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if you hold the correct birth certificate, you can’t get a driver license! you don’t need a driver license on public your own lands but a CITIZEN of any company registered to the UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, District of Columbia, does need a license to do anything on his land because he became a CITIZEN of a foreign (Off shore) corporate entity… (CITY OF LONDON) The first birth certificate births the foreign administration corporation on to your birthright land rendering you as the beneficiary and them as the trustee! The second state birth certificate (The one every state citizen holds) births you into the foreign state! rendering you as the trustee of such a foreign state! … Once you accept the second state birth certificate, your standing as the national beneficiary is transferred to the foreign company so they collect all the royalties that were meant to be paid to you… (It is paid to you but you left). They fool the masses by using a debased SIGN LANGUAGE as English in order that the public make the mistake and “assume” that the sign: UNITED STATES is America, or the sign: COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is Australia, when grammatically it is not but it sure fooled the illiterate idiots! …. If you are the citizen of the foreign state appearing in SIGN LANGUAGE, such as: UNITED STATES or COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, you need a license to do anything on foreign lands (Being your own land you lost) and that is why you need a license to even shit! … You were converted from beneficiary of a foreign administrator into the trustee of the foreign administrator destroying your national political standing to the country you were born on… (Birth right stolen) … The reason why “debased Latin” is used is because UNITED STATES appearing correctly in sign should appear as: UNITED-STATES. The debased SIGN with the removed hyphen translates to English as: “United. States”, and not the “United States”, rendering the sign: UNITED STATES, as a total fiction. A dream, a nothing in fact… Your consent to be governed by a foreign corporate private banking entity was due to you complete ignorance to grammar and the syntax of English and Sign language, that gave them the advantage over you in order to take your national birth right of your own lands… Roman maxim: Let those that let themselves be deceived, be deceived… <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

I’m going to show you something really
interesting and it’s um it’s how the new
corporate banking cartel governments of
the world rely on and depend on our
stupidity in order for them to get their
assumed consent to operate over and
above us it’s it’s like a system where
we become trustees or servants or slaves
of their foreign banking cartel
corporation and what they say is that
we’re our voluntary slaves or voluntary
servitude they call it and voluntary
servitude is the agreement to act as a
slave so it’s a you know it’s a it’s a
system because a lot of us say in this
new corporate system they can’t
understand how they have become subject
to all these draconian laws you know
farmers losing their lands manufacturing
in Australia has been decimated the
fishing industries and like I say the
footwear the clothing all industries in
our country have been destroyed and are
in the process of being destroyed the
true policy that is just a destructive
policy that really leaves our nation
floundering on an international scale
now this is all sort of planned in the
agenda 21 and the agenda 30 thing you
know but denied I’m going to show you
one of the dirty tricks that they have
used and deceived us as people Nationals
of our own country and rented us as
citizens of a foreign corporation that
is usually subject or registered to the
United States Securities and Exchange
in Washington DC so becoming a citizen
of the Commonwealth of Australia and the
states such as the state of Queensland
state of Victoria state of New South
Wales etc when we enter into citizenship
of those states those states are
registered corporations on the United
States secures an exchange commission in
relation to the US Federal Reserve under
what within Washington DC which is the
District of Columbia which changes your
standing your legal standing and your
political standing from being a national
of Australia or a citizen from your own
districts hearings in Australia to a
citizen of a foreign district and the
reason how they do that is that just
simply call the corporation or the
company or the entity or the
organization Commonwealth of Australia
but of course when you check as you can
see here it is written in an all
uppercase text which is a horrid lithic
or Egyptian hieroglyphic text and it is
not English not at all so that’s the
first trick by writing by using a
debased language in which were in past
um videos I’ve gone into this debased
language when they’re using it but
there’s another really interesting trick
that they use to get you to fall for
this some for their scam their pyramid
system they and look they’ve got in one
way they’ve got a um a point because
I’ve got approaching seven billion
people in this planet which is 2018 and
their story or their reason for this is
that um they need to control the masses
through a military system which means
that when you’re in the military you
don’t have rights you have a privilege
but you break them the rules of that
military ship and military organization
or corporation and you are subject to
the penalties that are already put in
place which really means that um you’re
not subject to a fair trial or justice
it is if the if the higher ranking
officer says you did something wrong
then you have done something wrong
according to them the accusation it’s
not an accusation it’s a charge though
bypass the accusing bit where you have
the right to go to a court and defendant
they give you that what it saw its
justice is seen to be done but in actual
fact once you’ve been charged the
accusation has been assumed already and
then you have to fight that charge and
to enter into that system you have to
agree to be the citizen of the ship you
see and once you agree to that and hold
that birth certificate of the ship or
their corporation their foreign
corporation that’s called Commonwealth
of Australia or state of Queensland or
the state of Victoria whatever once you
hold that birthing certificate of their
foreign District of Columbia then they
can say well you applied for it so
therefore you agreed to enter into the
ship and lose your own leave your own
country so therefore they call it
voluntary servitude where you agreed to
end into the foreign military ship even
though they call it Commonwealth of
Australia it wrote it in debased latin
the the full disclosure people say
there’s no full disclosure but it is the
full disclosure is in the grammar
because when you know your grammar you
can look at the company and no it’s not
reading what it’s assumed to be read
remember that law is a presumption of
law and the presumption there’s an older
maxim that says the fact negates the
presumption it overrides or overrules
the presumption so the very minute a
fact is recognized then the presumption
is no longer they
you have to think about some of these
things sometimes because a man is born
but he has the option of two births
where he wants to dock his body through
the dockmaster which are the doctors who
can I mean they can dock you into life
and you’re not dead until you’ve been
docked out of life but you have a choice
of two births birth of the debtor and
the birth of the creditor that’s your
now it starts with the birthing
certificate that’s sort of where it all
really begins so when you get to
eighteen or whatever and you want to go
and get a bank account and a drive
license or anything but usually it’s a
bank account they’ll say well you’ll
have to go on an apply for a license I’m
sorry you’ll have to go and apply for a
a birthing certificate birth certificate
so you say yeah okay I’ll go and do that
so you walk into the courthouse which is
really these days before we go on with
this story
birthing certificates are now housed in
Australia in the CBA building at 180 and
Street the CBA building is the Camorra
Bank of Australia building or the
birthing certificates were taken out of
the government printing office at 110
George Street which sir is already one
evil-looking building as you can see
here The Satanic this the Satanic
symbols on this building are telling you
something but as you can see with the
new building it also houses a modern
form of satanic symbolism that’s the
snake or the vine that is on the
building and that comes from the old
Roman god of labor which is a Roman god
of wine and the vineyards which is
defines that creep through everything
and attach themselves a vine can’t stand
on its own mix it has to be supported by
something else so back to our story you
walk into the court say sir walk into
the courthouse at the counter downstairs
wherever it isn’t I’d like to apply for
a birth certificate man I said yes by
all means we’re going to need your name
in your database and this is where it
all starts
saying what’s your name and you’ll say
my name is John Henry doe which is
really a Christian name and your surname
attached as one name that’s what you
will say so they said yes no worries
then you will say they will ask it for
your date of birth so you will make
another error and you will say my book
my date of birth is the date I was born
they say yes not a problem so when you
give the full name that included your
surname or your last name and you gave
the date of birth that included your
date of born they give you this document
here which is called the state birth
certificate and you will walk out with
that and you’ll take that around to the
bank and say they’ve got me certificate
and they will know exactly what to do
with that certificate because the
information on this certificate this
gets this certificate
now but all we need
and applied for my birth certificate I
did the same thing I walked in happy is
everyone how about how are you to the
girls about court and they said yes what
can we do for you I said I would like to
apply for a birth certificate I said
well we’re going to need your name and
your date of birth
first yeah no worries so they said well
what’s your name and I gave my name that
is on the birth certificate estate birth
story it says here in this case this is
William Vaughn
Izod if he gave is for name but on the
birth certificate and on yours and on
everybody’s purse to be given the only
name that exists on this is William
Vaughn which is John Henry the Christian
name only it is no surname attached to
that 19 the surname is attached to to
your father and your mother they have
the same names but you don’t so remember
that this is the evidence that your name
is only in this case William Vaughn in
my case Romney stood in the general
trend John Henry not die the John Henry
no mercy so that’s something that you’ve
got to think about when you give you
four line because if you give you a full
name as John Henry day they will give
you this so I gave my full night this
would you like my full name I said yeah
I said yes they said yes we want your
full name I said my full name is exactly
what’s on the birth certificate here
Rumley Stewart I did not enter the John
Henry doe I just entered the John Henry
say they didn’t do anything they just
did have you got a date of birth now
very interesting because the word date
is the key to this scam because the
birth is the creation of an office the
birth of an office or the birthing of a
ship the birthing of a corporate entity
the birthing of a corporation an entity
of some kind and organization the date
that that is birthed the date of
registration of that is the date of
birth so that the word date refers to
the date of the acknowledgment of the
deed and not the day the thing itself
was created so where you would have
given your full name as John Henry doe
and your date of birth as the date you
were born I gave the Christian name and
the data that it was registered up here
see that
that’s the date of registration that’s
the date that this certificate was
stamped and entered into the court on
the certificate of birth it has this
information because it has it has in
this box up the top here name which is
the full name of the child which is
william born the day leah was born on
the 22nd of april in 1953 but down here
it says the date of registration which
in this case it was our 8th of May 1953
so it was around a month after a little
over one month after where this were
this certificate in his case they
created the proper certificate of birth
so on your birth certificate your state
of birth the estate burst it provides
the information of your name which is
your full name which is only your
Christian name it provides the date you
are born but it also provides the date
of registration the date of registration
is the date of birth
now I remember I’m the tenth tin foil
and I was the crazy one I was the crazy
one yet
legally and lawfully all this
information is here in full disclosure
they haven’t hidden it they haven’t
hidden anything so back to the court I
gave the date of birth as the
registration date that’s it yep no
worries just got on the phone we’ll just
bring the births deaths and marriages
which instead of being at 110 Georgia
Street it has changed to 180 and Street
Brisbane City in the city not Brisbane
but Brisbane City and after about seven
seconds she said yes
sir we have found you burst vegans and
ah thank you very much I said would you
like us to send it to you to your add
address I said no no I said you sent it
to the court and I want nothing written
on the back of stamp – who the mystery
is – mr. doe I just want you to send us
the certificate so they called the
Registrar General David John he should
still be there as the Registrar General
he still is 2018 and he got on the phone
and he said what would you like and I
said I’d like you to send the birth
certificate to the court and I will
collect it over the counter said yeah
that sounds fine gave it back to the
girls I said yep no worries so after
about a week and a half two weeks
the girls rang me up from the court and
said your birth certificate has arrived
at the court thank you very much I’ll
come in and get it so that afternoon I
came into the court walked into the
court and they had it still enclosed
inside an envelope a ledger the envelope
with the window on it you know the ones
you get their bills in the mail
and I said um and it was addressed to
the court I said I can’t open this this
is addressed to the court I would be
violating section 85 Q and 85n I think
it is of the Crimes Act 1914 which is a
ten year in prison for interfering with
another person’s mail so I said this is
addressed to you you can only open this
I can’t do that
so they said ioco do you mind if we open
I said no you open it so they open it
and then they pulled out not this they
pulled out that even the girls at the
court said to me what’s that said that’s
Burt’s tibia that’s the certificate of
birth that you get when you know your
name and your date of birth if you don’t
know your name and your date of birth
that will make you up a birth
certificate and treat you as a debtor of
their state but when you apply for this
one you become the creditor of their
bank their state I mean it used to be
the government but because Australia
doesn’t have a government anyway the
banking system has taken over the
Rothschilds owns the the US Federal
Reserve and the Australian Federal
Reserve through our Federal Reserve of
Australia that one bank owns all of them
so that one bank has now become the
government of all of the registered
companies registered with the US SEC
which would even include like Britain as
well Australia New Zealand probably even
the United States
they’ve all been put as companies with
the United States Federal Reserve Bank
and that is so that the whole world can
use that currency of that bank that’s
like on the internet I mean it’s got its
it’s got its good points because you can
now world trade with a currency even
though that the the Australian currency
in the US dollar and the Euro they
they’re different currencies or
different have
different values but they all interlock
in through the United States the Federal
Reserve Bank that’s where they’re
eventually going to try and bring in a
one-world currency but that currency in
the Australian Constitution it says that
only the government has the right to
coin the money but this money has been
coined or created by the US Federal
Reserve which is a foreign deity a
foreign account a foreign nation but by
joining that nation that’s getting into
an act of treason or treachery against
their own nation
but we didn’t know that because they
called the the Queensland star quick
Queensland government or the Queensland
government or the state of Queensland
when they registered that corporate name
state of Queensland and Queensland
Treasury Corporation and in Australia’s
case the Commonwealth of Australia when
they registered that name as a company
name with the United States Securities
and Exchange Commission that did not
mean Commonwealth of Australia and
because they wrote that that text in an
all uppercase horrid lithic distrait of
text which is pictures and patterns it
is not a descriptive text it’s not
proper English it’s not the common
language it’s a foreign language because
they wrote the Commonwealth of Australia
in a foreign language it did not read
the Commonwealth of Australia
so in my case when I hold this
certificate of birth instead of this
then it changed my political stand from
being in the state of the plebs or the
plebeians which is the pagans pagans
which are the debtors or the trustees of
the bank I became the beneficiary or
with the patrician of the bank and what
happens when the Prime Minister swears
his oath to serve the people of the
nation and not the persons then what
he’s saying is he serves these people
which is the creditors of the bank but
the thing is if the if the bank the
Commonwealth of Australia Bank or the US
Federal Reserve can fool everybody into
holding this certificate as a trustee of
the bank and not as a creditor but it’s
the debtor of the bank then that place
is the bank itself if these people
aren’t here then that places the bank as
the one being protected by the state and
being defended by the armies the armies
the courts the government are defending
the bank
they are really defending the creditors
in the bank but to be the creditor you
must know how to get the certificate the
certification the proof the evidence
that you are the creditor and not the
debtor now when you are in a court and
the magistrate sings that is John Henry
doe in the courtroom he sings that name
out because that’s not your name that’s
his name and what he was waiting for is
someone to walk in and claim his name to
believe that it’s your name and of
course those people who believe their
name is John Henry doe instead of just
John Henry which is the only evidence
there’s no evidence of you being John
Henry day but on the certificate of
strangely enough their full name John
Henry doe or in this case William Vaughn
Izod does exist in the margin of the
certificate of birth but what it says it
says here that my full name dead which
is a cross dead Christian name of child
is Romney Stuart not Romney Stuart and
the surname it’s just wrong this Jordan
that’s the given name in this case it
would be william born but in the margin
is a very interesting piece of data it
says in here that i David John registrar
general do hereby certify that this is a
true photographic copy of a certificate
of birth for John Henry doe the full
name here written as a proper noun not
as all uppercase checks but as a proper
person in my custody at the registry of
births deaths and marriages and our
Brisbane and I further certify that I
have been declared an approved person an
approved person in terms of section 105
of the Evidence Act 1977 to 1990 this is
the proof that that’s his name
now when you claim his name we may be
able to use that name as the creditor
but when the magistrate seems out your
name is John Henry go in there he sings
out his name he’s singing out this night
because he owns it and he needs someone
to act as a debtor because if you don’t
walk in and claim that name then the
magistrate has got to pay the debts
because he owns John Henry day it’s a
really dirty trick and the thing is it’s
dangerous for the bank because if the
people start to work this out as you can
see every day all the money that the
bank has lent out may have to pay you
back for your house loans for everything
that you’ve paid for the bank that may
have to be returned that’s dangerous
stuff you can see why I’ve gone through
so much hassle and threats and
everything when I went to the police and
said we’ve got a problem here
we’ve got dolls there’s something going
wrong but we’ve lost their real
government of our country because they
are birth certificates are no longer in
the printing offices the government the
government printing office they’re in
they are there in another bank the
corner from Australia Bank which is
registered with the United States cruise
exchange and it is certainly not
registered with the Queen or Britain or
does the Queen own to come or the
District of Columbia I don’t know I mean
that’s we we can go further with that
but that’s what’s happened I I hold this
certificate and because it is a pole
litical stand these are two poles this
is a house or an office of the data the
office of administration and this is the
office of the creditor so the berth
relates to when this office is created
the name of the person that’s in there
is simply
the beneficiary that’s we are either the
beneficiary of the house of the creditor
or if we remain in the in the surname
holding the surname of this the birth
we still become the beneficiary but we
become the beneficiary of a debtor state
so you’re still a better nothing’s
changed inside but it’s just that if
you’re the beneficiary of an office of a
debtor then that office is going to
completely always be empty because it’s
going either to pay the creditors so if
you are in the office of the debtors
then you will be forever paying the
debts of that state if you are in the
office of the creditors then your debts
are constantly being paid by the office
of the debtors
that’s why when you walk into a
courthouse to apply for your birth
certificate that’s the one they need you
know a prideful that’s why the society
they advertise your birthday and
celebrate your birthday because they’re
solar but they’re celebrating the date
the day that you entered into the birth
of the debtor’s they created this place
on the same day you were born because on
the day you were born they quickly tied
this state or your surname
John Henry dodo be they tied to your
your heel or your to our to your toe and
they created the office of the data
first now normally you will stay in the
office of the debtors which is normal
until you reach the age of twenty-one
which is the age of majority and at the
age of majority you have the right to
come back to being a Christian a true
Court Christian not a quasi Christian
but a true Court Christian or the
patrician you have that right at the age
of twenty-one or you have if you don’t
come back to being to Christ or in the
Christian trust or into the creditor
trust and you remain with the house of
the debtors then you become a thing
called an adulterer or they also call
them adults which is adultery ed ultra
adult so that means that’s a person that
no longer believes in Christ in the
creditor that’s a pagan which really
means pay again so what’s happening is
you’re paying for all your debts again
but the thing is when you’re in here
because you are the one that owns the
birthright to the land that you’re born
on you own the land so like those
farmers are getting kicked off the land
how can a farmer get kicked off the land
when we as Australians own the land and
that’s really easy they hold this
certificate here which is the evidence
that the court needs and the bank needs
to prove that you are you are not the
of land of Australia you are in the
office of the creditor of a company in
the District of Columbia and then that’s
why they call you a resident which is
someone that resides on the land the
word resident means something that lives
on land they don’t own so it got to be
careful of all these things same with
that the ‘true the traditional black
fellows from this land from this country
they call themselves the traditional
owners but they’ve got to watch what
that word means because the word
traditional means one who has given or
sold his land given away or sold his
so sometimes it’s it’s not about there’s
a bit more to this than then that meets
the eye it’s also the birthright of not
just the original blackfella tribes that
were on the UM on this land it’s people
like me and three or four generations of
my history that also have now have a
birthright to Australia this is my only
country I love Australia just as much as
anybody and I have a birthright here so
that means that I have an obligation
just like the original blackfella tribes
we are obligated to serve and protect
and defend this country but the thing is
this attack has been a solar attack not
only just on the original black full of
tribes from the white tribe when the
Wright administration came here this is
also an attack on the white birthright
the white people that have been birthed
on this country as well and what these
foreign banks these vatican own banks
are doing is they are his surfing this
thing over the birthright the people
that have been born on this country and
they use our birthright our ownership of
the mineral and the energy wealth of
Australia they use that ownership
through this certificate as the security
to make their money with when they
produce their dollars there are Federal
Reserve notes that we use and think it’s
money it’s not that money is being
printed off this certificate and what
happens is
this is the real certificate this is you
this is the birth fraud this is what
gives the legal title to the bank
this gives you the equitable title so
the minute that they can remove you from
here and go put you over into the
debtors office then that makes the bank
then holding the equity because the true
equitable holder that is not there he’s
gone over into the debtors but he
doesn’t know he’s there he thinks he’s
accredited he thinks he’s the real thing
but the very birthing certificates
themselves when you just get in and read
them and and look closely at what’s
happening with them the full disclosure
is actually on these certificates on
this one to you and the real full
disclosure is that the both of these
certificates are fraud they are banking
frauds but do we have to get rid of it
yet you know if the bank is doing all
the right things and we become the
creditors of the bank well then the bank
is doing all the work for us the foreign
United States Federal Reserve works for
us just like our prime ministers say
when they sign their oath if I go into
the the governor general’s office and
swear their oath they swear an oath to
up to serve the people that’s who they
serve but if these people are over here
then they are actually serving the bank
becomes from there’s the the first the
equitable title this is the evidence
that we’ve granted it to the bank as the
administrator the administrator then
grants it back to us because we walk
into the court we don’t know who we are
and name and date of birth you John
Henry doe and don’t born here come in
spit-up and tell you even he’s a nice
new shiny birth certificate look at this
guy’s body looking stuff on it how’s
and you think all right and you can go
down to the bank now and you can borrow
money as long as you pay it back because
you have to pay it back to yourself but
if you’re not here used to remain there
when you pay the money back to yourself
when you borrow it from your house you
borrow your house loan you take the
money there as you’re paying it back to
the bank the bank takes your money and
it does pay it back to you over here but
when you finally died and you didn’t
ever come back here to claim your money
then all that money that you’ve paid
back that they’ve taken from your
account remains with the US Federal
Reserve which is the Rothschild home
dynasty and that’s probably a little bit
why they have so much love something
like nine tenths of the money in the
world belongs to them I’ve heard these
stories which is an amazing amount of
wealth but it’s not that they’ve made
the wealth or anything they just simply
deceived and you know it it’s not
technically stolen but if they’ve set up
a society that doesn’t allow you to ever
know the difference between all the
tricks on how they’ve done this if
they’re if you don’t know the art of
conversion which is converting you from
the creditor of a banking or debtor off
the bank by letting you become an
account holder of the bank which is a
trustee if you don’t know these things
and I’ve made sure that in the schools
the state schools and everything that
you’ve never you don’t have the ability
to know this then you will always grow
up in the world of the debtors and you
will never know anything else you will
never know that this other certificate
exists and to get it how easy is that
together if you know your name and your
date of birth that’s all you do name
John Henry not trying Henry doe date of
birth the date of registration just or
down here
the registration date which is that date
up there which is the date registration
so that’s the fundamental that’s where
the guts of this you could almost call
it a crime but the thing is they call it
voluntary because you volunteered after
you turn 21 you didn’t come over here
and because it’s a biblical trust the
system exists in the Bible so they sort
of say to us they call us pagans and
well and that’s the other reason why
there is a Bible sitting in the court is
to remind us that the pagans are going
to be punished in their it’s satanic you
know in all ways the Bible is the is the
manual to Babylon it’s a babylonian
manual so like a car manual manual for
your mower who you motorbike you’ve got
to read the manual to make sure that you
do everything right to put the right
oils in your inner engine this in order
not to void warranty
well the same thing with the with the
Bible it’s a manual and if you don’t
operate within the terms conditions of
that manual you’ll wind up in the pagan
the house of the pagans the house of the
plebs the plebeians that the debtors and
you will never become a creditor or
Christ or the patrician you will remain
as pagans and so they blame us for this
for our ignorant but what happens if you
watch too much television and you watch
too much football and you’re distracted
by the really great life that’s that’s
been set up for the pagans and the
plebeians from the Roman days for they
had that call Sims and everyone needs to
go there watch all the entertainment
on those nights that’s when I used to
pass many laws that even gave you a
harder time you almost you look at
Australia now I mean you blink and I’ve
got a fine for you I got that many fines
that you’re a criminal but we just walk
out the door and you’re probably a
criminal because they just do this on
state of origin night they hold
government in Queensland holds
parliament on that night so while all of
Queensland’s down there yah going and
drinking up over the state of origin
they passed some like three or four
hundred new laws well the plebeians for
the plebs watching football eatin boys
and drinkin beer not saying that’s a bad
life Oh hide quite enjoy that myself and
stay even now I hold this I’ll still
have it I’ll still enjoy a beer I’m
still Aussie you know but being an
Aussie using your brains a little bit
this is not an Aussie when you’re when
you’re a a citizen of the Commonwealth
of Australian you are a district of
columbian yeah I know you’re not gonna
like that same with when you go into the
church and you’re in the church the
Anglican Church you’re a Catholic
because the Church of England Church the
real Church is no longer here in
Australia I think it went in 1973 when
when Gough Whitlam signed the unit-wide
Treaty of Rome and handed the
administration of Australia over to the
unit or treaty or them the Civil
Procedure rules of the Vatican which is
really the rules of corporate law that’s
why corporations run everything now and
that’s why there are no more common law
courts left because our common law
government not only probably hasn’t been
usurped and taken I don’t think
Australia ever even had a government
because it was the British
administration before this one in 1973
came in the reason why Australian has an
Australia doesn’t have a government is
probably because there’s just no
Australians that can comprehend how to
create the the banks the the desert
banks or the the national banks because
Australians and not just Australians
people around the world the art and the
craft of modern-day banking is limited
to a very few amount of people and
that’s why they keep international and
the more central they get the government
as the UN or the United Nations or the
EU the European Union the more central
they get this government the less and
less they can let out the art and the
craft of these fiat currency banking
systems and like they’re not actually
dealing with money they’re dealing with
dollars or get notes they are not
dealing with gold and silver and the
security for those banks these
certificates and that is now why this
birth certificate these ones here sit in
the CBA Building in Brisbane and the
state of Victoria and everything they no
longer sit in the government printing
officers they sit inside the bank and
that is the security of that
there’s a little rundown coming from the
tinfoil hat people I guess you could say
the the people that start to question
this you know I’ll spend a lot of time
trying to fathom this out and the
evidence of what I’ve assumed and the
work of getting it sits here and the
other evidence is the very fact that
these are now have been transferred from
the Government Printing Office into the
Commonwealth Bank of Australia that is
not the Commonwealth Bank of Australia
because it is the Commonwealth Bank of
Australia Corporation registered in the
United States Securities and Exchange
Commission as you can see here and that
it’s of the it derives from that
District of Columbia say that’s a
rundown on the to birthing certificates
so you’re often a lot of people say what
are you going on about these two
birthing certificates it’s crap it’s you
know you you you’re lost the plot
I credit uh data administration
oh you see that
that’s the Joker that’s the card the
transfers the ice down to the lowest
card number one the Joker card and if
you want to know where the Joker card is
go do your driver license open up your
driver license and have a look at the
name of the driver license and if you
believe that’s your name on the driver
license it’s been deceived

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