Brother Nuri: "Godfather of Harlem" had a Weak Depiction of NOI & Malcolm X (Part 4)


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In this clip, Brother Nuri spoke about the detrimental nature of television and his critique of certain shows such as “Empire” and “Godfather of Harlem.” Brother Nuri paid special attention to the latter program, pointing out the inconsistencies in the story of Bumpy Johnson’s interaction with the Nation of Islam and the watered down depictions of the Nation, Malcolm X, and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

well what are the other lectures I
believe that she did was called Empire
exposed yes and it seemed like a
reference to the TV show Empire and it
was it was partially but it was a
breakdown and an assessment of some of
the negative imagery that was in it and
the impact that it has on the psyche
really the whole message was done
because that was what was popping at the
time it was very popular but what we did
is we in the message we waged war on the
spin doctors and the architects of
confusion and the social engineers they
use television programs or radio
programs I said man why don’t they call
it a program do you know definition of a
program is the installations of commands
into a device in advance of the device
being turned on so when you turn it on
it’ll automatically carry out what you
programmed it to do so most of us
unfortunately when we watch television
we think that we’re looking at reality
but we’re not looking at reality they
are actually creating reality so it’s
tell a vision is telling us a vision a
vision is an image of the future is
telling us what the future not not what
the president looks like what the future
should look like and there is a lot of
madness in the atmosphere when it comes
to eye expression of black artistry that
is telling a bad vision or producing a
bad future for us so I wanted to go to
war with it and get us to turn off the
idiot box for a few hours a day and pick
up a book so that we can become powerful
and productive because leaders are not
TV watchers leaders are readers well
speaking of TV one of the really popular
shows on television this year was the
Godfather of Harlem yes did you watch
that at all yes sir yes I did okay and
Islam was a central character in this
show including Malcolm X and the
Honorable Elijah Muhammad yes
well number one what did you think about
the depiction of Elijah Muhammad and
Malcolm X in this in the show I think
that it was uh it wasn’t strong it was
weak and it was watered down but I kind
of expected it whenever the disclaimer
came on on the first episode where it
said events have been fictionalized for
a dramatic effect
last I checked fictionalized means that
lied we’re getting ready to lie about
something so that it be a little more
excitement when it comes on so I kind of
expected it to be what it was and
unfortunately Vlad that this docu-series
is following the same personality that
it always has followed in Hollywood and
when it comes to depicting our great
ones from the past it’s always a
diligently compared translated from
former translations King James Version
of the history of the great ones that
have come so you know some of the
fictionalization I did not like we did
not like the depiction of the Honorable
Elijah Muhammad when we did not like
even the depiction of the way that they
had Malcolm X you know we don’t walk
around with our hands in our pockets
that’s a mark of laziness we don’t walk
around with our shoulders droop dough
down as members of the Nation of Islam
our code is quick thinking fast moving
clean inside and out right down to the
modern times so those kind of depictions
I didn’t like that the the series
depicted in undermine the real power
source of the transformation of the
Nation of Islam
we have never transformed anybody from
drugs by chaining them to a bed
we’ve always transformed people by
putting knowledge in their head so to
undermine and say we had to change
love to get now we got just off of
teaching the knowledge of cell in the
same way that that student enrollment
number one gave me a new mindset for
school that same student enrollment
number one has given the heroin addict
the crack addict the sex addict who what
ever are you addicted to when you
learned that you are that great you feel
too dignified to reach down for bottle
or down for a needle or down for some
you start reaching up into your mind for
intelligence so it’s it’s a lot of you
know remixes and watered-down and as
they say in the state was saved in the
streets they stepped on it was this the
story of Malcolm X was stepped on they
put some cut on it and he went to the
store and got some b12 and some ice
install ice at all and some baking soda
and fatten it up and rerouted a soda
back like like this is how it was but it
really was edited and revised bumpy
Johnson did not even meet Malcolm X
until 1963 mmm but it’s not so there’s a
book out written by his wife bumpy bumpy
Johnson’s wife is called the Harlem
Godfather Ellsworth bumpy Johnson
written by his wife and that story that
she tells about the way he thought
function and operated interacting with
the nation what he thought of us versus
the way that it was depicted is a great
contrast so I would hope that they would
make their mind up if they get a second
running another season that they would
do a little more research and at least
give us some better haircuts and take
them Steak and Shake bowties off of us
they have us looking like we’re supposed
to look come interview us to find out
the true story and the code of ethics
that we operate under and give us the
accurate depiction instead of doing what
Hollywood has always done which is
watered it down edited revised it given
to the world a translation from former
translations King James Version of
everything and everybody’s been great in
our community so we didn’t like that

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