Bill Cosby's Rep Called Eddie Murphy a "Hollywood SLAVE" for SNL comments: Did He Go Too Far?


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what’s that family Eddie Murphy made his
much-anticipated return to Saturday
Night Live as the show’s host for the
first time in 35 years and he brought
all the drama with him he revived his
role as mr. Robinson and mr. Robinson’s
neighborhood where they did a skit on
gentrification if not for how some
people internalize jokes and stereotypes
I could just sit back and relax and
enjoy it right but I just know some
people are gonna take that information
and use it in a reckless manner to where
reinforces what they already thought you
did what I’m saying in the skit it talks
about how white people have moved in and
forced the black folks out the condo
they talked about you know the people
that was living in the condo before or
the apartment before the white couple
moved in were crack dealers you know it
was cooking crack and all this type of
stuff in and they came over to Eddie’s
house and Eddie’s there as a squatter
because he can’t afford to live there so
they knock on his door they’re looking
for a television that they had delivered
and Eddie is like you know I don’t know
what you’re talking about you know and
get from around here whatever and after
they leave he turns to tell them
you know so it reinforces those negative
stereotypes about black folks and all
this stuff you know so if not for other
people that I know that’s gonna take
that joke and misuse it and misinterpret
it on internalize it you know I just
relax on it but I just I just know as
I’m laughing at the joke others are
taking it and then laughing but it’s
really reinforcing what they already
think right they also did something
called black jeopardy again reinforcing
negative stereotypes about black folks
and again I’m thinking the same thing
it’s funny but you know I know they’re
watching the biggest controversy though
is what he said in his monologue noting
the welcoming of his tenth son Eddie
Murphy said if you would have told me
thirty years ago that I’d be this boring
stay-at-home dad and Bill Cosby would be
in jail even I would have tucked that
bed so anyway Bill Cosby’s rep Andrew
why didn’t take that statement lightly
he went on Bill Cosby’s Instagram and
posted an angry message he called Eddie
Murphy a Hollywood slave he said by now
you would think that Eddie Murphy could
make his own decisions so he clearly
thinks that Eddie Murphy is still being
controlled by Hollywood I think it’s a
simple case of the
I think that Bill Cosby winning in on
Eddie Murphy early in his career as a
young comic didn’t embrace him in fact
ridiculed him publicly and privately and
Eddie Murphy had talked about this in
length he said that he tried to patch it
up many times a problem with me and Bill
Cosby didn’t want anything to do with it
so Eddie Murphy was like okay this F me
it’s you and that’s where they are now
nor would I know about this Lynch job
that America is trying to pool well that
they have poured on Bill Cosby singling
him out with all of these white dudes
out here rape it and being accused even
the President of the United States with
all these rape allegations Donald Trump
got over a dozen rape allegations
against him think about when’s the last
time you’ve known a president to have
that men and women accuse him of rape
the president but yeah rape I don’t even
know of another president that’s been
accused of rape but anyway all of these
guys out here and Bill Cosby is in
prison with no evidence so for me I’m
not going to help them I’m not going to
go in on not if it was Steve Harvey I
can’t say I wouldn’t do the same thing
you know I don’t like that dude you
don’t like himself and I know that he’s
a straight-up sellout I personally don’t
think that Bill Cosby is a sellout
because he’s bought into the black
community way too often I think that
he’s just too old dude who made some
disparaging comments
the black community and didn’t give it
really a lot of thought and even then
when he said what he said and people
criticize him for word and he eventually
apologized he still came right back a
few months ago and says some other
things well actually a few weeks ago he
said some other things about the black
community along the same lines it’s like
he don’t get it like the sound is just
very like condescending like he was
talking down and to the community
instead of talking up you know in what
you say it’s how you say it and so
that’s why a lot of people is ride with
Eddie Murphy they like man feel Cosby
man he should just say it all that what
he said and that is the danger of
throwing your people under the bus
because no matter who you are at some
point you are going to need to lean on
your people some of y’all don’t believe
that but all you have to do is just look
at history look at every single sellout
in history and they all have been
knocked off that high horse and they’ve
had to repent to the community from
which they came so I believe is between
Eddie and Bill I can’t say that if I was
80 Murphy I wouldn’t do the same thing
the Bill Cosby had he treated me that
way on a personal note I’m not gonna do
that Biddy but what say you think Eddie
was right
I do you think he was wrong drop a
comment no mo top

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