Boosie on His ‘BooPac’ Album & Managing Success in Today’s Society (Full Interview)

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Boosie sits down for another classic VladTV interview where he announces that his forthcoming album will be titled BooPac and explains why he feels he is this generation’s 2Pac. Moving along the pair discuss Boosie’s past time in jail, how the people where you’re from are envious of your success and why he feels it’s important for artists like Kodak Black to move away from their hometowns.

The Baton Rouge rapper also discusses the backlash he got from the LGBT community for his comments on cartoons, raising his kids a certain way and adopting the children of his deceased friends. He also lets Vlad know why he doesn’t believe in marriage and declares that the Boosie Fade can only be done by two barbers on this earth.

Listen to the full interview above.

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