Can These Chefs Turn A Kid's Dragon Drawing Into Delicious Dishes? • Tasty


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Tasty chef Merle takes on guest chef Keturah King to turn Makayla’s dragon doodle into real-world food. Which dish do you think has the fire?

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– Hi, I’m Makayla and I’m nine years old
and today I will be having
two chefs compete to make my
dream dish. (roaring)
– [Chefs] Hi Maykayla.
– Hi.
– I’m Merle
– And I’m Keturah
– Hi, I’m Merle, I was a
Tasty producer for years,
and now I focus primarily
on vegan food, wellness,
and sustainability.
– Hi, my name’s Keturah, I was
on season 10 of Master Chef
and I’m super excited to be
here on, I Draw You Cook.
– So a little birdie told me
that you are going to be going
to a dragon’s birthday party.
– Yeah.
– Oh wow.
– How old is this dragon?
– Oh good question?
– 13.
– And is the dragon a girl or a boy?
– A girl.
– Hmm, I love, that she gave
the dragon a personality,
I feel like the dragon is her.
– So what I really need to
know is like what would you eat
at a dragon’s birthday party?
– Probably fire balls,
and burnt trees with fire ants,
and fireflies.
– Oh my gosh, okay
this gets more and more
creative as we go along
what are they drinking?
– They’re drinking a lava drink.
– She is a girl who knows what
she wants, and I love that.
– Why don’t you go ahead
and draw it for us.
– We have a big plate, since
it’s a big birthday party
and then we have the big
fireball, that they will be eating
and it has like flames coming out of it,
flames everywhere.
– This is impressive.
– It makes sense.
– The dragon likes to eat the
fireball because it needs fire
to go in its stomach so
it’s able to breathe fire.
– So is the fire, sweet?
– Yes.
– Hot?
It’s hot and sweet?
– Yeah.
– Sophisticated palette this dragon has
I’m trying to keep up.
I’m just trying to hear her and see her
and imagine what I’m
possibly going to make.
– What is your favorite food in the world?
– My mom’s spaghetti.
– What is your second
favorite food in the world?
– Probably fish.
– Oh okay, okay.
So I love this fireball, I
think I got the hang of that,
what about the lava?
– It would be like a lava drink.
Inside the drink is rocks and
around the rim of the drink.
– Okay.
– The drink itself
would be red, and orange
and pink with like a magenta
and at the bottom it will
be more of the rocks.
– I’m getting very nervous, I
don’t know how I’m going to do
this drink.
– [Maykayla] So we have
the burnt trees right here
and then one of them is a gray tree,
because it’s really burnt.
– Oh so it’s ash.
– Burnt food doesn’t taste very good.
– I think I can get really creative and do
something cool with those two trees.
– [Maykayla] And then at the bottom,
we’re going to have some
fireflies and some fire ants
because these fire ants
and these fireflies
will give them more fire.
– That’s very health conscious.
– Empowering.
(laughs loudly)
– So Maykayla do you think
we can make this for you?
– Yes.
– Yeah, I have done a ton of
insane challenges on Master
Chef, I don’t know how
I’m going to do this.
– We’re going to go make the
best dragon birthday party
dish we can possibly do.
– Great.
(playful music)
– So here’s my plan for the
fireball I’m going for spaghetti
emblazoned with a fiery bolognese sauce
and that will be topped with
an Escabeche of multi-colored
peppers and vinegar-glazed onions.
For the burnt tree, I have
tilapia with an Asian-inspired
honey soy glaze.
For the incinerated tree,
I’m going to prepare a cajun
blackened filet of tilapia.
For the fireflies and fire ants,
I’m preparing a fruit salsa
and finally for the lava,
I’ll be making a dragon surprise
made out of grenadine syrup
orange juice, pineapple juice,
a colored sugar rim, and
some multi-colored ice
cubes for the rocks.
– So for my dish I’m going
to be going above and beyond
with sweets.
For the fireball, I’m going
to be making a super fudgy
chocolate vegan cake,
that’s going to be stuffed
with peanut butter candies
and then topped with sugar glass flames.
For the trees, I’m going to be
shaping melted hard candy and
then dipping them into chocolate.
For the ants, I’m going to be
assembling strawberries for
the body that will be
prompt up on toothpicks.
For the fireflies, I’ll be dipping popcorn
into melted chocolate.
And finally for my lava, I’ll
be layering a mixed berry
smoothie with a banana smoothie
and then top it with nerds.
(upbeat music)
– Are you ready for this?
How are you feeling?
– I’m a bit nervous.
– Yeah I’m nervous too.
– I mean it’s so hard
impressing like little kids
I’d rather cook for Gordon Ramsey,
than for a nine year old.
– I do not agree with that, but–
– [Keturah] No!
– Keturah has a potential
advantage over me because she’s
been on Master Chef, she’s
done these cooking competitions
before, I have not.
I’m going to be faking it until I make it.
– My first step is
making colored ice cubes.
I’m trying to make the colors
of the rocks she wanted
so she wants yellow, orange
and like a gray, blackie
sort of rock.
Oh my gosh, I spoke too soon
– Oh, there you go
they’re marbled.
– They’re marbled cubes,
thank you, marbled lava rocks.
– So my first step, I’m
making a cake, I’m going to be
making a chocolate cake for the fireball.
First we’ve got some whole wheat flour,
I’ve got some dark cocoa powder
and I have some baking powder,
baking soda, and a little
bit of salt in here as well.
I’m mixing all the dry ingredients first
also don’t forget, my
entire thing is vegan.
– Oh yeah.
– [Merle] That’s a little twist.
– I know that Merle has a
lot of experience preparing
vegan food, I mean, I’m sure
she can do well with this.
– I’m actually playing up
to my weakness right now
because I hate baking.
When I think of a birthday
party, I think of sweets
and so to me a birthday cake
just seems like it made the
most sense.
I think it’s worth the risk,
so if that doesn’t work out
I am screwed.
– Now I’m mixing together
all my wet ingredients
almond milk,
some applesauce since I’m not using eggs
excellent vegan substitute
for many vegan desserts.
Now I’m adding, quite a lot of maple syrup
into this as well,
apple cider vinegar and
some vanilla extract.
– I’m about to start
on the blackened fish.
– Did you say blackened fish?
– Um hmm. (laughs loudly)
– What?
– Use your imagination darling.
– I’ve never been to a
dragon’s birthday party, but I
have nieces and nephews, and I’ve been
to kids’ birthday parties
and I’ve never, ever seen fish served.
– What?
– We’ve wildly different
worlds going on right now
I’m just like flabbergasted.
– [Keturah] I decided to cut
the fish raw, as opposed to
waiting for it to cook
and then cutting it after
when you cut protein raw,
you’re able to manipulate the
shape a lot better.
How do you like my trees?
– Ha, it does look like,
it looks like a flesh tree.
– Ew.
I need to wash my hands
– I’m feeling really good (laughs)
I feel like with kids, they
want sweet things and I don’t
know if fish is going
to do it for Maykayla
I feel like it might be too much of risk
but that’s probably going to
come back and bite me somehow
cause like who knows.
– Next I’m moving on to
spicing it, so it is a little
Caribbean, Cajun, creole infusion
so I’m going to put a
bit of garlic powder,
put a bit of cumin,
a little bit of cayenne, cause it’s
a dragon’s party after all.
I decided to go spicy because,
her tastes are a lot more
refined than the average nine year old.
I am sweating.
– I am too, I sweat
exclusively under my nose.
– Oh my God, me too.
– I will let you know if
you let me know when I start
to have a sweat stache.
– I can feel that.
– All right so now I’m
going to combine my liquid
ingredients with my dry ingredients.
The smell of this is making me
think of when I use to use an
Easy Bake Oven.
I don’t bake a lot of sweet
things, so this is very
nostalgic right now.
– When was the last time you baked a cake?
– Never, well I mean like Easy
Bake, I really never bake.
I don’t have very much confidence
in myself when it comes to
baking because I never do it,
there’s too much that can go wrong.
– Why would pick something
that you’re not confident at
she should have just gone savory.
– My batter is mixed together,
I’m going to pour it into the
two sheet pans.
– [Ketuah] That looks good.
– [Merle] It’s a little chunky.
– [Ketuah] I wasn’t going to (murmurs).
– [Merle] I’m thinking I don’t
have enough batter for both
of these.
I think I might add all
my batter to this one.
– What’s going to happen when it rises?
– Oh it’s gonna rise.
I didn’t even think for a second
about this stupid thing rising
and now I realize I might
have done everything wrong
this is why I don’t bake.
– Is it fudginess?
is it actually going to be flat?
Or is it going to rise?
– I don’t know.
– Well, good luck to ya kid.
– I think it’s going to be fine.
– It’s still chocolate
cake at the end of the day.
– It’s chocolate cake.
– I hear you sister.
So I’m distinguishing
between the burnt tree
and the burnished tree.
So the first tree is going to
have more of an Asian flair.
So it’s very simple, but it’s
actually one of my favorite
recipes, it’s literally three items.
So it’s honey, soy sauce, garlic
and then if you’re feeling
fancy you can add some acid
in the form of lime or lemon juice.
Put that all in together,
marinade whatever protein you’re
using and Bob’s your
uncle, Fanny’s your aunt,
magic kay presto boom bish bash bosh yeah.
– With the candy I’m going to
bake it and melt it down and
once it cools off I’m going to
break it apart to make flames
this is so much plastic.
– You’re like harming the environment.
– I know, it’s like all
the work I’ve done to do
sustainability stuff is being
reversed at this moment.
If I crush them, it’ll
be a little more chaotic
and then the ends will
frill when they melt
so it’ll look more like
flames when I crack them
I will be using this to crush them.
– Whoa.
– I might break this table though.
(banging on table)
– Felt so good.
– Here is the water to boil our spaghetti.
– Did you say spaghetti?
– Yes.
– Spaghetti and fish?
I’m going to be honest with you
I think this is insane.
– Deciding to cook a spaghetti
bolognese, is either the
smartest decision I’ve ever made or
the most stupid decision I’ve ever made.
So I’m starting on my bolognese
I’m going to use the holy
trinity of Italian cuisine
celery, carrots, and then onion
and I’m going to just fry that down,
give it a bit of color.
And then we will add the prosciutto
you know it’s tough when you
try and replicate something
nostalgic to a person.
I’m just praying that her
mother and I have the same
cooking style.
– I’m not totally sure that a
big sheet is going to be ideal
for this ’cause I want to try
and control the colors as much
as I can once the candy melts.
So instead I’m going to be
using three individual little
sheet pans.
This looks like a flame to me.
– Oh it does.
I’m adding my beef mince in now.
Oh my God this smells so good.
I know you guys can’t smell this at home
but take my word for it, it smells great.
Now we are adding our tomatoes.
Obviously, you normally put
tomatoes paste in a sauce
but I added a lot in order to
make it really vibrantly red
because it’s a fireball.
– So to make the trees, I’m
going to melt more candy
it should only take between
like five and ten minutes
once there’s heat added,
things lose control.
– So I’m going to make
a Escabeche which is
generally it’s kind of like a Latin dish.
I’m going to go with some
slices for a few of the peppers
and then I’m going to keep
some of them in the half shape
that they’re in.
Is there space in the oven for me?
I’m taking my peppers in.
– Well, we’ve got one success
and one terrifying failure
how do you burn flames?
How do you burn flames?
I found a way.
Oh my God.
Oh my God, that’s so bad, that’s so bad.
I will not, okay.
Oh my God.
It’s just like as if I had
like scraped the bottom of an
oven that I’d had for 15 years.
I cannot feed that to her,
I don’t think legally I
could feed that to her
but this looks like a flame.
– You know what you deserve a high-five.
– Really?
That’s magnificent, well done.
– [Merle] Thank you.
– I’m impressed.
– So the trees look crazy.
They do not resemble trees the slightest,
they look more like lizard key chains.
Before you go about laughing at me.
Too late.
I’m going to shape them,
with this very sharp knife.
– Oh no.
– I just heard a popping
sound, the top popped off.
I felt so confident about these trees
they looked like pretty much
anything other than a tree
and I’m just getting so frustrated.
Oh good the whole thing fell apart.
We’re just going to do this
so what I’m going to do is I’m
going to just melt back into
one semblance of a tree.
And then I’m going to cover
them both in chocolate
and that’s putting that to bed.
– [Producer] Keturah, are we
being mindful of your peppers?
– Oh my god disaster. (laughs loudly)
– That doesn’t sound good,
how are they?
– Like right on the edge.
– They look beautiful.
– Just the nick of time.
Literally if they’d been in
there three seconds longer
it’d a been a wrap.
– To make the giant ants
I’m going to be putting
three strawberries together
that’ll be the anatomy of an ant
then I’m going to decorate
them and make them look cute.
The ants I feel excellent about
they look adorable, these ants
may save me in the long run.
Let’s be honest, the
ants are the only thing
I feel confident about,
in this whole thing.
– Okay so I’m making a
very non-traditional salsa
just sliced up some pineapples,
red onions, strawberries
some cilantro, mango slices.
It’s not the type of salsa
that you may be used to
cause it doesn’t exist.
– Cake has come out of the oven.
– [Keturah] Whoa.
– And it looks great,
it didn’t overflow
which I’m very pleased about.
I’m going to take this and
I’m going to be portioning off
three different layers
and then I’m going to
put a hole in the middle
and I’m going to fill it with candy.
– There’s a little chocolate
and sweet, going on here.
– There is only chocolate
and sweets going on here.
I was really nervous about this
part but it’s actually going
exactly how I want it to.
I’m really relieved at this point
I’m going to try the cake.
Oh my God.
– I think I’ve rethought the fish shape.
So I’m cutting the fish
and it’s all going awry
I can’t seem to get the shape correct
this isn’t going according to plan.
Okay that is (speaking in
foreign language), okay
that is French for terrible.
They’re looking more like
toothpicks than anything else
so I am lightly sifting some flour inserts
to just give it a little more crust
and I’m popping them in there to fry.
They’re really small thin filets
of fish so they don’t need
that long.
They’re going, I broke a tree.
It’s fine.
I have two more left.
– You broke a tree,
you’re hitting a little
too close to home.
These are all vegan versions of candy
because traditional candies are not.
So I’m using yellow and red
candy to go with the yellow and
red scheme.
The difference between our
stations is abominable.
I am embarrassed.
Now I got to slide the
top of this on there.
– Looks good.
I’m going to start with the
rim for the drink for the lava
drink she’s requested.
Now she’s asked for
multi-colored lava rocks
so I’ve chose to replicate
that with colored sugar.
Sounds simple but everything
that we’ve done today has
sounded simple in our heads.
I’m trying to rim the glass.
I’m going to try honey,
honey sticks to everything right?
The moment of truth.
Woohoo, it worked.
I’d just like to thank my mom.
– This is an important moment.
I’m going to break my
flame to put on top of this
beautiful, the flames are perfect.
It looks exactly like
the drawing in my mind,
it couldn’t have gone better.
– The inspiration for
this dragon surprise is
a tequila sunrise.
Clearly we’re not using tequila today
so I’m adding the
grenadine into the bottom,
cherries, some fruit to the base,
not bad at all.
We’ve got our volcanic ash ice cubes.
My only fear is that the more they melt
the more discolored my drink will become
but oh my God, it’s amazing.
– So I’m doing my drink now.
One layer is going to be very banana based
and then the rest of it
just going to be like a deep
strawberry, raspberry lava.
What is going to happen when
I pour this on top of this?
Is it just going to just combine?
Oh, actually it looks kind of cool.
I toss some nerds on
there to so I feel like it
looks kind of good.
I’m going to make my little fireflies.
It’s just plain popped popcorn
I’m dipping it in chocolate
cause that’s what I do apparently.
– The fish it’s a lot
browner than I hoped for
so what I’m doing now is
just burning up some of the
marinades to see if I can
get it the color of ash.
Why is this happening to me?
You know I was feeling very
confident going into this
and I’m looking to my right
and Merle’s cake is looking great.
I look to my left and I
have a sauce pan full of oil
that I don’t need, that
is almost ruined my ash
I may have messed this up.
Shall we start plating?
– Let’s see what we’re going to do here.
What an adventure this is.
You’re going to face like this,
you’re going to connect to that,
these crazy ants.
Just need my little fireflies
and then yay we’re good.
– Okay so I’m painting my trees.
This is the ash of the burnt tree,
my spaghetti, adding my bolognese
well it’s looking like a fireball.
Let’s focus on the salsa.
I’m really impressed with the peppers.
Look at that flame baby, yes.
You know what, my ice cubes have melted so
if time permits I’m actually
going to make another drink
because it was supposed to
look way better than that
but aside from that you know.
– I’d rather eat yours.
– I’d rather eat mine.
– Yeah.
– But yours looks better.
– Yup.
– I’m like wait a minute,
how did this happen?
You had crushed candy and burnt things
and suddenly it’s this gorgeous cake.
I’m very nervous.
We did good kid, let’s go
find out what Maykayla thinks.
– Let’s see if I can lift this thing
(playful music)
Overall I think my dish
turned out phenomenally.
It’s got all the colors that
she asked for and I realized
that she was very specific about that
so I tried my best to get as
close to that as possible.
I really loved how the
bolognese turned out,
it was absolutely delicious.
And the drink turned out way
better than I could’ve hoped.
I’ve got the volcanic rock down to a T.
I just hope she likes it as
much as I enjoyed preparing it.
– This dish turned out a lot more chaotic
than I had initially planned.
But the cake turned out amazing,
the flames turned out exactly
how I wanted them to look.
The ants are adorable.
It’s very accurate to what she drew.
All I can hope, is that
Maykayla can envision this dish
at a dragon’s birthday party.
– Bring out my dragon birthday dinner
and I like the fireball spaghetti.
This is a lava.
It looks a lot like my
picture that I drew.
– I’m so happy that she
recognizes each of the individual
elements on the dish.
(fork scraping plate)
– I like the spaghetti,
it’s almost like my mom’s spaghetti.
– Ah ha!
– Oh boy I’m in trouble
however almost isn’t quite exactly.
– Is it fish?
It’s good.
– Her reaction to the fish,
everything I could have ever hoped for.
– I think this one’s a little bit spicy
which I really like.
I don’t really like bell peppers.
– You know I suppose if
there’s one thing on the plate
that she doesn’t like, I’ll take that.
– Maybe there’s a chance for me.
– It’s really good.
It’s really like those rock
candies I think my favorite
is probably the spaghetti.
– [Producer] Why do you
think we gave you a spoon?
– Is it soup?
So cool.
– Maykayla loves the way it looks,
I’m so happy.
– Oh I’ve lost, I’ve lost.
– It looks like they made
my fireball into like
this big cake and they
made like the fire ants
with strawberries too.
I think these are the burnt trees.
– I don’t blame Maykayla for
not being able to identify the
trees properly.
– Seems like in my picture for
like the drink they got even
like the little rocks inside,
but they didn’t really get
the color that I wanted.
– [Merle] I feel like my dish
is getting scrutinized more
than Keturah’s.
– Are these m&m’s in the middle?
I like it, I really do.
– She had no idea it was vegan
so I’m taking that as a win.
– Ow, I like the taste of the flames.
– A lot of hard work
went into these flames,
I’m thinking this might
actually be the way I could win.
– It has chocolate over it,
kind of like chocolate covered
strawberries, I like it.
They’re a little bit hard, like stale.
– I knew I should have
popped that popcorn fresh.
– I think it’s lemon,
it tastes kind of like
lemon or strawberry.
I really like this lava.
– Honestly I’m feeling
really good about this
I’m thinking maybe I might win.
– I may as well go home now
guys, what am I doing here?
(upbeat music)
– [Chefs] Hi!
– You’ve eaten some nice tasty things huh?
– Yeah.
– Cool, well I know you had two dishes,
so which one was your favorite?
The spaghetti or the cake?
– I’m going to say, the spaghetti.
– Aah, yay!
– I’m definitely bummed out,
but I admire Keturah’s strategy.
– Chef Keturah, because
you made the best dish
I’m going to give you my…
– Ah, thank you so much, I won.
This is honestly my new
most prized possession.
– I think you made a very good choice,
it looked very delicious.
– Merle is the most amazing
competitor I could have ever
hoped to go up against.
She inspires me to be a better chef.
– I definitely will be back,
but maybe I won’t be baking.
– All right, well let’s get
to this dragon birthday party
shall we?
– Yup
(upbeat music)

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