Blicky Time 🥊 Logan Paul told Antonio Brown that he will "DROP HIM" in a FIGHT


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I thought you think it’s banging on the
keyboard just bringing on the keyboard
he’s got your bodies on Ebola
trigger finger on the keyboard I told
you Brown was heavily not lightly the
man was heavily disrespected by Logan
Paul Logan Paul Hughes I radio station
doing an interview and Antonio Brown the
subject came up and Logan pause that
kills I told you I know I know I know
Antonia Brown I wanna keep you up route
on site anytime anyplace and everybody’s
like Oh for real
so I told you LeBron he heard about that
yellow beat up drop your location we can
do this any time you want
so Logan Paul responded to my Antonio
Brown as que yo Doug I’ll drop you
quicker than the New England Patriots
broke he said he won’t drop you
oh you know the PO talked to you like
that bro
you know a bunch of alleyways you know a
bunch of boxing rings and I’m saying
you’re currently not employed so what
are you doing what are you doing
set up the fight below get Paul in a
boxing ring and get some money bro get
some money dawg I got some videos coming
up max liked the video the share button
is there so you can touch it you know
I’m saying it’s not just there for no
reason it doesn’t just say share so you
can look at it and be like oh sure no
you’re supposed to touch the share
button you know back with your videos
number one in the hood news I thought
you think it’s banging on the keyboard
just bringing on the keyboard
niggas got your bodies on keyboard
trigger finger on keyboard I told you

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