Are Child Support Payments Too High?


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Each state in the United States is required by federal law to establish guidelines that are used to calculate child support due from parents based largely on their income and expenses. Because states have a fair amount of discretion in setting these guidelines, child support payments required vary widely between states, even under the same circumstances.

But normally, the courts will take into account issues like the standard of living of the child prior to divorce, the specific needs of the child, the resources of the custodial parent and the non-custodial parent’s ability to pay.

Because in most states judges are allowed wide discretion in setting these payments, it is important for a non-custodial father to get as much information on the table with the court up-front to make the payments are fair as possible.


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Hey good evening this is the star report
Thursday night I’m your host star star
stands for strange thoughts and
revelations for those of you new viewers
okay I’m kind of in a slow mood tonight
do you mind if I take the night off and
just sit here and just Coast coast had a
great day
handle business but I’m just I’m not I’m
not in a very very talkative mood but we
proceed nonetheless on the screen
tonight two topics two topics should
black men pay less child support
I’m not trolling that’s a legitimate
question um and I want to take the time
and listen things out Ronnie and I were
talking earlier and I threw something in
her that she came back with some notes
something I did not know about um men
being able to in certain states sign
over their parental rights does that
mean that you will no longer pay child
support I’ve got the notes for that she
did send me some notes and I’m gonna
bring her in shortly and I want to maybe
even talk about reparations and the the
business of jail jail is a booming
business and if we have the
incarceration rates that are still
climbing and black men black and
Hispanic men but more so black men not
able to get decent jobs should they pay
less child support and we have to look
at the the child support percentages
nationwide this is a topic I have very
little knowledge of I’ll keep it real
with you I have no biological children
I’ve never paid child support but I’ve
seen good men good men throughout my
journey I’ve seen their lives their
credit destroyed not saying that the
women that they had children with were
bad women but you know they just they
couldn’t get good-paying jobs so give me
two ladies I’m gonna go very slow into a
research show tonight and also on the
screen will Nancy Pelosi destroy the US
economy now we’ve had some great
political discussions in the past and I
like to 12 politics but truthfully
YouTube will not let you put Trump’s
name in the title you can’t monetize
that video and certain things of a
political nature it’s just hard to
monetize you know and I’m a businessman
I want to get paid for my content and
today if you’re up to speed with regards
to Nancy Pelosi and when she was asked
at a press conference does she hate the
president she would age get don’t use
that word now I do have some notes on
Nancy Pelosi those of you who are you
know up to speed on all the politics you
may want to call in I just want to fast
forward and say if she gets her way
because she’s now asking the chairman of
the Judiciary Committee to to draw up
articles of impeachment if she gets away
and they get trump out of there what
happens to the economy then what I mean
whether you like him or not and I don’t
give a shit about him I voted for the
man I’ll vote for him again for business
reasons but if she gets him out of there
and and she’s the one spearheading this
then what will the economy tanked
economies popping right now you can say
which one but the economy is poppin all
right phone lines open give me a second
um and I want to get some other people
in the line tonight with regards to this
topic again because I’m not a father I
don’t know but if I had to guess I would
say because of some of the things I laid
out the the the business of jail which
is designed to get you in there it’s
designed to get you in there and to make
you become part of the the business the
penitentiary business doesn’t that play
a part in your possible being able to
take care of your children some of you
may say well star you know if you if you
make the government or if the government
gives you a break for paying your child
support wouldn’t that be some type of
I don’t know have we ever discussed
reparations possibly covering child
support would that take us back to the
days of welfare would that would that
possibly affect the black family
structure I don’t know well you see now
we have black females and if we’re gonna
talk black you know in particular yeah
black females that have more
opportunities now than black males here
in America so maybe it wouldn’t be the
same as welfare in the in the 70s
primarily 60s 70s it might be different
I don’t know but those are the topics
and also holy smokes I gotta say this
before I bring Ronnie in I almost did
some suckers shit on Twitter today and
then I caught myself I caught myself one
of your greatest MCS rappers whatever
you want to call him top 5 he’s still
alive I saw a video of him from last
year his teeth are fucked up bottom row
Brown it looked like a picket fence and
I said whoa somebody around him at least
has to holler it’s hey it’s time for
some dentures veneers let me look in the
live chat see if you guys know I’m
talking I’m not gonna say the name that
would be suckers shit I started to up on
I’m not gonna confirm nor deny I’m not
gonna confirm nor deny he’s fucked now I
was born in 64 I pride myself on you
know bleaching my teeth these are my
teeth I got up out the fucking bed and
got and got some glow sticks and
bleached my teeth today again just look
at the Haitians I said damn he’s born in
68 that’s all I’m gonna say he’s younger
than me his teeth look fucked up shit os
cute someone says Lake veneers ha ha
yeah that’s funny I’m not gonna say his
name but – holy shit somebody’s got a
hard him it’s a hey man it’s time to do
something with your teeth legend icon
and if you ask any old-school hip-hop
head they would more than likely say
he’s number one that’s all I’ll say I’m
gonna be respectful be I started go
apeshit on Twitter I caught myself I
said nigga slow it down fuck is wrong
with you alright so again the topic on
the screen should black men pay less
child child support this is a legitimate
question I’m not trolling I’m not you
know just throwing some some crazy shit
out here I’m very serious about this
spring basta Quantium Ronnie are you
there boss shit Ronnie hey hey believe
me how are you all right how are you
good good thank you for being available
I’m not really a talkative mood so feel
free to talk talk talk um this topic I
wasn’t aware when you brought something
into the conversation earlier about men
signing over there their parental rights
and does that exclude them from paying
child support right so it’s different in
every state and what it is is that
they’re actually terminating their
parental rights on the record okay so
then they are no longer responsible and
I’m speaking as as far as my home state
every state is different they are no
longer obligated in your state of New
Jersey yes New Jersey yes uh-huh
but the thing is if they had already
accrued arrears and they have you know
back support they’re still responsible
for that because it’s from the date that
you you’re terminating your rights going
forward okay okay and and you even took
a step further you said you don’t feel
that men should be obligated to pay
child support can you tell me what you
said again because I said whoa I said
are you gonna say that on the show and
you said absolutely please well I mean I
just I personally don’t agree with the
concept of child support I would
characterize it the same as how I
characterized alimony it’s it’s state
sanctioned theft I think that adults
should be mature enough to come up with
an arrangement amongst themselves you
know without having to get the state
involved okay
if the father who helped assist assisted
in making the the baby is on drugs or in
the penitentiary than 110 what should
the mother just be left on her own I
mean it’s different day in time okay
well I mean if he’s on drugs or in the
penitentiary there’s a saying you can’t
get blood from a stone if he’s in the
you know in jail making a dollar a day
you know what would would he really be
giving you and if he’s on drugs and he’s
strung out there and you know his life
isn’t even straight what is he going to
give you so what you’re doing is
essentially creating a situation where
he’s going to be caged if he’s not
already caged can you give us the source
for this because I didn’t print that out
this article that you sent me would this
come from pretty interesting stuff here
yeah sure I’ll get that guy’s I’m come
to the phone line shortly Despero you
can go on let’s see if you want the
state-by-state breakdown you would go to
in CSL org and it will link you for
every state it will link you right –
yeah I saw I’m talking about this
article right here the one here that you
sent me signing over parental rights
would that come from again I didn’t
print it out the source I should have
but I didn’t sure okay that one would be
that sources I think very well family
calm and it provides the overview of the
process of signing over which is
basically terminating your parental
okay okay I’m gonna bring some calls in
and I did folks I didn’t want to do a
trending topic tonight I don’t want to
talk about our Kelly and some of the
other things so this is gonna be a loose
research show but I’m very serious about
this this topic should black men and I
want to tie in reparations if that’s not
too far of a stretch
good evening six one zero are you there
six one oh yes no no
no no nigga come on okay he just wanted
to troll he hung up
all right uh let me go to area code two
zero one two I want you there good
evening should black men pay less child
support 201 good even though you did
starting yeah me how are you sir how you
doing this is chock-a-block I called
last night first caller last night okay
how you doing tonight good good hey
Ronnie Ronnie how you doing getting
yourself oh I’m all right thank you
so I’m gonna get into this child support
Dave I am a father of a 41 year old
father and I recently stopped paying
child support okay not not on my not on
my own accord my daughter lives with me
now and she’s 18 years of age but that’s
not the reason I stopped I stopped
because she lives with me now so if I
may ask why just black men in particular
that you’re going that should have to
take less child support why not like
what well because of the high try and
leave this out and again keep in mind
I’m not a father but because of the high
incarceration rate and that’s number one
number number two a wrong has been done
to black black families black people in
this country black babies were taken and
sold so maybe that’s too much of a
stretch but I might want to try and tie
in reparations you know if that makes
no what do you think no I mean I get
what you’re saying it does make sense
it’s like oh the black race overall of
what’s happened to the family structure
in America I get that I just wanted to
ask ya I’m split between it because me
too if the mother hung confuse but they
come on serving the mother and the
father decide to have the kid right and
it doesn’t work out yes that father’s
still financially responsible not only
financially but but just all-around he’s
responsible to be a dad just because the
relationship doesn’t work out doesn’t
mean he doesn’t you know the child
shouldn’t reap the benefits of him being
the dad but if there’s some scuzzy
you’ve met some
place you know getting a sip on and a
baby happens to you know come about
y’all didn’t use protection or whatever
and this man doesn’t want to be a father
he’s now financially forced it’s kind of
like a gun in your head if you do not
pay child support you are going to jail
when I hang on a second let me just say
I’m not saying you shouldn’t pay any
child support I’m not saying that I’m
saying left and I don’t know what what
is it New York State is it 17% were you
calling from Jersey 17%
okay I’m saying made maybe yes 13% of
african-american a wrong has been done
to African Americans for hundreds of
years hungry right so maybe you should
be paying 12% I’m just I’m asking the
question why that would work if they had
some form of like reparations or some
type of like get back to the black man
in mind if they were saying go then
guess what you’re saying yes it would
yes that would be righteous but I mean
on where I come in the same school as
I don’t hypotheticals and I don’t do
like dreams I don’t I see them actually
if it comes to handle it catch the black
band even more saying you guys bear to
be children so we’re gonna hit you even
harder okay yeah hang on a second why do
you want to jump into what the caller is
saying he’s a father he now has custody
of his daughter Ronnie I’m shocked hi
Shaka so I agree with you with what he
was saying about you know when the woman
has the child because ultimately the
decision to bring life into the world
always rests with the woman right so if
a woman chooses to have a child what
recourse does a man have if he never
wanted that child if he could begin with
you know you mentioned Owen Wilson on
yesterday’s show being ordered to pay
twenty five thousand a month for a child
he hasn’t seen and doesn’t want to see
so what is what is your recourse your
recourse the only thing you can do is
terminate your parental rights if you do
not wish to have a connection with that
yeah yes sir you from New Jersey are you
familiar with this whole terminating
your parental rights thing I was not
Ronnie brought this to the table I do
agree with that actually like if it’s a
situation and the woman is going to keep
the child regardless you should be able
just I don’t want any part of this you
know but I like how do you it’s a sticky
like how do you prove that that you guys
weren’t in a relationship and you just a
scumbag you know how do you prove that
we just met and that I don’t want to
have the shower or she’s not fit to be a
mother or I’m not even fit to be a
but how do you prove that you know as
far as signing over the rights right so
that it’s just and you don’t have to
wanna pay in child support that’s the
issue okay okay well I thank you for the
call man and I appreciate your support
I appreciate your donation coming in you
guys have a good night yes sir thank you
– thank you
all right folks let me be clear I’m not
saying you shouldn’t page house board
I’m not saying that I’m saying should
the black man pay less and if you want
to throw this throw the curve ball about
well you know star that was done with
them welfare again that was a different
time there weren’t opportunities for
that the black woman who at that period
in time had kids I’m not saying to tear
that the family structure apart or maybe
this would tear the family structure
apart I don’t know hold on a second I
think my Cuban libertarian wants to get
on the line here
area code where is he on that Javier are
you there
yes sir hey oh great much respect um
thank you I I saw the topic and I was
foaming at the mouth I didn’t want him
to talk about this for years
come on I’ve been at first off I want to
start off by saying the realism and in
America as a father okay and not a
gangster not a rich man a father a
husband so I I want to let it be known I
don’t I don’t respect banks tourism so I
just want to put that on the table
okay not anymore but I was I’ve been
incarcerated since I was 11 years old
any now any now and I’m going to tell
you the one this
this is an ecosystem and this ecosystem
includes father’s and every single I
didn’t have a father my father was a
I followed right in his footsteps he
walked away from my mother and that is
actually what what they did to break up
the black family they removed the father
to get the welfare so I would be okay
with black people not paying as much
child support as long as the caveat was
that there has to be that male role
to put that foot up your ass you know
I’m sorry for cursing it’s arm you had a
strong father you had a strong father
star I read your book in prison in 2006
thank you um I yeah yeah of course it
was an incredible book it’s like I was
saying um you are the you are the
product in confidence and strive and
walking of your father you are your
father’s footsteps and if I would have
had a father that actually cared about
me I wouldn’t have got preyed on by the
streets okay and I want to warn people
that there is something called prison
industries and they send auditors to
count all the little brown boys and
black boys in the ghetto and instead of
building schools they build prisons
right I don’t know if people know about
this yeah they send white man’s eye
series right then they come down and
they knock on your door and they pose as
those people they the census they pose a
defenses but they’re not the census they
come straight to the ghetto count your
children and then they build more
prisons and they come and they promote
get tough on crime laws and they promote
like you know one but when I was a kid
one seed was a felony and that’s what
they come out they promote in cars the
mass incarceration of brown and black
people hang on a second if I can jump in
and say I like your caveat that there
has to be a father figure in the home or
a responsible father to get that child
support lowered I like that again I’m
not saying to you know go back to the
days of welfare and you know a man can’t
be around I’m not talking about the film
Claudine where you know the easy welfare
what did you call that the career
counselor came to the
and the father has to run in and then
they’re hiding shit I’m not saying that
I’m I like what you’re saying but about
the caveat please um and another thing
that I wanted to say the men that I was
incarcerated with the shame that they
lived with was the fact that they
couldn’t raise their children a lot of
these men behind bars I have two or
three children but they’re afraid to be
fathers and I’ve heard it straight from
their mouths
I fear failing my children and they
feared it so much that they ran to the
arms of the streets and a lot of people
got to support masculinity and we got to
be careful we got we have to be careful
with this with this oh let man fly free
no man no you don’t get a pass in life
if you have children you do have to step
up I learned that the hard way I got a
son my wife is a beautiful woman you
know retired Air Force I turned my life
around because of my woman and when I
had a childhood there it was go time it
was go time that was my new religion man
I stopped believing in nonsense and and
it’s the greatest achievement that I’ve
ever achieved besides graduating college
here hold on a second Ronnie any
questions for the caller do it
he’s uh he’s been calling in a couple of
nights in a row Ronnie yeah I wanted to
ask him if he’s married with children
yes yes I am and to a beautiful woman
I’ve been with there for 10 years no
cheating no beating her I treat her like
a queen I clean up after her I’m very
privileged to be with this woman very
privileged and and I used to be a person
that wouldn’t trade a joint for a woman
I was from wicked Las Vegas you know we
didn’t care about chicks back then and I
promise you this woman turned my life
around and I want men to know don’t be
afraid to fall in love and I heard that
straight from the mouth of some real
black and Mexican gangsters that day
they would tell me that behind bars
youngsters you got a chance I got life
hey man don’t be afraid to fall in love
rage you have a woman even if she’s fat
you know they were like just try try to
fall in love and have babies and and
hold your kid on your lap and and be
proud to be a father and be a real man
and I learned the hard way gangster is
not a real man bro I promise you they’re
not they’re cowards they run from
responsibility and and they prey on the
weak and they terrorize the community
and and I’m not saying that it’s all
their fault because I used to cry I used
to cry crocodile tears for the devil you
know I used to feel bad for my friends
but after seeing them leave their
children behind in tatters they were
there were there I don’t blame women I
never blame woman again a woman is a
sensitive creature a man is a man of
action a man can can set off violence
and carnage with no hesitation they can
build up the world that destroyed you
saying sounding sounds like you’re
saying a lot of the right things and it
took you a long time to get to that
point I commend you Hey the second topic
and if I can ask you before you go
you’ve said that you are a libertarian
you’re libertarian Nancy Pelosi did you
see her today with regards to moving yes
I wanna teach men and she wants the
Chairman now of the Judiciary Committee
to draw these these papers what are your
thoughts if she gets away
I don’t do hypotheticals but I’m gonna
ask the question if she gets away they
get something fuck out of there what
happens to the economy well it tanks
because Trump actually rebuilt the
economy under the liberal policies they
were giving away tariffs they were given
away a lot of our industry to China to
Mexico which I don’t understand why we
have NAFTA we don’t need we don’t need
to make anything in any country we got
our own factories we got our own stuff
tax and the liberal policy is to
basically give away the hand and the
house you know what I mean they give up
the whole chicken coop and another thing
why I think that Nancy Pelosi made a
dangerous mistake today is that instead
of staying on the topic of Ukraine she
diverted and said Russia gate again she
talked about Russia so so and she said
also another big huge mistake she said
she said that back three years this is a
three year in the making things so they
never had a chance to begin with they
were trying to picture from day one and
then when she was asked does she hate
the president
she went apeshit don’t say that I don’t
like that word she went crazy crazy and
let’s just be honest the Liberal Party
is the party of filthy sex pornography
you know I’m not hatin on filthy sex and
I’m from Sin City I’m not a hypocrite I
understand that people need to get their
groove on but I’m gonna tell you
something don’t sit there and tell us
we’re playing people and that I’m a
Catholic I mean come on you don’t give a
damn about about that you know you
people get money from abortionist and
you know more abortion to me no offense
to any woman is modern-day child
sacrifice man it’s a sickness that we
have it’s a it’s a tale that America is
on the decline
and ever since Trump has come in just
beat the numbers man people stopped
having abortions as much people are a
little bit more proud happier I gotta
catch a short man thank you for your
call Ronnie any questions about Xavier
before we go has he said enough uh yeah
no I asked him that question because I
was going to say it’s a good thing it
sounds like he’s broken the cycle I know
he said that his father was absent from
the home and now he’s changed his life
around that’s why I asked them yeah
Xavier thank you for calling a man have
a great evening all right respect yes
thank you okay
all right folks if you’re just now join
me Sean did a little research show
tonight this is a topic I don’t have
that much really any experience with
I’ve never paid child support but um
Ronnie and I were talking earlier and
she sent me some really good information
do you have any numbers running
nationally with regards to child support
percentages do you know the highest
state or the lowest state or doing a
little time to to try and put that
together I could check okay okay let me
go to some super chats guys that’s
amazing says I’m sick of the corner II
black women weren’t allowed to wear
their natural hair a law had to be
passed so they could do so okay so
you’re talking about yesterday’s show
but thank you that’s amazing on the
check and he says anyone comparing the
systematic oppression and indoctrination
black women had to endure and bad baby
is coning okay so again that was
yesterday’s show oh and uh bad baby went
went ten toes down again did you see
Ronnie uh driving talked about let me
clarify this yo she’s still going no
didn’t see it yeah you better follow up
on her Instagram yeah gone ten toes down
cuz I’m a serious one last time who
missed yesterday’s show
bop bop Perona
nevermind this topic did you see the
video of olive oil getting bodyslam by a
Bluto outside the Popeyes did that hater
miss this it’s on site listen I’ve kind
of moved away from the whole Popeyes you
know chick-fil-a brawls can you send me
a link I was handling some other
business today I don’t know if I saw
that I saw somebody get to get their
shit rocked on worldstar and I just the
phone rang and then I just I didn’t get
back to it but thank you for your
bop bop Perona okay blade on the check
and blade says fm when you like to play
but then you got to pay niggaz sat
through the same sex ed class as me are
now winning what are now whining about
child support invest in Trojans okay let
me be clear again I’m not saying you
shouldn’t pay child support I’m saying
should you pay less can someone call in
and tell me how do we get to 17 percent
in the New York New Jersey tri-state
how did I even get to that’s a lot 17
percent damn 403 on the checking via
super chat started you miss my last
super chat on the screen and slim queen
and slim show part 2 my so I’m not going
back that far man come on come on you’re
talking about a show that you more than
likely did not hear me read the super
chair I’m not going back there
thank you for you super chat tonight
let’s get on this new topic alright area
code for two for grieving are you there
four to four yeah how are you man I’m
good man I’m listen be yesterday I don’t
know what you’re talking about right now
I was listening to yesterday’s show I
know stenosis it weren’t a new show
today go listen to yesterday’s show if
you want simplicity sure are are with
you all
tonight then with you what you talking
about asking him out of here please
don’t call and try and disrupt this show
it’s on the goddamn screen we spoke
about we spoke about bad baby and length
yesterday and most people said why are
we talking about this
you knows I get on the topics fast he’s
probably just now seeing bad baby who’s
gone ten toes down for the third time
she released an apology yesterday and in
her apology she said suck my dick right
Ronnie that was just his apology
she sure did yeah suck my dick that’s a
bad babysitter to black females who are
wearing our full wigs and glue and all
sorts of shit I like their apology oh
you their 401 Nancy Pelosi’s gonna bring
the president down do you care for one
no I didn’t call about Nancy pool there
called about the child support okay good
evening sir so I think everybody should
get less jobs for all men because this
is the problem soon as you get caught up
in the system that’s it you’re done okay
there’s nothing that you could do let me
give you an example for my life I got
two two boys they’re all overage paid
all my child support oil when I had my
second kid with a different baby model
she she every time I would get a second
job just to keep my head of float she
would go back to court and tax me on
that other check
there’s too many women out there abusing
the system taking advantage of people
and it’s just out of control okay and I
don’t know what Ronnie’s talking about
with the you could sign your rights
where I never heard of that me neither
what’s it you come from for Island
what’s that Rhode Island Rhode Island
Rhode Island Rhode Island okay yeah I
know nothing about Robert okay yeah I
know province Ronnie do you want to jump
in there this man says he’s never heard
of signing your rights away and
terminating child support well did you
have legal representation
absolutely absolutely
the problem is is that every time you go
back to court all she has to do is say
well I’m putting them in soccer all I’m
doing this or I’m doing that wait where
the kid goes to soccer for long week
doesn’t even do it and I have to fit out
that bill so every time the women I
don’t know about other other states but
in Thailand it’s all controlled whatever
the mother wants and and the problem I
have with it I don’t have a problem
paying for my kids I I put him on this
earth I contributed to that I got no
problem with that okay it’s the it’s the
abuse it’s the giving her a check and
she’s going out getting her nails done
going a party right and then call me up
two days later saying oh I need money
for this or I need money for that you
know what I mean and it’s never enough
like I said stop imagine you you went
and had it you had a job they were
already taking the money out of that the
percent the highest percentage they
could take out right and then you go man
I can’t survive I have to I have to do
something else so you go get another job
and I’m not talking about five hours a
day over about a whole new 40 hours and
she just goes back to court and gets the
same percentage out of that check yeah
so if I have to jump in and say that III
wouldn’t know that world I just I’ve
been a coward I don’t say that to sound
funny I mean I’ve literally you know
begged a couple of females back in the
days please kill it please get an
I’ll give you a rack oh yeah my last one
the last one I I got pregnant abortion
I said no more this this thing happening
again I thank the coke whores from the
80s who said you’re a loser I’m gonna
kill your baby I thank them real talk my
life could have been fucked fucked good
I’m coming
good yeah yeah no I mean that’s pretty
much all I wanted to say I’m glad you
brought up this topically hopefully uh
hopefully things can change have a good
one thank you yes sir okay hey so Ron
Centrelink oh did you would you send me
let’s take it real slow directly to the
Rhode Island gov website which outlines
the process for how he can voluntarily
terminate his rates if that’s something
that he actually wanted to do that’s why
I asked him if he had legal
representation because I mean that’s
something you could simply Google so I
don’t know yeah hang on a second sir if
you just got off the line if you want to
send me an e-mail I’ll send you a link
to this it’s a DC Y F dot RI dot gov
voluntary termination of parental rights
procedure from policy one one zero 0.002
Oh so what this does is it squashes
child support yes
yeah you have no more rights or
once you terminate your rights that’s it
you’re done Your Honor I don’t want her
or the kid honks I’m a coward
John John blaze on the check and wait a
minute John blaze putting some scroll on
the table he says Ronny is ambidextrous
and smokes with her feet I’m
multitasking and then he sends another
one and says Ronny smokes Newports from
the hole in her neck whoa thank you uh
John blaze who else in the check in here
Shaka Thank You Chaka he’s he was just
on the line early he’s sent in a cash
absolute sir he says respect and hey
Shamika shamika’s calling in from area
code 203 let’s get on the line I’m
learning tonight guys hey Shamika zat
you 203 hey star hey Ronnie Hey hi how
are you what do you think of my topic
him am I crazy
no not crazy and Ronnie isn’t crazy
it’s an interesting thing I looked into
this a couple of weeks ago for friends I
used to be a social worker with DCF out
here a couple of months ago and you know
I was dealing a lot in the in the court
in juvenile court with you know parents
and you know us having to terminate
their rights but you know my friend her
boyfriend recently just finished like a
10-year stint in prison
so when he was 16 he had a kid and now
he’s ah he just finishes ten years thing
and you know when he was in prison he
kind of I guess his lawyer dropped the
ball on trying to stop this child
support clock running while he was in
prison so of course he owes this huge
balance and you know unfortunately when
you’re 16 and you’re making a baby
you’re not really thinking about these
things and unfortunately the baby mother
she’s not the most pleasant person so
you know she’s you know going to court
and trying to get this child support and
all that stuff and I’m just like you
know what why are you paying for a kid
where the baby mother is ungrateful and
now she’s poison the kid against you the
kid is like eight years old now and the
kid is poisoned again Shu and I’m like
why are you paying for this kid
that nobody likes you so I kind of
briefly looked into the terminating of
rights in Connecticut and I mean the
gist of it that I got was you can’t just
go in front of a judge and say terminate
my rights I don’t want to pay any more
get me out of here right you can’t
really do that so it’s like the judge
has to say well are you a threat to this
child you know what what harm can you
pose to this child you know you have to
come there with the logical reason as to
why you want to terminate your rights
and then you got to think about it from
the kids point if you like I said this
isn’t an infant so you’re standing in a
court room saying terminate my rights
and then the mother goes back and tells
the kid your father wants nothing to do
with you you know because you’re a loser
right so you know you don’t want you
don’t want that kind of weight on a kid
or or the father can go before the court
and say Your Honor I’m a bad influence
I’m on drugs and it’s best that I I
separate myself from the mother in the
chart the father could say that he
doesn’t have to say that he’s not
interested in the kid he could totally
say he’s a problem you
no he could but then again the court is
probably gonna say well do you have open
Child Protective Services case where we
can prove that you’re on drugs you know
they’ll send you down the block to pee
in a cup to determine if you’re on drugs
like they’re gonna want evidence to back
that up you know so they’re not just
kind of gonna go for it off of the RIP
and then on top of that it’s like if the
father terminates his right you know
well it would be better if let’s say the
baby mother she got reamed she’s got
married or something and her husband
says Oh Your Honor I’m willing to adopt
the kid then the judge will be like
alright well we could terminate one
parent because this new partner is
willing to adopt the child you know that
would be different if the baby mama says
I have a fancy new boyfriend and he’s
willing to adopt and love my child
then the father the biological father
can say hey terminate my right
okay now hang on a second Ronny you sent
me something from legal beagle dot-com
and it gives the breakdown of just how
this can be done as the caller is saying
as well this comes from September the
26th September 26 2017 any questions for
the caller Rania do you want to add to
the conversation no she obviously knows
what she’s talking about because when I
was researching this that’s what I found
that a lot of the states had in their
stipulations which was that you can’t
just willy-nilly say I want to terminate
my rights because I don’t want to pay
because that’s technically perpetrating
a fraud okay because you’re only
terminating you understand so but if
you’re going and you’re making in the
argument and saying I’m a danger to
myself a danger to the child drugs this
I’m a loser or I don’t want the child I
want nothing to do with the child this
was a mistake
bla bla if you make an impassioned plea
to the judge there is a process and it
does it’s a process it’s not something
that happens overnight I date whores and
scammers and I can’t stop it’s best that
I’m just not around you
finish up Cola I appreciate your
knowledge and you said you used to be a
social worker you still are
I used to be I did it for about nine
months it fried my brain and I had to
get out of there you know I went into it
real optimistic you know and you know
they put you through a lot of rigorous
training and it’s a good training but
once you dive into the work it’s a lot
you’re running in and out of juvenile
court you know and I found that the work
that I was doing wasn’t helping the
parent the idea was you’re supposed to
take the kid to help the parent and move
the process along and what I found was
is that we were taken my specialty was
was infants so I had like you know three
months three months old babies that I
was taken and the parents were young
these were kids who were in their early
20s you know when in my early twenties
you know you couldn’t tell me how to
spell my last name like I I wasn’t
having a kid in my early 20s so these
you know girls are having kids
the fathers are pissed poor they end up
losing the kid like let’s say the father
was dealing drugs out the house and the
cops raid the house DCF come and we’ll
take the kid because they said the house
got raided by cops you’re putting the
kid in danger we got to take the kid
until everyone can get themselves
figured out and that process can stretch
out for months
we don’t just keep kids for two weeks
and then you know give them back this
process can stretch out for months we’re
in court right now for David we’re in
court you know dealing with the kids
lawyer the parents work because everyone
gets assigned a lawyer the child the
parents you know DCF has its own lawyer
so it was just a strenuous process and I
didn’t feel like any real work was
getting done so after nine months you
said I’m out of here nine months I said
I’m out of here I said I’m out of here
it fried my brain I said I’m out of here
I can’t I can’t do this anymore I just
didn’t feel like any real work was
getting done but that’s my point of view
I had I knew people who had worked there
for 30 years they had a totally
different outlook can I ask you a crazy
question babe crazy question yeah do you
think Dame Dash is paying his child
support or is he pump faking pump faking
in lying it’s almost a million dollars
nine hundred and fifty K I think Dane –
trait in the fraud I think he does a lot
of magic tricks with his money and
saying I have money over here but I
don’t have money over there and I
invested in their companies so they
should take the profit from that and
that pays our balance but then is the
new girlfriend is pregnant and I’m like
so what are we doing here if your new
girlfriend is pregnant and then that
relationship doesn’t work out are you
gonna do this same magic trick again
with her so why keep having kids like
the other Carla said he had to tell his
last girlfriend you got to get rid of it
cuz I’m not doing this again
so I would assume after all the trouble
Dame Dash has had previously that he
would say listen I’m not I’m not I’m not
you know putting up this circus again so
you know that’s what I would assume but
you know clearly I think he thinks he
knows more than what the courts know or
he thinks he’s smarter than everyone in
the room and he might be I’m not gonna
take that away from her but at the same
time you have a balance do sir and the
court just wants to know when the
balance is going to be paid what you
made for years give us the money nigga
people right you know people running
around oh and your money for movies that
flopped they don’t care about any of
that they just want the balance that’s
due today
thanks thank you so much for your
donation thank you all right thank you
sir Ronnie yes yeah okay thank you doing
great yeah and I hate to say this I hate
to say this but for those of you all Oh
heads like myself you know Harlem niggas
are known for playing what’s called a
shell game
you know the show game I’m glad she’s
said it he plays magic tricks with the
money because if I say are you hating
our game anyway hey good evening to
clean my Park
he says pick up five one six hang on a
second let me get you on the line thank
you for the donation and this is good
information you’ve been sending Ronnie
about terminating the rights I never
knew about this yeah going friend the
judge and say Your Honor I’m a fucking
loser it’s best to get me away from that
shit that kid end that life sucking
bitch hey five one six is that you he
lets me what’s going on stop as Robert
you gives my real name
I’m a right man you know great topics
tonight first of all because they kind
of coincide with one another that’s the
funny thing
thank you what do you wanna start so
Nancy Pelosi she’s trying to be the next
RBG it’s okay and die on the seat crazy
come on I’m a Catholic I come on you get
you’re kidding me
you’re kidding me but the same thing we
were I’m not I don’t think this woman is
smart enough or coherent enough to make
an attempt to destroy the US economy
you know I’m jumping the line and I’m
saying that she is gonna get the
chairman of the Judiciary Committee to
to draw up articles of impeachment I’m
saying that she 100% she’s got that much
hate within her and the Democrats even
though there’s some Democrats are saying
they’re not coming to support the
impeachment I’m saying it’s gonna happen
I don’t know if he will be put out of
office but I’m saying if that does
happen will sheet will she
single-handedly tank the economy just a
question of hypothetical oh yeah yeah
absolutely absolutely her a Maxine
Waters I mean look at California already
come on
yeah there’s no there’s no doubt about
that but on as far as child support um
no I don’t believe people should be
paying child support because that’s that
eventually led to the abuse of the child
support okay same thing with food stamps
the same thing you know with any
government assistance at any point it
just becomes simply abused and easy to
take advantage of okay and hit like here
in New York you see how easy it is to
take advantage of in New York you know
and I myself pay child support as a
present father okay but you know I’m
paying damn near thirty five percent of
my income it’s all support whoa can you
tell us what state you’re in and do
pay for more than one child how you
paying 35% or is that no that’s one kid
that’s one kid I’m in New York Brooklyn
New York man how are you paying that
much I thought it was 17% I can afford
it I can afford Johnny because they add
on additional expenses 17% is be minimal
Wow and isn’t it also according to your
tax bracket as well right so meaning
don’t exactly they give you a tax
bracket sheet when you own the firt the
moment you walk into the court world
there’s a tax practice sheet for you so
you know outside of that I’m also going
to court for being a present father
because he wants she took a order of
protection out on me okay which helps
her case but in Reverse he’s trying to
get order of protection against me for
my child which is actually starting to
hurt her case of child support because
now I’m able to prove that you’re
intentionally trying to keep me away
from my child now I mean no disrespect
to your child’s mother but now did you
get her accustomed to a certain
lifestyle how did it get to that
percentage or did you guys work together
and you had assets and things no to keep
it a hundred to keep it a hundred her
Trinidadian ass moved here I got a bunch
of Americans for single friends and
single mothers and easily if you became
convinced that you got to get this money
to court you’re lacking in all child
support over four or five times a
sequential acting Wow yeah if she
definitely caught me like so the only
the only problem now is she’s just
acting out of extreme jealousy which is
very obvious and me I just don’t care
I’m just like tell my child you know
Danny about to be in college okay she
will see yeah you know my mother did the
same thing to me with my father and just
like how much you me and my father are
cool now it’s mainly because you know I
took I stab back and recall like him
what that was in let me tell them also
you got you okay I appreciate the call
man thank you for checking in thank you
ma’am good night okay thank you
35% you hear that Ronnie don’t get
caught lacking in New York I would never
kill myself I couldn’t pay somebody that
much money not a vagina with no ROI
return on investment I’m sorry
couldn’t do it Rafiq how are you sir he
says this is for Ronnie okay thank you
sir Centanni Kashyap hey sabor piece man
that’s the homie he says in New Jersey a
child can be emancipated while the woman
is even pregnant okay they consider it a
state sensitive legal subject I know a
girl who is who it was done to okay
Jersey a hard statement I was born and
raised in Jersey hey Dana are you
calling in Danny with the smoke or you
just sending me an email if you want to
call in Danny shoot me a text message
what’s this Dana sent me uh Trump’s tax
cuts reduce u.s. burden to one of the
lowest in the world
okay Thank You Dana if you want to call
and get a piece of this topic shoot me a
text okay John blaze taking shots at you
again Ronnie a via cash yet he says
ronnie has smoker lips that resembled
hot asphalt
we’re on what’s going on with you and
John blaze it you you big him up one
time in the comments section now he’s I
mean he spend the money so I mean I
appreciate that but you guys are right I
don’t know he’s being very like rude
What did he say asphalt or cement he’s
an asshole oh my gosh hang on a second
uh cash up here star plus he won’t crash
the economy it will crash on its own
okay affecting the economy that eating a
sugar glaze
donut has on your blood-sugar a quick
temporary high but immediately followed
by a complete loss of energy in a crash
okay thank you you did not send in a
cache yet but I did read your email
thank you very much
Rafiq thank you say he says Rani only
reason I watch okay tape and Bharani
Thank You Ravi irani do you want to
mention your Twitter page because people
are always saying in the comments of the
YouTube rebroadcast what’s Ronnie’s page
can you give them your Twitter
information please yes my twitter is at
the thae real Ronnie so it’s th EE real
okay Oh Dana says I’m on the line and I
think the homie a yo can say co2 hole
instead guys okay Dana with the smoke Oh
Daniel what the data are you there hey
I’m here can you hear me hey good
evening how are you hey how you doing
hey Ronnie what’s going on what do you
what do you want to jump in Dana well
okay so I think you the Trump thing
because he’s not gonna be removed from
office if he’s impeach impeach because
defendant has to pass it to remove him
and it’s not gonna go through it but but
I wonder if he is impeached in the home
was that if he’s still able to run for
re-election so maybe that’s what she
knows it’s not gonna pass the sinner but
she doesn’t want him to run for
re-election because she wanted
Democratic president in there and I do
have a problem with that because my 401k
and my investments are looking lovely
and the stock market and you know this
is a promise is that the best time
especially for black people to start a
business whether it’s online you know
any type of so this is the perfect
opportunity for people to earn more
money you know even in in real estate
and our and I feel as though it’s a
Democrat one of those Democrats get
India it’s just going to reverse
everything so I do have a problem with
that and I made these voting for Trump
just on the basis of my good-girl hush
your mouth say that again I may be
voting for Trump because my investments
are looking good and I think it’s more
so I look at my age I look at when I’m
gonna retire I look at what I want to do
business-wise and it all lines up with
his tax and his business proposals and
you know so say what you want about
Trump it’s a group of people whether
it’s Asians or black people bring him an
agenda he will look at it and give you
something you just have to present it to
him it’s about business okay so so with
that but the child support thing and
just you know should men pay less money
no because you know and I do agree what
Ronnie originally said you know if is if
you make a child both parents should be
able to sit down you know come up with
whatever for the child and that’s how it
should be
but you know some people try to get over
with some on a day
however mention paid child support
stop complaining that’s your child kids
cost a lot of money period now I will
say this I will say this going back to
I think fathers or the person who’s
paying child support should get some
type of tax credit so when you alluded
to reparations it’s not reparations
because it’s not something that that was
wrong that happen you’re not making a
mess with something but you should get
some type of tax credit because it does
affect other factors such as your credit
school and stuff like that so you know
you definitely need because also when I
hang on a second Dana now I said earlier
in the show I’m reaching here I know I’m
reaching and I’ve never paid child
support but I just you know I was
thinking about some of the things
running and I was talking about behind
the scenes on the phone and the reason
why I even mentioned reparations is
because the hundreds of
years that black families were not just
destroyed but you know pulled apart and
sold so so now we have an ongoing effect
that it’s gonna take a lot of time maybe
even 200 years to really get things to
up to a level of respectability if I can
just broad stroke here with regards to
the black black people in America and it
was also talking about the approach the
president industrial complex business
you know how they want to get black men
in there look for purposes of business
so I was just saying that you know not
only or asking the question should they
pay less not saying they shouldn’t pay
at all but should they pay less because
a wrong has been done to black families
right and it’s kind of orange is an app
it’s kind of like oranges and apples but
yet when you talk about systemically you
know yeah you’re locking me up and they
shouldn’t be in jail or you shouldn’t
have so many years you know we need
reparations to repair that but
specifically for child support where the
state it’s a business how support is a
business because when they take money
out the father or the mother’s paycheck
it doesn’t go okay like in my situation
I receive child support when they take
it out his paycheck it doesn’t go
straight to me
it goes to the state faith and the state
waits for the federal government to
match that and then they send it to me
so they make the state makes money they
get money from the federal government to
match that child support yeah that’s why
it’s the business so the war child
support they get them want to but that’s
paying child support the woman they
didn’t get for the federal government
okay this I did not know and also
hamdeen also have you heard of what what
Ronnie brought to the table with regards
to um signing over your parental rights
you ever heard about that you’re from
New Jersey also ah yeah I mean I’ve
heard about it but if you if you are man
who says you know I like one of the lady
cable and she kind of broke it down I
mean if you want if you want to sign
over your rights because you just don’t
want to pay child support then you know
you you’re trash anyway kid cost money
for what why does the fun get out of
here with that bullshit let me hear you
say Jana I heard that bullshit
yeah but yes a magic is rapid but you
know you need to say uh you know you if
you late if you a man to lay down and
you’re not protecting yourself if you
want to put yourself in that situation
then be a man and take care of your
child and that effect if you lay you got
a paid nigga right right but if you want
to pay less child support so why don’t
you tell that Judge I want 50/50 custody
I want her Mac mom on what that child as
my house 50% on the time let’s split up
the time and you’ll be paying less child
support but see men don’t want that
because they don’t want to be bothered
with the kids so you’re gonna pay more
money because the child is with the
mother most of the time okay hang on
Danny can I put you on hold for a second
I got somebody that I want to bring it
okay can you just stay there don’t go
away don’t stay there hole in a second
okay I think I got too homey a yo can
say Co on the line from big facts
podcast wait a minute hey yo Canseco is
that you sir
big big facts podcast hey what’s up uh
no we’re good here you boys thank you
for checking in man let’s go yeah and
for those who don’t know this is an area
that you have to my knowledge discussed
on numerous occasions you also have the
hashtag men to movement yes that’s
correct that’s correct and this is
something that that we definitely is one
of the child support reform is at the
top of the list and you know a lot of
people feel feel like you have to be
why am i fighting so hard for this even
on that on child support why am i
fighting so hard even though I’ve never
been accused or falsely accused of rape
there’s like it’s a fucking injustice
and and it can in it what to say it
couldn’t happen to me I was just in just
as much you know risk of this happening
me as anybody else on a hurricane
say that uh you are trash you want to
sign over your parental rights you have
to get all child support and my question
to her with B&B what do you call the
mothers that put their children up for
adoption and don’t have to pay a dime
see their instantaneous each item I
bring you in sit tight Dana
go ahead okay a woman can have all these
different ways of birth control and in
have up to six months to have an an
abortion and yet still she can bring
life forward and at any point in her
life she can go to a fire station go to
a hospital go to a church or go to the
anybody’s fucking door not gonna sell on
the child ammo and walk the fuck away
with no strings attached let’s go what a
man what a man I’m drunk one night drop
you know I’m on the ball I’m high and
shit like that for so drunk and from big
bitch just wanna give me a head and shit
like that
oh whatever now I’m fuckin the whole
wall whatever the fuck you know I’ll
take it easy on the language you can say
go just take it easy on the language it
youtubers watch and come on but I hit I
hit a wall and she decides that a man as
irresponsible as me a man who would just
have random sex with a random stranger
who will have unprotected sex with a
random stranger she decide that should
be the father of my child
I haven’t you haven’t you haven’t talked
to me since you haven’t talked to me
since we had sex
you can’t get in touch with me you got
to search all over the world and you
think that’s the right father put your
child like this let’s be serious here
and on top of there’s no hanging a
second before we go any further tell
people where they can find you on your
platform on YouTube so that they know
who I’m talking to please definite now
I’m a Jochen psycho you can go to
Instagram and go to a bio nation a young
nation ten you can go to the big fag
hard cash you can go to the rest
the rapper’s or the men to podcast like
my smaller saying but you know a big
channel is a big place for it you know
this is what we talked about comment it
like just real logic like logic it
exists in the world but it just is not
publicized as much yeah now hang the
second Dana’s back on the line if you
have Dana you there p.m. here
okay so Dana that’s a oka sake open the
big facts podcast and he said some
things with the words to our women that
make a lot of sense what are your
thoughts what a week we got some noise
in the background
yo Canseco we got a lotta noise in the
background oh it’s great anyways oh he’s
he’s talking about logic well stop
talking about women need to use log it’s
a logic because it’s your body is your
penis and if you’re saying that your
drunken you want to dip into something
well you’re not using logic that’s just
like if you have unprotected sex any
gossipy you get have the age it’s still
yerba then we don’t cut me off we go on
doing that tonight yeah don’t cut me off
so how can you say that when you’re the
one who has a like we are not finished
let me finish them when I’m saying
because I’m doing a rebuttal to what you
just said so if you I have an
unprotected sex and God forbid you get
HIV it is your responsibility to let
other people know your status just like
if you get somebody pregnant it’s your
responsibility to take care of your
child and as far as the adoption a woman
cannot just give up her child for
adoption unless the father concedes
today see both parents have to consent
to that child going up for adoption so
stop thinking that the mother could do
just anything she want to do because the
father has right it’s just that men
don’t use logic to understand they’re
right okay Daniel let al Canseco respond
please let him respond yeah yeah my
father couldn’t you all we don’t have to
do the hospital thing because I’m like
points that have no logic I don’t have
to get emotional the point of the matter
is nine times out of ten if she’s given
a baby
or adoption children know who the father
is they can’t contact her father so she
just goes anywhere she walks dropped the
child off and we’re getting away from
the point the point is when she puts the
child up for adoption she doesn’t have
to pay anything nothing clean and clear
the baby’s going I’m not responsible
it’s over with and that’s a problem I
don’t see how it’s not a problem in
where I was trying to say before was
that if you have to get child support
for a man you shouldn’t had a child in
the first place because if you can’t
support that child on your own should’ve
had their child because at any point in
time that man can die what are you gonna
do there yeah hang the second Danish sit
tight hold on a Oh Canseco I want to ask
you a question
dynamic come right back to you are you
for me I’m sure you are
Ronnie brought something to the table
I’ve just found out about this signing
over your parental rights and
terminating child support you familiar
with that that law in different states
you can’t like be urban legend you
cannot there is no way to get outside
forth you have to stay on it I’ve did
all the research I have here from all
over the country dealing with what city
you and you can say Marlo was it even if
not it’s not I said it’s not for me it’s
for people all over the as I said all
over the country I have people in
Philadelphia New York Tennessee New
Jersey there is you cannot sign your
rights over there oh I don’t want to be
a father anymore so I don’t want it I
don’t know you still kids don’t have any
rights to the cabin and hang on a second
have you ever heard of this because this
this is on unlegal web Oh soon legal
websites I’ve heard of it yeah I’ve
heard of it but it’s like they’ve been
saying this for like 10 years old a
minute are you saying is it are you
saying that you don’t know anyone who’s
able to do this is that what you’re
saying I’m saying I’m saying you can’t
do it if you can give me somebody who’s
done it I can I could absolutely have
someone call in to your podcast if you’d
like and she can tell you how much she
regrets she can tell you how much she
regrets pretty much girl
no it’s her it’s the baby’s father he
terminated the rights but at the time
she was with it she didn’t want anything
else to do with it with him rather and
she said you know go ahead fine I’m not
even gonna contest it and now she
regrets it
because now he’s responsible for those
children hold on you’re saying that he
had the child and she signed away her
right he signed away he terminated his
right so what’d you just say that he has
this huge enough I’m here you know
they’re her children and now she is
responsible for them solely there is no
child support okay okay so but he was on
child support he signed away his rights
and now she has the children they went
through the process he terminated his
race after his race were terminated that
the support order was terminated okay
but so what what is she you said that
she had to sign off hang on hey yo
Canseco if you shoot me an email I’ll
send you the links because we did we did
verify these sources legal beagle
dot-com you can also go to very well
family concert so there have been people
that have you know done this right here
if the woman has the signed off on it
then that’s false advertisement the
advertiser he doesn’t have you killed
that was an aside to the point I’m
giving you context to the situation
meaning she was just as done with him as
he was with her and the kids
okay all I’m saying is if so you saying
it all you had to do was go down did you
say could we take this up strong yeah
send me an email I’ll send you the links
but are you – this conversation tonight
because we’ve
already covered question wait we also
had a counselor hold a second hold away
hey yo can sake we also have former
counsel who called us if you shoot me an
I’ll shoot you the links I’ll give you
last word they’ll go ahead man I
appreciate I appreciate ya like it III
just I just came in and I saw the show
with all of our transport you know want
to call them and stuff like that but uh
you know I’m trying to be respectful
like I do want to say it both you ladies
are being like kind of this aggressive
and see everybody and if it wasn’t
everyone Forstall I wouldn’t hold on
hold on hey hey yo can says I appreciate
you man again tell these folks where
they can find you your your podcast
please okay the big face part care
that’s the biggest channel but we also
have the rat trap where we talk about
how the rap industry is made but to keep
you inside of this bullshit air circle
where first of all I’m just gonna say
this the government buys children from
our women from any woman who’s on
welfare the reason why you’re getting
paid their free money the free rent
and the free income tax at the end of
the year it’s because the government is
buying your children country your
children are going to be part of the
state so there couldn’t painless on your
kids and we’ll talk about that one
thank you solutely thank you Miss Alou
yes sir hold on uh Ronnie hold on Dana
hold on
oh shit goddamnit did I just hang up on
Ronnie by mistake I’m doing too much
here Ronnie can you uh hold on a second
Dana you there yeah I’m here okay I hung
up on Barney by mistake let me get her
back on line and then I want to go to
hey Ronnie you there boss chick Ronnie
yes I’m back I’m sorry I pushed you on
buttons hey let me read some super chats
and cache steps ladies my pushing hope
for a second I’ll be right back stay
there hmm okay we’re having a good
discussion tonight even though I was a
little tired at first let me go to John
blaze sends it a kashyap thank you sir
he says our IP to Ronnie
last pack of Newports okay Wow okay John
blaze going at you again he says Ronnie
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gloves okay
who’s Larry bowler Oh six sends in a
cash up he says relinquishing rights
does not stop support order I don’t know
sir but thank you for your cash tip I’m
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mad shit her on the check in salute home
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six one six oh okay there you are sir
want to give me a second Danielle let me
get John blaze in first and Ronnie I got
your email Holy Smoke yeah that’s him
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thank you Jack I got your cash up he
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Shabazz King all right let me go to
super chat we get a little backed up on
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where did we leave off never mind the
topic did you see the video camera that
one olive oil let me stop with blade
blade says fm when you like to play then
you gotta pay niggas sat through the
same okay I read that one part me 403 on
the check-in 403 on the check and says
star be reading my super chats like
Floyd Mayweather and forgetting the
other half hahaha support the Machine
star you are appreciated hashtag respect
well listen and I’m not gonna blame you
but I’m just saying man sometimes you
know if just like for instance here’s
your super chat you start the sentence
doesn’t have a capital letter no I may
not be the sharpest knife in the guy
damn draw but when I went to school in
70s you always start a sentence with a
capital letter there’s a period question
mark you got none of that man but thank
you all right
Bush kid all caps black men shouldn’t
pay less CS they should pay less
attention to these ratchet money-hungry
hoes using kids
for dough hashtag pick a brain not des
as azz okay
Malmo greenish from al-mu says the child
support discount may be used as a
substitution for reparations along with
using SNAP benefits for hot foods okay
you see that’s what I’m talking about
that’s what I’m talking more roundabout
way snap Dania for me with snap yes not
benefits dance yeah yeah okay I think
the Trump administration is about to cut
a hundred thousand on 77,000 people off
their food stance I thought it was 700
thousand Oh maybe 700 okay I got the
number 100 hold on a lot John blaze said
tell them coming you John blaze let me
just finish up some more these super
Chad’s coke whores at okay he changed
his name used to be coke whores at 3m
now it’s coke whores and cold sores okay
I hope Trump doesn’t get impeached he’s
a businessman let him save the economy
women should go half on child support
hear me now hashtag menthol for life
thank you black races on the check in
salute to all the women banking them
Negroes in the head okay do you mean to
say banging you spell banking sir for
child support you are the true Americans
I only plug foreign females okay thank
you so much
let me get John blazing here were you
sir area code 707 hold on who sent in
some scroller tonight John blaze 707 is
that you sir
yeah down planes on its goddamn check-in
okay I got a direct my comment to Ronnie
oh I got I got a directed to Ronnie
first of all it was no disrespect toward
you and you owe the explanation and
first of all first of all yo-yo we love
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so those though not all it all for me
everybody gets a top tier I’m the one
who’s be taking the brunt of it okay a
fan out don’t get me wrong
hang on job for jumping hang I
appreciate when do you want to respond
to John blaze yes
well John blaze you’re not holding true
to your word because originally you said
that it was going to be for November it
was no Newports November or Newport
November or something like that
we’re now in December so yeah yeah yeah
we’re going to shut it down Ronnie we’ve
all shut it down and you know we won’t
just have to go ahead and go at somebody
else’s head now a lot of them we got to
go ahead but we got to remember a lot of
them trolls now I work for the PUC and
these individuals are individuals who
work under me to which on Thursday
nights they come to my house we have
Texas whole tonight all right it’s all
out of blame stand your ground man
listen you’re folding like a chicken
wing come on man
don’t do that no I’m not I’m not going
I’m not going at a chicken wing but I
think I won’t say you’re folding like a
chicken wing don’t fold man stand firm
well I don’t well well I don’t I’m not
let’s just say this well we got a well
we got a well we got an unexpected rise
out of Ronnie okay I went ahead and said
we’re gonna set it down because we’re
not going disrespect her because I’m a
supporter of the show Ronnie
aunt Dana I love Ronnie and Dana I love
both them ladies man I kind of like I
feel disrespected sometimes folks go out
there here you know okay oh hang on John
plays if I can jump and I appreciate
everything you’re saying either one of
the topics any any comments Nancy Pelosi
trying to the president out of there
she’s pushing forward with you know
articles of impeachment with regards to
the chairman of the judiciary Commission
well or do you want to talk about should
men pay less Charles important in the in
America III could do both but I don’t
want to take too much your time so let’s
go let’s go with with child support
issues right and and god and god damn it
I will go ahead and participate I got I
got two boys and one is eight and in the
other ones thirteen I got I will go
ahead and participate in that program
and get the hell out of California okay
okay I’ll get to here I’ll get the hell
out of here because right now you know
I’m going through some issues with my
boys right I got one imma go ahead and
sacrifice city’s goddamn Street and then
I got the other who is doing excellent
in school so I’m looking at the boy who
I had for more sacrifice to eat Oakland
Street I’m saying well I give up on them
but then at the same time I got to go
ahead and look at my lady and see how
hard she’s working with them and support
so my support is for her but the the
issue with the transport you know to be
honest with you and I’m so and I
apologize you know I’m gonna give you my
honor subjective opinions mum okay get
my father in there in there get them out
if you don’t want to support the child
get up out of there man if we had that
up out of here man I will go ahead and
recommend that to at least about 50 big
rolls over there in West Oakland okay I
got one brother who got 17 I got another
brother who got 6 6 baby mamas and then
I got another brother who got four baby
mamas man it’s all on them now I’m not
gonna run blade snitchin pay attention
I’m not gonna take the responsibility
off of them but I’m telling them that
there is an option
hell yeah you make that option because
the rears that one brother I have right
now is it two hundred and thirty
thousand dollars in rears with Oakland
Alameda County right now the boys will
be up the rear hey hey he out there
getting his money on that block how the
hell he gonna pay some in the rear come
where his money and I can be attack John
blaze I’m gonna cut you sure please
don’t say no names who’s on the block
you know hustlin listen I appreciate you
man thanks for few support thank you
okay all right salute okay yeah man all
right John blaze on the check-in hold on
a second everybody we make sure I don’t
hit the wrong button full of hate on the
I got your cash app he says if they had
to pay me they would be in jail we
haven’t even thought about that scenario
Ronny have we if females had to pay men
there are some women who do come on
so again Seguin I mean if the woman
doesn’t is if she’s not the custodial
parent and the child you know the father
has primary custody he could pursue
child support against her okay but but
but what what is the percentage of women
in jail for not paying child support
it’s got to be real low it’s good
they’ve got to be giving so many chances
I don’t know the numbers I’m just
guessing I have no idea it’s low because
the majority of the child is being
raised about a mother so if you look at
the percentage of you know if a couple
is not married the children want as nine
times out of 10 you know go with the
mother so that’s why the jail number
would be low but if a woman is paying
child support now you know it’s not the
it’s not one an equal percentage as men
pay in child support but it has
increased because a lot of women are
working and he had high paying job
sometimes their job is more than what
the the man makes right so yeah and then
maybe she maybe she can’t have that
child with her full time so she has to
pay the debt okay Dana I thank you for
calling it and thank you for all the
information that you brought to the
table tonight
as well all right yeah no problem have a
great night thank you so much all right
hold on boss check Rani let me take it
slow for hit the wrong button here paws
out lucania is that you sir area code
909 Lucania from the Congo hey star what
up how are you sir good evening I got
you a super jet what’s up Ronnie well
you know where for me like I said before
I think that once you have a child out
of wedlock or you the man and the woman
are not getting along the state is gonna
make the decision on on what’s gonna
happen right okay so we all know the
rules we know the rules of the game but
man black man since we talked to my
black man we want to play the game
without taking the rest rest rest
responsibility right we want to trust
women when they say well I’m on the pier
daddy it’s all good blah blah blah no
you gotta take the responsibility
yourself as the man to protect yourself
because child supports them because
child support can really stop your
development financially in this
capitalist society now Lucania I have to
jump in are you taping are you pandering
I’m not saying men should I’m not I’m
not saying men should not pay I’m saying
should they pay less yeah based upon
everything I laid out earlier in the
show reparations you’re high
incarceration rates the intention to put
men in black men primarily in jail and
to destroy their lives to keep them at a
level of not being a you know able to
really take care of their families
should they pay less stop start you
making a great point but no they should
not pay less
they should pay less the minute they
start taxing us less right cuz we got
some some black men are here playing
thirty five percent forty percent in
so we don’t know make those rules and
those rules will never going to be
explained to us right so we know the
name of the game we know the rules
they’re gonna take that money no matter
what they’re gonna take your passport
right they’re gonna they gonna affect
your credit it’s gonna slow you down you
may not be able to buy a car go home
invest in certain things if you if you
are if you are any because you don’t
have children correct you live in Los
Angeles now you don’t have kids right I
don’t have kids and I judged a couple of
bullets thank God all right thank me you
know Ronnie the three of us have no kids
on this line but you’re taking a firm
stance is that unfair yes no you start
in fear because me myself as a man at
the age that I am today I know that if
I’m gonna make that choice to go with
our protection I’m not listening to what
she’s saying I’m doing it because I know
that if it happens I’ll be able to take
care of the child got you right okay
I feel that I am responsible enough to
control my sex drive right I know what
I’m doing it is what it is bro you know
people people people are here again caps
40% property taxes 3% 5% all right carry
on capital gain 25% so why should people
left on child support what’s the point
okay okay you said okay I hate to cut
you short I got to get some more of
these clothes hey man thank you so much
for your support thank you all right
thank you okay hold on a second I think
it’s Danielle area code 601 is that
Daniel am i saying your name right
Danielle but then you are okay pardon me
may it say Daniel yeah clearly yes sir
what’s going on with you man
hey man I’m here putting it down
listen get down let’s go big mall Oh
first thing we should say child support
we’re not saying you shouldn’t pay child
support so I’m not saying that again on
the screen it says should they pay less
I’m not trying to have anyone available
well no well I won’t say that we should
say less because what we have to
recognize is that that that that
percentage of money if you not the
custodial parent that percentage of
money that you pay the man pay child
support to a woman and he’s not the
custodial parent it’s more expenses that
goes to their child more so than in
child support that you paid at weekly or
monthly okay it takes them more it takes
a lot more to support a child than child
okay and I’m a cynic it takes a lot more
to support a child in child support and
this is coming from a man okay with a
child that’s not on child support
I picked star I mean I mean I believe
you I hear you loud and clear I don’t
have any biological kids I’m just asking
the question you know and we haven’t
even gotten to the part about you know
these hoes out here getting manis and
pedis and also so it’s a crazy shit on
men’s we hope we haven’t gone there yet
I’m trying to be respectful
go ahead yeah yeah if I can just give me
any cause I donated to the Machine Thank
You Man
I’m not on so I don’t I’m not on child
support but I support my child okay okay
let me talk quickly and break down the
numbers come on
I’m into child support is 20% of your
income in cases whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
whoa 20% intact in the entire state a
one child 20 20 foot sickled one child
oh I will never live in Texas
Ronnie can you verify yo can you verify
that mind not that I don’t believe the
man but can you verify that Ronnie Holy
Mother of God
sure I’m not on child support but I
support my child so first off we got to
talk about niggas be fucking careful
look I’m sorry
be careful of who you laying down with
first of all right right be careful of
you laying it down we got a lot of like
oh I shouldn’t pay child support if
you’re not the custodial parent dead
it is minuscule minuscule in comparison
to what it costs to take care of a child
yearly and I will say this and it’s
crazy so okay I I don’t I’m not on child
support but I think 150 a week I pay 150
a week for my child in this crazy shit
store so my son I had to come back and
stay with me for a month and then his
mom would love me don’t give me that
money out there are you gonna give me
that money because I’m giving you that a
week and I say if he stay with me I
don’t have to get give you anything are
you gonna give me something yeah I’m
sorry I hate to cut short I appreciate
you being patient I appreciate your
donation but you know 20% and in the
entire state of Texas if I understood
you correctly have you ever heard of the
old pimp philosophy it’s cheaper to keep
her you dare right but when it comes
down to your child in the support of
them go ahead home sir go home
never mind living apart from her go home
make that make that thing work
give me that 20% but thank you for
calling me thank you thank you Jesus
Ronnie can you verify that 20% in Texas
okay there’s a calculator that you can
actually use
um and I wish you would have asked him
while he’s still on the line because you
had it you have to put in three things
the income the number of children and
what the monthly health insurance is for
that child and who pays for it and then
you you calculate it so I just did it I
just did it based upon fifty thousand
dollars which is you know if he’s making
like $1,000 a week one child one hundred
and fifty dollars a month for the
insurance that he pays and when I
calculated it it comes out to 803 a
month so that is based on if he’s making
a roughly you know four thousand dollars
a month
8:03 I think school boy is uh calling in
tonight let me see if school boys in the
line mister homie what number you
calling from school boy give me a second
Ronnie okay he says in one line area
code four three four school boy is that
you sir yo yo yo yo yo shut this shit
down that except this is now listen I’m
in that courtroom represent the language
you you you you go my football you go
back with star in the morning you are a
Morehouse graduate yes absolutely
okay okay and you and I we’ve hung out
we’ve had a shrimp and spaghetti all
that flies shit so now you have how many
kids I forget and you and your wife were
I got to church six six years old the
eight years old and I’m paying about a
thousand a month and child support okay
and and no question the question is are
people paying too much money for child
support the answer is yes and I have
come on when I was when I was in that
courtroom I told the judge and I told
that other
yeah listen you’re not gonna sit here
tell me to pay whatever you say is on
that calculator because it’s based on
gross income it’s based on gross income
nobody spends their gross income on a
w-2 okay they spend their net income the
laws are antiquated they haven’t changed
those laws or 20-30 years so yes if
you’re paying child support you’re
paying too much you have to be
advocating for yourself and I’m gonna
drop a jewel on the people out there
right now represent themselves or have
they paying a lawyer to rape them in
listen listen tell the court you want
you don’t go in position after that for
full custody that’s stupid that’s what I
did and it’s a mistake what you want a
petition for is 50/50 custody okay and
you make the agreement so you let her
trip herself up and then you go for full
custody but yeah yeah yeah you care too
much it’s a guarantee because she’s
sitting there spending that money or
getting up getting flying shit get there
but Quinn the elder was getting fresh do
these eating lobster tails on your dime
you know exactly exactly and your kid
and your kids got clothes that’s too
listen listen go for that 50/50 custody
go for that 50/50 custody make an
agreement that she’s gonna fuck up cause
she don’t take it easy language school
boy please langa bull take it easy
excuse me excuse me hang up before I let
you go and let’s be careful with regards
to your children’s mother I remember she
don’t play no game play no games so now
are you paying child support under the
state of Georgia or is it a different
state now I’m in Georgia I’m in court in
Georgia okay and what is the percentage
in Georgia in terms of child support so
20% but he said Texas Texas who 20% he
said Texas he said sex is it so like
this it’s between 20 or 25 percent
without deviations but if you’re an
intelligent person you’re gonna get DV
because the money that you spend to go
through your kids the travel expenses
those are deviations you’re supposed to
get the the income tax return every
other year you supposed to be able to
put them kids on your income tax you
don’t say that’s another deviation yeah
it’s complicated it’s not nothing easy
but the fact that matter is the fact
that it matters a lot of folks out here
just they go in court they laureate oh
so oh no just go ahead and go ahead and
let it just slide it in just a little
bit let them just put in time and you
let you let them take the end hang on a
schoolboy why do you want to say
something was running I’m right here now
you remember the Senate again the month
the numbers came here now yeah you say
that okay so the numbers I gave you for
Georgia the scenario was $50,000 a year
and he was going to be paying eight
hundred and three dollars a month I
think that was for Texas you gave me the
texture Georgia do you want to guess
what the number is it’s crazy for
Georgia we’re talking Georgia between
eighty five hundred and eleven 500 K so
if he if he’s in Texas he would be
paying 803 a month based upon a fifty
thousand dollar a year income okay if
he’s in Georgia instead of paying eight
hundred and three dollars a month he’ll
be paying between eighty five hundred
and eleven five how’s that possible
your math is all no I just ran the
numbers out I said I already sent you
this link start yo this is what happened
this is exactly what happens in this
courtroom these women come up here with
these crazy calculation and they you
gotta slow down Ronnie we’re talking
Georgia can you repeat this you said
based upon a fifty thousand dollar
income per year yes
yes and that doesn’t make sense because
you wouldn’t even be making that much
per month anyway right so how is it
possible I’m confused
no I’m looking on here more information
but it directs you it’s pulling it
according to the state’s guidelines
that’s crazy yeah the state guidelines
like I told the judge I appreciate the
fact that we’re all here in court right
now but the fact of the matter is nobody
is spending their gross income and if
we’re planning on calculating based on
gross income we’re just trying to steal
money from beening yeah that’s all
that’s a spinet okay okay that’s all
this happened yo here’s another tool
that I want to drop on on the on the
people on the on the line listen please
do not do not put your do not put it
down somebody told me this years ago and
I should have listened if you do not
want to have children with that woman do
not give her that golden scepter are you
in a different state where you make we
should connect I’m in Virginia man I’m
I’m in Virginia I’m 15 minutes to my
kids I see them on a regular basis you
know we always uh we sit down with each
other on the regular basis so I
appreciate that that’s that you know I
I’m doing what I’m supposed to do to set
up my 50/50 guys I’m not playing no
games touch man did you hear from your
man salute hello okay that’s cool boy
okay Ronnie hold on a second I got to go
back to um I’m ed good evening sir thank
you for your cash yep I’m ed says get
the fu duck out of here Ronnie just got
schooled okay I’m not sure what call
you’re talking about but thank you I’m
ed for your cash donation Kevin Terry
salute I get your your new revised
banner of a at Skyler eyes I’ll get that
on the show tonight thank you Kevin
Terry who is this here
shut the DJ on the check let me get to
the lion sir sit tight I see you 491
coming to you shortly
Brice good evening Brice says a little
something for the Machine great show
Thank You Brice I’m coming to Bishop the
DJ King Shabazz says people without kids
always got parental advice well listen
Shabazz King in case you didn’t notice I
said earlier in the in the other show I
have no knowledge in this area I’m a
coward when it comes to like you know
paying a child support stuff like that
so I appreciate everybody who’s calling
him and speaking about their own
personal experience all right Shabazz
King second rashon thank you be Sean his
own area code 973 I’ll get you in a
second John blaze sends in a cash yep he
says mo facts where chestnut lip liner
from Mack counter chestnut lip liner
okay who else would I miss you hole in a
second car lid thank you for your cash
app call it says mom was cheap I had to
steal the card to get a ps2
thank you okay safe haven laws what is
this about okay this is something about
adoption thank you for the email ego the
tourists venues I’ll get to that later
Charlton thank you for your donation use
a condom and you won’t pay nothing
period you know that sounds hot oh that
sounds hot you know but in the heat of
the moment many of us just pull it off
and say ah fuck it fuck the condom love
this bitch let me see if I can get
a who’s there on the line here bishop
the DJ area code for 9 1 where are you
sir for 9 when I don’t see you I don’t
see for 9 when are you coming from
different number I’ll come back in a
– big sends in a super chat store did
you get my email with the screenshots
from federal child support website I did
thank you very much do you want to call
in too big I’m not sure what you wanted
me to a reference from that screenshot
but I got it thank you so much ok Blue
Label multimedia on the check-in he says
hashtag salute at star thank you sir
chilly willy on the check can be a super
chest or how much to get Ronnie in a
mink no put me in a mint green Newports
bikini and take some photos for the gram
question mark let us all enjoy that
pretty chocolate thing okay sir you’re
gonna follow Ronnie on Twitter you can
talk to money directly oh yeah
what is your twitter again is it uh v th
e uh-huh real Ronnie th ie the real
Ronnie okay an ro and and IES uh-huh
okay and Ronnie we have a super chat
from Wesley Pipes here he says hey
Ronnie I’m setting he meant to say
sitting he says I’m sitting here at the
Doubletree in Irvington New Jersey
fantasizing about you in that Kaepernick
Jersey why don’t you stop by after the
show question mark
school busy yeah school busy on the
check-in for 3-4 let me loose on this
one star okay let me see if I can find
four three four
and also I’m looking for who was it
Bishop the DJ let me see if I can find
Bishop every cool four nine one and
pick up too late I think four three four
dropped out school busy pardon me man I
got to uh do you want to call back in
I’ll pick up school busy I got you your
cash at I do not see I do not see Bishop
the DJ hold on money blade on the check
and blade says star just curious what
would you have done if the cokeheads you
impregnated back in the day had not
agreed to get to get their stomachs
pumped question mark I would have ran so
like a coward I would have moved to
Birmingham England
I don’t know fucking a different state
okay school boy just sent me a text and
he says that was me school booze okay
Thank You schoolboy yeah I would have
got to fucking a dodge homey come on man
I’m here in 20 percent in Texas 17
percent in New York tri-state area sir I
had a coke habit for a decade from 81
until 91 there’s no way I could have
paid child support I’ll keep it real
with you and and I’m not built for jail
I’m not scared go to jump and just got
no time for Jail
but thank you blade for your donation
malmo says maybe child support should be
okay read that one snap I got that one
this is different for me
maybe child support should be dispersed
as SNAP benefits where a card can only
be used for basic child expenses ie
you’re blocked from buying Gucci okay
and I still don’t see the deejay area
code 491 hey um
Bishop the deejay you have to call the
number on the screen it’s three two
three eight seven oh three nine eight –
okay – bring in a few more codes every
kill six four six good evening are you
there six for six
yeah how you doing goodnight yeah money
my name is a drew nice I’m a single
custodial parent okay
of a 9 year old girl I had custody of my
daughter pretty much since she was three
and a half
I didn’t slip the script I made more
money but I went to court on rote
deposition gave it to my attorney and I
got custody nice so like you know I
wasn’t playing that I was at 30% in New
York State but there’s a lot of
realities where they talk about men are
dogs and this and that Mike it’s the
waves presented that bothers me and it
seems it’s automatic when they put what
I put the face of a deadbeat dad it
seems to be a minority male in
particular blacks and Hispanics the
reality is sometimes people are just
aren’t good people decent people right
I feel the one thing that we tend to do
is we surrender our rights too quickly
we should immediately go for joint
custody because it is imperative that
men stay active in their children’s
lives and you have to try to draw that
line and make sure you take joint
custody so that fiscal burden won’t be
as much or it would be at zero because
you know I see a lot of people listen to
your program and they need to get that
message out there you know I want to get
that out there to them because it’ll
affect us in the future because we won’t
be able to build wealth or teach the
little things that the children need to
know about life as far as politics goes
because I love that too I participated
upstate New York four years ago but
here’s the whole thing we’re business I
admit it I hate to say it but Trump’s
good aha for real estate buying and that
in that aspect yes I do real estate
the reality is you could get loans
easier you could acquire property easier
especially on the coast both side but
downside is social issues like racism is
coming out more frequently we’re you
know all the people that were closeted
racist or bigots are coming out the
Woodworks they’re getting real good in
getting kind of hype and fresh on the
trains in New York you know but you know
they learn the hard way
that unlike other states that in New
York someone gets back down cameras are
everywhere everywhere so when a hey if I
can jump in and I you’ll never hear me
taping for Donald Trump he’s the he’s
the threat he’s the figurehead and as
I’ve said before I want the president to
protect my rights and with regards to
exactly claims of racism racism is never
gonna die in America this country was
founded upon racism so whether it’s
whether it’s blatant it’s always gonna
be here what we are now in this time if
you ask me we are at such a high level
of just disrespect people on Twitter are
a racist black and white Hispanic Asian
everybody has just turned up on the dumb
shit if I could just brushstroke so I’m
not I I reject the claim about him being
such a racist does he say crazy shit
absolutely absolutely but I don’t know
you know you’re right yeah I don’t care
who he sleeps with I don’t care what he
does and and but he’s doing things out
with regards to the economy also he’s
given a shitload of money to the HBCUs
so I reject the claims of racism and I
don’t care if he is but good finish no
no what you said was correct I mean I
wouldn’t say that him per se would be
racist outright but his actions that
people that tend to support him tend to
have those leanings I think you know I
it’s you know I have people I have
friends that support them but they the
people that I know
do it for fiduciary reasons it’s they
are able to get more money but you’re
layman black and white and so there’s
some people that don’t have 401ks that
are just working class aren’t really
benefiting from it the people that do
not know my biggest thing is as a
Realtor I take it upon myself to really
I have to try to create customers
because if they people do not know how
the process works
that’s an issue so like I listen to
people like boys like Boyce Watkins and
a few other people that sir don’t make
me hang up on you by mentioning boys
we were having a great conversation even
you know no no no here it is let me this
start I’d say this was straight up I
don’t take him serious or no level I’m
so no I like the way you do listen the
way you speak is needed you know thank
you in things people should listen to
what you say and how you present it
because you present a unique view in my
opinion because you’re not that
one-sided person you try to see things
from a global perspective objective
perspective you all day hands down ask
you a question before you go can I just
because the topic of racism you brought
it up do you think that white people
Caucasians in America regardless of
who’s running the country do you think
that they would now be showing their
fangs there applause based upon white
genetic survival more so than who’s in
the White House because you know in 50
to 100 years the country is gonna look
different there have already been many
many different researchers consensus
reports that have shown that more people
are going to be a brown-skinned so do
you think that people Caucasians are
concerned with white genetic survival
and there’s gonna be racist regardless
do you think that’s more of a reality
well that’s part of it but I’m listed in
myself okay I’m an amalgam of many
people so I understand that but this is
just the way it is when you’re in
societies that are changing ideas no one
is pure blooded anything anymore
especially in America right so you know
that’s just the nature of life and
society we’re going to evolve and change
so we’re not homogeneous anymore yeah
and if people really get down to it we
so most of us are closer to the middle
there are things that we agree with and
disagree with at the end of the day we
have the same core goals we want our
families to live well we want to be able
to progress in the country and we want
to be able to make the most of our lives
without interference or being dictated
to by others we
have those regular rights as human
beings that’s it it’s a fact yeah
so I think if you call me get some more
cold here have a great evening thank you
you too thank you okay
bullshit money hold on a second I’ll
make sure I don’t click off the wrong
caller and who else was I supposed to go
in the line here Khalid Khalid partly
Khalid sends in a cash yet okay he just
says father was an FOI and still went
missing well like fard Mohammed okay are
you saying your father say your father
went missing okay
Noi thank you sir for your donation and
not who’s nine seven three we nine seven
three and hold I don’t see nine seven
three and I still don’t see the DJ every
code two four seven I don’t know if you
guys if you if your calls dropped out or
if I picked up too slow hb2 n good
evening sir he says can you read my
super chat hater absolutely let me go
look at make sure I didn’t miss it okay
he says I’m calling now the DJ’s coming
from a different number Jesus Christ
bishop the DJ’s at you sir yeah what’s
going on star hey I was looking for your
number on the cash at man you confusing
the hell on me I made a mistake
I appreciate you but yeah I wanted to
call man I was just I’m just getting off
work man on my way to the studio and I
heard that I gotta call it let’s go I’m
a single day okay I don’t think it’s a
problem I think it should be higher
you’d be honest with you but I don’t
know the exact percentage I’m in
Maryland okay I used to live in Brooklyn
New York I’m in Maryland I had custody
of my boys my youngest is 10 my oldest
is getting ready turned 21 okay next
week actually now it’s different
situations now my oldest son it was a
pretty much an abandonment situation I
hate him 52 and I mean I applied for
child support they just finally caught
up with his mom this year um I started
getting gay I just started getting um
they send me money we pretty much
roughly around 600 thank God so far
because she still lives in the door yes
she still lives in New York
she still lives in Brooklyn now was she
evading her responsibility why’d it take
so long to catch up with her and yeah oh
yeah she was invaded and I heard one of
the caller’s say something about how
they really are how they are then when
the men come for child support
I don’t know about any other state but
down here in Maryland is Baltimore it’s
designed man that for them to do it for
the women now for the men okay they are
so biased against the moon down here and
it took me a I had plied for the child
support for my oldest son in 2005 my
2005 I just started getting it this year
okay well she owes me 40,000 I’m bad
child support yeah they finally caught
up with her stuff yeah I started getting
that now my youngest son he’s ten now I
had him since he was seven now in the
beginning me and his mom had in a range
of it but she broke that arrangement so
now I’m trying to apply for that now now
I’ll climb for him packing
is this the same woman both of you your
kids no no no these are different women
two different women okay so you got cut
full custody both of your kids yeah both
of them I’m like that with my kids man I
also have a daughter that 17 I don’t pay
child support for but I take care of her
there’s a 50-50 thing between me and my
mother we made that agreement never had
an issue with with my daughter hanging
strong or hanging strong or these women
were declared unfit how’d you get all
this custody I chose them I told the
wrong ones that didn’t work out and as
far as my youngest son even his mama
tell you like I was paying child support
in the beginning okay she had a
situation she had a living situation and
she called me it was like you know I’m
having issues where I’m staying can he
come stay with you you know
yeah sure come on bring him over for the
top right if he comes to stay with heat
we gotta go fight it get me off this
child support man at the time she was
living in Bowie Maryland I was living in
Baltimore okay it took me almost two
years just to get off of it I actually
had to bring other Baltimore to get her
to come to court with me to get me off
her child support okay
they still wanted me to keep paying even
in child support needed I had full
custody of them but they still wanted me
to keep paying the child support wow
thanks me how crazy that is
yeah yeah but I finally got her to come
down yeah and like I said after that we
had an agreement
you know you know and uh pretty much I
made it easy on because I was doing
pretty good I’d eat a I do parties and
that working amaz also you know I wasn’t
made I was making a pretty easy living
that life yeah I’m pretty good so I told
us that you know what she’s a dental
assistant so that’s not told I say man
every two weeks just give me a buck
fifty for him everything else is good
that’s all you gotta get yeah you got a
strong pimp and listen I appreciate the
donation thank you for calling in salute
no problem bro don’t thank yes no
problem yes how you doing okay thank you
hold on a second
okay Abby yells and have y’all sit tight
I got you man I got you HB 2n sends in a
super chat he says hoes need child
support because they aren’t held to the
same standards as men Ronnie wrong last
time run okay okay so you talkin
reckless about Ronnie hb2 n says last
time Ronnie breastfed she gave the baby
lung cancer I thought he was gonna say
like powdered milk came out of my breast
that would have been a funny joke yeah
thank you HB 2n Frank w3o – I was gonna
say 17% is low Pennsylvania child
support is 25% and if you Oh bad Chows
support Inc it can be as high as 50% Wow
I’ve never known that 25 well that’s a
Commonwealth Pennsylvania okay thank you
AB yells on the line homeless second Ave
yells at you sir area code six one seven
you took a shot at Dana and now do you
want to go ahead and see what you said
or should I read it took a hard shot at
Dana oh yeah I said that way back when
she was on the line I figured you just
didn’t want to say it but I just left it
where it was I wasn’t gonna avoid it but
I just I got backed up and then I said
some super Chester Ronnie you said the
fact that Dana doesn’t know the
president can still run it impeached is
100% proof that she is okay and then you
use a harsh word okay well she did say
that the president can still run was
that Dana what’s the mail say that no
she said she wonders if he can still run
and I was and I didn’t necessarily mean
that she was dumb because she didn’t
know it because people don’t know things
but I can I can assist specifically
remember her trying to clown somebody
for not knowing how many members of the
House and the Senate there were so I’m
just like you must have just got that
information off of Google real quick and
then came when a show like he was some
kind of scholar and now you sit here
wondering if the president can still run
if he’s indicted by the house and and
the point I was trying to make the point
I was trying to make was being impeach
is just a house indictment you still
have to go to the Senate to be removed
from office they have to vote on that oh
yeah you can be in a peach you can be in
pizza still successfully run for
president you can be removed from office
and still run for president so it just I
just made that point just the clown a
little bit okay but I just wanted to
quickly jump into the conversation I
don’t think men should be paying any
child support after their active fathers
I think child support should be reserved
for men who have kids and want to run
away from there respond
bility I think women use child-support
spitefully and I reject the fact that it
costs money it was one call it I said it
cost a bunch of money more more than
they give the child support you know how
many women I’ve been with with kids that
take kids come home from school watch
cable TV eat some welfare or cheese and
go to sleep go to school come back and
do the same thing all month that that
money that they didn’t is not going you
know well my baby’s moms did in the
court she said I gotta go back and forth
to teachers meetings I gotta take cabs
to the clinic she’s talking about all
this stuff she never did and I was with
her oh listen to this I was with her all
the way up until the day she took me
into the courtroom so the only reason
she didn’t take me for back child
support is because I hit her off the
night before but she made this big old
case for how much money for and I know
that was bullshit excuse my language and
this and I and I’ve dealt and I’ve seen
this happen with many a chicks these
kids sit in the house they welfare food
they watch cable TV that’s paid for by
welfare the SNAP benefits and all of
that they not doing nothing with the
child support money but going to get
Peruvian bundles and stuff bad Bobby
shout out the bed and I just want to
reject that baby bad baby bad baby bad
baby I want to reject one more thing
that another Karla said come on I don’t
believe that it’s imperative for you to
be inside your child’s life when the Sun
one that when the sun’s mother and the
state former covenant against you to
take away your rights and your father
naturally from being him from being in
that child’s life the way your father
should be in that child’s play
your child is reduced to a state bill
and a burden on you instead of being
something that you want to raise the
nurse okay I reject the fact that you’re
hang on a second AVO you call Dana’s
name and you know the rules if you call
somebody’s name I have to allow them to
call back in didn’t you there yeah she
be calling yeah I’m here
cuz I couldn’t I just first want to say
he was never gonna say my name again but
he can’t stop controllers
fibers to sell to his little YouTube
channel so let me actually ask questions
and one day me if I don’t know something
I say I don’t know i don’t get order
microphone pretend i know everything
like most people do so
you answer the question can the
president run for reelection if he’s in
peach is yeah you said it see is removed
from office you can still run for
president right yes you didn’t do your
research sir
because i didn’t know you came on and
said that i did the research and if you
are in peace wait a minute don’t try to
confuse me i read that i did not know
you came on and you said that you did
know and you stated that you knew i did
research and you are wrong because if
you are wrong about you are into you
shut up and I’ll tell you shut up and
I’ll tell you if you are impeached and
you are removed from office you cannot
run again for any other federal office
you can’t okay you got one your research
did you get you calling to get that
little German data is there’s more to it
you called her name a vo you called a
name with a super chat you know and you
want to get that extra sub you come on
here you always say my name why because
I’m relevant because you say thank you
to both of you guys thank you thank you
thank you I gotta go have yo let’s get
late man thank you for your donation
thinking alright thank you thank you
thank you thank you hold on guys hold on
boss shit Ronnie let me finish up here
Shabazz King piece got your cash up he
says more men need to get full or joint
custody thank you sir
all right and Ronnie I’m gonna read the
rest of these super chats by myself and
just finish up okay you want to mention
anything on on the way out balls tick
well you know we talked about that um
that lizzo song that you like oh wait a
minute wait a minute okay now um I don’t
know her music like that earlier I said
to you I said I watched lizzo singing
something it was one of those it was a
live performance and I said to you I
said she can blow so so you know maybe
what I perceived her to be is not just
some one-hit wonder type of chick and
then I did a little research and I see
that she put out a couple of albums you
then said she was what I don’t like her
I think she’s gimmicky I just I think
they’re trying to use her as like a
poster girl for like body positivity but
it’s not even that she’s you know
overweight it’s the fact that she the
way that she carries on she’s just on
Instagram live it completely naked
completely naked showing every crevice
and corner of her body that’s disgusting
there’s a difference between having
positive self-esteem and just throwing
yourself out there like some sort of
industry joke okay you called her trash
you call the trash yes if I remember
correctly yeah I think she’s trash for
her presentation um you know she could
if she had music that could stand on its
own she wouldn’t need these gimmicks
like a lot of these songs that she’s
nominated for are very older songs like
I just find it very strange that now the
industry wants to pander to plus-sized
women like jazmine sullivan can sing
lizzo under the table on any given
Sunday where were you know where was her
acknowledgment where were her accolades
but see jasmine put out timeless
material Liz Oh puts out
self-aggrandizing trash so they don’t
get the same reception okay yeah they
don’t get the same reception okay listen
you’re younger than me
I just again I just I saw her singing uh
I forget where it was I think it was
NPR’s tiny desk they have it
series on NPR I watch a lot of those
those live performances and she seemed
like she could sing to me she had death
she had range and then I think I even
made some some reference to God Celia
banks and well yeah I agree with those
ileus comments about her you know she
said that lizzo stole cupcakes style and
you know she felt that cupcake wasn’t
really getting the shine because she’s a
much darker skinned woman and you know
yada yada yada and she just said that
Liz o is pretty much a mammy you know
like she’s a caricature okay okay Thank
You Ronnie for helping me out in a big
way tonight I appreciate it okay talk to
you guys Ronnie we made it through the
two-hour mark because I was really
exhausted earlier I appreciate Barney I
never picked up or I never saw area code
nine seven three or no what happened
rashon unless you typed in the wrong
no I I don’t know what happened to nine
eight I don’t know what happened whole
second guys I’m gonna finish up on the
super chance mad shitter sends in a cash
at does denim remember I told her child
support ending okay and let me go to
super chair hey there’s enough says the
economy runs in cycles and is due for
another nosedive regardless of who’s in
office next the most and elected
official can do is try to soften the
it’s not due to nosedive anytime soon
sir I would say for another twenty years
if you ask me maybe even more but thank
you for your donation gem stars on the
check-in gemstone says star did you see
the video of those punk-ass cops in
Miami airing out the freeway in front of
innocent bystanders
that department is gonna write a blank
check I did not can you please send me
an email I was busy today with other
business outside of you know research
I’ll be honest with you Anna I just I’m
not spending a lot of things tonight
sugar G good evening for the G says if
they take that silent vote and the
Senate Donald Trump is out of here then
we will see the white man really take
this back okay thank you for your
donation now who says they’ll switch the
rules are those what’s the rules up once
too many brothers become legally
incapable parents okay brothers that
aren’t your brothers boss okay thank you
plexitone from seeing that name right I
want to get custody of my son but his
mom need that check hmm I don’t get to
see the kids so I paying shit okay okay
okay black racist on the check and says
salute to all the women okay I read that
one banking Negros in the head he meant
say okay I got that one okay folks were
good thank you if I missed any super
testing concepts I will get to them
tomorrow let me get these been let me
get mr. Schuyler Sandra’s banner here’s
new one ready first all right all right
I’ll see you guys tomorrow at some point
have a good evening
be safe and thank you for your support

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