Calls growing to abolish police in cities across America


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what’s that family around the country
there is a growing call to abolish
police departments you heard me right I
know some of you are freaking out
because you really do believe that the
police love you they want them gone they
want them dismantled Wow
because policing in America don’t work
it’s not flawed it is corrupt it is
damaged beyond repair
why you got too many Reis soldiers and
police departments around America that
target black and brown people but they
also target certain white folks that
they don’t like they will brutalize you
beat you up rape you steal your money
and break into your home and call you
all kinds of words and dare you to shoot
them and they’ll escape why because they
got the badge and they got the
connection for the protection now some
people are saying that this car to
replace police officers with full
economic equality and some type of
grants for poor communities is
unrealistic because they’re saying that
doing that alone is
going to solve the issue because they
don’t believe that people are inherently
good these are the opponents this saying
that they don’t believe that people are
inherently good and it’s basically
alluding to the fact that police
officers are innocent of any type of
behavior that society has like they
don’t have anything to do with it like
police officers getting away with murder
and killing people and and stealing and
robbing and and brutalizing people has
nothing to do with how society views law
enforcement or crime and punishment a
Fox News contributor was asked what did
he think the world would look like
without police and this Ryan scoundrel
fixed his stank mouth to say wealthy
communities would quickly organize a
private police force to maintain order
while get this family poor communities
would organize around criminal gangs
because in a vacuum of power
whoever can dominate physical power will
rule so basically that’s what’s been
happening all this time with the police
they dominate physical powers so they
rule so they get off when they kill
people they plant drugs on people they
plan other evidence on people they steal
people money they steal people’s
property straight out of their home
kick doors in and all kind of stuff call
your names it’s and don’t even get
arrested absolutely amazing for him to
make this distinction between the
wealthy and the poor making a moral
distinction between wealthy and poor
based on the amount of money that you
have shows you what kind of people
you’re dealing with it’s like he’s not
paying too
to all the damn crime they’re going on
Wall Street all these damn crooks all
these bank crooks all these corporate
crooks and we ain’t got to go even for
his corporate crooks we gonna go with
the other crooks out there to the ones
that’s making middle income and the poor
the other poor ones who live in the
trailer parks when he talk about poor
what he’s really trying to say is that
if you’re poor then you’re more
accomplished you don’t have you don’t
have a moral compass if you’re poor
that’s basically what he’s saying what
all these Dempster is all these rich
people committing crimes rich people is
the reason why the economy suck
pre-obama it was the rich people who was
looting America just like it’s the rich
people right now looting the country
right now and we’re bout to head into a
new recession
I can guarantee you we’re going into it
we will see a recession within the next
few months but they gotta have
somebody’s god I always have a scapegoat
and the easiest scapegoat to have is
those who find it difficult defending
themselves and don’t have the resources
to defend themselves so these people are
just out here trying to survive while
the people who got the power over here
platinum planning and using the media to
push their agenda and blame everything
on the poor not having police in your
community ain’t necessarily a bad thing
that was a time when we had Black
Panthers in the community in the black
community and the communities were safer
and they in fact they checked the police
the only problem with just saying that
okay we’re gonna have
our people in patrolling our
is that when your people leave those
neighborhoods who’s gonna be patrolling
so it doesn’t change the mindset of a
race soldier a dirty cop that don’t like
you just because of your skin color so
they catch you outside of that zone then
they roll on you so police in our own
can’t just be the answer but it’s a damn
good start what do we have to lose no

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