Bill Cosby's Appeal Denied, 7 New Accusers Come For Cuba Gooding Jr.


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what’s that family
Bill Cosby lost his beard to overturn
his sexual assault conviction Tuesday as
an appeals court upheld the verdict in
the first celebrity trial of the me2 era
in its ruling the Superior Court upheld
the right of prosecutors to call other
accusers to bolster their case the same
issue that was fought over in the
pre-trial hearings before movie mogul
Harvey Weinstein sexual assualt trial
this decision is a reminder that no one
is above the law and real constant the
victim in the Cosby case said Cosby’s
lawyers in his appeal said the suburban
Philadelphia judge had improperly
allowed five women to testify at last
year’s retrial although he just led one
woman testify at the first trial in 2017
but the Superior Court said Pennsylvania
law allowed testimony if it shows Cosby
had a signature pattern of drugging and
molesting women here the evidence
established appellant unique sexual
assault playbook the court said noting
that no two events will ever be
identical the court went on to say that
the similarities were no accident Bill
Cosby’s lawyers argued eight issues on
appeal including the judge’s decision to
let prosecutors use portions of a
deposition he gave in the accusers
related civil suit now check out the
cold game family his lawyers also argued
that he had a binding agreement with the
former prosecutor that he would never be
charged in the case and could testify
freely in the deposition in his accuser
Andrea constants related lawsuit but the
appeals court rejected those arguments
and upheld the judge’s classification
of Bill Cosby as a sexually violent
predator Bill Cosby who is 82 years old
now can take his argument to the state
Supreme Court for appeal this is a death
sentence if Bill Cosby has to do those
whole 10 years that’s his maximum
sentence he said in an interview
recently that if he has to do with ten
years to hoe ten years he’ll do it
because he’s never going to go to the
parole board and ask for our show
remorse he’s never gonna go down and
show remorse because he don’t believe he
did anything wrong my guess is if you
feel like you’re innocent you know you
shouldn’t show remorse I wouldn’t I felt
like I was innocent of something I don’t
care what the situation is I would not
show remorse
I wouldn’t fake it like that I mean I
just I just feel like at some point
right gonna prevail no matter what I
just feel like I’m a come on on top no
matter what so Bill Cosby is not the
only one facing scrutiny for a sexual
I mean it’s so many powerful men in
Hollywood right now that are going
through this we talked about Russell
Simmons the other day how Oprah Winfrey
is using her platform to help bring
Russell Simmons down there now also
going after Cuba Gooding jr. I don’t
know how what the total is but I know
seven new women while seven yeah seven
additional women have claimed that Cuba
Gooding jr. sexually assaulted them in
some manner that is a lot of women
claiming that you assaulted them
I wonder will they have proof this time
because they had no proof on Bill Cosby
it was all he said she said well mainly
it was she said the trip part about it
is Andrea constant settled would Bill
Cosby for over three million dollars she
settled and part of her sediment was for
her to keep her mouth to keep her mouth
closed she didn’t do that how does that
work and how does it work when the
prosecutor cuts a deal with you and
Renea on the deal before you make a deal
with that prosecutor you better make
sure you really have a deal man I wonder
how long this appeal is gonna take for
Bill Cosby this is I really just can’t
believe that they got him like in
America you just don’t matter when you
got that kind of money I don’t care what
your race is well you got that kind of
money you can usually you know get
things to kind of go your way in court
because you hire the best absolute best
attorneys and very few people can fight
the state can match the states with
resources and somebody with a lot of
money can because that’s how the state
takes down a lot of people most people
don’t have that kind of money to match
the state’s resources with expert
witnesses and forensics and you know all
this stuff you know flying in witnesses
and all that kind of stuff most people
can’t do that
so a beer Cosby man who we man y’all let
me know how y’all think this is gonna
end up for bill y’all think be able to
get that appeal do you think even I have
to say to that and what are they gonna
do about
Cuba Gooding jr. yeah I think they’ll
get creeper I know what they ain’t no
helper no more talk

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