Aries Spears: Historically White People Have Been More Dangerous than Blacks

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When it comes to African American comedians being criticized for wearing women’s clothing in movies and TV shows, Aries Spears says he doesn’t believe it makes them look weak or feminine. He told DJ Vlad, “To me, that’s always been a comedy thing. That’s like comedy 101.” He explained, “That’s like one of the oldest tricks of comedy trade—is men in drag.”

With huge comics like Eddie Murphy portraying “Mama Klump” in The Nutty Professor and Martin Lawrence playing “Ms. Payne” on his hit TV show Martin, Spears says it only looked “hilarious” to him. “I never looked at Eddie and went ‘Oh, they’re trying to feminize him and make him come off weak, and not like a strong black man.'” He said, “I went, [it’s] funny as a mother f*****.”

Watch the full interview above.

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