David John Walter 12 10 2018 Court Matter


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so where’s all their money in their
assets is 1966 the bankruptcy I know
what actually why was I bankrupt I was
bankrupt because some people wouldn’t
pay rights to local government will
enjoy when Atlanta functionally bankrupt
with me shall my property for three
hundred and thirty thousand dollars and
I didn’t know anyone anything
and the Local Government Act they’re
members of political parties and they’re
inside their own and does this claim
stem from that bankruptcy yes it does
and it stems from my imprisonment
arrested by a police officer that was
over an assault of two police officers I
didn’t assault anyone but you were found
to be a magistrate I was assaulted and I
was put in a prison and if you’ll have a
look at the penalty sentencing act they
can’t analyze anyone in
in currency
was the High Court has ruled under less
that it has no commercial value it is
transmitted electronically
judge judge fashionable the federal
court upheld the first magnet locals who
are xx land government their private
people members of registered political
parties enjoys the Constitution’s of the
political parties the Electoral Act 1992
was copyrighted so we can’t play so are
you saying that you don’t recognize our
Queensland government or Queensland law
there’s no reblock the former Chief
Justice Sir Harry Gibbs said and read
the High Court ruling so Harry Gibbs
made it very clear and I wrote it in
here all you’ve got to do is look at
that act that song is beautiful you’ll
note the word Queensland is held by our
Constitution the beautiful act is not
copyright so the gods who’s sitting up
there today
is inside an official in Parliament act
1896 and what does it say this retreat
is prepared by the office of the
Queensland parliamentary Council
warning this reprint is not an
authorized copy what are you hoping to
come from today I’m hoping to this
nation for our children and our
children’s children that our forefathers
fought for
that we made a constitution in 1900 and
in the documents put before his honor
they refer to that Constitution that
they can’t make a republic the republic
is the greatest barfi that was ever
they sold my health they then come
because my wife right black cockatoo
no I had to pay them another $1,000 that
man there Mr Bowen luckily when you
bought the house so that we could live
there I’ve asked him now the vicarious
liability is on that man sitting up
there is a politically appointed
Australian public service paid in
Australian currency not the currency of
this state in the Constitution Act and
what different about that Constitution
Act 1867
it’s a private 19 Brown
Elizabeth number 2 2 1 2 1 1 you can
find her and put her up in there
I’ll do whatever she says if you have a
look at your coin of the realm
Elizabeth 1 1 she’s gonna like however
you can make employer 0 so how are they
taking all the assets of our night out
selling them I oversee employing people
like those policemen overseas I asked
them did they have a warm tub no they
have an ID card or an ID card Mickey
their authority is new what they’re
going to do this afternoon is let every
person out of the jail right across the
striker no judge has the authority to
improve but they don’t take their
policies of the crown and then not paid
by the people
where’s our money our assets since 1966
sold by these people so they can earn a
profit in the park a few factors confirm
when Paul Paul opened each Parliament in
1988 he paid for that not in a pound
pastry so they for our decimal currency
that’s American that’s an amusing idea
one day you read there darling and the
peach says get out all of a sudden
you’re gone there’s no all like the
former chief justice Sir Harry Gibson
politicians are playing us like for
personally I got grandkids I want my
grandkids to have something go back to
square one

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