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A law book called: Ross on Crime, section: 3,8620, (Not to be Learned Tricksters), is a statement relating to the conduct of the BAR and relates to the danger a corrupt legal system can be for such people subjected to such a corrupt system.

A counterfeit banking or legal system could be a clever copy of the real thing, such as a counterfeit bank note is a clever copy of the real thing in order to deceive the people, but in reality, such a counterfeit is worth nothing and may cause damage to those subjected to such a counterfeit. The purpose of a counterfeit is to deceive its user into assuming its the real thing, such as a government may do if it is a foreign international administration passing itself off as a national government, causing all profits made by such a counterfeit government to be channelled off shore into foreign international bank accounts never to be seen again.

In order that such criminals (Pirates) get away with such an assault on the treasury of national governments by such international foreign corporate entities, such clever criminals may have created a quasi language that looks like a normal readable English language but has an underlying hidden agenda. The BAR, was supposed to be entrusted to watch over the legal assaults upon the treasury of the national people, after all, the people in general are the workers and wealth makers of the treasury, so the BAR would owe such people the respect and loyalty by guarding the treasury of such people, however, if such a BAR were to turn against its granters of trust and robbed the very treasury it pledged itself to protect, than such acts by a corrupt legal system could be deemed the worst breach of trust to ever take place… The brutality of corporate police and their brutal assaults on the citizens has, finely, started to wake the masses… <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

welcome back to the justinian deception
just went into a quick little video a
follow-on from the New South Wales
Styles menu all the things I gave you in
the last video have a book here Ross on
crime it’s an Australian book and it has
all the precedents for Australian law
very good book I highly recommend it I
just want to read you this section it’s
on page 443 it’s chapter three point
eight six to zero not to be learned
tricksters as a heading so it talks
about what the Bar Association is doing
basically the bar British accreditation
Regency it means that all lawyers even
in the u.s. pledged allegiance to
Britain and are under the rules of the
Queen the Queen is a foreign power so I
want to read you this out of the Bar
Association about the Bar Association
the members of the Bar Association will
always be competitors but I do not doubt
it in the future the bar will be as
punctilious as ever in manners of this
kind the reason that the bar exists as a
bar and that they stand as they do stand
a privileged class with certain rights
and obligations is a tower believed to
be and expected to be honorable men and
if instead of being honorable men
anxious for honest clean and justice in
the court that they should cease to be
that and become merely learned
tricksters the bar would not be in
existence for very long there would be
no benefit or service to the public but
their learning would be dangerous and
their tricks would be a never-failing
source of trouble to the community now
this is in a case called Swinburne and
David Simon & Co 1909 vlr 550 brackets
FC Madden Chief Justice said at 570 to
571 which was a quote I just read you so
guys that’s what the courts think about
the bar now the bar have become loan
tricksters the Bar Association have even
the International Criminal Court has an
International Criminal Court Bar
Association so they they are operating
this is where the orc at the full
capitals comes in because they’re
offering you it’s almost like an option
to hear the matter privately now I just
want to show you a New South Wales
something else we’ve found other than
the Chicago Styles members actually the
official manual for the New South Wales
Bar Association you look that up on
their website just on the computer here
this is the interpretations act 1987
number 15 New South Wales legislation so
45 e style changes Roman numerals colons
and dashes section 1 D so if you’re
going to write out legislation this is
giving you the the way to do it and it
says you can write legislation with
other changes to the format but not to
the text so that’s the important part of
the legislation so as to conform to the
current style of the state so the state
being New South Wales or the
administrator NSW so we’ve won I just
went one to find what the style of the
state was and that wasn’t hard to do so
if we go here this is the Australian
government digital style guide official
website you can look it up yourself so
if we go down here to capitalisation
capital letters are hard to read keep
them to a minimum you sentence case for
most things capitalize the first word so
when I say capitalized that is one
capital letter for capitals is different
to capitalize use title case for proper
nouns capitalized the principal words if
we go down further to nouns use title
case for proper now so title case one
capital letter again for example names
of people places or organizations now
this is a New South Wales style
this is the act telling you if you’re
going to write anything about the
legislation that you would use that
style which is one capital letter so
once again we’re asking the question why
are we using the all capital letters so
even this this is the Australian
government official Styles menu I’ve
spoken about this previously page 120
once is exactly what that style said it
tells you one capital letter and the all
the documents so this is for writing
legislation so if you’re writing
legislation well any document say a
driver’s license or a court document
anything coming from that legislation
would have to be in the same style
otherwise you would lose the
jurisdiction between and this is ROM
spoken about this previously and one of
the obvious limitations of the use of
glosses from the spoken written language
to represent signs there is no one to
one correspondence between the words or
signs in any two languages once again
Chicago styles manual page six sixty-six
so the question I guess we need answered
and I have actually made complaints
about this to the Attorney General and
New South Wales police is that there is
actually a legislative requirement to be
doing this and they are not even doing
it with their own their own documents so
this is where the fraud comes in this is
where the Bar Association is going is
going to become a group of loan
tricksters I have insincerity pledged
myself to your service
many of you are pledged to mine
throughout all my life and with all my
heart I shall strive to be worthy of
your trust
and I just wanted to show you 45 you
guys and I hope you enjoy it and thanks
for all the comments ROM and I really do
appreciate everything you’ve been doing
and thanks for um for being my cameraman
and see you on the next video
conclusion the Queen agreed to act as
the first trustee the Queen through the
deceptions of the bar and her deceptive
legal system converted you from the
trustor of the queen into the trustee of
the queen without compensation voluntary
servitude is the agreement to become a
slave without compensation if you have
become a slave without ever knowing you
were a slave could this mean that you
have been deceived
if slave names and military names appear
in all uppercase texts could this mean
that your driver license is confirmation
that you are nothing but a slave or a
military subordinate to the Queen’s
administrative corporations

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