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Brown has sent me some footage and it
relates to what constitutes a name what
grammatically constitutes a name in
relation to the styles manuals that are
used in English and the styles manuals
that are used with the corporate
entities that that are administrating
our lands as we speak at present it’s
now 2019 so I’m going to leave you with
Rowan and and his research and he’s also
going to touch on the Stiles manuals and
give you an idea of what styles manuals
relate to this sort of a corporate
takeover of our of our lands and our
mineral and energy wealth so I present
Rowan Orion and his sole latest findings
hey guys
my videos it’s just something I wanted
to quickly want quickly they wanted to
show you we get accused of you know not
presenting any proper evidence and all
the rest of it but we’ve got it that’s
all yeah so this book here the new
Chicago you spoke about in the last
video chapter eight point four page 462
capitalization of personal moves names
and initials of persons real or
fictitious are capitalized space should
always be used between any initials
except when the initials are used alone
so examples Jane Doe George McGovern and
they always put the full stop the period
oh yeah after that so that’s a chicago
seventeen so that’s how you write a name
this this is the starts me off goes
around the world it’s exactly the same
as in the last one
this is a 16-7 the same chapter a 0.4
capitalizations names and initials of
persons real or fictitious i capitalized
the space will be used between any
initials except when the initials are
used to line in same exactly the same so
this is how you write a name ok and the
chicago is the official style of
estrella and by association this is on
their website so this one here we got
personal names names of all individuals
real or fictitious choice be given
initial capitals in publication and
correspondents for example the same
thing on capital letter rest in
lowercase not they all majuscule or
uppercase they kept talking about guys
now even if we go as far as go into the
oxford stars menu which we spoke of five
point three point one page 89 capital
initials mark out the status of the
words so that reader interprets them
correctly ordinary proper names are
usually recognizable in their set
through error or because of the
preference of the person named with
lowercase initials however where a
proper name consists of a common nouns
and qualifies capital initials are
needed to distinguish the specific uses
from a general descriptive usage
consider different sort of meaning
conferred by application of initial
capitals and the following and there’s
some examples there so guys there’s no
secret about this this is how you write
a name and this is this is goes around
the world this isn’t like a regional
thing if they too much for you if you’re
a police officer and I showed one of
these books to a police officer no we
don’t understand that so I went and I
got these myself showed them before this
is a brand new one so this is agent
grades three to four ages eight to ten
hand right
so we’re gonna find ourselves a good
example here so here we go
Eid elephant eats everything so capital
capital for the names that’s how you do
it jolly Joe juggles jam-jar so we give
you some light so guys if this is how
we’re teaching our children to read why
the hell are we turning around and doing
the all capitals so if that’s a bit much
that was ages eight to 10 this is ages 4
to 6 this is page 20 how to write Jason
oh yeah a big J a little eh a little
less at the lower little n that’s how
you do it and if you had another part of
your name if you had a second name
middle name it would be the same in the
word element so guys now I want to teach
you how to read a birth certificate
sorry the fan off in here and it’s just
insanely hot
they are
these are two birth certificates oh this
one guys this is a copy of the original
from 1972 the actual entry into the one
of the entries into the registry this is
one from 2019 I didn’t apply for this
but this is a separate document this is
changed from this so what’s happened I
mean the numbers are same at the top
here but what this one is there’s a few
things wrong so this one here so we got
column one place of registration that’s
not on here so also number in register
two one no no this is missing that okay
so over here this this that we got this
fixed guys because this was this Hilda
here in all capitals now it’s in Tyler
case and my family name so that’s the
name of my family and that’s correct now
if they want to charge me with a crime
well not charging my family so why would
these family name and over here that’s
the magistrate you’ll text the Unicode
in all capitals so that’s that’s a false
one that’s the trademark that’s the word
mark that can’t even be on this document
it’s not supposed to be there so then
you get Christian name
I was so challenged a Christian name in
here because that’s who I am
so under the ax I was actually born in
72 so that put me under the births
deaths and marriages at nineteen eighty
nine UK it wasn’t an Australian act so
in the South Wales I was born under a UK
act so what they had to do is there to
create a brand new birth certificate
when they change from the UK over to
this private corporation that’s running
Australia is through the US Fed so
they’ve got a under that act and under
even under the subsequent the 73 I think
act was and the 95 act they only require
you to have a name and there you go
given name Christian name
so obviously come from a Christian and
then the Queen has become no longer
defender of the faith and close down the
Church of England in 73 and it’s going
to go over to given names because they
were no longer from Christ’s 30th of
April merely say but this is basically a
false but false document straight out so
five years it took me to get fielder
changed and then if you come down here
we get mother early mother I lost my
mother now she and this this is
typically if I were to hold this I’ve
now got a trademark mother which would
be the state so they they keep putting
bosses they just move them around they
have to be on here so I guess I could be
wrong and Lorien mother now would be my
military title maybe so and I know lo
you’re thinking well I’ve got a surname
and the a legal name is a Christian name
or a given name with a surname and
you’re right they are rollin Lorien
Hilda royal Orion is Matt Hilda
so that’s that full name exists here
under this one two one nine oh but also
round Lorien easiest under-21 Niner so
royal Orion Hilda does exist but he’s on
this certificate and this certificate
tells you that he’s not your property
it tells you that this is your property
and if we were just to read this as it
is I’ll get to it a bit later with the
boxes but you’ll see why but this reads
Hilda row and Loreen so there’s two
entities there that’s not one because if
it was they’re going to put it on it’s
like saying that this legal legal name
requires some assembly or grab that and
put that there and create a joinder
that’s an assumption and I can
that’s an assumption originally because
this doesn’t Mary just told me there’s
an email from them I’m writing a
response to enquiry about your birth
certificate the number two one nine
hours her local registration number used
at the local registry office who was
able to issue certificate in 1972 at the
time family name was not always put on
the birth certificate because a family
name was assumed from the child’s
father’s family name so there you go
it’s an assumption assumption is just
something false held to be true so
therefore it’s immediately in equity and
it immediately requires your consent
over years a registry has updated the
format of the birth certificates and has
issued various versions of the
certificate which are all ballad or
they’ve valid but they’re only valid in
a corporation not valid in the
Commonwealth of Australia that’s just
that’s that’s the trick that’s our way
it was valid it’s not that’s not valid
that doesn’t even that’s actually
illegal to do that uttering a
counterfeit the registry now only issues
birth certificates or the registration
number in your case 87 0 89 1 9 senator
and no longer issue certificate with
local numbers your birth certificate
always sent to your mother’s address by
registered mail congra guards sherry
Mayer amendments officer so they’re
telling you straight up ran Laurie
angela is an assumed name surname is an
assumed name
zip taking this you don’t have it they
took custody of it you should have it it
should be yours but it’s not at
as there’s and they took it and that’s
the trick and they’re not telling you
and that’s why I want to get the two on
I said two one nine Oh certificates so
they won’t even admit whether that
exists or not
I think that email that’s sort of
heating it it does exist but I said well
doesn’t exist I’m still waiting on that
email to come back so they’ve made a
basically a new certificate and then
either they’ve changed the form but
they’ve changed the content your mother
New South Wales at the top they’re in
all capitals birth certificate birthdays
marriages registration so this this is
issued under a different act to the one
I was born under how does that happen so
this somehow got it I got a new
certificate both those acts or all three
of those acts so I only have to have a
name and that’s the only if we want to
go name well let’s find given name
Christian name so name family name
they’re not in the act it doesn’t say
that the actors you have to have a
family name or a surname
it just says you have to have a name so
there they are and that’s why we’re
saying you can only be this entity they
have no jurisdiction over this entity
that’s the one they had to creating the
trust so that they could give you a
remedy to get out because they’re doing
because they’re not operating the system
from a desire point of view the Queen of
oh sorry me neither Kingdom and Ireland
is not a queen of this this is a queen
of Australia this is the private
US Federal Reserve Rothschild birth
certificate you know what one thing I
want to show you guys is the boxes on
here now how do you read boxes well
they’re numbered so this man if we were
to read this document it would go child
you know so that’s a word mark show you
here family names given name sex mother
so we read these first and then then do
we get to this this document doesn’t
make any sense
so and everything out here I hereby
certify this is true copy of particulars
caught it in a registry in the state of
New South Wales in the Commonwealth
Australia well it is it’s a true copy of
particulars doesn’t say that the
particulars are accurate it says it’s a
true copy of them in a registry doesn’t
say that registry of birth death
marriage is like the Act requires this
could be anyone this could be the
register they used to clean the toilets
at BDM too so they clean them every half
hour so they’re telling you that this
isn’t isn’t what it is I think they
forgot they sent me this one and so
they’ve changed it and every time every
time I change that they changed it
without any consent they just keep
making up crap and sending it out this
is this is counterfeit and this isn’t
much better I don’t know I want to have
a look at 2:09 over there just refusing
to give it to me I think I’m getting
closer because now with the boxes ought
to show you something so just go to the
other camera
so this is this document so we’ve worked
out it’s a legal fiction it has word
marks on it which a trademarks is it
Black’s Law has a maxim in it but it’s
not just in Black’s Law it’s in all them
which is trademarks can’t sue or be sued
so how the hell you can do anything with
no please haven’t even made up kill the
Rowan lawyer in a role or in Hilde
they’ve got all capital so they’ve got
through word marks but they’ve got a
debt now they’re stuck with that debt
trying deal with it because unless they
can pass that did oath to me but now I
can prove that I’m wrong Laureen that’s
it they were actually said in the
statement I claimed I was wrong and
Loreen does show you this one Superman
boxes they look familiar
and guests thought just a nice close up
there all capitals because this is
exactly what your birth certificate he’s
lining up with this is the closest
document I can find and it’s a legal
fiction you know I don’t think he’d go
ETSU Superman for anything and the boxes
don’t read so you can read them sort of
they go in any direction really down and
across and back at me it’s just it’s
just artwork it’s not it’s not a legal
document you know that says zoom but
doesn’t say Foom is just an artwork of
firm we can we can assign meaning but
we’re not really supposed to in that if
we’re following closely the rules of
style and that’s what they rely on
that’s you know mother there that’s what
they trying to get us to do is that
we’re signing meaning is something that
actually doesn’t have meaning and
they’re assigning a different meaning to
something it doesn’t have meaning in
language so that’s all the boxes so you
bear certificate is close closest
related to a comic book so those are a
bunch of stuff I’m trying to get through
I want to show you I’ve printed out for
you so first thing I want to talk about
was the Queen
so I didn’t print out the last page of a
constitution the notes but she’s in
there as well so this is the first page
of the Constitution Commonwealth
Australia whereas the people of New
South Wales Victoria South Australia
Queensland and Tasmania humbly relying
upon the blessing of Almighty God have
agreed to unite in one in decidable
federal Commonwealth under the crown of
the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Ireland under the Constitution hereby
establish so there it is it tells you
and it also says at the end there’s the
oath you have to take is to the coin
queen of the United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Ireland her heirs and
successors so yeah and it’s here two
heirs and successors in the sovereignty
of the United Kingdom so there’s nothing
to do with Queen Australia there when
they made the laws that were there to
put in the coin like I think the Royal
Styles titles and at 9:53 and 973 will
change Dover to becoming incorporated on
the US Federal Reserve in 73 that’s why
I can’t get that birth certificate they
don’t want to give it to me because it
puts me back in the other company yeah
the other nation
so section 128 of this constitution this
constitution shall not be altered except
for the following manner in proposed or
Fereshteh must F 4 must pass by an
absolute majority of each house of
parliament not less than two or more
than six months after the passage
through both houses the proposed laws
shall be submitted to each state to the
electors qualified to vote in the
election for members of the House of
Representatives so they haven’t done
this what they’ve done is they’ve given
you a contract not to use this and
they’ve done that with the trademark or
the word mark and they keep just
screwing around with it so you know you
just keep making different birth
certificates that have just just
counterfeit in different ways so well I
didn’t apply for that birth certificate
and I don’t hold it so 117 of the
Constitution has subject the coin of the
resident in any state should not be
subject to any other state or any
disability discrimination would not be
equally applicable if you were subject
to the Queen resident in such another
state well we’re in a state of US
Federal Reserve and we are being
discriminated against in that the common
hundred nineteen the Congress should
protect every state against invasion on
the application of executive government
of the state against my advice I applied
they didn’t do anything because they are
the invaders that they’re not the
Commonwealth so guys they managed to
take over an entire army without firing
a shot and without anyone ever realizing
this is where it’s gonna get tricky for
them I think it’s why the High Court
won’t hear my matter so this is chapter
one the Parliament part one general the
governor-general pointed by the Queen
shall be Her Majesty’s representative in
the Commonwealth and shall have a maid
Society in the Commonwealth during the
Queen’s pleasure
it’s but subject to this Constitution
such powers and functions of Queen as a
it’s pleased to assign well they can’t
change the role on style on tile the
Queen because it’s in the Constitution
we didn’t have a referendum under 128
and this part here too says that he
can’t do it yet he’s gone and done and
the owner is quitting a couple other
things want to show you guys is that so
the police have said that you know I’m a
bit of a troublemaker and that I believe
that New South Wales for some reason is
a US company register was seven one five
four five being granny mode New South
Wales well I believe that because it is
but it’s C ego the word mark 127
governor great Arthur and the Treasury
so they’ve taken our treasury they stole
it that’s very simple but it’s not the
correct one is this Corp so this is a
private company running everything
they’ve just taken every bit of asset we
have every bit of sweat equity every bit
of mining rights natural resource it’s
all gone they’ve taken it and they swap
US debt notes for it and so this is why
we end up in more and more debt because
every time we think we earn a dollar we
owe these guys a dollar and they said I
said the same thing about the
I’ll just get this one up here a little
mucking around guys
I just wanted to show you this evidence
so there we go come off of Australia
registered now someone said I it’s an
18k a company so that’s a securities
company yeah the security is birth
certificates you’re the security they’re
banking on what you can pay how much
they get they can create for you that’s
all there so that’s common with
Australia registered the u.s. cure is
Exchange Commission nothing you know all
this stuff guys I just want to take you
through a couple other things just
quickly this is the live birth
certificate allegedly Barack Obama get
it on the net and everyone was talking
about this just going wow you know he’s
not born in Hawaii he’s not an you know
what no one’s realized is that it’s free
company so I’ll put this video up before
but Barack Hussein about all capitals as
your word marks they registered nothing
to register three corporations so and
here right this this isn’t a birth
certificate that’s written correctly
according to the Chicago Styles meaning
or even the Pittsburgh it’s not written
in English it’s it’s a cartoon all your
boxes and which way do you read them how
do you have you work this information
out I mean you could say it’s a table
beef it’s a table the information in the
table is still inaccurate if you don’t
know how to read this is what happens
now I want to show you another one which
is a bit more correct
so this is the birth certificate of
we got here it’s George cos it’s all
written I said this is here they’ve got
the original so these ones are just
copies of the original certified copy
this is original because they’re they’re
royal royal means real so her maiden
name Middleton look at that and there’s
your nice corporate letter for my
identify your word Mac Bentley can get
rid of it and all you gotta do is marry
a prince so we’ve been doing it wrong
but he’s prints of these occupations
princes United Kingdom but everything is
written properly in title case except
Middleton because she’s a commoner so
that’s how they get her as she has to be
corporate and she has to have a
trademark and that’s a trademark and she
lost that when she married him so sign
bow Willie there and he never had a
trademark Prince George because you know
he’s father was real real people you
can’t trademark on it’s slavery that’s
how it works and so this is what the
slavery I’ve put the slavery into the
ICC for now I want to show you something
else I put my stuff into the High Court
of Australia and as I said they didn’t
stand perform properly this simply
basically left a big hole in the middle
of the stamp and signed it so there was
nothing to be signed so part 71 here
judicial power shall be vested in a
supreme court called the High Court of
Australia right there nice in title case
perfect so what’s the problem
I’ll show you the hi Claude
was also taken by the invaders US
Federal Reserve where investors are and
their military takeover then we get this
High Court of Australia it’s according
to all the stars manuals
that’s another that is not that and I
put this question to him I think that’s
what they didn’t want to answer I say
he’s a High Court of Australia this one
or this one and this this High Court
does not need to be registered anyway
it’s it’s a constitutional entity we’re
not using the Constitution we’ve all
been contracted to deal with this one it
does say Commonwealth government entity
but that’s not that’s not correct
he’s an entity of a Commonwealth
government but it’s not the right one
now I can tell because under the High
Court acts 1979 which I city provides
some rules was a High Court was supposed
to have a seal with the words aren’t the
seal of the High Court of Australia
written put on a in title case this is
what we’ve got this one this video when
I previously did this one made Chief
Justice French quit and he did exactly
30 days after I put the video up I
remember him being on telly and I went
hello and I put that video up and then
it was one month on YouTube so this
doesn’t say this
so different that Earth’s simple as that
you know they’re not the same things so
guys passing this off as this is
deceptive conduct it’s fraud it’s
probably a war crime because under their
rules of information protection in the
u.s. you can’t have a similarly named
company but here we are and they’ve
registered this trademark here in the in
America in the USA through the US
Federal Reserve the US Federal Reserve’s
just private company anyway I think that
was all I want to show you something to
this is so I just hold this one up here
like this application passport use this
form if you are an Australian citizen
okay so you can’t get a passport if
you’re an Australian national you have
to have the surname you have to have the
trademark on this and I please use block
letters please make it a corporate logo
please trademark yourself we need you to
and that’s say you know I couldn’t even
get a passport if I wanted to get out of
the country so cuz that’s how it’s all
working I just wanted to give you some
rundown there was a bit on fraud fraud
it’s actually factual you can’t have an
opinion based on that would constitute
fraud so if you hired a lawyer and he
said oh you’ve got no chance of winning
don’t sue and you went to another lawyer
and you did win you can’t sue him for
fraud because it’s only an opinion fraud
is based on fact even a legal opinion on
what how the law works and how it
operates and what constitutes crime and
what doesn’t is an opinion it doesn’t
fall into fact because there’s your
if you can’t I don’t know why I’m doing
videos with ROM to teach the entire
world to read the name it’s incredible
you know if the stars meals are too much
these surely can’t be guys and these are
chief justices of the High Court these
are prime ministers these are you know
state judges and they can’t read and
write or they can and they’re deceiving
you under the the possibility of
thinking that this I caught here is this
that’s deceptive that’s that’s illegal
so that’s where we’re at
so I can cut this to you so guys that’s
where we’re at
you’ve got deceptive conduct here I
caught this still just trying to pass
off weird marks his name’s it’s wrong
I hope this evidence has helped you a
bit those those two birth certificates
they’re both the wrong ones but as you
can see they’re different as they go on
they’ve been making new ones as they
update the company they close one
company went bankrupt it go to the next
one and each one of those documents is
different I’ve never applied it heaven o
mother my mother turned into a trademark
they just do this stuff so that’s how it
all works
some have I’ve answered a few questions
or someone wants to know where you find
the underlining it’s just in the Chicago
in the front so when they pry they’re
printing a document they proofread it
and proofreading we when you underline
it that document for publication
there should be it’s just one page
no pain but yeah it’s in the front here
they Chicago somewhere and it just says
that you know when you’re proofing a
book you underlined it to remove that
text so these documents when they
constructed they’re being constructed
Free Press so the the document hasn’t
hasn’t gone the full way so it’s not
it’s not separate publication yes sir I
can’t find it but it is in here and you
I hear this part two point eight nine
and go through this I’ll show you what
it is all the marks and these are the
these are the punctuation czar using so
they make it look like you know it’s a
finished document whereas actually it’s
just a pre-press document with all the
marks in it ready to go and then that’s
just another form of the grammatical
corruption that we’re looking at that’s
how they do it
okay guys I’ll leave you to it you turn
back on Mike’s noise and so how have
these sounds in this video isn’t it
better and catch up with you soon

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