the city I was in midtown
Manhattan so you’re talking about guys
and white guys and three-piece suits
they were not getting stopped and
searched you know apparently there is no
reasonable belief or a reason to believe
that they could be possibly involved in
a crime for some reason but you know as
I said here earlier when I worked in the
city not that I think it’s a big deal
but it was you know a crime at the time
when I would walk past Gramercy Park I
could smell you know people smoking pipe
it’s on the air and the cops are right
there they’re not doing anything they
can’t care less but then you have people
who are just minding their business
living their life being put up against
the wall and Pat it down and searched
and questioned yeah yeah so again he
just made his announcement today that
he’s running for the Presidency I have
not been in New York resident for many
many many years and I’m just I’m
surprised but I shouldn’t say I’m
surprised I hopefully hopefully you know
certain groups black groups in more
particular will come forward and give
him he’ll I mean do you think that there
will be some kickback I mean he’s
apologized I don’t buy it I don’t accept
it I certainly think that there should
be some kickback because for the longest
time you know if you listen to guys like
Giuliani and Bloomberg they’ll tell you
that stopping first was an effective
tool to come you know come back crime
and that it helped bring the crime rates
down yada-yada-yada even a president has
made the argument that stop-and-frisk
should be replicated in Chicago but you
know the New York the civil liberty
unions has actually collected all of the
data from 2002 into the present and they
find that to be factually incorrect
there’s no you know the data doesn’t
show any correlation in fact various
studies conducted have found that
there’s no evidence that the policy was
effective in the way that they claimed
that it was okay okay well we’ll open up
the phone lines for those who want to
join the discussion if you care if you
are a New York resident I’m very curious
to see who’s going to support Michael
Bloomberg again I do listen to Bloomberg
News in the mornings but I would never
vote for him hang on a second Ryan let
me go to UM super chats and cache apps
leaving – hustle hustle says started you
see that video of Dame – that leaked of
him he was checking everybody they even
called his own lawyer a culture vulture
I respect it yes I did see that video I
know he called somebody a culture
vulture and running you and I discussed
that as well and if you ask me
depositions you have to know how to
speak I’ve been in three depositions in
my life you can’t explode like that
because you will get sanctions and he
was sanctioned Arana you said that the
judge had him with the sanction he has
to pay the legal fees of the lawyer who
was questioning him yes yes and so
essentially Daymond conducted himself
like that and he literally told the man
you’re never gonna work again is there
you know he has some power I guess to
spend this guy’s ability to practice law
now Dean is going to be paying for that
literally you know yeah so thank you for
the super chat hustle if you respect it
that’s cool but I think that he should
have played it up it’s just a lot more
smoother because that judge can allow
the jury if there is a jury in that
particular case to see that
Vidia yeah transcendent music sends in a
super chat star keep it real you’re
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I’m using this system that that works
for me
and I will be updating again I always
update or I try to every year but thank
you for your donation tranny gate 2019
says store you have my attempted to
strangle me back in 86 however my Adam’s
apple is still intact ha ha the joke’s
on you ok ok someone impersonating the
trainee that I choked and kicked back in
86 was 86 or 87 do you remember coke
dose at 3:00 a.m.
gleaming sends in a super chatty yellow
man is slamming his Mac down on Blacky
the euros had Africa now it’s CH n okay
and then he puts in a link here okay I
can’t do the link in the super 10 I’ll
try but thank you for your donation
black races on the check-in he says
don’t man is the same guy who put a half
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in jail question mark
yo don’t manage the homie man but yeah
that video I went viral years ago he’s
shown his face but today he he says uh
he says things are different now okay
good evening Dave Dave says Luke boss
hogg currently reading your book why
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shaking my head that’s that’s that
Dominican chick was trying okay why that
Dominican chick was trying now okay you
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gemstar good evening Jim star says star
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my head yeah Dipset trucker says are you
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hashtag Dipset hashtag get ready hashtag
computer’s running you up the speed
camera on is he dropping Purple Haze to
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think um his ex-girlfriend recently
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that would affect her I sold it yeah
backer yeah yeah yeah alright P I think
it’s his son’s mother I’m not sure but
um yeah thank you for the donation but
yeah I don’t know but hands down okay
young bucks just going crazy one the
Stars last Channel yeah Sunday reading
the bullshit watch your mouth I’ll get
you out of here December the 10th yep
are you speed December the 10th I do I’d
even know but even OBS is bad I can’t
say the f-word
no no you can’t say nothing December the
10th right boy I’ve been telling you now
the white man’s told me you know do you
take it serious now
now the white man is saying did somebody
plan the game is changing a hundred
percent and this is everybody
I wonder what Steven cutters gonna do I
don’t care but watch your mouth on my
show watch your mouth
I got you know my gosh I just feel bad
with the censorship for you and everyone
I don’t care I’m a businessman I’m not
fighting a war against censorship I
don’t care about censorship
right now my pocket question can you do
anything uncensored on a star how about
you go you go get up to speed and what’s
happening December the 10th and get back
to me now we talk my art John any
thoughts on that
just crazy man after everything she said
she had she had heard you a forced
abortion in her home he choked her out
so she blacked out I read up everything
because she called him babe instead of
master and daddy and I I hate to do this
because you know I’m kind of like you
the way we think that’s why we may joke
around but 50% of it she’s doing to make
a bit of money but 50% of it she’s
saying fuck it drag them anyway seems
gone there’s no chance you think this is
fake news Jason that’s my question
you think this is fake news I don’t know
it’s to be honest here I’m gonna have to
say no maybe some of it is maybe she’s
stretching it out but the base of it I
would have to say no respectfully what
else moved you mean Michael Cooper
before nothing you need for speed just
havin fun havin fun also in the Michael
Bloomberg case this is why I mean you’re
a glad we’re voting Trump because these
Democrats are scrambling they’re
panicking the same Bernie sucks he
booted that stuff’s Tomales dogs and
Booker’s sucks they all suck warrants
that’s Warren try to be Native American
and she got called out for it they also
now they’re asking Bloomberg and believe
me hittin my little perdition I want to
see who you have they’re gonna call even
Michelle Obama or Oprah to come and help
them out because that’s the only way
they’re beating the big kahuna which is
from until you said Michelle Obama to be
Michael Bloomberg’s running mate
I’m confused we tell them no no no no
just different candidates Bloomberg can
do nothing respectfully Booker can’t do
nothing none of them none of them at the
moment can do nothing either Michelle
Obama comes out and starts first or
Oprah comes out and starts ours because
laughs loves the women especially the
afrinic him he’s confusing me pay
attention I gotta go man thank you thank
you let’s get him out of here he’s all
over the please you know Jesus check-in
rapport sends in a super chat fr Kelly
can we get two more Johnson aka the
Prince of pan-africanism as and his
white lawyer yo Ronnie I touched on this
briefly early I have to stick to the G
code I can’t hate the player I gotta
hate the game if I’m gonna hate at all
did you hear anything or is that not
your area of knowledge Oh Mark Johnson
he gave update there’s over a hundred
and fifty thousand dollars in school
taxes owed on the building and he’s
blaming the mystery white lawyer now he
needs more money well first of all I
mean you so Pro black why why are you
hanging everything on this white lawyer
and he continues to say white lord named
that man if he’s doing shitty business
so nobody else deals with them and first
of all why are you dealing with him you
so full black why you didn’t put that
money into the hands of a black attorney
who practices law so you know but it’s
just listen PayPal I’m sorry go fund me
you know they’ve already started issuing
refunds to people that donated
originally you know for the school and
at this point if you’re still giving him
money then you know you are the fool and
you deserve the continual runaround I’m
not trying to stop his hustle if that’s
how you feel cool but just I have a
problem with his hustle because at this
point kids are involved you have people
donating in the hopes that you know
you’re gonna help to shift the next
generation of minds right and because he
talks you know so much about the public
school system he says he wants to do it
right so now we’re talking about the
lives of kids here and you’re playing
games and having people send money and
you’re not even doing the basics why
wouldn’t you have applied for the the
you know proper tax designation yeah you
claim you’re gonna be operating a school
this has been in the works for years
he seems baffled by all of this and it’s
like how are you teaching business and
economics as you just said to young
people and you yourself what was not
aware that we had a closing closing of a
home anything building commercial
property that’s that’s one of the first
damn things you check is the back taxes
are there any taxes owed that’s right
right and he does not have his business
in order so how are you gonna have a you
know something business-related on the
curriculum when you you can’t even
handle your own business yeah so I mean
the fact that he’s just and he hasn’t
really laid out a clear plan or you know
plan of action of what he’s gonna do to
remedy the situation it seems like he’s
just fumbling along as he goes he knows
he has to produce something at this
point and you know I don’t know what
it’s gonna take to see a school fully up
and running but I wouldn’t suggest
people put more money into the problem
now I have to respect his bedpan because
he said if you’ve been donating $20 you
now need to donate 40 I mean he’s just
like aggressive now with the you know
just the the
demand not even a request the demand for
donations and I think he had
you have to pay $10,000 a month now to
catch up Jesus hang on a second Ronnie
thank you to Tyson I got your cash
absolute you Tyson you appreciate it
Bank 5 sensitive donation conspiracy is
a hell of a charge hashtag
Kel’s helpers fax yeah
conspiracy to kidnap detain but I
figured all those different terms but
that’s so true blank Bank 5 your cash
happens when I’m reading here you know I
think Rick James
r.i.p Rick James one of the most
creative musicians from the 70s in the
80s era Rick James went to the
penitentiary I’m not mistaken he and his
girlfriend were smoking crack with a
victim and burning her with the pipe
burning hell with the crack pipe some
type of sexual you know a freak freak
show they were doing and he caught a
kidnapping charge and I think his
girlfriend went to jail because of as
you just said a conspiracy holy smokes
hold on let me finish up on some of
these super chests and we’ll get back to
the phones full blast radio good evening
sir he says so so glad you’re feeling
better but the trolls wanted you to go
live and die on the air when you were
sick lol also Judge Joe Brown said after
breakfast slop
yeah I’m not fully fully up to speed
something with do you know what that was
Ronnie I don’t like to talk about other
people’s shows but their Judge Joe Brown
came at the breakfast club yeah and he
called them moist and something else but
some other term basically to disparage
them because of their take on he was
talking about putting hairy Harriet
Tubman on the $20 bill and he said that
he want
a man on their first and so they went
for it and that was yeah right correct
and so that was his club back no I agree
although I did say if I remember
correctly couple years ago I said that I
would I would like to see Beyonce $20
bill instead of Minh
I did say that I’m sure some people
remember anybody saying okay using
Beyonce in leotards on the $20 bill oh
listen Beyonce represents the new wave
of black capitalism so I mean rather
than go back to you know the old days
bringing update anybody remember that
yeah I was Wallen hang on a second Ronny
um ball snigger charlie good evening sir
he says a big nigga did you hear that
the screenwriter for the movie Hallie
–it originally wanted julia roberts to
Harriet Tubman in the movie yes I did
and I think she would done a better job
than this woman that was this chicks
name who just played them Harvey I
forget she’s a she’s African you
remember her yeah no I’m not sure what
her name is a sorceress but you know she
was criticized for some statement she’s
made in the past about black ask you
know black people in America so a lot of
people there was a push back not as far
as her playing that role Cynthia a revos
a hey say her name
areevo yo Revo I forget yeah I guess so
if that’s what you think I also said if
I remember correctly then I I would I
would like to see Leonardo DiCaprio play
Martin Luther King jr. I did say that
when you look in the live chat you buy
remember that so I can’t be a hypocrite
how can I keep the same energy
alright hold on a second and one more
Super chat
Oh party you know let me go back for a
second to a full blast Radio thank you
yeah but I’ve always said that took to
my my audience that I would like to die
on the microphone so yes so so they’re
right with saying that I’m not mad
we’re dying to Mike I’m gonna die on the
mic and dine the guy didn’t shoot out
but uh thank you a full blast video and
big shock big ox espy star glad to see
you doing good but if you always get the
flu did for the last couple of years why
do you get this why do you or did you
mean to say don’t you get the shots I
get busy man and I remember I was at
Target picking something up and a little
a little I’ll just say wide female she
said did you get your flu shot and I
said nah I’m cool and then a couple
weeks later I got the flu I don’t want
yeah I don’t want the flu shot I think
that that could be some type of
conspiracy you know you know that’s a
bit much for me getting that flu shot
but I did get was it Zola flu something
I got forget the name of that when I
went to Urgent Care and I’m better now
thank you for your donation
okay okay wait a couple more calls
Ronnie and then if anybody else wants to
talk about Michael Bloomberg now running
for the presidency fine if not we’ll
keep it pushing
area code 9 0 E good evening 908 you
know how are you I’m good the mayor the
former mayor of New York Bloomberg
Michael Knipper president whatever
please yes Michael plopper I have to
have to actually agree with Jason like
the Democrats are definitely becoming
very lazy at the moment they know that
they have no chance to win it so they
will have no choice but to try to call
someone like an open one free or but I’m
sure Obama it’s not realistic but like
they will have to go that route
unfortunately because if you if you
think about that
the last lecture the islands know if
you’re familiar with Steve bad yeah yeah
he was the one that basically helped to
get chopped elected everyone thought he
was crazy but he wasn’t wanted to
actually get that shit in process and
yes please watch your language so
YouTube’s not playing that game
please my bad yeah oh
HP Oh state that he would if Michelle
was to run he would have to help her win
so Michelle or he actually said that on
the show okay then hang on a second
because Jason confused me a little bit
and I asked him was he talking about
Michelle Obama to run for the presidency
or to be Michael Bloomberg’s running me
what are you saying you said you agree
with Jason presidency what’s that
presidencies that’s what you was a
presidency presidency okay to run for
president for the Democrat part because
if you look at their list I mean come on
like that mean it’s over for Bernie was
once he won on the breakfast flop and
say but for agents what’s bad it was
over for him and then you got answering
saying that he’s gonna give every
American I thought now the house let me
come on that well hang on a second Theo
because you know Steve Bannon he likes
to try and take credit for Trump
becoming the president but you know Club
has been talking about becoming the
president way before his relationship
with Steve Bannon ever ever really took
off so I can’t give him that credit yes
he was part of the machine absolutely I
voted for Trump but but you know him
talking about you he gave Trump the idea
that’s not true okay I mean yeah I mean
I thought you’d I get what you’re saying
but if you if you think about Trump was
talking about being a president but I
never took you serious I feel like he
better pretty much put pushing into that
direction but uh you know agree to
disagree and he thought so are Kelly his
girlfriend do you think that she has
really turned against him do you think
this is fake news I’m
exploring this tonight uh I’m baffled
why should we have a patreon page I
don’t see people really subscribing and
spending money for that I don’t see it
okay honestly man kills was in prison he
got the money everybody’s gonna turn on
them the people that were always
defending him they’re gonna tear it all
down that’s really what’s gonna happen
yeah buddy right now he’s in prison you
see it what did he have
um that’s not what I owe you was fixed
in prison or whatever the case was but
he got no bread in turn against oh you
think is his brothers already bunny
everybody are you a YouTube content
creator I’m feel I know we’ve spoke
before and you said you do something on
YouTube yes No December Tanza brand-new
game all right I might be out of here
who knows yeah yeah nah you ain’t going
anyway you’d like your you got the
hottest show I don’t I can’t I
appreciate what you’re saying but just
read up you may want to read up on the
new Community Guidelines December the
10th it’s going down first ache when uh
only is basically says I’m exhaling
there was more black again Steve Nathan
is did you see that yeah we answer you
touched that earlier Ronnie do you want
to chime in on that
or should we just bypass it’s kind of
old news now oh dear yeah I’m so here
kind of sale at this point yeah um I
think we have any flush that out I’m
feel but thank you for calling in man
all right Thank You Man okay feeling to
check in hold us in guys make sure I hit
the wrong button here Tyson how are you
I get your other donation i sent you a
donation as Tyson nine to nine let me
see if I can find you hold on what did I
pick up already Tyson are you there area
nine to nine hey star what’s going on
hey ho wait a minute I’m right I just
wanted to touch on that boom birthday
okay you know I’m from New York
so I had an experience that lets go yeah
so I’ll tell you from like on mm
whatever whatever it was like primetime
it was very uncomfortable walking down
the street you know and I’m not involved
in anything crazy either myself but you
can see it from the distance two people
getting ran up on and like even me I’ve
been stopped in first and I had done a
high so I didn’t mind it but I would
catch myself like damn like how is this
even like a little thing and then just
him go up there on TV and be like like
oh I’m sorry but he wasn’t sorry back
then no you know so no he’s not running
for the Presidency do you vote are you a
father how does this how do you feel I
he’s apologizing I don’t buy it I
definitely don’t buy it and honestly I
don’t I don’t hope only because I have
my own beliefs but either way you’re
gonna find someone to be there ain’t
gonna be Trump I know that Democrats are
gonna find someone but then I have been
in chunk when you break when you really
think about it they’re not going to be
okay but you know I I just wanted to
before break I just want to tell you I
read your book um last year I was
deployed overseas in Afghanistan and I
read your book I found that very
enlightening not only enlightening it
was very entertaining I want to ask you
once parts you coming out you know
people have asked me about part two part
two is already completed and honestly
I’ve been waiting for the right climate
and and the right platform to promote it
I mean the first one did very very well
it’s available for free download but the
second one has the time already
thank you the second one has the title
hate in it and I just I want to be
careful because you know the climate
right now is really crazy and especially
with YouTube the algorithms and me I’m
not the rush I mean even if the book
would have come out five ten years from
now it’s more so about my philosophy
it’s not like some book about other
people celebrities it’s a philosophy
book so it
no note no timeline yeah moment yeah I
dig it
yeah Thank You Man thank you for your
service all right no problem man
everyone out there man want to read that
book read that book you know whoever’s
out it’s it’s online for free it’s free
game like this everyone check that out
Thank You Man thank you okay hold on a
second all right don’t man sent me an
email thank you dope man
don’t man don’t man showing his face now
I think that’s more so when I’m focusing
on the fact that he’s showing his face
as opposed to what he’s saying a certain
statue of limitations don’t run out I’m
trying to be respectful we know some
things just know people can pop up 15 20
years later say hey that guy forced me
to sell my ass it isn’t Snookie still
locked up let me look in live-chat home
a circuit was pimping Snookie still
locked up some broads came back from
yesteryear yeah
yeah that guy made me sell my ass when I
was 15 hold a second
Who am I missing did I miss his super
chat big Ock okay hey Ronnie any
thoughts on our Kelly’s girlfriend do
you think that’s fake news do you think
she’s really um
that’s the big story right now I’m
trending everywhere and no she she’s
definitely making statements about her
relationship with him in fact his
attorneys have responded and basically
said that you know this is all just a
play for cash now while I do believe
that this is a pay for a play for cash
I think that she’s going about it the
wrong way nobody is buying you know a
patreon however you do patty on however
you use it they’re just going to go to
the blog who are going to talk about
whatever she says and they’re gonna read
it for free so you know she’s going
about this the wrong way she should have
pitched her story to some network and
got you know a check he’s selling your
story to you know person the person not
that many you know I just can’t imagine
that people are gonna pay $9.99 or
whatever she’s charging to read what she
has to say and there’s not much that you
can say that we don’t already know about
him or it couldn’t have guessed I did
see that she made some claims with
regards to I’ll say watersports and also
about you know a pregnancy and that but
even that it’s like I didn’t have to pay
to find that out so what you know I
don’t need to hear it in your words I
can just read the summary somewhere for
she she she fumbled it okay hang on a
second let me go back to super chat here
a bush kid on the check and he says
stars Steve did not get Trump elected
caller was super dumb hashtag he just
hate Trump
well listen i want theo to say what he
he feels and believes without me
interrupting I’m Steve banning by we
have Breitbart you know he played he
played a big role in in Trump’s election
but he was not the guy that gave Trump
the idea I mean he tried to push that
narrative over the years you know he got
Bandon got sloppy big ox it also says my
fault star this is a super chet you just
read it LOL but i was saying why get the
flu shot and just do green juice every
day plus workout and you’ll be good okay
well so what you’re saying sounds great
I’m not arguing with you I’m not
disagreeing with what you’re saying
there’s a lot of things I’m sure that I
could do in preparation for flu season
but truthfully just it’s it’s snuck up
on me yeah I just got over the flu and
the last time I had the flu was uh last
year when I was on everyday struggle it
took me down for a couple of days you
know and this I ran and got some Tammy
flu yeah but thank you for the
clarification blade on the check and
blade says the are Kelly’s girlfriend is
gonna try for the Patty Hearst defense
and claim that Kelly brainwashed her but
she ain’t a white woman so it won’t work
facts yeah thanks she’s probably she
might catch a co conspiracy coke
inspirer charge have you ever you say
that we’ve thoughts never any things you
might get an arrested it’s interesting
that you say that because actually um
she has claimed that she was present
when other females were brought to the
house and that she knew for a fact that
they were younger than her so that puts
her in a position where she could you
know potentially be charged right just
by her own admission some time somebody
probably got her in soliciting you
better start talking before they come
snatch you up
yang gang sends in a
superjet star Google Andrew yang his
flagship hashtag freedom divided ubi
policy would do more for
african-americans now hashtag why gang
20 20 look him up okay I may have heard
of him I’ll try and pull up on another
screen but thank you for your donation
you know that whole thing about who’s
gonna do what for African Americans we
fall or some people not mean some people
fall for that I just want the president
who’s a figurehead and his
administration why we have the Congress
to protect my rights I don’t give a
goddamn if Trump gets him put impeached
and they get him out of there if you
dirty get him out of there but we get
into this whole thing about who’s gonna
do what for for this group of that group
and I mean like you know clearly
presidents do certain things for certain
groups but I don’t want us to get hung
up on that you know or me let me just
say let’s say like that thank you for
your donation the big access stop
disrespecting my super church and wasn’t
Omar supposed to be going to school to
become a lawyer question mark I don’t
know I know he’s got a bunch of degrees
and I don’t like to say what he’s not by
way of certification and stuff like that
I don’t know but done any knowledge of
Umar Johnson becoming a lawyer
Ronny big oxes um I’m not aware of that
that he’s actually you know passed the
bar and is able to practice anywhere
that might be true but maybe he
shouldn’t spread himself so thin maybe
he should just focus on getting the
school that he’s been you know received
all this money for up and running before
he focuses on practice you know
practicing law and taking on a new case
yeah I just found that to be so crazy
that he was blaming the mystery white
and if anybody wants to find out who the
lawyer is you can do it you can find out
who did the closing on the school all
that should be public information public
record you know I don’t know I just
but again I can write but it’s it’s way
too convenient he always has an excuse
it’s always this person’s fault that
person’s fault I you will not hear him
accept any personal accountability
mom I mousse into the donation all right
pay boss terrain on YouTube funeral at
funeral at Lake Lanier Wow repast at
slutty vegan oh okay thank you for
donation all right you got more time to
hang out Ronnie yeah I still got some
energy guys in case you’re just now
joining the show I’m bouncing back from
the floor I just wanted to go over some
of these notes tonight some of these
things that were piling up I may want to
touch on this maybe we shouldn’t put too
much more on the table but California
boost pot taxes shocking unsteady
industry if anybody cares about that
news story just came out by way of
Associated Press if you care okay not
we’ll keep it pushing so whatever you
code um three-one-seven hey good evening
three one seven are you there no hey
Deena sir are killing man that this this
that one surprised them there okay
oh girl she’s going after baby ain’t
nobody wrong parents who you know and
Bloomberg who gives a crap you know well
hang are you what area are you calling
him from what’s think I’m a Annapolis in
the end okay well I respectfully I think
black people should care I’m from New
you know and in this guy he was the one
that went ten toes down for that stop
stop and frisk policy he was behind it
was adamant he was just very you know
just no shorts I’ll just say that with
regards to black and Hispanic males and
females to being a profiled and harassed
he tournament for the presidency this I
– firing it was this Vanessa I was good
on the outside but me both know that
there’s always under heritage anything
or really uh check my box you know okay
and you know God knows what them to be
you know and I’ll ask you a letís I
think this this was just by news
terrified he was hoping some got kicked
out but fo you know it came in 2020 he
won his shot mm-hm
you know that’s that’s how I feel about
pants you know I mean I really think you
know he was waiting for something you
that outfit so maybe we could just slide
on in and just take that you know Nextel
whatever here you know everybody got
their own agenda okay running links to
you know well I appreciate what you’re
saying and listen I’m a 55 year old man
I don’t have any biological kids but I
am concerned about those who do have
kids and grandkids and somebody who has
been you know outright racist i’ma call
it what it is Bloomberg has been
outright racist trying to now become the
commander in chief I mean people have
accused Trump of being racist but here’s
a guy that was clearly behind this this
policy were well over you know over a
decade I mean he wasn’t awkward at all
but you know go ahead
I think I think in my personal opinion I
think a lot of younger people in this
day and age having access to you know
social media and electronics and our
surveillance and everything etc as
personally saying from the Bush
administration but Julia that’s not the
same but and see this hell you know how
the game they’re supposed to be very
justified can be reached
okay you know so it’s something tsunami
I mean they’ve seen that it or what they
talking about the tampering going on
with the election now me it’s I mean
it’s like
it you’ve lost the people as far as
trusting what it’s supposed to really
stand fo especially when it can get
hacked or whatever the case may be you
know so I mean that’s what I think
that’s what people are starting to see
you know I realized understanding like
man just out for what man is it gonna
get hacked again
mm-hm it’s am I gonna be in favor of
this state of that or whoever once you
know you can understand what’s in store
I hate you man I’m listening to you
listen to you yeah you know me I mean I
that’s that’s kind of what you know me
almost about to be 40 years old or 39
now this is something that I’ve
witnessed and understood you know as a
pair nine year old black man so and I do
have those no 15 year old you know
these comprehensive over – okay
I broke I appreciate you calling
anything else you want to mention on the
way out I’m trying to ask the question
tonight is là-bas LeBron James the truth
what is it 14 into the lake was right
now LeBron can retire right now and come
on legend already this be honest you
know let’s be honest he’ll be our coach
I think via Cole sure thank you oh okay
yes sir you too
hold on money sir I read malmo yes I did
Malmo sent in a young Superjail Quilly
am i saying your name right qu i lly
Quilly sensing a super jet star someone
is selling Boss Hogg shirts with your
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you send me a screenshot of that that
that would be crazy
that would be crazy are you seriously
you just you trolling thank you for your
donation let me just say that
first and foremost think via donation
there cheltenham more I haven’t been
there in a lot of years last time I was
in Cheltenham it’s for funeral maybe 5
years ago a family member of mine passed
away one of my auntie’s beautiful auntie
and Wow I don’t want to go too far back
but I spent a couple of summer’s in
won’t shut with him and I went to if
you’re talking about the same or I’m
sure it’s different now but we just go
to the movie theater there mid 70s and
great memories but thank you man for
your donation
let’s bring in area code 9 549 five for
you there 95 for leaving are you there
yes no maybe
ok hold on miles may bring in area code
83 to leave me a three-chip hi I’m sorry
hey who’s this money money yeah but I
actually wanted to I wanted to chime in
on the Jocelyn Savage the whole our
County situation please but my whole
follow up anyone that is and I just
wanted to clarify it wasn’t Jocelyn one
of the only girls who actually went to
our Kelly of age well her parents under
specified a field in college and like
you know she ended up like leave in
college to go live artillery so
technically a hurricane okay she kind of
was our cell uses adults you know I’m
saying so time again I want another
caller I said earlier to be charged I
just can’t be because if you want their
of eggs and all of y’all were like you
know doing where y’all were doing with
all the girls how does it like you know
multiple partners and stuff like that
wouldn’t you be considered you know you
know this assisting adult
doing that with younger children you
know I mean so I think with her she’s
kind of just writing her own sentence in
court like this is a federal case you
know and then he’s gonna go eh well you
kind of just admitted to participating
have knowledge everything I was going on
and honestly with her like girl you went
there willingly so I don’t know oh I
don’t know I just don’t really like how
she’s unlike in the media doing that
well now do you think that’s really her
tram page I have not been there and I’m
I always like to tell people if not to
speed I’m not speed I have not heard the
audio I heard some little snippet up on
TMZ and a couple of people are saying
it’s fake news that the akashic hey said
that it’s not real news
Oh read her right on Instagram well I
would say this the only thing that I
would kind of convince myself to believe
that it is awesome honestly this was a
felon our Lord didn’t kind of say that
her family that she wasn’t that you know
smart so like that so just with all the
typos and the ordinances often mm-hmm I
don’t think if he could have texted this
to somebody and maybe somebody else is
putting it out there making money off of
it you know I mean thinking that she’s
kind of like making a book for real but
they’re probably just you know finessing
her and putting it all on you to make it
somebody else we might get a coke
inspire a rape charge be honest I mean
she has it somehow and said it’s not her
okay you know I mean the other girl the
other girlfriend of her she smarts the
ones uh the one who was talking a lot
during that little uh little interview
that they had all three of them do you
went back there and she’s not talking
she’s like you know what I’m just gonna
go bow down go to my vehicle you know I
mean I got out of here
and she don’t care that other girls the
ones I’m gonna vote down with our chili
for sure serious okay okay now I’m
really surprised if this is real news
that she still is not in contact with
her family I just got an email I don’t
know the validity other but supposedly
her father was not aware of the patreon
page not not that she has to tell them
because she’s a grown-ass woman she’s
not a miner but you know if she’s
keeping same energy and she’s just not
messing with her family I have to
respect that I mean today I think
they’ll be smart for her Felicity watch
they got over you know her and her
parents trying to save here in this case
because public perception is everything
and I mean I know you’re trying to play
the victim like they’ll make an auto
like you know these couple of little
pages if it is her you know I mean but
it’s just not favorable for you in court
you’re across the opposition listen I
don’t I don’t really see her as somebody
who’s like
a willing victim when half the time like
she was supporting him you know I mean
she put money on his books like that it
didn’t just see like somebody who acted
like oh my God my you know my abusers in
jail you get out of here Hannah said
Ronnie do you want to chime in at all um
mati mati right name’s mati yeah yeah I
run you one time you know what muddy
saying yeah I do think that it is
actually her making me status because
his lawyers have responded to her and
said that this is a play for money so
they don’t think that it’s you know
someone else rollin her pretending to be
her or you know so I think it’s very
real that it is actually her so she’s
pretty much setting herself up with with
you know the more she says okay right I
agree what else going to you mati are
you from Houston Texas I spoke to
someone that you I got a good memory
creep and pay attention I may be in
touch soon I may be in touch soon
good to hear from you though thank you
all thank God she sounds young and
tender oh Jesus take a screenshot that
number hold on guys
okay um Ronnie I also want to ask you
something here cuz you and I were
talking was it Friday about this and I
don’t want to clown game – people like
game when he talks that balls talk I
like to hear and talk that balls talk is
this official is he really a lead singer
of a band or was he just in a club on
the microphone because it sounds like
every time he does something there the
is it hacking him is he really a lead
singer of the band do you know oh my
gosh I don’t know if this is real I
don’t know if game is going through like
some sort of midlife crisis you know one
week he’s starting to do a weekly
podcast with Adam 22 now he’s in some
sort of like folk band I don’t know what
you would classify this as I liked him
better when he was pouring champagne on
women how did you and I get into the
discussion yeah how did you and I get
into this discussion of them these
lyrics from a jay-z song boss I’m
confused I forget what the thing oh
because I finally got around to
listening to the Carters everything is
love album and I was like it’s like the
third track in the song boss and I said
oh man it sounds so much like you know
shots a theme so I told you like you
have to you have to look at these lyrics
there’s no way it can’t be about him
okay so I had the lyrics in front of me
and this is from everything is love
album when did when did this come out I
believe that was a year and a half ago
or a year ago I always like to listen to
chicks to check it out
100 million cred 3 million watch all
facts no cat false nigga you not a boss
you’ve got a boss niggas get getting
jerked that ish hurts I take it
niggas rather work for the man than work
with me just so they can pretend they on
my level that ish is working to me pride
always goeth before the fall
almost certainty so this is what you
were saying this part where he was
talking to Dame it’s disturbing what I
gross what I gross survey says you’re
not even close not even close and was
this other point he said something about
here we say you broke if everybody else
broke except for you boss now I never
read these or react at the time yeah
sounds like a hard shot at dame yeah
especially when you talk about the
invoices because you know remember the
whole situation with the offices the
separate offices with them um so and you
know I’m saying like you know you’re not
a boss you have a boss like look at the
fact that he’s approaching he asked Adam
22 to do a weekly podcast with him you
have led the anti culture vulture
movement for how long now and now you go
get with a guy who many people see as a
culture vulture and asked him to do a
weekly you know some sort of partnership
with you and still has not spoken to
Kenyatta Griggs uh as of two weeks ago
for those who don’t know game – has he
and Kenyatta have not spoken right I
exchanged text messages with Kenyatta
you know just to check so that I
wouldn’t say something crazy and being
disrespectful you know anyway alright so
thank you for the for the lyrics Ronnie
and the part where it’s with jay-z says
those last thing I mentioned everybody
everybody’s boss until it’s time to pay
for the office if I remember correctly
jay-z moved his office back in the days
from the was at the universal building
got the hell up off a game – this floor
did anybody confirm that or am I correct
come on you were saying that that’s
correct that’s correct and he you know
rented separate offices yeah that was
sort of like around the time I was like
the when it was apparent that it was the
beginning of the end that’s when
everybody else could sort of tell that
you know okay this is over soon okay
hold on Ronnie make Willy if you can
send me a screenshot if there is one or
a picture the Box home t-shirts thank
you again
hey Bush killed
and he says Patrick Patterson said black
women look like Bulldogs that’s why he
married a white woman okay look this is
all crazy
hashtag NBA players marry white women
and you miss my last week super can you
send me an email Bush kid if I missed it
just sending an email and I’ll read it
alright cuz it’s kind of it’s kind of
hard to go back to last week but I
appreciate you man
Brazilian American soldier says bill bar
just drop the hammer found an FBI agent
before going documents on Trump Ukraine
scandal big Don making America’s rich
again get cash store and run okay thank
you man can you send me a link when you
get time to my email address the hater
196 for yahoo.com also a Frank W 302
says Star King earner is dr. Umar
Johnson’s alter ego King earners a
YouTube host yes they look similar he in
a Omar Johnson but I don’t know if
there’s any connection between the two
but thank you for your donation
Hasan thank you for your donation
welcome back champ stay healthy I’m
trying man getting back on that sus 300
tonight right after the show
hang on a second money is it botched
snap of them saying that right botched
snap jocelyn savage needs to step the
eff up step the eff off she’s trying to
make a play man for some cash if this is
not fake news she’s trying to get the
back these hoes ain’t loyal
a couple more super chance here guys and
phone calls every Co 504 gleaming are
you there 504 hey who’s this how are you
good good evening what’s going on you
Hey okay so I’m this a little frustrated
it’s kind of like okay we’ve been
waiting for these girls to speak and
like finally they’re doing it and it’s a
problem you know and then to put out the
notion that okay so you were sleeping
with these young girls you’re gonna go
to jail like this is the fear of in the
reason why they haven’t been speaking
because our telly has put us in their
heads that they can go to jail if
they’re on victim and they’re forced to
do stuff like this they will not be
going to jail
Leeson Van Alen has already come out on
TV saying she was forced to sleep with
with little girls and she’s not in jail
you know and it’s it’s sad because you
look at people like Harvey Weinstein and
not one time have I seen any white
people try to defend men or try to call
the girls that he was sleeping with
liars are trying to dig into their life
they’ll be like oh well this can’t be
true and this is like what’s that ask
you’re going on like these are little
black girls and women why the hell are
we defending a dude just cuz he can
jingle and fucking popping come excuse
my language but cuz he can make a tune
he can’t be a predator the dude was
sitting in front of McDonald’s
restaurant looking for children yeah
hanging out the high schools
I stood in front of McDonald’s like but
that was a normal guy we would have a
fit now because he can make it tune it’s
yeah you’re absolutely right in it and
if I can just jump in here for a second
I mean I’m asking the question is this a
real story now I don’t trust TMZ TMZ had
Lil Wayne he was dead once upon a time
you know we as as the media industry
we’re so quick to put a story out there
and it picks up traction and sometimes
it’s fake news I’m asking the question
I’m not giving him a pass by any way
shape or form wrong but you know there
is a conspiracy my thing is I don’t know
if there is a conspiracy against you
know black strong black men or you know
men who are not I’ll just say
heterosexual black men and I think that
he has been targeted because he beat
or similar case years ago okay you were
saying but the thing is okay so when we
say he’s targeted the thing is he was
let go of something he got you know he
was freed from the tape a long time ago
but he kept doing it his pants was when
you get in trouble for that you sit your
ass down here like damn I really got to
learn my lesson he never learned his
lesson and he’s been able to get away
with it for over 40 years so it’s time
he gets in trouble for it
my issue is yeah there were a lot of
older women that were around and you
know he might have slept with him and
they could work free to leave and do
this and that he’s not even entered in
like that that was a cover-up these
little girls when they talked about I
couldn’t pee I couldn’t eat and all this
stuff that’s a problem I don’t care if I
chose to go to his house as a grown man
you do not do that to people I don’t
care if I came to your house but naked
you do not do that to women and for us
to be victimizing these people like if
it’s out of control you know what I’m
saying it’s like yeah like we can say
that he was targeted or whatever but he
was literally doing it
we saw him pee with a girl easy easy
I you know honestly I never watched you
hang if we can just be careful because
YouTube is cracking down December the
10th I never watched that video I never
watched that video honestly I was on hot
97 at the time and my co-host Miss Jones
she watched it she took notes I didn’t
want to watch pedophilia anyway so this
I hear what you’re saying if I can just
finish it I agree with what you’re
let’s give him a pass at all in any way
shape or form but with regards to
tonight’s story I’m just asking did she
really turn against him if she did hey
but maybe that’s a good thing because
she’s got a clear her so are you saying
it’s not four fingers typing it but
she’s trying her best to get the story
out and he’s still around him he don’t
have to act like he’s not writing this
because they become kill her like all
these years they’ve been threatened if
you leave if you talk to your families
you’re doing this you’re going to be
so now maybe she has to backtrack and be
like oh I didn’t do this but maybe she’s
talking to a friend or somebody to get
her story out but we don’t realize how
serious this stuff is we don’t realize
how serious mental control HED people
don’t like my secret I got up and walked
these these young girls never had a
relationship in their life they’ve never
been out of the care of their family
maybe to go to college what for a few
months but they’ve never been 25 up to
even experience what it’s like to be
able to make your own decisions to know
what a dude is using you to know this
and that but if their biggest dream was
to be an artist and you got a man
standing here with millions of dollars
saying I can do this – Matt we’re gonna
hang on a second can I jump in and can I
ask you respectfully have you ever been
have you ever been called something like
this you sound very passionate about
this story you have been through
something like this but you know I work
with girls and I listen and I’ve been
around youth even as a grown woman who
think they can come and manipulate me so
I can’t imagine if I’m 17 19 no telling
what could have happened and if I know
that they had the power in their hand to
make my dream come true and if I didn’t
have the family backing that I do have I
would know what would happen you
understand my worth so like oh he could
have got it
hang on a second why do you want to jump
in add to what the call is saying money
yeah well with respect to you know these
two girls that have remained in a
relationship with him they both entered
their situation of age they defied their
parents one of them left college wanted
to be with him she was already an adult
so I don’t have sympathy for another
adult if they’re 18 19 if they’re a
young adult and they are in a situation
where I’m holdin a second and they’re in
a situation where a minor is being
sexually abused or sexually assaulted
you’re 18 19 years old you have a
responsibility to pick up the phone and
alert the authorities and say this is
happening so these girls it’s not a
situation yes
was there some mind
control manipulation going on absolutely
but were they in a situation where they
couldn’t run out and say someone please
help me look they said on national
television told Gayle loss and said how
happy they were to be with him and how
in love they were so clearly they
weren’t being held against their will
because they are national television
could have said we need help okay so
once again let me say this again I don’t
care if you’re 21 years old just because
a piece of paper says you’re of age that
doesn’t mean your mind is that eight so
once again as soon as they got with him
he did not sort of using that right
he was help is telling them he’s gonna
help them with their music taking them
shopping that’s what a manipulator does
he brings them in lines her – and little
things start coming this like there’s
grown women in their 50s and 60s right
now for an abusive relationship who
can’t walk away because they’re afraid
so how y’all expect you little kids to
be able to do it okay that crazy okay I
appreciate your comment on what state
you’re calling from mistaken Clinton I’m
in Lanham okay thank you
I think it’s messed up that when we look
at people like Harvey Weinstein and all
this stuff I’ve never seen one thing
about the women he was they were
sleeping with not one negative thing
about them ever well I’ll give you the
last word but but in reality a Harvey
Weinstein is probably spreading money
alright Kelly’s broke so so it’s you
know it’s going to be messy
I’ll give you last word I mean at the
end of the day if there’s money or not
he does it so I don’t care if he’s able
million dollars people still messing
with these children in doing a stuff
stuff thank you okay thank you called
darling thank you so much okay bye now
all right hold on Ronnie I miss him
super chats holy smokes how could I miss
the scroller everything stops everything
stops for the scroller wait a minute
Blade objective hate that’s amazing okay
missing the money let me slow this thing
down hold on a second let me get a sip
Oh Jay
blade says fu star glad you’re better
and you know full well why the Dominican
chicks spray your ass in your book you
niggas sold her baking soda claiming it
was product sir I’m not one of those
people who likes to talk about you know
bullets ripping and people people
running you know it’s scrambling no I
don’t know what happened I forget it was
more so because we were verbally
disrespecting her if I remember
correctly she was a short little opal
looper looking chick you know she had a
scarf on her head little stubby nasty
fingers and we were just snapping on her
I forget what exactly happened and she
took the verbal tongue lashing she left
came back jumped out of a cab I never
been to my dad thank me donation
objective hate says yo star why are you
so silent on judge on a judge praising
DJ Vlad for bringing a Arab down if this
was DJ academics you would have had a
field day let’s be honest okay now hang
on a second that story wasn’t that from
hip hop overload what was that a real
story I saw that but let’s at homee uh
thank you for the donation I’m just
getting over the flu that came out
what’s today Sunday wasn’t that like
why did you ever see that um I saw that
on Instagram that the judge thanked Arab
for his money thank DJ blegh
did you better no I thought that was
great news yeah but I I saw it as a meme
and I thought it was just sarcasm I
didn’t know that that actually happened
so I’m not sure if it happened that
happened that would be crazy
that’s amazing says star did you hear
the comments made by the Clippers
Patrick Patterson against black women
question mark
he said all black women look like
Bulldogs and make him go blind no Ronnie
can you google that Patrick Patterson LA
clippers well I’m not just being folks
I’m doing a real lead just a loose
research show tonight again I’ve been
down for the count for a couple of days
got my punk ass some rest
just now bouncing back from the flu hey
everybody thank you darling uh dark
chocolate I’m sorry dark cocoa kiss star
the goat glad the h1n1 didn’t get you
out of here thank you darling you
appreciate it for your cash yeah
evany looking good as always looking
sexy okay so someone just sent me this
this is according to the source yeah I
just sent it to you too hey wait a
minute is this real or fake news good be
Jesus referring to black women is
Bulldogs can you read that right now
come back together I don’t want to pull
away from what I’m doing right now how
come I better I’ll come my back okay
looks like some Instagram screenshots
whoa Jesus huh
in all the world there is no heart for
me like yours in all the world there is
no love for you like mine happy
anniversary okay Ronnie’s gonna beat up
on that thank you for your donation who
else is in here hold on a second hey
Jennifer hey darlin she says hey star
great feedback on this topic thank you
do you want to chime in if so shoot me
email you know you your money’s good
with me hold on a second hold on
oh wow okay this is this is picking up
traction this guy Patrick Patterson :
black women Bulldogs Lord Jesus um let
me make sure it miss any super chest
hold on God I start keep it real okay
that’s transcendent music hustle that’s
amazing okay
that’s amazing says I love Ronnie on
this show she’s an intelligent black
woman that is a shining shining example
for young girls to look up to did you
hear that running that’s from that’s
amazing yeah do you want to promote your
Twitter page you’re on Twitter now
Ronnie yes yes I am on Twitter now so
follow me at the fat thde
so to ease real money and follow me
continue to get my following number up
mal moon sends in history check our IP
Patrick Patterson and his wealth going
to the dominant society the black woman
is the Queen of the Universe okay a VL
thank you the donation angry scorned
women like the last caller and
homosexual cakes of my gay people
practicing law are trying to frame Kelly
and stand out all representation of
manhood well again I’ll keep it honest
with you when I’m not the speed I do
research and that’s what I’m doing
tonight I haven’t heard the audio I just
I saw it and I said what the hell is
this real not thinking that it couldn’t
be real you know the money runs out the
bitches run out you know that’s just how
they do you know back in the day he’s
getting high with these bras sniff and
blow wherever you know the blow runs out
the bitches run out same thing here
let’s go to area code
– five six hey – five six good evening
talking about art Kelly’s girlfriends
did they flip Oh you there – five six oh
good be on me hey screaming hey give me
yes yesterday evening oh oh yeah I want
to speak on the jocelyn sad situation
yes sir you have as long yeah it’s hard
to believe I heard you talking early it
is hard to believe TMZ another platform
because this is too many different
stories different tweets applies turn
and I remember um did you read the
patreon her on Jolie cyberspace wrong no
my source is a Chicago sun-times and
this is where TMZ is supposedly pulling
from but I have not heard the audio yet
you know again I’m just jumping up on
the microphone tonight trying to hash it
out I mean I think that they could flip
you know but I just
I’m not certain so I don’t want to just
jump on the bandwagon you feel me okay
yeah I read some of it
it is hard to believe because in her
story she says she met art Kelly at a
concert with her best friend but when
her mother did an interview I say about
two years ago her mother did an
interview with BuzzFeed her mother said
she met our Kelly with her and it was
just her and her diet was just her and
joseline okay but Jocelyn said and the
patron it was hurting the best friend
they’ve met him okay and they met
backstage and and after that they flew –
they flew I think to California to a
studio but but the mother is telling a
totally different story so it’s like
it’s like he say she say at this point
it’s hard to believe and we don’t even
know at this point if this is her actual
patreon or if it’s her actual Instagram
right yeah now again
Tasha Kay said matter of fact Ronnie can
you go – Tasha case Instagram page i’ma
try and pull up as well said that this
girl joseline is going to make a
statement soon denouncing those pages
I don’t know I’m trying to put the
pieces together right now
and somebody on juglans page Roberto
Tasha statement I know what you’re
talking about I read that same what
somebody were somebody um I think it was
one of judge lansac of his friends they
rebutted that statement and said that
they had proof from the the faith the
actual federal investigation that that
that is either her page but it’s like
you said it’s hard to believe right now
it’s hard to believe anybody right now I
know what you talked about though yeah
okay I’m gonna go to the source yeah
well listen man if tells a dirty time to
get him out of here time to go okay
I’ll steal I meant I’m I look at it like
this I look at it like this the women
knew what they were getting themselves
into I think so at the end of the day
you know say it takes two to tango I’m
not I’m not on either side I’m not on
our Kelly side I’m not on nobody side
I’m just saying it takes two to tango so
they knew what they were signing up for
it that makes sense hang on stay right
there running he said you have an update
please Ronnie yes so Tasha said that
that’s not her real page and that she
was going to do a breakdown about it and
the page has responded and said you know
we’ve had this page since 2015
and Tasha K is incorrect but Tasha
posted that with her caption saying that
you know basically the family has turned
against her now so that page is indeed
her her page well I heard from a few
sources not just hollered that that this
story was not necessarily true Bayless
I’m here to be educated to him
alright so sir before I let you go can I
ask are you a basketball fan are you no
doubt no doubt
la la babe I’m just about to ask you is
LeBron in his zone right now
going on I was watching some highlights
the slam dunk alone niggas pow
looking strong breaking up the big home
key here is LeBron James looking good
was thrown up LeBron James looking good
this year
so far he even makes a MJ he did next
Michael Jordan he was doing okay until
you said that now you’re sound crazy
you’re doing okay alright thank you man
it’s called drug down hey Ronny anything
on that story about the the guy from the
Clippers before we wrap this up LA
Clippers is that real Colin black woman
oh yeah it is real and he had it in
Israel and he has issued an apology so
it looks like a situation where someone
in his comment section he basically
posted a happy Anniversary to his wife
and the question the fan question
whether or not he would be if he was
working at Walmart if he would have a
chance with his wife and so he said this
is his quote so I should settle for a
bulldog and act like I’m happy with my
life and preach keep it in your race to
the world and it you know it’s a pretty
lengthy statement but he has sent
apologized for it and he claims that he
wasn’t referring to all black women just
that guy’s white okay okay hang on I
just sent you an email somebody sent me
something from on smash wait a minute
u.s. dick district judge thanks Vlad for
helping him convict Arab saying so
now where’s their source hold on a
second I just sent you the email Ronny
yeah I’m looking at it now I’m looking
for their source
I know I saw this on hip-hop overload
they don’t have a source I think this is
just something written up you know
following the the mean that was floating
around because I didn’t see a source and
that mean yeah me either
it was funny though it’s funny all right
Ronnie I’m gonna shut it down we’ve done
two hours I thank you for your
assistance tonight and I’ll check in
with you tomorrow
absolutely and I’ll just say in closing
if I wasn’t clear enough that Mike
the former mayor of New York is complete
and utter trash okay thank you great
night all right have a good night money
take care okay all right boss your quani
holding me down all right didn’t know if
I was gonna make it two hours
I took three big-ass gulps of this
castor oil earlier anybody ever have
oh when they also make sure I promote my
sponsor my triple butter com okay I use
this daily great stuff three-in-one
moisturizer I’ve got a couple jars of
this see I use it and twig clothing all
right hey listen um I will see you guys
tomorrow I’m sure at some point and hey
December the 10th the YouTube game is
gonna change yes it is if you don’t
believe me please google it December the
10th hold a second his Bostick Ronnie’s
banner and she’s on Twitter now as well
so I’m sure she’ll update this banner
I’ll see you guys tomorrow take care be

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