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I want to thank Rohan for his latest research into a very deadly trick used by the elite fraudsters to confuse and deceive the masses into forming false presumptions in relation to words uttered by so called government leaders, the judiciary and the media.

These terms are also know as “Doublespeak” when words such as “Include” can have a massive effect on a sentence if you don’t comprehend the legal meaning to such a word!… “What includes excludes all else”. This talk is a warning to people that some words can totally reverse the meaning of a sentence if not understood… Rohan also goes into the science behind the meaning of what a “person” really is… Thanks Rohan, Rom, (Justinian Deception)

What is a Person? the dirty tricks and doublespeak that deceives you into falling into a trap that leads you into the underworld of the assumed dead… All persons are men but not all men are persons! …. A person is the incorporated debtor of a charge… Here are some of the dirty tricks used to render the false impressions that destroys your citizenship to the land you were born on … <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

I just want to talk to a bear the latest
research that some uncovered it’s not on
a corporation so obviously just for
those of you who’ve never come across
this a corporation so that’s a placement
sorry a company with one natural person
in it I’m sort of figure person as a man
or woman I know a family maximize that
have said all persons were men
not all men were persons something like
that so you don’t technically have to be
a person corporation obviously corporate
aggregate these a bunch of people and
the bottle it’s the same thing so this
is just a company with one person one
natural person in it so I have a quick
talk about this what I did fine
so this is the axe interpretation at 99
1 2012 they put section to see
references to persons in any act
expressions used to denote persons
generally such as person party someone
anyone know unwind another and whoever
included the body body politic or
corporate as well as an individual
because this is just super important if
you know what you’re looking for there’s
a corporation sold in there and let’s
here corporate as well as an individual
so that’s
whereas if if this was all going to be
separate administrative the grammatical
rules that apply this but a body
corporate alright this should be a body
corporate mallet just a corporate so
include a body politic or corporate it
doesn’t say body yet so it’s not
referring to a body clock otherwise it
would say body politic comma body
corporate comma individual or individual
so this is as well as which includes so
have a quick look at the the grammatical
rules of this is a list in a sentence
what they want to trick you to just take
you back to that they want you to think
that there’s three things in here maybe
a visual a corporate whatever that is
because of Sharia cooperation or body
politic politic but it’s not this is
lawyer Freemason talk for a corporation
so and if they look up at to express
reference in an active companies
corporations of bodies corporate do not
imply that expression in that act of the
client mention in subsection one do not
include companies corporations or base
corpora so look at all the language in
this there’s only one thing that’s not
anything to do with a fictitious
corporation which is an individual which
may be anyway but I’ll give one benefit
of the doubt so it’s not the individual
is this is it this is leaking you see or
little private company or corporation
stop and have a look if they were to
write this correctly
and I’ll add in Freemason aids that
would use it so publishing that and ice
in them polysyndeton miss Polly is me
so that’s using the can conjunction or
so would you like fish or juice or a
hamburger now if you were to say I would
like chips you wouldn’t expect a
hamburger or a fish because or separates
one or the other not there’s no
aggregate there and with police and then
we’re using the word or to confirm that
a sin then style so we use would you
like fish chips or a hamburger so once
again with managed to omit one of the
ores that are a sin then the comma
represents the origin and the other is a
very generic sentence we use this stuff
all the day this isn’t rocket science
and all you probably know what they are
called but that’s how we do it
so what they’ve done is something else a
corporate as well as an individual it’s
a corporation salt does that’s the
recipe for a corporation self so that
list was giving you ingredients and
instructions on hair makeup in addition
to also as well made in addition to the
museum provide hours of fun and a few
surprises as well so that’s as well
addition addition is add things together
doesn’t in towards to towards addition
would you like a pizza or steak as well
as tips this is what they have written
if you’ve got a pizza you wouldn’t
expect steak and chips but if you order
the steak and chips you would expect to
receive together in one play steak as
well as juice so that’s just your
everyday use
and that’s what section to see one of
the accidents reputation at 1901 coming
off of whatever that feels to
Commonwealth of Australia users so what
they’re doing is just said that any
reference to any person one entity
anything means a corporation salt an
agent for a corporation so now as you
know a corporation is an equity easily
it doesn’t exist it’s in equity equity
requires consent so what they’re saying
is that any of these entities you can be
them you’ve got a consent and they’ll
get your consent but if you don’t
consent that won’t be problem because if
it says one person can’t murder another
person that’s what I do for one core
corporation can motor the agent for
another corporation I have this phenom
agent for a corporation someone murders
your result two ways to come back
where’s the war then this is the danger
of this thing that put everything based
on not getting caught and I have been
caught committing some very serious
crimes so back to this in any expression
used to know persons generally because a
lot I never I never heard one instance
where law referred to a person
specifically which is a named some
pedophile and in the act and he tried to
take me the high court and overturned
I think that’s it well it positive but
anyway I wasn’t going to matter so but
persons general I said yeah I guess I
mean any act does in any access or you
study X that’s everything
this is this is top or this is you want
step I’m gonna make the Constitution
entire law of the company Australia only
applies no corporation soul and look at
the language body corporate that’s our
body politic corporate companies
corporations our body for a corporation
or brush yourself they’re just not
saying it they’re just you know pulling
it apart of it and going you know what
this is a this is the ingredients for it
these are the parts now it’s like saying
your car has you know a cotton balls and
wheels so it’s put it that an example
but that is and that’s that’s exactly
what they’re done and everything worse
including if they were to say that this
is a this is a man or a woman police
would no jurisdiction because the police
are a body corporate and that can only
get jurisdiction with another corporate
which is so there are bodies corporate
and corporations corporations salt there
so that’s how the police as a
corporation in New South Wales as a
corporate body corporate by getting
contractual jurisdiction with you as the
agent being is act up in the definitions
and I an entity is an agent or a
cooperation horse bollocks
okay it’s a yes sir your vets and that’s
how this whole system is working
this is why it’s private this is you
know that should shoot a commercial
Fredman arguments that look pretty well
well they know you guys this is what
judges do I do it from often already I’m
in charge what I say goes
regardless of the facts no that doesn’t
exist anymore that existing equity it’s
a fiction it requires your consent and
you give it holding the word mark your
capitals trademarked that you think is
your name which is it because and I get
it from authority arguments an act or
excite also called appeal to Authority
is a form of the face of light at least
and you can paint it which declined
authorities support Authority support is
useless evidence for an idealist
inclusion this is a world man fallacy so
guys when I say on ask your arguments
feel this because I might actually say
no it’s not I’ve never had to do that
they just say oh it’s frivolous but that
decision as a magistrate honest decision
right there’s a fallacy so there’s some
considerate use you know Kelly to
perform and all sides of the discussion
agree away as you can stand on the
reliability of an authority in the unit
X well if that week given them as a
chicago-style me know the government’s
own stars really of a privacy act on and
on it little children’s books that were
in the area so where they’re getting
their facts from its if it’s a fella
fell see it’s it’s complete fantasy than
those judges heads and they’re doing it
to save their own ass that’s what
they’re doing in from each other and I’m
not going to make it
obeying jail for a very long time for
the most serious problems of this
country habits no does it make us as
made as I it’s a priceless any eternity
advice when you’re doing this I had
right in my face by a guy who climbs by
Royal recess
I don’t think he’s a researcher I think
he’s a company that just invented a
person’s trying
yeah just credit wrong my reception or
the other really good researchers in
this country and around the world so
they depart me you know this is this is
every argument was basically smashed by
this jet books and so I think it’s a
fantastic this is the best president you
can have in character guys this is your
case law around the world from I refer
to this case I’ve just refer to comedy
before you do and just get well this is
what I say in Canada okay a helpful
example is that of American guru David
Lee Miller who advocates a bizarre form
unbelievable grammar which is not merely
incomprehensible in Canada but equally
so another jurisdictions national basis
were Inc very top west
benches limited 2001 busiest c21 SSC’s
plaza providing examples the resulting
texture but their same down here
succinctly it appears that he’s Lord
Rama provides rules on how to structure
effective legally effective documents
this is very difficult to understand
they need effective document by here on
one not written in valiree’s this is
fictitious language school so what
they’re saying is they won’t accept
these they went on to say that a
document yeah they call it the wing
quantum ground gobbledygook and I agree
this is what Ramaiah so you can
have document written in this what the
difference is is the documents produced
by the police in the prostitution and
accepted by the court is a better form
of gobbledygook it’s harder to
distinguish form I’ve got what we do
than what we know stuff is and if I had
a document and everywhere there was a
name I put a set of Mickey Mouse ears
and what that does mean that would use
this you know we can’t accept that we
can trade it well that’s what Rob and I
are saying is that you can’t accept a
new taarakian documents are running like
this listen this place of paper that
says this is don’t believe there’s other
spots you’ve got some people there’s a
big gobbledygook on there that you can’t
read so they made a decision that they
can’t accept got what he did with a
document that either Scott will be good
and that that’s just online guys I
couldn’t get the original document this
is the only precedent on the Canadian
website that says that this is an
electron unauthorized unofficial copy
whereas all the other ones that have
their authorized publish so if you’re in
Canada it’s Alberta Canada don’t get
made versus maybe for put it up give us
a look at because I think I you know
this defeats itself it’s you know this
is a survival decision by they caught
Brock said there was another prosecutor
who wrote about the Freemasons and so
the freeman and the southern citizens
and all their enemies it you know what
they using magic and it’s a fallacy and
fantasy and all that and I agree but
he’s doing it he’s got these people are
projecting on that’s what they do
oh if you want be a sovereign citizen
john join the police
citizen running around trying before
someone else’s sovereignty that’s where
it is and they’re just doing a better
job at the crime then you know what we
Miller was doing and we’ve got evidence
to back it up no no it’s show does
anything count bachelors yeah so what
does it make guys say your price
yourself guess what it’s brother and it
can’t be anything else
so this is a corporate the corporation
is a person the language of a legal
fiction simple a shame it’s a great
document I’ve never read it’s just a
habit to Sunfire companies by calling
them him or her or when we refer to it
eat your ass or thing or whether it’s
interesting a bit a little bit
apart from this bull or allows
corporations to do some things that
people do they may enter into contracts
buy or sell they interview Tatsuo to
pursue other rights and liabilities are
denied corporations cannot hold public
office voting elections are spending on
job Godsey yourself once every
magistrate judge justice is under the
judicial Act I think judicial officers
Act 1986 is a young there’s a corporate
entity New South Wales police our body
corporate operations cannot hold public
office how this applies so their private
police force doing private much more
stuff this year but and so now what more
I can give you so
and that supports that section to say
one of the acts interpretation act that
says your brush and so in a few
different words have been about
friending these sorry yeah free money’s
the other one that made it funny you
gotta remember that these people aren’t
making decisions ever for a man or a
woman so they have to bail or the law
applies to men and women it does not
apply to private corporations which is
what they’re making the decision for a
me versus me it was fully caught the
corporation stop need and the agent
whatever his name was turned up and then
they did necessary but one of the
decisions they made was that includes
doesn’t mean expertise everything else
which is absolutely ridiculous because
if you want to break it down
professional one thing is to the
exclusion of another mention of one
thing your place exclusion of another so
when they said that the you know because
he what happened he did bring up a good
point he said that you know being the
laws of Canada include the territorial
waters includes so the exclusion of the
land anyway now that doesn’t mean that
but if it doesn’t then what when we put
the limit on the includes is he included
all the fish in the ocean visiting
include Bahrain that you know that that
can exist it’s absolutely ridiculous
argument and the law prior to this
Brooks who who does about a freemason a
nice pasty nice and
this is this so this is that that this
is all wrong and I’m right he’s only
doing it don’t remember it’s for a
corporation assault his private little
company and you’re the agent turning up
for it and that make the decisions based
on what’s best for the company and
whatever that corporation starts
Constitution is because we’re not using
big ones for nations were using little
private ones from the coining of
Australia or the quaint Canada or the
queen of America she wants to call
herself or not call myself even though
the truth is there so anyway guys
expressio unius exclusio alterius so now
if you’ve got it wrong books but I agree
with 143 he got that right they call
can’t accept the government document but
once again where he got it wrong was a
goal of your document document said did
he get it wrong or you know this is the
problem with that he’s just saying you
know makes paradoxes this guy runs a
website that’s really got quite a nasty
he’s tech most of the researchers you
can’t answer the question this is all
capitals a trade ban and he keeps you
know I think it’s a warfare not like he
he attacks everything he plans to you
know previously asked and tried all this
stuff and right wing allowed never ever
heard and he just sort of popped up and
runs during this stuff
and people got amazed faces mates in
they you know I say the ones wrong I
know it’s like right I’ll check
everything and then I’ll know base my
decisions on the evidence and then I’ll
show you guys the evidence later on this
year the team climbs up with 5th grade
education which I believe that you tried
to assign right with decades of
experience I’m very familiar with the
history of lettering styles I’ve noticed
an immediate contradiction this concept
that a concept was a capitalist I mean
you know a maximum a year minimum
we never lock down long about that guys
that’s that’s all stuff we’re just
starting its corporate there was no such
thing as long as lettering or any such
different to exist think about that for
a second OK ROCK if everything was
written in all capitals in remember lots
of status of Asia so associated capitis
term you know maximum you know obviously
had nothing to do with the coast all the
classical Roman alphabet only has what
we call major school that’s I guess
that’s completely wrong why so whose
meat versus made he kept throwing at me
and I’ll check that and tended to be a
great place to them so he reckons the
lot of pets didn’t happen until I hung a
because this is from London in the first
centuries a hundred hundred a listen
as well cut flatten he doesn’t know
anything so just be careful this guy if
he’s out there your system on Batman
that may have wrong more gypsy area but
researchers but you know the East seven
hundred years out of date
and maybe this lady starts right at your
face that no mid passes made has a lot
of this in a judicial activism professor
judicial once I suspected they based on
personal opinion rather than existing
law if you are looking at a precedent to
make a decision that you are a criminal
while you’re they even judge this is
City what’s interested so this is this
is what they’re doing we get we can I
hand you’re up so you’re committing
treason you don’t slight least twenty
five years in jail on Australia 30 years
in the ICC
this is why there’s lawyers that never
ever going to make a decision in favor
about this is judicial activism and
react to society there are masses so you
know I have no homes he didn’t give me
any final means he just went on but
literally ignoring the facts and the
facts are there all these facts are
written by the government we don’t rely
on anything that I wrote what I wrote we
just might not they need and put the
pieces together you got a sec police or
se llaman after you wanna company in a
poker game so this is the true eating
right Canada UK Australia New South
Wales Queensland
mayor this cops this is the world was
being run like this
the CEO of extra lights and prancer my
dime about so then he predicted
something else Trump as president the
SEC runs all the place you know I gotta
lead with that video hope you enjoyed it
and I’ll keep here up today that’s why
I’m still alive and not so excited with
everything that’s happening which is

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