Billy Dee Williams Clears Up 'Gender Fluid' Comment


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Cyn Santana on dating outside of your race (00:10)
Billy Dee Williams on gender fluid comments (02:22)
Tekashi69 prosecutors file for a lighter sentence (04:52)

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this is the woman report with Angela Yee
all right Sam Santana now she’s bringing
well she was on the reel and they
brought up an episode of lip service
where since Santana was in the midst of
a discussion with us about different men
and different races like dating out of
sight of your race and are there any
things you could say like what is it
like dating this type of guy and here’s
what happened on that show Spanish girls
especially like they you know what let
me not even get into you don’t get
herself in trouble now you know black is
gonna take it personal like well people
were really upset about those comments
and she was on the real actually
explaining herself here’s what she said
that was definitely tough and a learning
moment for me I think what happened was
well we were talking about experiences
with men different men races and
ethnicities and just comparing our
experiences I feel like I poorly
articulated myself and I ever spawn
simply repeated something that I heard
throughout my teenage years and I think
people took that message wrongly like
that’s not that’s not what I meant
and for that I do apologize I have
apologized I would love to talk about it
all right I see what she’s saying she
learned something when she was younger
and she realized that she got old there
wasn’t true well you know you’re not
gonna sit in there like we all weren’t
taught things and our coaches that don’t
serve us anymore now that we’re older so
just want to explain because we’ve had
some lip service moments that you know
that show is never designed for people
to say things that will get them and all
kinds of I can’t tell situations and
issues but it is a relaxed conversation
and people that just it’s like if you’re
talking to your friends and so there’s a
lot of things you would say to your
friends that you might not say on a
different platform so people were
talking about this is what it’s like to
date a Hispanic guy this is what it’s
like when you date and so I don’t know
what her experiences are but it
definitely got her in trouble I don’t
think that she for real obviously meant
any harm by that and she was wrong
simply because you know black men we
catered or whatever a race of woman we
are with because we are simply the best
and if you don’t have a black man you
should get you one
we don’t cheat and we cater to all women
Destiny’s Child wrote that song cater
for you for us based off our experiences
and how we treat us that’s what women
that were with okay well speaking of
cheating no I’m kidding
so Billy Dee Williams he says that you
know they were talking about this
interview he did with Esquire magazine
but he says that he is gender-fluid and
that he uses both male and female
pronouns for himself right if you guys
remember we reported another story he
said I I say himself in herself I also
see myself as feminine as well as
masculine and I’m a very soft person I’m
not afraid to show that side of myself
well he clarified his comments now in an
interview with undefeated he said he was
simply talking about the ways that men
can embrace their feminine side he said
well first of all what the hell is
gender fluid whose mom’s ability wins I
said this when he first said what I was
talking about was about men getting in
touch with their softer side of
themselves and that’s it so he wasn’t
really saying that he is gender fluid he
is talking about the sacred masculine
and divine feminine energies that exist
in all genders is about qualities you I
don’t understand why human beings think
because we came from a man and we came
from a woman we have to have both of
those energies within us we have to have
both of those sacred masculine and
divine feminine qualities in us that he
just made that up well yeah I think they
misinterpreted it more they
misinterpreted it he didn’t ever say
that he’s gender fluid he said that he
says himself in herself and he said he
sees himself as feminine as well as
masculine they interpreted that as
meaning that he’s gender fluid saying I
was talking about men getting in touch
with the female side of themselves I
wasn’t talking about sex I wasn’t
talking about being gay or straight term
that just came around the past four or
five years look the hell with lando from
Star Wars know about some goddamn gender
fluidity he said when I hit you in the
fluid I think you did almost seem it the
hell are you talking about
but that’s it and I was trying to
explain to you and me the agenda fluid
anyway regardless of all that doesn’t
necessarily mean anything to do with who
you’re having sex with is just
but but even deeper y’all really need to
pick up books like a solar to superior
man or this other book I’m reading right
now called the 13 original Klan women
and it’s about sacred masculine and
divine feminine man it’s just about
qualities that exist in in all genders
and you need a healthy balance of both
to be a whole human well Billy Dee
Williams said that you should read Carl
G Jung who was a psychiatrist and then
who he was referencing he said it would
be an interesting education for a lot of
people all right now let’s talk about
Takashi six nine you ters have filed a
request for a lighter sentence it’s
official so they’re asking for some
leniency we’ll see what happens
the feds do say the six nine walked them
through his social media opposed to
provide context for the criminal actions
of the quote gang and he’s been very
cooperative so this judge will determine
if the sentence will be lighted there I
bet you he’s out before Christmas
no I’m sorry you know this other guy the
last person that day um they sentenced
he was snitching too and they gave him
20 years yeah but yeah he’s down with
the tree weight gain if he was Mitchell
from Christmas three to five what time
service he’s done he already all right
well I’m Angela Yee and that’s your
rumor report

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