Are Men More Selfish Than Women In Bed?


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morning everybody in cej MZ Angela we
shove them in the guy we are the
breakfast club now if you just joined us
we’re talking about young MA she was on
Angela’s podcast lip service yeah what
she was talking about you well she got a
lot of people a lot of guys in their
feelings because she was basically
talking about how men can be very
selfish in the bedroom mm-hm and that’s
just a generalized statement but she’s
saying that all men but they just you
know kind of want to get there is they
just want to penetrate and get out a lot
of women I had sex with rather had
rather have sex with a woman than they
did with a man like I’ve been told that
like the sex with the woman was better
than with the man because they felt like
what man is more like just about
penetrating woman get any so forth like
men do wanna please women but do you
have most women that’s just like yeah
let’s get it and go all right we’re
asking 800 585 105 1 or men’s selfish in
the bedroom now shout to my wife gear
I’m gonna tell you why I appreciate it
so much because in the beginning of our
terrible we’ve been together since 16 or
17 years old I was selfish as a mother
effort I once I got handled and taken
care of and I do I turn over went to
sleep that’s what I did I you know I
didn’t appreciate her I didn’t tend to
her and care for her then as I got a
little older you know I can’t more about
pleasing her than making sure I was
pleased so once I got a little bit older
and I really learned what a relationship
was and what love was and wanting to
your partner to experience what that
feeling was now when it comes to sex and
wearing a bed I make sure she’s overly
pleased that’s how I am yeah and I think
that a lot of guys have that issue right
and some people will say it comes with
maturity it comes to being in a
relationship for a long time but I find
that women tend to be more givers than
men do and of course it takes a lot
longer for us to orgasm than it does for
a guy right so a lot of times you guys
are trying to hold back while we’re
trying to make ours happen right so I
can see why that would be a general
statement that it you know obviously
that men tend to be more selfish and
from my own experience right it is true
but also I mean
there’s no manual for eating the box
like I like I got is plenty I’m gonna
ask my dad hey Dad how do you how do you
eat the boxes no they learn you just got
to dive in and half the time you don’t
know what you doing you just moving your
tongue in directions because there’s
something that you think you can google
anything today without yeah but now you
can but still like the best Willa Graham
is act like a little kitten looking from
a saucer of milk that didn’t work I
tried that that look stupid if I think
of a cat look good
glad we got the rough time you’re gonna
use that video me trying that right
anyway let’s go to the phone lines
hello this good morning I am Venus Tracy
good morning Tracy how you doing I am
well how are you this morning
I’m the morning Angela good morning now
we’re talking about a men more selfish
in the bedroom typically they are
because women by nature are nurturers
mmm so our job our brains that are
what’s ingrained in us is to actually
take care of so that leads to pleasure
right Lisa pleasing but there are some
men that are zodiac Li I will say more
passionate than their counterparts that
are women that are a different zodiac
sign that I’ve seen as well write your
goals have been more passionate Scorpios
have been more freakier and then you
have some better just log they’ll do
what they need to do to get off but they
don’t care about you as the female but
females are more attentive in the
bedroom okay but I think thank you so
much I think with women to women you got
to teach a man how to eat the Box the
correct way right it’s not even just
that that was about insects – you know
sex – you got to teach a man how to do
the sex to it and we just think about
you know because when we grow up with
Bank Bank bank we just try to do all the
stuff that we see on the television
that’s usually all wrong but maybe just
me alright let’s go – yeah that’s not a
confessions here hey Jamal we’re talking
about men’s selfish in the bed are you
selfish in the bedroom bro keep it real
your life I don’t care about you oh
you’re the best I’m just talking my not
don’t you want to have a good showing
anyway why don’t you want to impress
somebody still why do you have a sets of
people you don’t care about that is true
800 585 105 when I tell you it when I
started off with my wife I know what I
was doing she probably so disappointed
I’m sure there’s nothing worse than a
woman disappointed after sex I don’t
know what she wasn’t disappointed
I just was I was selfish that you could
say that she probably was laying there
like damn that way don’t say that hey
what’s your name
No Haitian now we’re talking about men
being less sensitive in the bedroom she
knows this your first time speaking this
morning yes it is yeah I could tell no
more Sophie to the bedroom mama I’m in
my 30s I spent most of my life with men
I can totally agree were and I am not
mad at her comments at all I think women
are a hundred percent like more
concerned about satisfying each other
than men are right and on top of that
like I’ve been with the girl now for
almost two years and now my fiancee like
hands down the best sex I’ve had and I
no complaints at all and I just think
that if men if men were more concerned
about their women like women aren’t they
wouldn’t have any problems yeah because
you know it’s a rarity when you find a
guy who’s great in bed you’re like I
can’t let him go
it’s harder I can ever have any
complaints and you get like that you get
the best of both worlds okay hello is
this a mama we’re talking about a men
more selfish the bed hello yeah can you
take us all Bluetooth you fellows sound
hello there you go
I’m a more self
to bed yes they are in my experience
I’ve noticed that is with the younger
men that are more selfish the older man
said let’s take care of the women a
little bit better and they ain’t in the
please mm-hmm I think is experience you
know cuz that when you’re younger you
really don’t necessarily know what you
do when you’re trying to learn you’re
trying to figure it out exactly but when
you get a little older don’t know what
they’re doing either still alright and I
hope that this whole conversation just
makes a man decide I’m gonna do better
write me to get up on your games flip it
up fellas all right thank you mama so
drama let me ask you a question you know
I’m a giver
that lucky guy all right now what’s the
story you know which is happy I don’t
know the story listen the Murrow the
story is don’t get in your feelings
about this conversation know that means
for you guys out there is this a
wide-open field for you apparently women
are not as satisfied as you think they
are that means it’s wide open for you to
be that man to come in there and really
put it down and as my older cousin used
to always say you got to lick it before
you stick it

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