Can These Chefs Turn This Sea Monster Drawing Into Sweet Desserts? • Tasty


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Tasty chefs Katie & Betsy face off to turn Henry’s Sea Monster sketch into actual, edible desserts. Which dish do you think will float his boat?

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Kyrylo Dubina/Getty Images <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

– Hi, I’m Henry, I’m
five years old and today,
I’m having two chefs compete
to make my dream dish.
(water splashing)
– Hi Henry.
– Hey.
– I’m Betsy.
– And I’m Katie.
You have the giggles right now.
– I’m curious, if you
were a a sea monster,
what would you eat?
– They would eat jellyfishes.
– Oh!
– Shipwrecks.
– Wow!
– Sand
and coral.
– Wow!
– Henry is just throwing
out ideas left and right.
– [Katie] Okay, so he start with sands.
This is some pointillism going
on here, this is very good.
– So the sand is the appetizer.
– [Katie] Why does the sea
monster like eat the jellyfish?
– [Henry] Because it has
jelly in it (giggles).
– He’s saying that jellyfish
has jelly inside of it.
I’m not sure if he means like, jam
or if he means like, gross like, guts.
– So we got sand, we got
jellyfish, what’s next?
– Oh, how ’bout I draw it as so tickly.
– The coral was confusing me
because he’s saying it’s coral
but it’s kinda looking like eyes.
– Tickly.
– Tickly, okay.
– So, sea monsters like
tickly coral, got it.
– [Henry] And the last
thing he eats is shipwreck.
– Are shipwrecks even edible?
Definitely not.
– Wait, are you gonna actually make it?
– Yeah, we’re gonna try!
– We’re gonna try!
– I hope you do, I’m
expecting you to make it.
– Oh, pressure is on Katie.
– He has very high expectations, I think.
So, I don’t wanna let him down.
– Do you think, we can
make your dream dish?
– Yes!
– Oh, I love the confidence.
Let’s get to work.
– High five!
(TV static)
– Bye bye!
(light bouncy music)
– Okay, so here’s my plan.
For the sand, I’m gonna make
a classic streusel topping
that I’m gonna spread all over the plate.
For the shipwreck, I’m gonna
make a thin, fugdey brownie
and use pretzels for paneling.
Then, I’ll make green
and blue poured sugar
to mimic the shape of coral.
And finally, for the jellyfish,
I’m gonna make puff pastry
tentacles, a jelly-filled heart,
I’m gonna cover that with
a white chocolate dome
and top that off with some pink sprinkles.
– I’ll be making an edible,
interactive jello aquarium.
I’ll start with an ocean of blue jello
thickened with sweetened condensed milk.
For my coral, I’ll be making
some Rice Krispie Treats
wrapped in marshmallow fondant.
For the shipwreck, I’m
gonna make a peanut brittle
which I’ll then crack into shards.
For the jellyfish, I’m
gonna make a vanilla cupcake
filled with strawberry jelly.
I’ll then use strawberry frosting
to top the cupcake and
create the tentacles.
And finally, for the sand,
I’m gonna top everything off
with some yellow, sweetened
kelly corn and sprinkles.
I can only hope, that I can deliver.
(upbeat funk music)
So, how’re you feeling Katie?
– That’s a loaded question.
What are you doing first?
– I am making blue jello.
I can’t even remember the
last time I even ate jello.
Oh my gosh, look at
this! Look at this Katie!
– It’s water (laughs).
– But, it’s like (laughs).
– Betsy, you I think, have like
a child-like spirit and
I like that about you.
– That’s what people keep saying.
– I am gonna be making some brownies,
one of my favorite brownie recipes.
I’ve just combined
regular granulated sugar
and brown sugar together
and then I’ve got about
a stick and a half of butter,
’cause all brownies have some butter.
And now, I’ve just added three eggs
and a little vanilla extract to this.
We get it nice and smooth here.
I’m gonna sift in my dry ingredients.
All-purpose flour, some
cocoa powder and some salt.
Semi-sweet chocolate chips ’cause I love
kind of a gooey brownie and
hopefully Henry does too.
– I’m definitely team gooey, for sure.
– Usually, I would put this in
a much smaller like, square pan,
but because I want these to be
more like, pieces of a ship,
I’m doing a thinner
brownie situation here.
Okay, so I’m gonna go bake
my brownies at 350 degrees.
I’m feeling good right now,
I’m getting the brownies in lickety-split.
Smooth sailing, except I forgot
something very important.
Okay Betsy, I forgot to put
the pretzels on this, so.
I can’t bake it.
The one thing that’s gonna make this
even like, sort of resemble a ship.
Is this looking like a boat to you?
Not like a boat, but
like, the side of a boat?
– Yes, shiplap!
– They call it what?
– Shiplap.
– We’re you a pirate, how
did you know that? (laughter)
– So, to speed up the
jello setting process,
I’m gonna add in some ice cold water
to the jello mixture that we already have.
– It’s very wild.
– [Betsy] I am adding in
some sweetened condensed milk
to hopefully thicken up the jello.
This way, the elements will look like
they’re actually floating in the ocean.
Or are submerged in the sea.
I like, literally did
not test this before.
This looks crazy, it’s like,
literally sinking to
the bottom of the bowl.
This could literally fail.
We don’t know.
– Betsy’s adding condensed
milk to her jello,
which I have never seen before.
But, I’m all for experimenting.
– I’m gonna add this
into my casserole dish.
Please don’t spill and
stain the nice white.
So, I’m gonna take my
reserved jello mixture,
add maybe one or two drops
of blue food coloring
and then hopefully incorporate it into
the thickened jello
mixture to kind of create
a fun, wavy, swirly effect.
I hope it works.
All right, here it goes.
– [Katie] Okay, okay, hey, hey!
– I don’t know guys.
– I think it’s looking cool.
– [Betsy] It kind of looks
like a polluted ocean.
– It’s doesn’t look polluted.
– [Betsy] Okay.
– So now, I’m gonna make
some streusel for the sand.
So basically, I’ve got some flour,
I have got some brown sugar
and I’ve got cinnamon going in here,
and then, I’m gonna
put in some cold butter
that’s been sliced so
that it can be crumbly,
not melted in one form.
I’m gonna toast it at 350.
It’ll be all crumbly and delicious.
– [Betsy] Yum!
– And my brownies are ready!
– Aww!
– My brownies are looking good.
I feel like, I’m on a,
I’m on a good track.
A winning track.
– I am moving on to the shipwrecks.
I’m gonna create a nice
peanut butter brittle.
I’m gonna add in some
light corn syrup here,
little bit of water and a pinch of salt.
– You’re basically making
kind of a candy, right, like
a sugary candy.
– Yeah, yeah.
You basically have to get the sugar
up to a high temperature.
The sugar in this mixture has dissolved,
so, now I’m gonna add in my peanuts.
Hope you like peanuts Henry.
And now, we wait.
– I’m gonna be making some
coral, combining sugar
and a little corn syrup
and some water together.
And I’ll heat all of
that up to 275 around,
like a hard crack.
I’m gonna add some green
dye and a little flavoring
and then I’m gonna pour it over ice,
and we’ll see if it works.
– I feel like I added the
peanuts, maybe too soon.
They’re starting to brown pretty quickly.
– [Katie] They’re gonna be great!
They’ll be great!
– Optimist over here.
I appreciate you.
♪ Forever an optimist, this is my song ♪
– Hey, let’s make up theme songs.
Betsy and I love to sing songs at work.
– Yeah, yeah, ready?
♪ It’s Tasty the Musical ♪
– Katie and I have been talking
about Tasty the Musical for
probably close to two years.
– Like, one song would be
like, gotta get the bite shut.
♪ Gotta get the bite shut ♪
– We’re usually doing a little
dance, sing a little tune.
♪ I just drop a bowl in my bowl ♪
♪ What about the cheese pull ♪
– Oh, the cheese pull!
– If you wanna see Tasty
the Musical come to life,
comment below.
So, our butter is melted and like,
the baking soda gave like,
a really cool effect.
So, it’s super thick and we
are now quickly gonna dump this
onto our greased baking sheet.
Nice and like, golden.
– [Katie] Yeah!
I’m up to the hard crack
temperature right now,
I’m gonna take it off the
heat and I just gotta get it
over the ice before it
starts cooling down too much.
Otherwise, it’s not gonna drip
all the way through the ice
and it’s just gonna clump up at the top.
This is one my showcase elements.
If I’m gonna win, I gotta get this right.
Okay and then I’m gonna do a
little darker in my other bowl.
Let’s see, is this even darker?
I hope.
But I’m like a little afraid
that that sat too long,
but we’ll see if that
didn’t like, pour as much.
But, I think these are looking good.
I’m gonna pull one out.
– Whoa!
– [Katie] Yes, I’m liking that.
When the ice melts,
it’ll be all on its own.
– It literally looks like coral.
– Okay, good!
These are looking amazing, I
think I’m getting my sea legs.
– So, I really want the top of
the cupcake to kind of like,
overflow to kinda give that
dome shape of the jelly fish.
A jellyfish doesn’t
exactly look like a cupcake
and I’m not really sure how
I’m gonna make a cupcake
look like a jellyfish.
So, I have four extra cupcakes
to fall back on if I make a mistake.
– [Katie] I wanted to do two colors
and when I took the time
to do the dark green,
my sugar started to cool too much,
so it didn’t fall through the ice.
So, I’m gonna restart, I think
I have enough time to do it
just so I can get that really nice
height to my poured sugar.
What are you doing?
– I am getting started on
my next step for my coral.
So, I’ll be making some
Rice Krispie Treats
but I’m gonna cover it in a
green marshmallow fondant.
I just have one bag of mini
marshmallows in this bowl.
We’re gonna microwave this on medium power
until the marshmallows are fully melted.
– My sugar is ready, I’m
gonna leave it on the heat
so it doesn’t cool too fast
and I’m using watermelon
and I’m gonna do a little
bit more extract this time.
All right, here we go.
Oh, it looks like Jolly Rancher.
– Yeah, watch–
– I’m burning sugar, that’s not good.
– Easy, Katie.
– Woo, gettin’ crazy!
Okay, I’m excited, I
like that color a lot.
It smells like burnt sugar, I’m sorry.
– We’re getting closer!
– Hey, it’s happening!
Don’t jiggle that next to me.
– It’s puffing up, look.
– Okay, stop jiggling.
Oh, I like it!
Yes, it looks so good!
Definitely worth going
back and doing it again.
– [Betsy] As I’m watching
Katie pull her coral
out of the ice, I’m thinking
like, I might be in trouble.
I put the marshmallows
and four table spoons
of soften butter.
We’ve got five cups of powdered sugar>
– [Katie] Get it!
– [Betsy] We’re gonna make
a little well in the center.
This might get a little messy.
And now, we’re gonna add in
our melted marshmallows
right in the center there.
Here we go guys.
Oh, this is fun.
This is what I want!
– Oh my gosh!
– I’m just like, so happy!
– [Katie] I’m happy for you!
– So next, we’re gonna dye it green.
I’m gonna start off with one drop
and now I’m gonna start
incorporating into the fondant.
I may have to add more as we go.
One, two, three, four, five
drops of green food coloring.
So, here’s another pro tip.
Add your food coloring as you’re
melting your marshmallows,
not after, when you’re
actually making your fondant.
Basically, just don’t
do what I do (laughs).
– I’m gonna be working on the
tentacles of my jellyfish.
– [Betsy] Oh, cool!
– [Katie] And, I’m making a little heart
to go inside my jellyfish
filled with jelly.
Is that a morbid?
I know Henry didn’t ask for a heart,
but I do want something to be revealed
when he takes of the white chocolate dome.
Maybe this heart will be the
key to winning his heart.
I got some raspberry jelly
and I am gonna spread that out
on one half of this puff pastry.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10!
That’s right.
– What was the last number?
– 10!
I am twirling them, so
they can the nice little
red jam stripe and then
I am kind of making them
a little wavy, like they’re in the ocean.
So what I’m doing now, is
I’m cutting out a heart
and then a little heart inside the heart
’cause that’s what I’m
gonna fill with jelly
and some fresh fruit.
Great, I’m gonna go bake this in the oven
for about 10 minutes at 400 degrees.
– I’m gonna start making
my favorite dessert ever,
Rice Krispie Treats.
I, personally, love my Rice Krispie Treats
on more of the ooey gooey side.
So, I always like to
add less Rice Krispies
than what most recipes will call for.
They’re just so east to make.
You literally only need three ingredients.
So, these marshmallows have got to melt.
What I may do next is fill
the cupcake with jelly.
I’m gonna add a little jelly
to this piping bag here.
It’s literally already
coming out the bottom.
Oh no!
I really don’t know how this is gonna go.
(light bouncy music)
Okay, cute.
– [Katie] You did it!
– [Betsy] Yeah.
– Why do I have glasses?
Why do I have balloons?
Great question.
I’m gonna try to make a
white chocolate dome for the jellyfish.
– You are ambitious today, Katie.
– I, I have never done this before, ever.
I’m worried that the
balloons are gonna pop
or when they pop, they’re gonna
crack the white chocolate,
I’m not gonna make the white
chocolate thick enough,
many things can go wrong here.
But, if it works, maybe
it’ll put me over the top.
Do you wanna blow up a balloon?
– Sure.
– Oh, you wanted to say no.
– Hold on.
Wow, I haven’t blown a balloon
in years.
– So long!
Like a party!
I’d be hard to be a clown.
– Thought you were a clown?
– I was a clown in college.
– Katie was a clown in college.
– We don’t need to talk about that.
I was a clown in college, but
like, an Italian mime clown.
It was very professional.
So, the balloons are ready to rumble.
I’ve got some white chocolate.
I’m gonna add a little bit of coconut oil
’cause that’s gonna help it
melt and be nice and smooth.
My white chocolate is just about ready.
I’m gonna add my dye in now to
give it a pink and red vibe,
and I’m gonna do like a swirl.
It’s gonna be like a swirly jelly.
I wanna make at least
two domes just in case.
I’m just gonna test to see if it’ll pop.
Oh God, I don’t know why this
is so stressful right now.
– Whoa, that’s scary Katie.
I totally see a jellyfish in there.
– [Katie] Do you?
– [Betsy] Yes!
– [Katie] Okay, thanks Mom.
I am so happy with how these
balloons stayed together.
I’m gonna go chill them for a minute.
I’m scared of the traveling.
(ominous music)
– It’s done?
– Betsy, Betsy, Betsy.
Can you grab the table cloth under–
– Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Thank you.
(metal clanging)
Okay, okay, I’m gonna leave.
Oh my God, I almost had a heart attack.
– [Betsy] Just don’t breathe.
I’m gonna turn off the heat
and add my Rice Krispies.
I just eye balled that guys.
I’m gonna grease up my hands
and start forming some of this
coral from our Rice Krispies.
The advantage of a gooeyer
Rice Krispie in this case,
is that it actually gives me more control
in shaping the Rice Krispie coral.
So, I’m cutting some fondant
around one of the coral krispies.
– [Katie] Okay.
– You think they’re ready?
– I think they are.
But, since I’ve never done this before–
– Oh, it didn’t crack,
I think they’re ready.
– Very sturdy (laughs).
This show is gonna give me a heart attack.
– Oh my gosh, you’re gonna pop it.
– [Katie] I’m gonna pop it.
I am scared!
(balloon popping)
Oh, oh my gosh, it’s working.
I can’t believe it, I’m so excited.
(balloon popping)
I’m gonna do this at home, I’m
gonna do this all the time.
I’m gonna eat ice cream in it.
I’m gonna eat spaghetti in it, maybe.
– I’m gonna make my little
prickly ticklies, whatever,
out of some of my fondant.
(balloon popping)
– Sorry.
– Yo, that’s mean.
– I’m sorry!
– [Betsy] I feel like, if I layer these,
it kind of gives like,
an effect of seaweed.
All right, I’m gonna just
set this fondant aside
and move on to my sand.
So, I just have a little
bit of sugar here.
I’m gonna add in just a drop
of yellow good coloring.
Oh, that was more than a drop.
That was more than a drop.
Katie’s streusel sand looks like sand.
My sand plan is not gonna
be very close to that.
I’m making some sweetened
yellow kettle corn
and then, kind of topping that off
with a really fun sprinkle mixture,
so hopefully a little creativity
and some imagination will be in my favor.
(exclaims in excitement)
– It popped!
– [Betsy] This is crazy.
– [Katie] Oh, it’s getting
a nice yellow on it.
– So, your jellyfish is
like the star of your show.
– Oh, yeah, the jellyfish–
– [Betsy] Oh my God!
– [Katie] He looks a
little creepy (laughs).
This might be the coolest thing
I’ve made on “I Draw You Cook”.
– Seeing Katie’s dish
start to come together,
my confidence is kind
of (descending tone).
My jello is ready, time to assemble.
– Oh my gosh, I’m gonna
finish my assembly as well.
– Moment of truth, are
my items going to float?
Maybe I’ll do the jellyfish first.
– Oh my gosh, I’m nervous for you
to set anything on top of it.
(drum roll)
– [Betsy] It’s floating!
– Yay, I was so scared,
I was so scared for you!
– And the coral is floating people!
I’m gonna bring my completed brittle over
and break it to create a shipwreck.
You wanna help me?
– Sure.
– [Betsy] No, just like jagged edges
and then we kind of go from there.
This looks weird, I dunno.
All right, all we have left
is to create our jellyfish.
So, I’m piping the strawberry frosting
on top of the cupcake.
It’s kind of looking like
a typical frosted cupcake.
(nervous laugh)
I dunno guys, it’s a lot
of frickin’ frosting.
– [Katie] Your scene is so alive.
– [Betsy] It’s swimming!
– Well, I’m done.
– I think I’m done too, are
you ready to walk the plank?
– Yeah, let’s do this!
Find out if these guys are sea worthy.
(upbeat orchestral music)
– My dish doesn’t look exactly
the way I envisioned it
but I think it strongly
resembles Henry’s drawing.
I love how my dish jiggles.
They say don’t play with your food,
but I think Henry’s gonna have
a fun time playing with this.
– I really like how the dish turned out.
I think that the coral looks so magical
and the dome is really fun,
that reveal is gonna be awesome.
There’s puff pasty, there’s
jam, there’s streusel.
I think that Henry’s gonna have
a really fun time taking apart this dish.
(upbeat orchestral music)
– Give me my sea monster dish!
(upbeat jazz music)
Yes, I love this!
– Henry thinks it’s cool.
– It looks cool with the popcorn in it.
So, the popcorn is the sand!
Oh, now I get it!
I think this looks better than my drawing.
(upbeat jazz music)
That’s yummy.
– He’s loving Betsy’s dish.
– (gasp) The gooey slime.
– Did he just call it slime?
– How do I get the slime?
– It looks like Henry
is having a ton of fun
eating his way through this dish,
and I’m having a ton of
fun watching him do it.
– Henry is eating Betsy’s
plate like it’s a toy.
He’s playing with it like it’s Legos
and he gets to eat them.
I am getting worried.
(upbeat jazz music)
– Yummy.
I like this tray.
– My work here is done.
– Whoa, it looks cool!
But, this is so weird, I
don’t know what that is.
– He’s right, the coral does
not look like his drawing.
But, it tastes great.
– Hey and I think this is a octopus.
(gasp) Unless that’s a jellyfish.
(harp strums)
A love heart!
Aw, I think they love me!
– I do love Henry, I do, and
I’m happy that he feels loved.
(candy cracking)
It’s better than the Halloween things.
(upbeat jazz music)
Do you know what couscous is?
– [Producer] Yeah.
– What is it?
– The heart tastes like couscous.
You’re welcome?
– [Producer] What is your favorite thing?
– What I’m eating right now.
– Henry is obsessed with
Katie’s poured sugar coral.
Maybe I don’t got this.
– [Producer] All right, let’s take it away
before he eats the entire thing.
– He seems to like both of them a lot.
It’s really anyone’s game at this point,
but I hope it goes my way.
(upbeat jazz music)
– Hello!
– Hey Henry!
– How are you?
– I’m okay.
– You’re okay?
– Did you eat a lot of food?
– Yes.
– So Henry, you tried two dishes.
The jello ocean and the coral lollies.
Which one did you like the best?
– The first one.
– No.
– That’s mine!
(applause and laughter)
– I like both!
– No, no, no, it’s okay, it’s okay
you can like the first one.
– Chef Betsy, since you
won, here’s your surprise.
– Oh, thank you Henry!
I won!
Oh my gosh, truly an
honor, thank you Henry.
– She won.
(water splashing)
– We gave him too much sugar.
– Henry down!
(upbeat jazz music)

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