Azriel Clary To Joycelyn Savage: 'You Slept With A Minor. That Minor Was Me!'


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The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.

#BreakfastClub <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

this is the rumor report with Angela Yee
on The Breakfast Club so are Kelly his
two girlfriends that were living with
him at the Trump Towers in Chicago got
into it and as Rio was there in Joycelyn
savage came in it turned into a bit of a
brawl was on Instagram live by the way
was going down hold on according to
we’ll get to that in a second but
according to Azrael Clarys he says that
she was untouched it look like that was
on the floor I ain’t see the fight I
just heard it it sounded like something
was touching touch Sutton touching so
are you one brain lately all right now
as we are reporting right now as we I
was on instagram live and her enjoy
sling got into it they are the two
girlfriends of our Kelly they were
living with him in the Trump Towers in
Chicago now as we all then said that she
was covering up for our Kelly and that’s
the sad part about it and he had people
like me so we got on Gayle King as
stupid as to be jail what her man you
can go be sweet obedience we don’t dump
any chance what else was I supposed to
be a revelation like what don’t we know
about are Kelly at this point like why
is she acting like she knows like why is
she acting like she knows where all the
bodies are buried and we don’t know she
knows where all the bodies are buried
like there’s nothing we don’t know about
all Kelly a disloyal I think what she’s
saying is that her in Joycelyn lied to
the people that’s what she’s alleging
now as we are clary also did after all
this say after she said that she didn’t
get touching I like that here’s what
happened first of all she came up in
here she had gave our keys to another
woman she does all his like handwork
from him from jail I can let her come up
here first because I didn’t know who she
so then Joycelyn came back up here she
just came to get like his awards and his
Grammys and stuff and then after that
she started saying and I’m so wrong and
that this and that and I told her
Joycelyn you’re going to jail you stuck
with the minor that minor was me you did
it multiple times in it she said Senate
attack she hit me with her hands and she
was trying to kick me face yes she was
the other girl warning yes she says she
wasn’t touched but then when the cops
came to change the money yeah are
Kelly’s attorney is saying that this
whole thing was staged to both social
media to boost social media popularity
and joyce –lens dad said he’s still not
in contact with his daughter and he said
the fight footage was sketchy
our Kelly’s lawyer also said I have a
statement written by as vo that she
provided to me voluntarily after Robert
was already in jail that said she never
had sex with him when she was underage
as far this little catfight it’s clear
that it was staged I wanna watch the
fight but I’m scared to click on any
video without Kelly in the title
involving girls well it was on it’s on
all the blogs
find that they wouldn’t be able to post
but nobody else seems a crazy day right
for all Kelly all night long and then as
soon as the money stops and they they
get kicked out and all of a sudden they
change stories well I don’t know if it’s
the money chapter he’s not around
anymore and he’s in jail so maybe the
fact that he’s not there to control the
narrative like he was before they a
little too late there’s nothing we could
hear about our Kelly at this point I was
surprised us other than Robert himself
admitting he has a problem and he needs
help that’s the only thing that would be
surprising at this point right all right
now boosie badazz people were upset
about him now we’re upset at him tell me
if y’all think all right MB yes ma’am
you were about to pledge Kappa right yes
I was I was actually in the process of
doing it but my granola
my grades were low low I needed a 86 on
a test and I got an 84 and the teacher
wouldn’t bump it up two points so I
could pass but I was on line and
everything all right you because you
kept trying to play with D capricans
well listen can you wear a Kappa Alpha
Ceph eternity incorporated shirt or
sweater if you are not in the fraternity
no well boo see did just that he was
sitting courtside at a Houston Rockets
in Atlanta Hawks game and he posted some
pictures of himself wearing it he
worried just cuz he thought they would
be actually like think it was him paying
homage to them and he was bonded to all
the backlash she said I was in the mall
looking for red and I saw this sweater
and it was hard yes I know it was the
campus sweater I thought I would get
love from wearing it and I hate calm
your ass down bruh I was just getting
fresh and then he put hashtag leave me
alone I get it because those brothers
really you know they really went hard
they learned everything that they had to
learn they went through a process where
the majority of them didn’t take it
serious one of my best friends is the
capital dropping ACLU’s bombs for DJ
frosty calm I didn’t go to college I
don’t pledge no fraternity no sorority I
don’t see the problem here though
because when those Kappas shimmy they
always share me the booty wipe me down
so it sounds like a goddamn even
exchange fair trade I think I don’t want
y’all shimmy in the wipe me down that is
true they all made him shimmy
y’all shimmy in the wipe me down so
pussy is honorary captain some people
did say that but some people thought it
was offensive and disrespectful to the
fraternity and disrespect busi didn’t
know go see an honorary Caprica
but boo see then boo see definitely is
an honorary member I mean every so you
play wipe them down you’re gonna see the
the canes going and all that how do
Bloods feel cuz I’d be seeing Kappas in
red and bloods and red and both of y’all
be throwing up the same sign yo yo side
exactly logo on it it’s the same side
same sign same color the cap alpha side
logo in the sweaters I’m like no I don’t
know it sounds like everybody needs to
have a conversation with everybody and
everybody decodes this peacefully
because I feel like everybody know like
I wouldn’t be up here wearing an aka
sweater and I never play I just would
not do that right you wouldn’t get me
but they did says so right Kappas of
blood blood to capitals and pussy
definitely should be able to wear a
Kappa sure cuz they always shit me in
the way Bootsie of all people should be
able to wear you think about the
honorary kappa damn right even though
he’s more like a Q just based off
stereotypes but he should be an honorary
cap all right I’m Angela Yee and that’s
your rumor stereotypes what are the
stereotypes I just want to hear this
what stereotypes do it to myself if I
wanted to do it to myself I just don’t
feel like doing it to myself I don’t
feel like doing
I want to see you do it to yourself take
the balls off let’s keep talking today
Meg just the breakfast club

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