Chief Keef's Babymomma is NOW SELLING VIDEOS of THE 📦, CASHAPP only 😆


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this video is brought to you by chief
Keef’s baby mama and it’s a shocker
now everybody knows that Chief Keef has
a whole bunch of baby mamas let’s go
over the ones that we know about we know
chief Keef’s pretty baby mama this is
Simone Patton she keeps pretty baby mama
and you’re watching worldwide spotlight
we also know cheap peeps other baby mama
slim danger keeps other baby mama
we also know about chief keys 43 year
old baby mama that is taking him to
court for child support
right now we’re talking about slim
danger she said something so shocking
that when she gave me the money to do
this video I got right on it now before
we get to the video before we get to the
announcement this video is also brought
to you by Chicago rapper tato Mixon
allene getting extremely extremely
wasted I could merge this act on photo
grade niggas that is sitting back in the
write down me on folks don’t grade 250
online they can fuck you Tommy that is
what what says like 2012 sure
I said the lake and I know that the men
smoke the cigarette cigarette cigarette
cigarette dog right after so the moment
of the buddy’s been waiting for the
shocking announcement that chief kiss
baby mama just made on Twitter on
Instagram and she knew that this was the
perfect channel the Crimea’s the sling
is the shadiest and the shakiest channel
found Chief Keef baby mama is officially
selling videos of herself right now and
you can only get them if you have Kasia
in Canada Ranger we don’t have cash that
thumb but I did see the video the videos
and I think you want to see them too I
don’t get up slim danger right now cash
up in time I’m saying oh yeah I forgot
to tell you fire you’re going down 24
hours a day
more videos coming up next you too

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