Did Colin Kaepernick's NFL Workout Help Him Or Hurt Him?


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Charlamagne, DJ Envy and Angela Yee react to ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s recent workout in the hopes of reentering the league.

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#ColinKaepernick <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

morning everybody is DJ envy Angela ye
Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast
club let’s get in some front page news
well we are gonna talk about Colin
Kaepernick now as you know he’s a free
agent and he did a 40 minute workout in
front of representatives from eight
different NFL teams that workout
happened on Saturday now here’s what he
had to say I’ll be ready for three years
I’ve been denied for three years we all
know why I came out here showed it today
in front of everybody we have nothing to
hide so we’re waiting for the 32 owners
the 32 teams Roger Goodell all of them
to stop running round here we’re ready
to play ready to go anywhere my agent
Jeff Natalie is ready to talk to any
team I interview a team at any time I’ve
been ready
I’m staying ready and I’ll continue to
be ready all right now the workout was
originally scheduled to take place at
the Falcons facility but at the last
minute Colin Kaepernick’s camp switched
the venue’s there was a disagreement and
that all had to do with the liability
waiver and media availability and there
were other factors as well now the NFL
made their own statement saying that
they were disappointed that a Colin
Kaepernick actually switched venues they
said we are so disappointed then that
kind of did not appear for his workout
he informed us of that decision at 2:30
p.m. today along with the public today’s
session was designed to give Colin what
he has consistently said he wants an
opportunity to show his football
readiness and desire to return to the
NFL 25 clubs were present for the
workout in all 32 clubs their head
coaches general managers and other
personnel executives would have received
video footage of the interview and
workout shot by the Atlanta Falcons
video crew it is important to note the
following and then they went ahead and
listed all the things that they did one
of the issues was that Colin Kaepernick
wanted to be able to have footage and
have his own footage because I guess he
didn’t trust the NFL to release and not
edit the footage to make him look bad so
I guess that was one of the issues and
then there was a standard liability
waiver based on what they use but
National Invitational camps at all NFL
combines and NFL clubs when trying out
free agent players and they tried to
switch that up and submit their own well
Stephen a Smith weighed in on all of
these these discrepancies and here’s
what he said
twenty-five teams show up at the Atlanta
Falcons practice facility stated our
facility NFL personnel equipment video
and what does colin kaepernick do three
hours before to work out because of some
issue with a liability waiver Colin
Kaepernick wants to change the venue
kylie captain wants his own receivers
Colin Kaplan was the video and things
he done no interviews he talked to
nobody media can’t find him but he wants
to be the available he don’t want to
play he wants to be a martyr
it ain’t working this time no I’m not
gonna go as far to say he doesn’t want
to play but if he does want to play he
has a weird way of showing it and a cat
really wanted to play it and what he did
Saturday was simply not a logical thing
to do like the best opportunity to get
back in the league was just show up
Saturday the Falcons stadium do your
work out and keep it moving not to
mention you would have really made the
NFL look crazy if they didn’t sign you
because they put this whole Saturday
workout together 25 plus team showed up
cap goes out then has a good show and he
really makes the NFL look like they’re
colluding against him if David Knight
but when cap annex agent was asked
whether or not he thought that
Kaepernick would get an opportunity to
sign with the team anytime soon he was
very skeptical he said I hope so but I
don’t know I’ll be honest I’m a little
bit pessimistic because I’ve talked to
all 32 teams I’ve reached out to them
recently and none of them have had any
interest I’ll tell you this no team
asked for this workout the league office
asked for this workout and so I guess
they’re not feeling really great about
it yeah I read that statement too but
also in that same statement he said that
the only reason he does have any sort of
optimism is because the league put this
together and he said being at the league
put it together and maybe Roger Goodell
will you know push one of these owners
to sign them
I don’t know but you know how I feel
after this weekend I don’t care I don’t
know what Colin Kaepernick wants in
regard to the football so I simply don’t
I support cap and everything he does as
far as activism if he called me to
participate in his no you’re right camp
tomorrow I would be there but as far as
what happens to him in the NFL I don’t
care because of me I was gonna say Eric
Reid who is his former teammate also
responded to Stephen a Smith if you want
to hear that he said Malcolm X said if
you’re not careful the newspapers will
have you hating the people who are being
oppressed and
loving the people who are doing the
oppressing you embody this quote you
Malcolm Jenkins and jay-z prance around
doing the NFL’s bidding to try to bury
Colin I stand for truth and justice
above all else you are mistaken by
thinking that because you or anybody is
black that you are spared from my
criticism especially when you’ve been so
blatantly on the NFL side and corrupting
their own process to hinder Colin’s
employment let’s open up the phone lines
once again I don’t care because to me
like Colin Kaepernick’s whole movement
was never about him you know getting a
job in the league guilt about him taking
a stand for black and brown people who
were getting killed at the hands of the
police that’s what he brought awareness
to that’s what this movement was about
that’s what I care about
somehow I turned into this whole thing
about cap not having a job I’m off that
well let’s open up the phone lines what
are you thoughts 805 85 105 one what are
your thoughts are Colin capita because
think about it right you own an NFL team
right billion-dollar team you know they
set up this workout you get your team to
the Falcons arena to watch this workout
and then right before the workout
happens with an hour before two hours
before they change facilities which is
an hour drive away mm-hmm do you take
that hour drive or do you say you know
what this this young man is playing
games and I and I don’t want this on my
team or do you say you know what yeah
clearly a lot of people didn’t make that
my only eight team win you know kozlov
month like you know what he’s playing
games we came all about out here to see
the young rubber play see if the young
rubber has an arm the safety young
brother could still move it still has it
and then he changed his last minute yeah
it changed the venue last minute you
know hours before you were supposed to
work out even the pushback on the waiver
at noon on a Saturday when you receive
the wave on a Wednesday that’s just
serious and even the whole cab wanted to
control his his own narrative thing like
if you did exactly what people thought
you was going to do which is not show up
that’s not controlling your narrative
Lightcap did exactly what a lot of
people thought he was going to do and
that’s not show up I’ll just find a way
to you know self-sabotaging they say so
if you do exactly what someone thinks
you’re going to do that’s not
controlling your narrative what do I do
understand this and I don’t know how
true this is if I’m a quarterback and I
don’t trust the NFL first of all firing
trust NFL I wouldn’t want to play but if
I didn’t trust the NFL and they are the
one that’s controlling the footage I
would want my own cameras they
absolutely I would want to make sure
that they just don’t show the
the time I overdo the receiver or the
time I didn’t mean to the receiver
they’re all the bad clips I would want
to make sure that they showed everything
so maybe I would want my cameraman there
as well but changing that it just seems
like but I want that on my team when I
want that problems that gonna be a
problem is gonna be one of those things
if he has a bad day he just starts to
show up like those are the things that I
would think about if I own a team and
you said something till you talk about
trust man like you know me I think that
Colin Kaepernick is bigger than football
so I honestly don’t even know why he
wants to still be a part of this league
that he you know says this black ball in
him but I don’t care because it would
never be trust between the league in
Cavan if there’s no trust there’s really
no relationship and response to that
video the NFL did say in their host
statement that they did agree to put out
all of the raw footage from the entire
event they said that is unprecedented
but they confirmed they would receive
both the video that would be sent to all
I wouldn’t trust that about captive no
800 585 105 one hello is this what’s up
in me good morning good morning to go
What’s Up kiddo right now what do you
think about Kaepernick in a situation
over the weekend don’t get me wrong when
I say this man what he was doing when he
had a CT on the corn rolls and all that
this stuff but even though he got down
as needed stuff still having it every
day the man ain’t been in the league in
a couple years I mean he’s like a prima
donna the way he was acting over the
weekend man I mean the XS feelings about
to start he can always go to arena
football man but only two words I got
for is who cares man as I feel like I’m
behind with you just don’t care no more
805 85 105 won what do you think about
the cap in this situation call us now is
the Breakfast Club good morning hello
this area what do you think about cap
anamur ago hey tell him I said I think
he said itself back by doing that he he
could have went through with it
the way the NFL set it up and and you
know put some things in place right
before Saturday you know I’m a military
veteran I’m a law enforcement officer
right now and I wasn’t offended by the
stance he took I was actually proud that
he you know he did it but there’s a way
to go about things and last-minute stuff
that wasn’t way to do it
he said himself that Kylie blew his
chance to get back yeah you can’t change
the venue hours before you supposed to
work out and push back on the waiver at
noon on a Saturday when you receive the
waiver on a Wednesday
like that’s all foolishness to me hello
this okay why you anonymous okay
apparently the word on the street is
that the NFL was going to make a team
I’m fallen by today like that they were
going to pretty much forced it I guess I
don’t know the details of the deal or
whatever but they were working it out
and the thing is there were black people
behind it it wasn’t even the white
people in the NFL that was trying to do
this it was black people that were
working behind the scenes to make the
passes for him because they believed
okay what still in shape and to like he
was done wrong so they were working
behind the scenes to make this happen
and he just kind of spit in everybody
let me tell you something sister
first of all what you’re saying is
absolutely correct and it’s not even
like behind the scenes knowledge that is
so goddamn obvious they put together
this whole big showcase on a Saturday
you know why because they know this man
has been done wrong the last three years
you know there was no other way to do it
other than make it this kind of
spectacle and yes they would have signed
him this week it was so obvious to
everybody all he had to do was show up
but guess what he did he did exactly
what a lot of people were saying he was
going to do and that was find a way to
sabotage the situation and that’s what
hurts me the most about this because
when you talk about controlling your own
narrative controlling your narrative is
not doing what everybody thinks you’re
going to do anyway they say that jay-z
was disappointed according to TMZ with
Colin Kaepernick and they felt like he
was unhappy with the way things went
down because he feels the league was
genuine and trying to give Colin an
opportunity the league was not gonna put
on this whole big dog and pony show on
Saturday only to deny this man an
opportunity they weren’t gonna do it cat
we all know cabins in shape we all know
Captain throw the ball
they did this whole big thing on a
Saturday over 3/4 all the teams in the
league show up all cap had to do was go
to Falcon Stadium do his work out keep
it moving
he with the guy sign there’s no question
about it a lot of people on the forums
will take some more calls and come back
800 585 105 1 we’re talking to
Kaepernick situation hello who’s this
Kenny hey Kenny what’s your thoughts on
Catholic situation bro
I agree with what Charlemagne would say
I get any kind of relationship Trust is
the foundation and I think it’s
fundamentally broken in this in this
situation so obviously he doesn’t trust
the NFL the NFL owners don’t trust them
just because of all the issues that have
happened with the kneeling and all that
stuff so I’m not even sure why they’re
even trying because everybody can pretty
much see that this is just the PR thing
for both sides both trying to look good
and not trying to look bad to the fans
and at the end of the day it’s not going
to work out no I’m not gonna want to
somebody that that’s gonna be making all
kinds of demands when I’m paying you and
you know he’s not gonna want to you know
concede to their demands because he
wants to have some control over how are
you portrayed in the in the media just
because of everything that’s happened so
it’s never gonna work out unfortunately
all right thank you brother hello this
yeah this is what’s up bro what’d you
think about the cabining situation bro
let me take some medicine man went
through all this trouble kneeling he got
the whole racist United States America
against them and then then when he wants
to control the narrative of how he wants
to be depicted you got B what I want to
try to discredit his motion in his
movement if you’re gonna stand behind
Kaepernick matter just get out the way
stop talking about whatever black people
do that they try to stand up for their
selves man all right thank you brother
and one more car I love this what’s up
my G we talking Capulet bro what’s your
thoughts nigga story was I don’t think
that relates to the last out like Adam
like that they saw a couple of
questionable actions now based on when
he got blackballed so I don’t think it
takes one
of our own protect our own based on what
cat was posted before now they’ll get me
wrong some of the things you did
Saturday might have been questions like
changing the venue but that’s this
paranoia based on what the past actors
of the NFL has been so you can’t really
blame her brother for that of being
paranoid but I don’t think it should
have been one of our own to go out there
and say he’s bad news
based on what he was protesting because
it’s pretty much attacking our own man
we all need to be doing that based on
where he was protesting for I mean yeah
you gotta agree with that man but that’s
just my view
okay thank you brother so what’s the
wrong opinion here about I’m not at all
I mean the moral of the story for me is
you know it cap did exactly what a lot
of people thought he was going to do and
that’s not show up or do something to
sabotage himself and if you do exactly
what someone thinks you’re gonna do
that’s not controlling your narrative
this is just me the best way to control
your narrative is to is to not show up
at all just say no I don’t want to try
out I don’t want to work out I won’t be
involved at all
but I really want you to know and
everybody else out there to know that’s
listening I don’t care Charlemagne to
God does not care anymore I don’t care
about the NFL and Colin Kaepernick I
care about caps activism I’ll support
him in that but when it comes to
football I don’t care this movement was
never about cap getting a job it was
about him standing up for black and
brown people and the injustice that they
were facing at the hands of the police I
have I have his back 100% when it comes
to that I want to come to him in the NFL
I just simply don’t care no more breath
all right now you got room zone away yes
nine orgasms in one day find out who did
that for their lady all right we’ll get
into that next keep it like this to
Breakfast Club good morning

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