Apple & Oprah Behind Doc That Targets Russell Simmons With Accuser's Story


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what’s the family first Oprah Winfrey
used her gigantic platform first made
popular by black people to disparage the
legacy of a successful black man by the
name of Michael Jackson she painted him
as a diabolical sex predator to the
whole world now she’s at it again this
time her target is music mogul Russell
Simmons another highly successful black
man she’s teamed up with Kirby dick and
Amy Zuri they’re the producers of a
documentary that is currently untitled
Oprah is the executive producer meaning
that she’s holding the bags she got the
money she’s putting the money behind it
now the subject of this documentary is
one of three women who accused Russell
Simmons of sexual assault this woman
goes by the name of Dru Dixon she was a
music executive at Def Jam she says that
in 1995 she was at a bar near Russell’s
apartment when she stopped at an ATM
machine to get some money for a cab she
said she ran into Russell and Russell
told her hey I’ll get you a car you got
the number one song in the country she
says that she goes up to Russell’s
apartment against her better judgment
she says she starts to get nervous next
thing she knows Russell’s on top of her
she says that she had some type of
procedure done in a private area and
that she had told him about it and you
know when he was trying to get on her
and stuff and and he he said she said he
said I don’t care
she said that point she blacked out next
thing she knows she’s in a hot tub with
rustling they’re both naked she says she
don’t believe that she was drugged and
she hadn’t drinking any alcohol strange
stirred to say the least I’m not saying
that she’s lying but strange story to
say the least
she don’t know if she was she wasn’t
drugged she didn’t drink any alcohol but
she blacked out she said he tried to
take it and then next thing you know she
knows that is she’s in a hot tub naked
and any event that is not what this
story here is about this is about Oprah
Winfrey using her platform yet again to
take down another black man I don’t know
if Russell Simmons is guilty of what
he’s being accused of but I do know this
when that documentary comes out he is
going to be guilty in the court of
public opinion whatever he has left of
his name his image his reputation Oprah
Winfrey is going to help destroy what’s
going on Oprah I mean what did we ever
do to you you were raised by your father
who took you in when your mother didn’t
want you at least that’s the story I got
so the father from what I understood was
a loving father a hard-working man just
a regular man a common man who worked
his butt off to provide you a safe
home a roof over your head who clothes
and all that good stuff and advice I
don’t know
Oprah she has a very very bad history of
attacking black man she don’t always do
it directly but it certain things that
she says you know how she tries to
motivate women to go it along like we’re
not even as human beings we’re not even
made to go it alone
that is not how we’re made I know we’re
living in a messed up place right now
and everybody’s for self and everybody I
look out for seven I’m not saying don’t
look out for yourself don’t don’t I’m
not saying don’t rely on other people
I’m not saying relying on other people
but what I am saying is that we were not
meant to be alone we were meant for
companionship we were meant to be
companions for each other to each other
man was not meant to be alone that’s
what God created women women were not
made to be alone that’s why God created
me we were meant to be companions human
beings are not meant to be alone but
I’ve seen many times where Oprah has
stressed stress these type of things
these type this type of Theory making
women believe that they don’t need
anybody now I know some of you are
probably thinking well she’s right you
don’t need a man some dudes you don’t
need one speak for yourself I need a
woman I need that companionship it
soothes me it inspires me it motivates
me to be a better man oh yeah
me got no problem saying it but Oprah
you should be ashamed of yourself I
thought you may have learned a lesson
the way you got attacked when you put
out that Michael Jackson documentary
when you were actually you didn’t put
out the documentary but you co-signed it
you did the special you did the
follow-up special when you gave these
guys a platform who had lied on Michael
Jackson who had proven to be liars you
gave him a platform to validate them not
cool not cool at all well I tell you and
Oprah used to be friends with Mike and
Russell Simmons what’s that old saying
with friends like these you don’t need
enemies no motel

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