Bxtch Azz! Mark Curry Of Hangin' With Mr Cooper Gets At Steve Harvey For Stealing His Material


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what’s that family comedian mark curry
who is most famous for his time as the
lead actor on hanging with mr. Cooper
recently called I Steve Harvey first
yeah good old plagiarism so he was on
the mic and Don his shell and he was
asked the question what’s up with you
and Steve so he told a tale of one
Halloween when Steve Harvey was doing
some Halloween material that came out of
marks head mark said that somebody
called him and said hey man homeboy
doing your material and he was like
started checking it out he’s like you
mother you you know started started
trippin so he said the dude did his
material bit by bit
mark said he caught up with Steve at Def
Jam 25th anniversary checked him hey man
what’s up with that
and of course Steve denied it he said
yeah he denied he act like he didn’t
know what he was talking about totally
you’re right still in a comedians
material is equivalent to a hip-hop
artist biting where ain’t that bad these
days I mean they jacking the whole style
is not I mean it Jackie vernacular your
your first your album cover you know
your style you know the way you dress
the way you talk you know your cadence
they and a jacket everything not so and
it’s accepted because the fans uh it
seems like the more they Jack sounds the
more fans by
absolutely amazing and I think the
reason why a lot of people get Steve
Harvey a pass is because on some level
he makes certain people laugh I mean
he’s never been the kind of guy that I
looked at and was like that’s a funny
guy it’s just to me he’s always been
like a buffoon like a clown like a
steppin Fetchit type you know just
really goofy though they’re not my
favorite style of comedians I like
intelligent comedians I like comedians
you know who can be funny and who has
substance not just some old goofball
type dude so that’s how I do this me
he’s like he’s never really been funny
to me I mean I guess you get a joke in
here there but like overall I’ve never
considered dude to be fun and never ever
thought about going to one of his
concerts ever the only time I’ve ever
seen him in concert is when he was on a
ticket with some of my homies in comedy
that I mess with and you know I went to
support them but not interested in dude
at all but Mark said that you know dude
is taking food out of his mouth he don’t
have to do that and I agree so often
these people that have these huge
platforms and big names they like to
take a dump on people who are not as
famous as they are or don’t have as much
money as they have and they feel like
they can just tread on the little man on
the little woman and so that ain’t cool
I’m glad to say I’m proud to say that I
have never stole an artist’s material
not once never stole the song that was
stole concept nothing I’m proud to say
that I’ve been inspired by other artists
throughout the years it’s every single
artist on the planet down but I’ve never
been that type of
to listen to a cat that’s trying to get
on and here’s something to being Jack
there’s stuff and trying to use it as my
I know a few dudes who have done that
but I’ve never done that I don’t want to
buy the rush trying to rush up on me
like they did Steve like like mark did
Steve Harvey like somebody rush up on me
I want to make sure that I’m all away in
the right before I knock the head off
the shoulders so I’d only put myself in
those type of positions but Steve Harvey
Oh mark also clowned him for getting
replaced by Kelly Clarkson you know he
lost his his show his Steve Harvey Show
on TV in fact that’s what he said Steve
Harvey stole his material and did the
joke on his on his show The Steve Harvey
Show on the talk show but yeah I would
mark on this I totally believe him all
you have to do is look at Steve Harvey’s
record look at how how he engages with
people take a look at his track record
and everybody can’t be lying way too
many instances where people have accused
him of things like this and that ain’t
the first time that he’s been accused of
stealing somebody’s material some with
mark mark the only thing that I disagree
about this whole thing is that Steve
Harvey’s name should have been marked
and not for the reasons that your mama
named you mark no moto

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