Callers Discuss Jason Mitchell's Sincerity During Breakfast Club Interview


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morning everybody is TVJ envy Angela he
shot me the guy we are The Breakfast
Club now if you just join us yesterday
Jason Mitchell actor he was insane Outta
Compton also this shy he stopped through
yesterday uh and it was trending the
interview was trending if you don’t know
he was let go from the shy he was let go
from Desperados his management and agent
let him go as well nobody knew what was
going on everybody was just assumed that
it was some type of sexual misconduct
sexual misconduct or some type of
misconduct we should say so he came
yesterday and let’s play a clip of what
he had to say so so is Jason Mitchell
guilty of any of the allegations against
him no no no I will I’m not really sure
I’m not gonna say I’m not guilty of any
allegations because I don’t know exactly
what the allegations are yeah that makes
sense but you know that means that you
made some women feel uncomfortable by
being overly aggressive
well yeah I’m definitely guilty of that
if that’s if that’s what’s in question
then yes you know what I mean if I if I
um jumped out and made anybody feel you
know some kind of way or intimidated or
anything like that yes I may be guilty
of that you know and I’m working on that
every day so 800 585 105 whoa we’re just
asking your thoughts at yeah did you hit
an interview
I heard the clip that you just played
right now I wasn’t there for it but I do
remember Tiffany Boone speaking out and
saying that and they were talking about
how she had to have her fiance on set
because she felt unsafe with him there
and that she actually asked to be let
out of her contract to go and pursue
other things ‘only no wait when she was
on The Breakfast Club even said that she
had a FaceTime conversation with Tiffany
Boone and she said that she felt awful
that that was her experience on the set
and that she wished that she had had a
little bit more power and I remember the
showrunner Ayanna Floyd had told The
Hollywood Reporter that everyone was
aware of Jason’s behavior and his
multiple HR cases so it was a few
different people some of his co-stars
that had complained about his behavior
by HR because she wasn’t supposed to be
talking to Jason Mitchell but she you
know said something that set Jason
so she ended up getting fired because of
that yeah I mean Jason yeah what she
said wasn’t true right she got fired for
not she shouldn’t spoke on it well no
that’s that’s what Jason got fired for
he got fired for cursing I on out mm-hmm
after yeah after she spoke to him and
she wasn’t supposed to speak to him now
Jason said that he had no clue and no
idea that her boyfriend was on set
before him for him he just thought that
she was on set that they were actually
cool is what he said and he said he
believed that she left because she had a
better opportunity so um I don’t know
what are your thoughts be honest with
you I have no idea
nor will I play judge jury executioner
in the court of public opinion with that
man’s career it pains me to see people
who say he’s definitely lying like I
don’t understand how we can say he’s
definitely lying like how do we know he
was never accused of sexual misconduct
or his misconduct and inappropriate
behavior he admitted that he has severe
anger issues you know he admitted that
he talked to talk to some of these women
crazy and you can see where he made them
feel uncomfortable so I don’t I don’t
know what more you want from him you
know and and you know just behind the
scenes and hopefully some of these
people say these things publicly but
I’ve heard quite a few people who worked
with him on these on these sets and they
said that he deserves a second chance
cuz he’s not a monster right like that’s
that’s the type of stuff that needs to
be said publicly well my only thing is
this right you and and you know how this
world is especially social media world
if I say I did nothing or what I did was
just this it would cut it came out by
now after that interview right I think
that Tiffany Boone I think I Jana I
think a lot of different people would
have spoken out after yesterday they
still might I mean I was only a day but
you know The Hollywood Reporter reached
out to Showtime for comment and Showtime
had no comment which is kind of weird if
you file if you fire somebody for
inappropriate conduct I would think that
you would have a statement to me right
like I also might might want to speak
with Tiffany Boone and the other cast
members who had filed some complaints
before they make a statement maybe they
want to get it together and take more
than one day to do that the network
should already have it together they
fired him Danny Phantom you have those
those uh the paper trail you saw some
questioning at all yeah hello who’s this
I tell people hey Chelsea what did you
think Jason Mitchell’s interview I feel
like he wasn’t being honest because one
minute he was saying he didn’t know what
the allegations were against him and
then the next minute he said he
understood and takes accountability for
it well he said he doesn’t know what he
was accused of like he didn’t know what
the actual charge was the reason he was
fired but he says he he I guess he was
saying that some of his the way that he
spoke to women in a way he spoke to
people was wrong so he’s taking
accountability for that definitely said
that but you know my whole thing is yeah
my whole thing is I’m not leaving
anywhere unless you tell me why I’m
leaving like you can’t just fire me like
I’m fired because no reason I need there
no reason so you’re just gonna sit there
yeah they gonna have security remove you
now you look really we just can’t fire
somebody for no reason just later we
fire we don’t like it they do it all the
time maybe when I mean on them sets like
that its energy and he said that
Ferraro’s paid him but that’s different
that’s rato paid him it’s a that’s like
that’s letting you know like okay really
it might not have been really much of
nothing bless you it really might have
been much a night I think he did exactly
what he said he did which was yell and
scream and curse people out and that can
definitely make women feel uncomfortable
all right well thank you for your call
805 85 105 when we’re talking Jason
Mitchell he was on the show yesterday
and we just asking what are your
thoughts I will play clips when we come
back if you missed it it’s The Breakfast
Club good morning

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