Bama Police Officers Joke by Posing With "Homeless Quilt" Made From Panhandling Signs!


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what’s that family and Alabama police
chief has apologized after two of his
officers were caught posing with the
controversial Christmas gift
Preston McGraw and Alexandria levy a two
officers with the mobile police
department was shown posing with the
homeless quilt and a Facebook post on
one of the officers personal profiles in
the post which was shared on Sunday but
has since been deleted the two men are
standing with the collection of science
that were purportedly confiscated from
homeless people want to wish everybody
in 4th precinct a Merry Christmas
especially our captain the original post
read hope you enjoy our homeless quilt
the post was signed sincerely panhandler
patrol on Monday
chief Lawrence batiste responded to the
controversy condemning the man’s and
sensitive actions yeah right
you know these dudes you could tell
where it come from leadership starts at
the top for them to post something like
that to be that comfortable posting
those signs making fun of homeless
people that tells you that they got
co-signed by their leadership it’s the
people that’s over them and I would even
say to Chief of Police probably created
the whole atmosphere they have to answer
to him and for them to send him
something like that perhaps they’ve been
joking like this all along
perhaps that is the mentality that is
the culture in the police department as
it relates to the homeless these are the
people with guns who rush into heated
situations and bring the burn these got
to qualify who passed all the tests and
giving live ammo so they can bounce on
the scenes and restore peace and harmony
a homeless quilt made by the panhandler
Patrol man come on this is not a lack of
empathy or care this is state sanctioned
violence and these are the trophies of
their conquests now I tell you straight
I’m personally tired of seeing
panhandlers on every corner it’s not
safe for the driver the passengers are
the panhandler because one fool ran up
on me a couple of weeks ago late at
night very few cars on the street just
like this fool just magically appeared
and I like boy you like to get your damn
noodles not get your ass off my car yeah
it’s not safe it’s not safe now I know
that they’re gonna be people they’re
gonna say well you know not all of these
guys are homeless and we know the game
we know the game but because we don’t
know who’s homeless and who’s not
do we throw the baby out with the
bathwater do we put everybody in a group
and we just generalize you know we got
the we got the cherry picked this thing
out because if they’re just dealing with
all the homeless people that you could
tell that’s that’s how they operate they
treat all homeless people that way
they’re not picking a nod they’re not
picking and choosing then I said oh yeah
you faking you’re not you’re faking they
like oh he’s homeless
let me do him like this remember when
that cop made a CC Sam
and gave it to that homeless guy he
ended up getting popped and got fired
and all that kind of stuff but some of
the stuff that these people do to the
homeless you know these cops man you
know they are some of the worst to even
to be that fundamentally unsound you
know to be that juvenile to even
consider something like that to be funny
and to like publicly display something
like that actually it’s one thing to
tell a private joke and do something in
private but to actually post that on
social media like he did that meant that
he thought it was okay that meant that
he felt safe within his culture within
his work environment within the within
the structure of his Facebook page and
the people who follow him he felt very
comfortable so what does that say about
the people who follow him yeah yeah he
did it it was part of a culture he did
it because there was a number of people
that he know on a personal level that
accepts that type of behavior
I don’t believe on looking down on
people like that
I think that the way you treat people
who can’t do anything for you who have
less than you who can’t do anything for
you is a real indication of your
character I think that is the truest
indication of your track of your
character how you treat those who can do
nothing for you i’ma leave you with this
why does cops hate panhandlers so much
when all they do on a daily basis is
no mo top

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