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Corrupt Queensland Courts attack David John Walter for questioning the validity of the Queensland Government and the Queensland Courts. The Queensland Police charged him for assault while they threw David to the ground and arrested him. On the second day of the hearing, the Queensland Police withdrew because too much was being exposed in relation to the corruption and poor conduct of the Police and Queensland Courts relating to its invalid standing. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

in 30th 30th of October 2017 I attended
the court case or the morning part of
the court case of Davidson Walters and I
witnessed some pretty interesting things
happen inside that um inside that court
case the first probably most important
thing I did notice was the magistrate
first asked for the name and of of David
he said are you David John Walters and
David said yes I’m David John Walters
and then the magistrate said ah so we
have mr. Waltons here and David said yes
I am mr. Walters but he he did that with
everyone that walked on there or walked
in the courtroom he made sure that he
established the military account and the
surname account was there and what he
was doing was making sure that he had
recognized and the consent that the
creditor was acting as the debtor and
the consent was the agreement to to hold
the surname account and the military
name mr. mr. miss mrs. which are
military designations so once you are
once you walk into that court and except
the military name and the surname then
you are deemed to be the debtor of the
state and you are subject to martial law
or the law of the sea or the label codes
military law and when you are subject to
that you end it into a debtor creditor
relationship where you must obey the
rules of that ship or that corporation
but the only one that can obey the rules
is to is when you attach yourself to
their account their surname account
and that I notice that that magistrate
was a senior magistrate made it very
clear that he needed to have David John
altars in in the courtroom and the very
minute David John Walters agreed to that
he then confirmed that he had mr.
Walters in the courtroom on that day
David did very well in the court and he
not only won his case the prosecution
had to close the case down halfway
through it because he was exposing too
much information about the invalidity or
how invalid the the government actually
was and that was that was being exposed
in relation to the the seals and the
validity of that of the the fact that
nothing was signed
the identification of the police
officers is not signed by the
Commissioner of Police and the fact that
they just refused to give their date of
birth in order to give some sort of
accountability so if they don’t give
their full name and their date of birth
there’s no account to access so they’re
just standing alone but without us
having any ability to to get any
recourse if they step out of line so so
in that case David did very well in
exposing the the criminality of their
court and also it is questionable
questionable about the the actions of
magistrate Bentley who locked him up for
one month for contempt of court and I
would say that that’s am that’s going to
be looked at a lot harder
I think magistrate Bentley should be
dismissed immediately and so should the
prison officer that tried to have David
charged I’ve dealt with that man before
and I’ve had to put in a complaint with
with the Queensland Police Sergeant Duan
he asked me to UM
to keep the complaint internally didn’t
want it to be made public or official
and which I did but when I found what he
was doing and lying on that one on the
stand or lying under oath in relation to
David’s our case I had realized that I’d
made a grave mistake by not placing that
I’m not making a formal complaint about
that officer that punched me in the back
while I was locked in the watch house it
appears that um any of us that question
the government go through this
terrorizing campaign that they run on us
they throw us in the watch house put us
in contempt of court try and put us in
prison and usually have a spash I was
bashed twice over and warned to stop
exposing the the conduct of of the the
police and the conduct of the government
but I can’t stop it because I’m not
going to put up with it and I have
children and grandchildren that I don’t
want to be so subject to that type of um
you need roit United Nations corporate
governance that has no accountability
and nothing signed it is absolutely
dangerous and I think that um David
Walters has also done a mammoth job in
exposing them for what they really and
truly are so for that I thank David and
I won’t stop until those two those two
offices one being magistrate Bentley and
the other mr. Webb I think his name was
from the Queensland watch house the two
of them that their cake that cannot
remain in government and the quicker
they’re gone quicker they’re gone
quicker the power gone the better for
all of us
so thanks Damon

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