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The abolishment of the Capital Investment Allowance, by Hawke and Keating was the most destructive act against the people of Queensland and Australia and other national governments of the world, to destroy the economy of our nation in order to cause more dependence upon a new style of corporate foreign administrative governance deriving from the questionable UNITED NATIONS, a one world satanic occult (Hidden) dictatorship military style system depending on the quasi paper debt notes of a foreign private bank. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

as I beam
well my first job down here fishing the
stream cans I tell you what it was a
there was a thriving industry we had
processing plants but a stir pier all
the prawns and packed packed them send
them overseas we did everything here and
these wolves were absolutely teeming
with big eighty-five footers become I
work from our poor fisheries and they
had these two or three big 85-foot
fishing pawning vessels and you could
not get a park down here see all these
pylons full of them half these boats
that are here now not pawning industry
very similar just dive boats and private
well what happened is mr. Keating and
mr. hawk after after run wit him signed
us out to them to the you need ROI
Treaty of Rome and Hawke was
instrumental in getting the Australia
Act into play which really gave
Australia to the United Nations to an
overseas or foreign investment private
corporations they must have been paid a
lot of managed to do it because it’s an
act of treason what they’ve done the
prior to that fishing industry in
Australia was a mammoth industry along
with the farming along with
manufacturing and after the fishing
industry after I was spent a year or two
years in the fishing industry and on the
fishing trawlers I got involved in the
t-shirt printing industry which is a
tourist industry and even that again I
employed 10 people the t-shirt factory
which was my opposition which I used to
work for them as well they employed 50
50 people Marlin shirts manufactured
beautiful highest-quality shirts ever he
employed something like 75 people and
shirts north also employed something
between 50 and 70 people manufacturing
tee shirts
that’s not all their other may our
t-shirt printers and manufacturers in
Cairns in this little town in the north
that also employed probably another 10
or 20 people which is well over 100 150
people all up tied in that one clothing
but after Bob Hawke and Paul Keating
introduced probably the most destructive
tax ever it was called capital
investment allowance
well they got it wasn’t the capital
investment allowance they got rid of the
capital investment allowance so that
meant at that at the end of the year if
a man had a ten thousand dollar tax bill
all he had to do was lease a forty
thousand dollars worth of equipment and
could write off one quarter of that back
over the year that he’s just been
through so he could eliminate his tax
bill by investing his money back into
the company business or corporation that
he was in as long as it went into plant
and equipment that benefited the company
and that’s why the Australian farming
industry the fishing industry the
manufacturing industry was so good in
Australia because it wasn’t that
businesses want to keep the money for
profit no one really wants to do that
they just want to make their businesses
good and enjoy their life through their
business and that one law that allowed
us to put all of our money back into
boats into into farming equipment and a
fishing equipment in a t-shirt
manufacturing equipment all that is what
made Australia prosperous and gave it it
gave it what we had in the 70s which was
a country that was definitely heading up
the path of our of great things that
already was great things well through
the stroke of a pen Paul Keating got rid
of the capital investment allowance so
at the end of the year yet all your tax
to the to the government before you
could invest in your company and
whatever’s left then you can invest in
your company and it was a definite plan
by the United Nations and their foreign
corporations to destroy the economy of
Australia now the fishing industry just
in Cannes alone as you can see this
would have been thriving I could not
stand on this Wharf 30 years ago
this place was teeming but today it’s
almost deserted I say it’s something
like 70 or 80 percent or even up to 90
percent the industry has been destroyed
in the last 30 years and not for the
lack of prawns of fish through
government policy there’s a plan by not
Whitlam and not just Hawke and Keating
but the whole lot of them when Malcolm
Fraser got in and when Jean Howard got
into power they didn’t fix or reverse
anything they kept on going with it so
don’t think that labor or liberal or
liberal is not to blame and labor is to
blame it’s not the both of them worked
for the one foreign United Nations
corporation to do this so that’s just a
little story on when I was 18 and still
remember a big that’s where those two
refit the big ships the 85-foot is a
fantastic boats we used to spend three
weeks at sea come in for ten hours
to retreat to unload and by that night
we were back at sea and I must admit it
was it was a good life I mean it wasn’t
my life but it was a good life I enjoyed
it and many of my friends did very well
out of it while it was happening
people of Australia
you know while you’ve been asleep these
tyrants these politicians that serve
foreign entities have come in
for some ungodly reason
destroyed the manufacturing the jobs the
future of Australia

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