Cardone Capital Vs REITs – Real Estate Investing Made Simple with Grant Cardone


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Cardone Capital Vs REITs – Real Estate Investing Made Simple with Grant Cardone

In today’s episode of Real Estate Investing Made Simple, I will walk you through the differences between a REIT and how we operate at Cardone Capital. REITs are liquid and I am not. My question is, ‘Why do REITs want you to be liquid when they aren’t?’
While they are investing in assets with a liquid pool of traders, I am a real guy investing in real property.

By watching today’s episode you will continue to further educate yourself on what the best investment decision is for you and your family.

Learn more about cashflow and come to my conference in Las Vegas.

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Oh everybody’s talking about how you can
start real estate what there’s one unit
it is necessary to even it’s my favorite
right there sweet spot
to where you are today you want to be
investor didn’t realize there’s some
point today I’m gonna cover because hey
boy GC interested trying to tell
everybody what capital is not without
knowing what is not today do something
handle the big question what is the
difference between a REIT and card don’t
and we’re gonna give you wanna my
favorite shirt my friend James apologize
in advance to the Blackstone Goldman’s
and everybody talked about the reach
okay look if you think you small if you
think you big
let’s go bigger than that you know what
I say go big or when we go okay today we
card capital take a couple
ah we’re out there right now there’s a
well-known wanted ex-president so I’m
gonna deal with this right now about the
way and a blonde a verse okay know what
i’ma do is I’m gonna break these up for
you and I’m gonna show you how these
work remember read is investment in a
piece of paper and I say never trade
paper for paper just make any sense what
you want to do is you want to try paper
for a set the paper today knows that
look at your comments what’s your
favorite takeaway from today and we’re
gonna compare to let me just say one day
I will probably be to just keep that in
one day Grant Cardone will probably take
part capital and turn it in to me
because when you have a piece of paper
paper provides for liquidity if I had
this piece of paper I can
easily see Savannah Street is for those
of you who invest $5,000 10,000 25,000
tomorrow you get $25,000 if it was a
just see and that is the number one
region I wouldn’t knock what you
invested in a read because the moment
you commit 25000 investment stake
yeah but I get money back means you
actually didn’t make getting married
with a prenup Equity Residential twenty
nine billion dollars that is twenty nine
me you make your decision
what’s best for you oh you need to get
invested fidelity today wrote an article
online there you tonight $45 sighs
impossibility okay 129 billion but Delta
point six trillion dollars okay you know
they’re saying right now you need to
exercise extra income
if you want to retard the 67 of you
making 66 and by the way I just
completely made up and not true depends
on how much money you lose your freedom
and how much security
how long okay
twenty-nine million dollars twenty nine
billion dollars grant cardone car boy
over 1 billion dollars a little more
than that this week well break1
close to 40 million dollars for the
that’s okay history the history of this
stock remember you’re buying stock
residential construction sixty-five
seventy seven dollars if I’m doing right
CC C and B and look
you or your Equity Residential today’s
$78 broke seven dollars so if it is
invested into Percy or somewhere forever
6570 if you so today you make $13 $13
20% return if you okay everyone say you
came in between owe $25,000 $66 that’s
how many shares stupid ever and he’s all
today you made 34 dollars right okay 63
842 this is the range I’m sorry this is
the range is traded for for the
as five years between 63 to notice in
the four years before the last 12 months
this move move can we got 142 awake
share cell 370 million shares okay by
the way I don’t I don’t have a
public not private okay returns I’m
property like 48 percent on those nails
ready you do today I probably can’t
produced for me there
public street on a public street I don’t
have those obligations like they do is
they public reach two million dollars
317 million chairs 139 million chairs 25
how many different they would expect
yeah millions – millions you better
decide what that’s good for you or bad
for you okay you want to be a smaller
company or you wanna be with a big
company dividend they pay two point nine
percent dip it in anyway guess what
they’re not each other okay I’m
okay my dividend is percent we have a
six percent that is double double okay
to say every quarter every famous custom
very very smart there these people are
so smart
oops these people are so smart they’re
like why wouldn’t we pay people every
month we know we did away with Panem
every three much can you imagine if I
are just the camera guy Johnny we’re
gonna make you work every day okay
that’s what they get away with about the
way companies do this and if I
come read or maybe we change to win I
will pay that’s what the market right
distributed 1.3 million dollars in cash
so much before that 1.3 million dollar
that 1.3 million dollars so you’ve gotta
decide whether you wanna be every three
months your money okay Wow
because I would benefit 1.3 million
dollars for the
30 days not pay interest on 1.3 million
dollars next 30 days not pay on and then
one point pretty much what everybody
said on your money one point three times
three million dollars for 89 days okay
they’re like what $20 $20 $25,000
$25,000 next day with me okay there you
and gone okay for your family that’s
good for you or not okay so for this
this month
240 240 million dollars two hundred
forty million dollars I’m gonna bout $89
down this week Thursday Friday you’re
gonna see me right watch me write one
for 46 million 146 144 million I’m gonna
we’re gonna finance company million
dollars down let me go when I that’s my
money that’s not your money that’s my
when I write I can’t understand this I
not nor do I want to get my money back
and even if I just add 30 days not three
no I cannot get my money back that is
called liquid liquid and I wanna be like
oh I can get liquid in a promise you got
a deal and you lose money like Bitcoin
the big point
with 500 bucks 350 be deceased I traded
when we clean these food shop
I pray be seized immediately sold it to
pay for my group
these days to go do a speaking three
years ago two years ago
okay baby pcs 500 bucks pay for my gas –
I got my money deal I still own 74 BTC
it went from 20,000 it went from with
from like 500 bucks all the way $20,000
in selenium liquid to me I don’t know I
don’t want cash back cash
traded for something called
say okay I 784 goes down five goes under
3,800 buddy freaking out so there’s
stuff I didn’t tell anything baby see my
zero I’m free money five thousand sixty
five thousand eleven okay I’ll be 20
and why not
so I mean money I have no real downside
you wanna be like well if you wanna do
you know really when you’re seeing the
rapper’s players by their fancy
is that written Patti what they do when
they get in trouble the punch job hey
baby can you give me okay
and they kill because there’s liquid you
don’t want to be a man I can’t sell a
million dollar property overnight just
can’t happen so you know what’s good for
you okay and what compete today
as we say okay all right let’s talk
about real property the reach is not
backed by real property three is backed
by piece of paper this someone decided
it is worth X today they said it toward
the $140 chair marquee 141 can see with
141 wonder if by the way what do
you think happens to these stocks
realistic okay cool Facebook Bank of
hey all the biggest biggest companies in
the world the General Electric to the
world this bus that Microsoft is right
don’t you think it’ll drag these down
too if there was a massive star system
okay if it was a massive sell-off in the
stock market today it would not affect
real property it is not bad real
property no yes only back about real
problem pretty yeah if you can see this
Raider do you I want to speak to the
present day right never
never gonna happen if you call me but
with me you could see me you’ll see me
here I’m doing real deals every day I’m
the only person in the room doing videos
about to do depreciation one major major
major major benefit buying real estate
is depreciation you don’t get it
Johnny yeah you don’t get it uh what’s
the other come
we do or you don’t get it you don’t get
it you do get caught on capital okay
types of income okay residents to you be
taxed as ordinary income just like
uh you are earning a salary okay
oh here we give you K 1 is the best
lowest cost basis tax money in your
Francesco got 44 dollars last month
that’s called hey come okay
he packs the lowest rate 305 866 a $44
22 right go Jerry who works for me
probably got twelve thousand bucks
my sister got ten or less my twin
brother got Jamie Jamie
he picked up 40 last time he wants to
$400 a month with me what we do every
month be naked for five million dollars
your passive income forever and it will
be precision his money is backed by real
property so when you guys start
evaluating and by the way you wanna tell
me how taken advantage of people I want
to come with you
the fees we charge the feet
one point one point out one point okay
when I do I get eighty thousand dollars
combined I say we stop for 400 million I
guess 100 not equal
Oh 1 million dollars sorry strike it’s
random but I guess 1 million to sell 1
million on the equity man ok you look
like you make a lot of money on $18 deal
there’s a thousand investors ok just
divide it into the people nobody comes
nobody anything I don’t I decided not to
grant / thousand people invest with me
in this next deal goodbye
people every person
dear now even Fernanda would say
dude that’s more than fair let me your
fan seven eight now for some real tennis
my second release the Lisa’s dead
negotiate deal how would you guys like
me negotiate a real deal for you okay
chuckles three five six five six six
eight three or five six six six eight
reach first quarter I got every question
but the fees how do you have a question
my friend okay what am I both yes and no
we’ll see how I’m gonna look like yes so
we are open so me
we’re getting working with our bootcamp
or working with both come first our
ventures and what part did I just don’t
have time to find deals is that enough
time so what’s our time just so
virtually always – that’s me whatever
your business is now and then the third
thing would be the real
you’re gonna make your business but you
don’t want to that’s you first right I
don’t know what the upside your business
just but but I can tell you right now I
have seven okay if God came to me says
son you can only have one right god is
I want you to be billionaire but you can
only have one
yeah it’s the only way right you know
Jeff Bezos be like I’m not gonna get rid
of Amazon but but he in order to
continue you can not
real estate you have to buy real estate
if you want to be a railroad just go
back you know guys like I’m a rose all
over the country
you gonna be a real estate McDonald’s
you want to be my friend just got unis
real estate so computer real estate if
you’re gonna like it hope that helped
you man
make sure we’re talking about real
estate first real estate
trust okay real property which most the
Google search engine 3 Wow versus a
private guy like me
because they’re funding these articles
all over the Internet okay Sam what’s
going on I’m doing good today man you
marketed to go you wanna talk about my
chart that’s good so when looking for
jobs today job
tomorrow okay and we’re looking for for
so immediately immediately if you look
just go yeah good job today
oh good job Lister okay later
the Facebook’s the world will start
moving out they will grab taste away
from these places where register $90
laughs – again if you think you need
employees what is employees have places
to live
that’s horrible and so yeah you stim go
away they go buy stuff in LA but watch
for unit moves away from Long Beach
California all the way to the middle
country don’t give up
I’m 70 degrees Texas they’re people too
okay your employees the cost of living
at home goes up 150 employs
to the biggest cost today everybody
Johnny so we start with everyone we know
you see it’s good job today job tomorrow
and it’s gonna be a boy then once you
have that market could be Mobile Alabama
okay I’m just yeah right now today jobs
tomorrow affordable okay my name is nice
and it was not everybody
Miami can swim
see see in California yeah people okay
nobody goes okay if my people don’t come
to work happy family man I’ve been
talking to my man do you have a question
by the way
yeah yeah yeah what number one okay
goodbye blonde okay I get phone calls
every day from people that never sold
looking for they’re like oh we’re gonna
know I got a great deal for you yeah
okay number one you know the language
yo okay bro okay yes man since he don’t
know where st. Lucia no no multi-family
nah and it’s never been a retail market
okay I’m fine only multifamily is to
offenders really gonna be email from
you know you should what you should if
you want to be part of that deal or
anybody you should team up with somebody
in the space actually knows what they’re
doing and stuff right tiny tiny tiny
rather than nothing because you end up
with nothing
you’re dealing with a big cat but a big
deal you need to know what you’re
talking about
just not me you can sell a million
dollar deal all right
like me yeah you
I said you come I got a deal for you no
cargo that’s different then you guys
know where it is how many units tell me
that I need you to sign an NDA
non-disclosure agreement what tell you
the information about to do I’m gonna
believe your scavenger so what you would
do what you wouldn’t do you know I mean
like like you’re trying to pack after
something sorry the carcass
okay so what you know I know you’re buff
okay I got I got a deal
do not ask me first
the deal was a million dollars like I
don’t understand the seller pays me I’m
sure the fireplace with this is a member
so how much because your talk
like a resident a person which they get
maybe three maybe three your office and
you’re more likely to not even get to 40
million dollar for the real estate we go
no two zeros will be less will be less
one less simple pop let’s probably
probably be 42-14 Commission so make
sure you communicating to market okay
today today reach reach
any private okay
we’re private the private guy investing
real problem the advantages just just
the number one it’s an experience I
don’t I don’t want right more than more
than s like about you – this my whole
life change
when I quit are you English quickly I
don’t want to be liquid I actually
wanted to be I don’t want to get my
money okay those of you who have a lot
of empathy you said a lot of you got
friends a lot of families – leader in
your neighborhood you’re gonna do right
Steve somebody asking people to I got
next up I don’t have any money no my
real estate see so like when people ask
me for help I can help for my real
estate there’s some cash I gave to the
that’s not paper from my charity my cash
flow from my passive income okay unless
to benefit my taxes for my okay number
one liquid not is a benefit to read it’s
the benefit to me I want to be okay I
think Kat
Danis are you I think cash is go up okay
now now let me just back that up
what is the one liquid when they are you
understand the cash and process the
liquid and people come in how do they
pay Natalie Natalie comes in today and
once your money back tomorrow how did
she pay kinda sleepy Natalie oh you’re
from Johnny
Francisco grant and they take money
you’re basically trading in the
marketplace people equally the requisite
traders okay I wanna be nice okay so
you’re back my paper here
and your paper
and again like oh never
okay when the stock market goes down and
it will don’t your shares okay wheat is
back okay I’m back my property
see you got which one which one these
guys pay every quarter I pay every month
these guys are massive $20 billion
dollars August 29
I got a phone call today from my group
it has 20,000 units just these you they
call me last week we live Funko stick on
me no okay so billion dollars today
there’s twenty nine billion the two
samples I gave you my goes to somewhere
between maybe
oh yeah he’s got 25 29 billion to 51
deal time
do they got the money got the
marketplace they get people trust in
them people people 25 they have three
hundred and seventy million shares just
look at my little point of the reef
versus carbon Kappa I love your comment
where my wrong I’m totally open to see
another way of doing things
I’m super everything myself I started
I’ve done pretty good but you know I
don’t know everything I never pretend to
know everything and that’s why I keep
learning new things so if there’s
something missing or if that would be
better okay
versus real estate anyone do that
most is one of two by the way I am
trust me I am Superboy so understand
today in this show
I am extremely buy these t-shirts are
okay blow see ya t-shirt money

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