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The Graveyard and eternal death through the false name on the tomb stone. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

dead ledger text look at the writing on
this tombstone this is a ledger is the
slab of stone that sits on top of a
this means dead this is the tombstone
and the writing on the tombstone which
is written in a dog latin text a debased
Latin now I know some in Black’s Law
Dictionary it’s known as the Latin for
the illiterate which is really strange
isn’t it it’s a text that done in in the
English language means debased in the
Webster’s dictionary dog latin is a
debased form of text which means
criminal debauched amoral and against
God now the strange thing here is this
is a presumption that this reads Alfred
Henry Madame’s
but if all the grammatical rules and
everything that this text is governed by
is correct that this tombstone does not
say Alfred Henry Madam’s animal because
when you use this type of arm ancient
Latin text or the top of Latin symbolic
it has to be hyphenated between the
sides in order to stream the seconds
together so what this ledger is
grammatically is a lie just like all of
these tombstones that exist in this Sun
in this place in this graveyard the
strange thing about it is is this this
ledger as a two-to-one ratio this slab
of stone that sits on top of a grave and
these ledges that come in the mail that
also house the same all upper case type
of letter of text it’s also found on
your arm your banking contracts your
contracts with the government the power
companies etc that ledger text that’s
found on the tombstones it’s also found
in these ledges that come in the mail
that are also a two to one ratio exactly
the same as the ledger that sits on top
of the to a normal letter isn’t and even
a registered postal letter that you go
to the post office in and get a
registered mail they’re not the same
size it’s not a ten to one ratio
but these things with the ledges come in
and the writing the ledger takes writing
just like the dead ledger takes in here
comes in there this is also well like a
coffin too and I think what’s happening
is that when you break the seals of
these envelopes it’s like breaking the
seal of a grave it’s
that’s a bad conduct to do that this
ledger tax is also an engraved image
because the people that make these
tombstones are engravers and God warned
not to go near this text here so it just
goes to show you know what’s happening
to us a dead man has no rights
so maybe what the new modern style of
government or maybe what governments
have always had tried to do in the past
his render the living man as nothing
more than a dead corpse of corporation
the dead speaking and by conferring it’s
dead accounts to man it deceives us by
this grammatical deception with these
taxes that we assume we can read as
English and we spend our whole life
reading this text here when in fact it’s
not English this text is not even
ancient Latin this is dog latin debased
latin which destroys the essence of the
text which destroys the meaning of it so
by the time you get through life and you
wind up thing inside one of these craves
under one of these ledges
with this type of writing on your team
that means that your life or your
footprint or your birthright to this
land the recognition of you that was
living is now pronounced dead and when
you wind up under one of these graves
this type of debased dog latin immoral
debauched text written on your tombstone
I think that you’ve made into health and
I think the serpent or the usurper that
did this to you
takes your estate you’re linked to the
to the mineral and energy wealth it
takes your Dominion what God granted to
I think you’ve got to be more vigilant
remember what Christ said you’re gonna
learn to read the sign and if you can
read the sign then you will know that
that is signed sin immoral debase and
against God that’s how you die just like
God said to eat from the tree of
knowledge you will surely die I think
the tree of knowledge is legal title

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