Da Baby Arrested For Robbery


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what’s headed to y’all I want to talk
about this rapper named the baby they
got arrested for robbery in my city
right I need you to send this to some
people cuz I may enlighten you on how I
feel about the situation I want to know
why rappers go backwards in life when
they get them some money I really want
to understand why rappers go back with a
knife when they get them some money when
guard them freed you from the scrubber
card them freed you from poverty but yet
you want to go back was his life
man said somebody scared to tell this
man since people scared to speak on the
situation I guess I got a champion it
and take it on my back and tell this
young guy man listen man you stupid you
stupid Mike you got people around you
that you pay they do certain stuff than
to uni PO to be doing your part to Beto
know best
let me tell you something let me explain
the situation see I’m a rapper too a lot
of people don’t know that cuz I promote
my music as much no more but about to
get to it but i’ma tell you this when
you do a show when a promoter book you
for a show right the first thing the
promoters do is sit and deposit so let’s
say you charge $60,000 for a show
you’re gonna require $30,000 USD in
about 4 to 5 flights a couple hotels and
a couple cars just over y’all around and
shit like that right and see the
promoter of sitting at first deposit the
luck in that date so that promoter could
begin promoting the show so he can make
his money but he trying to see the
tables he trying to set up bottles he
tried to do anything he can to make his
money back that’s what promoters do so
the ruffle normally these rappers
nowadays they trying to promote the show
with the promoter they just want the
money so that’s where everything kind of
fold alone with a promoter in the ruffle
the rapido never promote the show he
just want to check now it could have
been a situation whether the promoter
booked the baby I don’t know the
situation I don’t know the promoter they
never enough to promote her name but
here what I tell you Genki promoters
can’t book you and don’t pay you your
money they owe you they don’t pay the
other half no I’m gonna promote opposed
to pay the other half before you even
touch down they put to be wired that
money you’ll count full you trust down
to the Mumper blood they pull the hair
that money in the goddamn deposit they
pull the hair that shit come back in for
the video
but probably what happened was this
guy’s the baby took the show went to the
show the promoter told him he hang him
and then gave him the money probably
rant on for left on the club face now
which I gotta understand is this to
clubs and club promoters are two
different entities a club is just a
building a space for a promoter to have
a a rapper or entertainer in your face a
club is not responsible for the promoter
bad dealings that’s just a cool that’s
just a venue for the table was going
over not a man locked up in jail now
I’ma tell you something a situation
occurred where he went to the club he
did his thing he gets his back in this
money I think the promoter sweating him
$10,000 now watch this they went out
there on the street and beat the shit
out the promoter whooped him up real bad
took his money through our juice all
along the police arrested him took him
to jail now he locked up on fifteen
hundred other bar now let’s not watch
this it ain’t just a barn that got him
locked up see what you got to understand
the man had a warrant for his arrest
I believe in Texas somewhere so nine
dead look 1500 all the barn then went
into a whole different situation because
now he got to go get extradited from
now hit what I want to tell you right
nigga man listen man hold that shit by
proving you were gangster man man that
shit over with man code that black lock
girl code that black got so much talent
and he locked up and he can’t get a
wordless tally he got a guilt
of talent in me a young boy went through
that shit his whole life meat meal went
through that shit his whole life to part
with the prison Pepsi with the prison
jail is a businessman
we got a boycott these people
we can’t go in a prison don’t we keep
going to jail you’ll get rich to go to
jail when this niggas all really high
he’ll fucking in the street trying to
get off the street they can’t find a way
and here it is you getting sixty
thousand dollars don’t perform at a club
you stupid man you stupid bro I don’t
care who you got around you they can’t
be no kind of real niggas around you man
so first of all just like they look kid
juice world that just died he died cuz
the fans rushed his playing and he had
all type of dope on the plane and peels
on him and he really swallow pills you
rap niggas how all these dead bodies
round y’all y’all both had neither
they’re gonna take them charges man what
the fuck they round you fall gang gonna
take the charge that’s the question of
the day I got a problem with that
if you got niggas value they pulled the
take the charge tempos the beat against
another angle they pulled to be putting
their hands on nigga Dave holding the
eye he’ll let you take the charge you
the money
Joo is the money you the brand Pringle
you were a nigger that’s payin a deal
you wouldn’t nigga let’s take care of a
baby mamas and eight numbers in 18 years
what the fuck you look like living in
jail you can’t produce in their bra
britches gangster your baby you making a
hundred thousand the show sixty thousand
show see I believe that promote a book
to him yeah a part of the year in
advance for him to get a man 60 K right
now the baby is getting the 110 thousand
and so we just tried to get him for the
fucking Super Bowl he don’t know when he
gonna get out of jail you gotta get
extradited and go face a warrant out
there and take now listen there’s no ten
thousand that you was fighting for the
baby you finna pay them lawyer fees you
finna pay the Porco’s you finna donate
your time in a restitution the defendant
on the guy who jumped on heaping the
student shit on show airs and wind for
by a quarter million dollars so all the
money you make it better go back into
the system
all the money you making the dog it’s
gonna go to another nigga all your hard
on money
finna go to another nigga I want to shit
you work for your whole life for your
kids kidding you got kids Kirk
ain’t no way in fuck you pulled me out
you’re making these shot in my space man
you poker have some really the round you
mind telling you run listen man leave
that shit alone bro
then I’m sly bruh he gonna get his comb
and see what you gotta understand either
good call man bancomer come background
you ain’t got no menu with it you get
served with the fuck you deserve out
here Mike you got bad people around you
made meat meal had bad people round him
you know you were posed to be beefing
with no goddamn Drake me and now you
wasted three it took you three years to
get over that hunt with Drake and I bet
you won’t be with him no mo you know why
cuz you had the wrong niggas around you
and if y’all noticed meat don’t got the
same niggas he hair round him back in
the time where he will be from with
drink he had to wake up and realize that
shit took him to jail bro cuz he is like
a see what you gotta understand this is
my life is like a roller coaster when
you get up that motherfucker roller
coaster when you’re going up you’re
going up slow you see right now that
what you’re going through right now you
only come up you coming up slow that
motherfucker right and when you get to
the top where that goddamn roller
coaster you know will go happy you’re
gonna be at the top of the world for a
split second when you can get your best
selfies you are older than I’ll get your
best views you filming everything and
it’s gonna be a time when that roller
coaster goes down now here’s the tricky
part about that roller coaster going
down right it go down faster then they
came up and go down so watch this and
when you go down the people that was
standing with you they’re gonna stand
with you no more
cuz they worry about they they screaming
hey pelican ain’t going through their
own little shit but when they go in
there everybody coming up there about
you Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka to get
you when you get up to that
motherfucking table you get your best
split seconds it’s done baby this week
it was that little baby last week it was
cardi B the week before that did Nicki
Minaj before that can’t make a mistake
after that because money don’t buy class
money don’t buy wisdom money don’t care
who he go to
you’re gonna see some little Yanni’s
you’re gonna see some most city girls
you might see some goddamn town centre
house town sweets
you got city girl this week you might
have town bitches next week you don’t
care if I don’t care we’re going to what
I would tell you and advise you is make
sure you have wise people around you
make sure you have people you pay to
thank for you make sure you have people
that advise you make sure you have
people around I could teach you
something the baby imprison in jail
right now see conversation by being in
jail right we are here you’re doing the
dumb shit it’s cool it’s fun when it
come on time when you get the
motherfucking jail when you got to sit
down and it gonna hit you it ain’t gonna
be when you first get in there you still
height but when a goddamn storm went on
and you gotta sit down and know you
gotta beat up rough cuz you realize you
got all this money you got all these
kids out here depending on you and you
were healing some dummy shit and what
was so funny was when he walked up to
the podium and Stewart in front the
podium the George asked him hey what’s
going on you know the first thing he say
hey make somebody tell my lawyer I got a
quarter million dollars in my hotel
Maine that ain’t something you say on TV
court bro that’s some you call your
lawyer you starting on the Canberra
you’re starting on the camera bro that
ain’t gangster the baby listen man I
love your music man I love what you got
going on I love what you’re cooking up
but that shit you did was childish can
against the rough somebody gotta tell
you could they scared make some buy my
now don’t speak on that nigga that
nigger against but I nigga do this buddy
listen man I do not feel no rap nigga
you stupid if you feel rap nigga you
better feel the nigger nigger this crew
it’s the broke nigga the right nigga
hard behind the fighting guy he’s a
bodyguard gangster and ain’t even a
references this shit to the baby
I’m references this shit to all the
rappers out here mine if you a rap nigga
man and you out here doing some shit man
you pulled the hair niggas around then I
take the phone I’m sick of that shit man
shot the hot boy Wayne on this month I
see everybody listen man listen man very
important that we get though the wisdom
and the knowledge around us when we get
money cuz you already got the white man
jealous so you get money they won’t
taxes out your shit man you beat the
system man you start making millions
you got Reebok deals and Nike deals I
hear you’re getting show money you
getting up you’re a brand ambassador for
a company why you think company is
certain companies wanna give a rifle or
deal cuz they know he gonna fuck her
like a chance to wrap on J Coley I get a
a big endorsement deal for the baby I’m
for one of these other bitches out here
who be wrapped by selling puts on
breakfast because the company done
trusted they brand enough to understand
and they ain’t gonna make no mistakes
they don’t prove they stuff over time
looking at Tonio Brown Antonio Brown is
my dog’s a good friend of mine very
telling to God but look how many
mistakes eat on me and I got him outside
the league nothing fun into real always
my dog they gonna try to make it hard
for my dog to get back in the lead you
know why because they’ll show you they
don’t need you your baby they’ll make
another day baby for your fuckin
you already see what is right there’s
this rock game going here now
they put an estrogen all in the food now
that got them Oh impossible miserable
waffle whatever hit that shit got more
estrogen than any food out right now
that shit make you grow titties and
stuff like that they trying to make the
black man go to a roll man ain’t no
white people ain’t no goddamn Burger
King fool that chicken sandwich ain’t
even no real chicken salad let’s check
out typical journey y’all right here
down low desert oh it could take money
by the way y’all act by the goddamn
chicken sandwich your dessert no it
could take money hell wrong with you
listen man code that black locked up
fucked up in da young boy was fucked up
wit herpes fucked up the bullshit was
fucked up Young Buck back in prison he
fucked up and he went he need to be you
know he like that T I was fucked up even
myself I’ve been fucked up in that
prison system my brother’s a real nigga
i’ma tell you something man ain’t nothin
by going to prison ain’t nothin gangster
by going to jail ain’t none gangster by
calling yo kids from a collect comb you
bet yo something like a fool to the
white man he can’t stand you what you
gotta understand is his kids watch you
and he watch you more than his kids
doing the FBI agent who’s looking for
your fuck has his kids like you that’s
why he’s looking for your fucking no
you are a role model
I love Lamar Jackson but I be looking at
his Instagram snaps and the way he
talking I’d be like brother do you not
know you the NFL MVP you can’t be
talking like you against us you are in a
fair stop you have to act accordingly
you’ll see LeBron James out here making
mistakes he know the world watching him
as time as he fuck up like he gonna drop
his fuck is so he got a look lamer than
the motherfucker that why he’d be
looking lame Oh like it I love LeBron
that my dog but I know LeBron lame
within the month but he got a state lane
in order to stay in the game see a
smaller man can play dumb but a dumb man
can’t play small and the rich stay rich
by living like they for but the poor
stay poor by acting like they rich all
y’all rap niggas out here acting like
y’all rich acting like y’all got
someone’s got their money y’all ain’t
got no money I gonna go broke I’d be
looking at here at living buying only
got damn jury money y’all I spent money
with the Rolex all this dumb and see me
fuck this shit ain’t by no mo Jessie
stupid broke and then the baby out here
boy your friend of gold man listen bro
that’s just you doing bruh that shit is
not gangster bro that shit ain’t
gangster bro ain’t nothing tasted by
going to prison bruh you talking to a
nigga damn building a giant you
listening to a nigga that done been
there done that young people tell you
when the fuck to get up when the fuck
they eat when the fuck the shit shower
and shave ain’t none guest about that
bro you got fuck niggas around you that
won’t take a charge you got fuck niggas
around you that won’t do nothing for you
but you ran into my – old gangs
man them niggas flow bruh cuz a real
nigga ain’t gonna let the money go to
jail he gonna take that charge
y’all Ryan took my job wanna be mod
niggas man y’all can never be like
John Gotti was untouchable until he
became touchable the mob was silent and
took nigga Star Wars Frank Lucas was
untouchable till he put on that
motherfucking mane and started trying to
show off shouldn’t listen to that
Raglan’s bitch King Solomon was a bad
motherfucker until he started fucking
with that strange woman Bill Clinton was
one of the best presidents that we have
a hand until he started fucking with
Monica Lewinsky Michael Vick was the
best black quarterback on the Randall
Cunningham that we will ever see until
he started fucking with them Raglan dogs
goddamn Samson Samson was the strongest
character in the Bible until he started
fucking with Delilah she made him cut
his hair he lost all his script you bout
to lose all your money trying to play
like you a gangster brother leave that
gangster shit for the burbs let the
gangsters be gangsters could see when I
when I realized it when I see a nigga
who got our only gold teeth and shit
like that
all I know is you ain’t no gangster you
hide cavities nigga cuz I’m hiding
cavities it don’t make me no guys I got
no motherfucking teeth
so when you got near be showing all your
motherfucking gold teeth uh much that
don’t make you gangster bro I got a
cavity you just had cavities nickels and
when you walk around with your
motherfucking been down a nigga all I
see is a handkerchief
they said that shit in the dollar stove
nigga family dollar niggas a
handkerchief nigga so red or blue black
or green or purple nigga that don’t make
you no gang banger nigga you weak nigga
I really nigga don’t really know PAC
nigga don’t run with the herd nigga it’s
always stay in dim y’all niggas wanna
hang with day and if dey ain’t doing
shit eat them ain’t doing shit need to
lead them nigga lone bro that ain’t
gangster debate when you get out of jail
I want you to watch this video
you are a dumb down Kendrick Lamar you
actually can rap without crying
screaming you actually got a little
gangster and a little character about
yourself your funny ass nigga – bruh
your funny bro you’re funny a nigga get
your hands out hand get your
motherfucking money bro stay your ass
about that prison y’all be riding on my
boycott and white businesses and shit if
you want to break out of white business
wake up prison bruh that’s the biggest
white business of them all bro ain’t no
Louis Vuitton ain’t no Gucci all that
shit break our prison bro
stay out the chain gang if you want a
really dang man and going the bank B the
bank gang nigga I got a hundred thousand
in my motherfucking trunk right now I
saw it to your nigga just to show you I
don’t fuck with niggas I said hey my my
motherfucking self I don’t want to be
round everybody I don’t want to do with
the fuck they doing I want to be with me
cuz they can’t do what I’m doing
everybody can’t go bro everybody can’t
motherfucking go bro realest right
fakers every motherfucking we’ll go baby
when you get your fuck hands out of jail
stay the fuck out of jail nigga that
shit ain’t gangster nigga don’t interest
niggas scared of you ain’t scared of
your brother ain’t scared of no nigga
you be with I don’t give a fuck bout
none of that shit my where you from and
none of that I look at the heart of a
man I don’t care about what he talking
about on the record I don’t care about
what they say you gonna do nigga I’m
talking to you like a man nigga stay
your fucking ass out of jail bro you’ll
need to be another I’ll get you some
motherfucking money brightness a real
nigga toketee kind of been there done
that ain’t bout nothing bro that ain’t
bout nothing bro Jesus been to jail
Jesus was a real gangster a gangster is
one that’s gotta stand alone and hold
his own cross that’s a gangster I’m
gangster is one that get his own money
and move when he feel like moving not
when the motherfucker tell him that’s
gangster niggas being gangsta ain’t
going to jail nigga you around a bunch
of niggas that looking a matter of fact
let me tell you what isn’t again right
now he ain’t easy cake in solitary
confinement cuz he told famous to be
running a general population he can’t be
a general population because the whole
jail to be on the lawn soup nigga so
right now he’s somewhere sitting by
himself in the dog seal probably eating
magnetical wonder finance motherfucking
all correctional officers trying to fuck
something they know when he get out he’s
richer than a bitch and they want to
throw that favor back in their face to
get his state selling a picture right
now he’s somewhere in the motherfucking
sitting down thinking to himself man I
don’t fuck
either fucked up stay out of jail bro
that shit ain’t about nothing man code
that black in there right now I know he
wishing like a motherfucker man I
should’ve did that dumbass shit I know
call that black somewhere wishing man I
fucked up I know I Raquel II hate the
fact that he got a silly in that prison
facility for the rest of his
motherfucking life he’s gonna be end up
I know Bill Cosby hate the fact that he
got a city that prison facility on some
shit that happened in the 60 in the
seventies nigga don’t classify living
your best life by making demands young
mistakes that you’re gonna regret when
you get to your next life when you get
old and you can’t justify shit
cuz she right now we’re in 2020 but in
the Year 2040 there’s gonna be some kids
I hear rapping about how they mama when
selling pussy in 2020 just to put food
on the table and that’s gonna be called
gangster shit until it’s time to wake up
bro we’re in a whole new era – error
fucked up understand what the fuck I’m
saying listen man stay out of prison
maxed out of trouble get you some money
clean it up they don’t classify the good
that rappers do they only promote the
bad and the rapper always doing bad just
to keep that attention on them but that
ain’t about nothing man stay out that’s
that’s facility man stay out there
motherfucking prison force it down
anybody nothing bro please bro we need
your leaders out here man we need Moe
LeBron James that’s bad schools we need
Moe a cons that’s behind schools we need
mo Diddy’s
that’s behind a whole country round this
motherfucker we need mo black
entrepreneurs there’s only a few blacks
they say domino domino you’ll respond of
lakhs to higher you go that’s true but
we need no
joined Oh what’s up with you I see you
on this motherfucker what’s up with you
cause your baby man listen man platinum
rapper successful getting money you do
not need to be in nobody jail you need
to be out here doing what the hell you
doing and doing it positive
stop whooping on people and fucking
uphold that ain’t bout nothing bro you
blocking your future
ain’t no major company gonna get you no
big endorsement deal that’s gonna retire
you you ain’t gonna get no 50 cent power
dealers out here doing that shit bro
you’ve woken up to the camera to my a
man I want to tell my lawyer I got a
hundred uh $225 $250 in the
motherfucking and the hotel somebody
tell my lawyer that I’ll call your
lawyer to tell him that now you got the
hotel lady going in that motherfucking
room acting like she trying to clean up
your whole hotel from the rock the fuck
out you fucking you know why that way
you only no money no hotel safe if
somebody got the master code in case you
forget the cone so that somebody could
go on your motherfucking safe and steal
all your money and they no cameras in
your room dummy then what you’re gonna
somebody waiting my safe and stole the
money leave that shit alone bro man this
man I’m so I’m fed up I woke up a scene
that she over here and everybody talked
about that shit I didn’t want to talk
about there somebody need to chill check
that young nigga chillin man stay your
fucking ass out of jail
yo Gant stick it out anybody nothing man
you stupid you make millions of dollars
man it’s millions of niggas that want
your position and they looking at you
like you are dumb you got old G niggas
looking at you like you’re stupid
to a stupid ass your nigga stay your
fucking ass out of jail nigga that ain’t
bout nothing you need some real that’s a
problem with you niggas y’all like yes
man niggas Brown y’all y’all don’t want
no real dig around y’all they gonna tell
y’all y’all fuckin up y’all war nigga
round y’all go check man yeah you
you’re doing your thing but your bro
keep doing it like that but yeah you
rocked up like yeah yeah man oh man you
fucking up and your breath stank nigga
you fucking up and you need to wash your
balls nigga stop fucking with that
no-good asshole you know she was just
fucking with our Kelly lads we see I’m a
beater nigga tell you fucking now hard
nigga you need to leave that
motherfucking bitch no bitch everybody I
had that hold that come to the city
leave that hold on brother
no she ain’t the bitch damn you know you
always tell me something wrong am I on a
nigga say it right man cuz them niggas
want some money you feed them fuck
niggas I’m gonna tell you what’s up
nigga cuz I ain’t gonna don’t I’ll
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