Billo Ado on Joining Nine Trey Bloods, Getting 12 Years for Kidnapping & Home Invasion (Part 2)

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Part 3:
Part 1:
Billy Ado starts off this clip by speaking about growing up in Brooklyn with his parents and his father being deported back to Trinidad in 1993 after being arrested and not having the right paperwork. He went on to explain how he caught charges for robbing a guy that owed him $4,100 and ultimately going to prison over the incident.

Moving along, both Billy Ado and Seqo Billy spoke about their time in prison, revealing that they were involved in various fights, which included Billy Ado being stabbed multiple times. Seqo Billy also shared a story of being put in a Crip area in Riker’s Island and Crips trying to stab him as a CO dragged him away.

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