Bronx Man Arrested After Attempting to Kidnap Sleeping Woman on Train


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#williedlive <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s that family a box man identified
as sunny alleyway was arrested after he
tried to snatch a whole young woman off
the subway while she was sleeping but
guess what happened two stars aligned
family some vigilantes caught up with
him hours later and beat the brakes off
his ass
the mayor son Sonny jr. dropped a
comment on Facebook he said first I lost
my mom now my pops is dead to me
I’m so ashamed embarrassed and mortified
for the young lady that had to
experience this
the police found L away in a Bronx deli
trying to hide after he was attacked by
the people on the street for what he
attempted to do first and foremost
salute to the cat side and the Bronx who
was on the streets but handling your
business salut
the second salute goes to the young man
who happens to be the unfortunate son of
this sad dude manned up and said hey man
I can’t ride with that you do something
like that I don’t care if you’re my
daddy or not you dare to me that is the
mentality we have to have in our
communities if we are to make repairs to
our community if we are to ever get it
again we ever to come back and get it
right we got to do it the police ain’t
gonna do it it ain’t even in their best
interest to do it well you think start
happening if we all start coming
we start looking at each other we’re not
walking into those dope traps those
robbery traps those fight traps gang
traps well run them out of business they
don’t get to steal and raw and push
people around it ain’t no fun to him
they got to move around so we got to do
it we have to do it the minute they see
us doing well and we’re being those
productive citizens that they say we
ain’t that’s when it’s a problem that’s
when they start trying to intervene and
trying to create the beef remember what
happened with the Crips and the Bloods
after the truce you know doing the
Rodney King riots and all that stuff it
was the police that instigated those
beefs that started it back up it’s not
in their best interest family no you
cannot believe the height it’s not in
their best interest for the people in
the hood to live harmoniously it is not
in that best interest but it is a nice
we have no choice we’re gonna continue
to lose our babies continue to lose our
fathers and mothers idea we gotta look
up each other man I can’t salute cats
food of bigness enough salute every
single hood in America need to look at
that video and use it as an example of
what to do to those who violate the
people and our communities that is a
template for the action you need to take
unlike the non action that the father
took in the video this fool jump Ray
Charles I want us talking about who wait
yeah well yeah I’ll let you see the
wait yeah well well oh right there well
well we’re talking about he’ll kill a
dude she had up the girl father was with
her on the bus I guess they were both
this fool tried to smash the girl while
she’s sleeping on the train just start
running like is it like she was a big
screen TV or something
hey damn and then you got the fool
whoever the fool is who was recording
instead of him trying to stop the crime
this fool records the crime and watches
to do get away man we have some very
strange people in this country sorry I
don’t know who raised you but whoever it
was your mama should be embarrassed in
your daddy shit a pool dad no more talk

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