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There are three languages, one for the debtor, one for the creditor and one for the administrator…. Even though you may assume that you can read all three, they are totally three separate languages and have no jurisdiction with each other unless you “consent’ … but your consent comes with ignorance of the difference between such three languages and assume them to be one language… Its all a big fat lie… The Governor General and the Australian government is a counterfeit… There is no such written English as: “Governor-General”, it should be: “Governor General” without the hyphen… The hyphen grammatically destroys the name. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

medical dissension
in 1966
we lost the pound and we converted it
into dollars pounds and dollars pound
was a weighted note on silver
the sum is proven to one pound of silver
so it was a a monetary system that
operated on actual weights of metal
shillings and dumb pennies and and what
have you
Florenz whatever it was it was all based
on an amount of silver and the pound
note was a representation of one pound
of silver so you could take the pound
Nodine and redeem it for one pound of
silver in 1966 that changed from a
dollar from a pound to a promissory note
system right that the US Federal Reserve
promissory note system but something
else changed in 1966 as well and what
happened was our schools removed grammar
and latin from the schools in 1966 so
prior to that we at school we learned
and Latin and Latin were the roots of
the English language or many of the
roots of the English language
so why my father used to call Latin the
math of English and when in 1966 when
the school got rid of Latin and grammar
out of the curriculum my father visually
complained to the school and said that
the students will become illiterate they
won’t know how to read if we take those
things out of the young curriculum well
I’m going to show you exactly what’s
happening it’s strange that this
happened in 1966 – when they are the
power went to the dollar and grammar and
um Latin were removed from schools
that’s funny the base but I’m going to
I’ll just show you just how stupid and
dumb down Australians have become in a
grammatical deception or in a
grammatical sense I’m going to write
Commonwealth of Australia in three
different formats and you will be able
to read the whole free of them or you
will assume you can read it’s written
but I’m just after bonus I’ll just
explain the difference between the three
of them okay first let’s write it in
you can read that colorful say now let’s
write it in ancient Latin and this is
going to be strange not many people are
aware of this or whether it that it’s
relevant today but I actual Aten is the
official language of the Vatican
that’s strange to them so I’ll write
that ok same word

come out
Commonwealth of Australia written in an
ancient Latin style text and we have
here which is two hyphens in between the
three signs of three words now I’m going
to write something in Dolan and Dolan is
a corruption of the essence of the text
it’s also known as the text or the Latin
for these literate so it’s a language
that’s used by illiterate people that
can’t read then what’s going on this is
already I’ll write the same word I’ll
write the same words
action plan with the Hodgins and dog
and for the illiterate people can read
now English now these are all three very
recognized languages but they’re still
about the the grammatical standing of
these three types of written language is
that they don’t have any jurisdiction
with each other on the one document so
if you’ve got a page of text and it
contains English and contains dub Latin
there is no correspondence between those
two languages written on that paper and
that’s the reason why when the currency
of our nation of our country has changed
from a weighted silver which was a
desire or real money into a promissory
note type of the money which is based on
the United States Federal Reserve
promissory notes which is really called
a company scrip or internal accounting
notes that’s all these internal banking
notes after that happened in 966 they
removed the grammar and the Latin from
the school to order that the people
start to assume this
is English now you know something’s
wrong with that if you saw that written
everywhere nice ro – in between the
words even if she didn’t know you’re
wrong you’re Latin and your grandma you
would instantly know well that doesn’t
look right there’s something wrong with
that there’s nothing wrong with it at
all it is another language but when you
read this here Commonwealth of Australia
without hyphens
you assume that to be English and that
mistake has deliberately been allowed
for you to do is actually what destroys
you from standing as a true Australian a
national rule being a part of the real
Australia into coming down here into
being a foreign citizen of a private
foreign bank but all of the Australians
over here such as the Queensland Police
the government or the government workers
in all that they believe that they are
Australians they believe that but
grammatically and the fact as a fact
stands they are the account holders of
reform United States Securities and
Exchange Commission the foreign United
States Federal Reserve because this is a
registered company was the United States
Securities and Exchange Commission
written in dog land and dog latin the
way they make dog land is by using the
grammatical rules of English and mixing
it with the written horribly sick or
uppercase texts of ancient lands and by
the hyphens they use the grammatical
rules of English instead of the
grammatical rules of Latin which are two
very different types of rules
grammatical rules of each one of these
texts in order to make it look like
normal English
that is the grammatical deception I call
it the Justinian perception because this
whole system of deceiving people is the
garden from your public common English
going from common English public into
the private contracts of Rome private
contracts of um of Babylonian texts of
fiction of a lie is done through the
grammatical deception of making you
believe that this text is English one
has no jurisdiction whatsoever so if you
get your driver license or your passport
and you assume that your name where it
says your name and your name is written
in an all uppercase dog latin text that
is really a holistic sign or run
illustrative text it’s it’s a symbolic
text which cannot be a name only a name
can only exist in proper English as
capitalized that was weak with er first
letters of the each word capitalized the
forms extra and I may not now that you
understand that if you go under the
website under the governor-general
and you’ll start to see just how
confusing things start to happen even if
you bring it to governor-general bring
the office and asking they’ve written
which is right but what that is doing
when I write governor-general in the all
uppercase text that is in ancient Latin
what they’re saying is that this
governor-general belongs save the five
but then what they do I’ve got that
written on the website which is now in
proper 8th of land with the heart in
there which renders the two sides
government in general coming together as
two sides to in order to to make one
sentence inside but then when they write
it in English in the common English
appear the correct language they write
it like this
a hyphenate the English very clever very
clever trick but these are these certain
foreign corporations these foreign
corporate things and doing to the people
of Australia because what that does is
destroys the English text because to
create to make two words appear as one
name as in governor-general this would
translate as this
governor girl groan ah damn Negreanu
because that – there joins this youth to
join in English used to join a broken
word back together or join two words
together there’s one and that’s how long
some words are made before the word is
actually made into one word the hyphen
is used until eventually as time goes by
the word becomes one but at this present
time in the dictionary there is no such
word as governor-general and there’s
also no such words or name as
governor-general with the – it does not
exist in the English language so what
they’re saying is that this
governor-general is the property of the
Vatican the Vatican owns the City of
London the City of London owns the yet
probably more than likely owns the US
Federal Reserve and the City of London
is the
is the bar and the bar are all the
losers so any lawyer that is in
government such as the Prime Minister’s
and and what have you
most of them are or in the very prime
minister that signed us up to you to it
in 1973 was Gough Whitlam who was a
lawyer who would have sworn an oath to
the bar and the bar was was the City of
London which is one square mile inside
London that belongs to the Vatican
so what’s happened is somehow rather the
Vatican has taken away the proper and
true government of Australia and we
replaced it with one of the corporations
but the only problem with the Vatican
even though it operates under proper
recognized ancient Latin science we have
been given a fraud this is a fraud
it’s not real
um I’m not sure what it is all about but
I do notice that the Vatican seems to
always be pondering the riches of the
world so maybe through this sort of
assistant they also give us on your
driver licenses as a sub-tree driver
licenses um your passports etc you also
get your name written in all uppercase
don’t black without the hyphens that’s
done so the dog latin is is the language
for the illiterate
it’s Babylonian texts it’s text that
reads absolutely nothing if you want
translate this governor-general without
the hyphen into um English simply
translates back like this
. . because governor-general written in
dog latin which is using the ancient
Latin text with the grammatical rules of
English renders this as governor .
general which is not the Governor
General and that is saying with your
written in that like it on the driver
licenses or on your passport etc
translates to stop full stop
to the whole system is um is a lie it’s
just an absolute lie because they are
using a dog latin text which is a
debased text under under latin under the
young legal dictionary Black’s Law
Dictionary dog Latin is the Latin for
the illiterate the stupid people that
can’t read but in the English dictionary
of Webster’s English dictionary dog man
is a debased type text a debased
language and the word debased means in
our Webster’s dictionary
Krim it also means the bots
it also means in morale so that means it
against God
you have to also remember that people
that are ruining this type of them dog
latin world this fake government people
like the Fabian’s who believe in our
governments like Hitler and like Stalin
which is a which is maintains total
control over the people it puts the
state ahead of the people which is
absolutely dangerous because we all know
history of Hitler and Stalin and other
governments in the past Pol Pot don’t
use this type of system where the state
becomes more powerful than the people
but the only way that the state in the
past has come more powerful is guns but
this lot of governments new world order
are doing through deception deceit lies
trickery and once they have gotten hold
of a Hitler style or Stalin style
government in one complete world
government than who is there to stop
them they will have achieved their
absolute goal a total control over
population of the planet and then the
culling will start our fates for the
better but it only says that
it suits then doesn’t see these it says
the Vatican and it suits their
corporations and also suits the one
stroke doll it’s the biggest lie that’s
perpetrated it is the biggest
grammatical deception perpetrated
against the young the people of
Australia the people of the world and
that’s how they did it too
macro medical decisions of language

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